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What is Daraz Store of Daraz BD?

Daraz store (দারাজ স্টোর) is the authorized store of Daraz Bangladesh. Where the owner of that store will directly purchase items from Daraz BD website (daraz.com.bd) and will sell it to his local customers later on.

Be a proud owner of Daraz Store

If you have any store or have the motive to be an entrepreneur then you can be the owner of Daraz store. You will have the freedom to sell any product purchased from Daraz to your local customers. As a result, the people of your locality will enjoy the benefit of the largest e-commerce site and its variety of products. Thus it can be your income source as well.

Daraz BD Gets the first Daraz Store owner in Bangladesh

What is D-Store of Daraz BD

Rizvee Ahmed Rubel, first Daraz Store owner in Bangladesh is really amazed to be the historical journey of Daraz.com.bd. He is very much confident to start this wonderful march with Daraz BD and stated about Daraz Store,

I heard about Daraz for the first time from a younger brother of mine. Then I saw the Managing Director of Daraz Bangladesh Syed Mostahidal Hoq in a live TV program. After hearing his statement, I was convinced about the growth of e-commerce in Bangladesh and the interest about daraz bd kept growing inside me. Later, I heard about their revolutionary concept Daraz Store and I decided to be an owner of that. So finally I went to Daraz Head Quarter and registered myself as a proud Daraz Store owner.

As a Daraz Store owner, the first product I ordered from Daraz was cash on delivery and I didn’t do any pre-payment. The products were worth 1 lac Taka. That amazed me and I figured out that Daraz has no problem with counterfeiting and I can easily return products if any problem occurs under their return policy. This will definitely help me grow my business. I can be more trustworthy & established and make my business bigger with the unique & latest trendy products from Daraz.com.bd.

As the first Daraz store owner, I am expecting to move forward with a quick pace. There is a large scope in this business to earn success. I already hired 5 people to work under me and they are quite confident. Hopefully we can expand our business massively by engaging with Daraz Store.

Daraz BD has almost 2 lac exclusive products which are available on their website and I hope Daraz store will act as a good medium and easy platform for my customers to order products from Daraz BD website.

I have awesome experience with Daraz as all their representatives are very helpful and supportive. All the misconception I had regarding online store have evaporated from the day I started working with Daraz. I am confident that I will be able to run this business successfully.

So, what are you looking for? You guys have the same privilege of being a part of Daraz Store (দারাজ স্টোর বিডি). Start making your shop as an online supermarket from anywhere in Bangladesh now.


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How to find daraz BD online?

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  1. আমার একটি দোকান আছে । আমি Daraz D-Store এর অনারা হতে চাই।

    1. Currently, participation in DarazMall is on an invite-only basis, at the discretion of the Daraz team based on performance. Reach out to your Key Account Manager to learn more about enlisting.

    1. হ্যাঁ ক্রেডিট কার্ড দিয়ে ইচ্ছেমতো কেনাকাটা করতে পারবেন দারাজ থেকে

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Top 10 Grocery Apps in Bangladesh (2021 Updated) 0 152

The pandemic has changed a lot of things but perhaps one of the biggest changes is the growth of online grocery shopping in Bangladesh. People now turn to the top 10 grocery apps in Bangladesh when they want to get essentials, snacks, and last-minute emergency items delivered, and going out is not an option. Want to know which apps make our top 10 list? Check them out below!

What are the top 10 grocery apps in Bangladesh?

Our picks for the best online grocery shopping apps in Bangladesh are rated in the table below!

App Name City
#1 Daraz Online Shopping All 64 districts in Bangladesh
#2 Chaldal Dhaka city, except certain parts of Oldtown
#3 Meenaclick Dhaka, Chattogram, and Narayanganj metropolitan areas
#4 Foodpanda All the major areas of 64 districts
#5 Pathao Dhaka, Chattogram, and Sylhet Metropolitan Areas
#6 Evaly Dhaka and all the major cities
#7 HungryNaki Dhaka, Narayanganj, Chittagong, Sylhet, and Khulna
#8 SodaiHut Sylhet Metropolitan
#9 Othoba Dhaka city
#10 Jogaan Dhaka Metropolitan

Why are these the best grocery apps in Bangladesh?

These apps are the ones that operate the most widely in Bangladesh from major to remote cities offering delivery services ranging from essentials to household items to even fresh baked goods. Some of these, like Daraz’s dMart have a wide network, multiple payment options, and wide discounts running at all times. Others are relatively new but still offer timely deliveries and are great for ordering when you are in a pinch and need something immediately even if it’s slightly pricier due to delivery charges.

Which Top 10 Grocery App Should You Use?

1. Daraz Online Shopping – dMart

Darazlk Sticker by Daraz Sri Lanka

Daraz Online Shopping is Bangladesh’s #1 e-commerce app which already makes it one of our favorite apps to indulge with our online shopping habit. But as an added bonus, it also provides you with a complete online grocery shopping experience with their signature dMart.

