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How to get ৳500 discount with QR Code during Fatafati Friday? 0 4890

messenger qr code discounts

Daraz Bangladesh gives you an amazing opportunity to enjoy ৳500 discount during fatafati Friday by simply scanning a Facebook messenger QR code. All you have to do is keep looking for the banners, Table tops, Posters with Fatafati Friday QR code. This is how the banners will look like:

fatafati friday qr code

So lets see how one can easily avail the discount on Daraz BD:

Step 1) Open:
You have to simply open your facebook messenger from your device

qr code from fb messenger


Step 2. Click on people icon: Now after opening the Facebook messenger you simply have to click the people icon

use messenger as qr code scanner

Step 3.Scan : after clicking the people icon click “Scan Messenger Code” then simply hold your mobile camera steady towards the Fatafati Friday QR code:

scan qr code for 500 taka discount           qr code scanning from daraz banner
















4. TYPE : After scanning the code this will automatically redirect you to the message box of Daraz bd online shopping. Now simply type the Fatafatai Friday keyword that you will find in the QR code.  For example we have used the keyword “MIRPUR” during the tutorial.

mobile apps of daraz bdscanned qr code keyword














Woo hoo, you are the lucky winner. Now simply use daraz voucher code that you received. You can now easily use that code only from Daraz shopping app to avail 500 taka discount on minimum purchase of 3000 taka . You can use the code only in between 17th November to 27th November during fatafati friday.

online shopping from daraz mobile apps

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