The best part of shopping from dMart is you are guaranteed to get the best prices, discounts, bundle deals, credit card discounts, vouchers, and promotional offers in the country which means if you’re shopping for a family or for the entire month’s groceries, your bill is likely to be slashed significantly.

You also have the option for express delivery with exciting discount vouchers as well as complete quality assurance of the products you are buying. This, coupled with the widespread availability of Daraz in a large number of Bangladeshi cities makes it our best grocery app in Bangladesh!

2. Chaldal

best grocery app in bangladesh - Chaldal

Chaldal is a renowned online grocery shopping app for Dhaka, Chattogram, Narayanganj, and Jessore. They have a good assortment from fresh and frozen food to daily staples, personal care, OTC and wellness, and home care and cleaning products. If you’re a regular shopper of Chaldal, you can also avail yourself of some exciting discounts.

3. Meenaclick

best grocery app in bangladesh - Meenaclick

Meenaclick is based in Dhaka, Chattogram, and Narayanganj metropolitan areas and lets you shop from your nearest Meena Bazar. Along with grocery items you can also shop for other food categories like dairy and beverages.

4. Foodpanda

best grocery app in bangladesh - foodpanda

Foodpanda is a great addition to the online grocery shopping space in Bangladesh. It operates in all the major areas of 64 districts of Bangladesh like Dhaka, Chattogram, Khulna, etc. The selection of products includes all your basic grocery needs but also provides some cooked foods from your favorite restaurant too. 

5. Pathao

best grocery app in bangladesh - pathao

Pathao Tong is an online grocery store app besides its ride-sharing service. Pathao Tong grocery delivery is operating in Dhaka, Chattogram, and Sylhet metropolitan areas. It helps save users from the hassle of going out and delivers all the essentials they might need to their doorstep.

6. Evaly


Evaly provides food and grocery items to customers at their doorstep along with many more products of almost all categories. Evaly Grocery Express gives the customer cash on delivery service on grocery within 1 hour.  You can find any type of grocery in Evaly with minimal effort. 

7. HungryNaki


Currently, HungryNaki covers Dhaka, Narayanganj, Chittagong, Sylhet, and Khulna district for food and grocery shopping. Along with quality products and quick delivery service, reliable payment method like cash on delivery is one of the great reason that made HungryNaki popular among the grocery customers of Bangladesh. Moreover, HungryNaki is also the best online food delivery service in Bangladesh.

8. SodaiHut

Sodai Hut

SodaiHut grocery shopping is operating in the Sylhet Metropolitan area. It’s a local popular grocery shopping platform. You can use SodaiHut app to order grocery in Sylhet. They are doing some good work in terms of customer satisfaction. SodaiHut is also has many varieties of products that you can order if you live in Sylhet city.

9. Othoba


Othoba is a reputed e-commerce platform in Bangladesh that has its own online grocery delivery system in Dhaka city. Othoba has a standard delivery system and payment method. Many customers are using Othoba for grocery shopping at a reasonable price.

10. Jogaan


Jogaan is a relatively new e-commerce platform in Bangladesh that has its vast grocery items variation along with other category products. However, it is also a Dhaka metropolitan-based grocery shopping platform that is getting popular among grocery shoppers in Dhaka city.

Which of these online grocery apps in Bangladesh do you use the most? Let us know below!

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Daraz Future Leadership Program (DFLP): To Become a Leader, Join Us! 34 5878

Daraz group, operating in 5 countries- Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, Srilanka and Pakistan has taken the initiative to build future business leaders of the nations. This leading online platform of Bangladesh designed the program to help its participants to be the next leader and provide the opportunities to prove their capabilities and pursue full growth potential.

Objective of DFLP Program

The objective of this program is simple: “transform our DFLP’s (Management Trainees) into leaders within a period of 18 months”. This means giving them all the space they need to flourish into their future management roles. That includes giving them exposure to challenging projects, extensive on-boarding, external/internal training, top management coaching, departmental rotations and monthly outings.

What You Will Learn

  • E-Commerce: Learn everything there is to know about e-commerce and become a knowledgeable market expert by learning from the pioneers in our industry.
  • Project Management: Manage projects in various departmental areas.
  • Local & Global: Become an expert leader by making decisions both locally and globally. Work firsthand with our department heads & CEO’s by leading projects on a strategic level.
  • Leadership Skills: Learn how to become a leader through on the job experience, training, coaching & mentoring.

Introduction to Daraz Future Leadership Program

The DFLP program is an 18 months program designed to help you become our next leader.

Throughout the three six-month rotations, you’ll be given opportunities that drive business results and will help you grow to your maximum potential. Your industry knowledge and leadership skills will be accelerated through robust coaching.

18th Month Overview

Perks of the Program

What Does It Take To Be A DFLP?

Where Will You Be Adding Value?


Be a part of the global expansion journey and the Daraz Group

Step 1: Online Application

You will be required to fill out your personal details, record a video and decide on the job function that best matches your passion and career ambition. 

Step 2: Pre-Assessment


Take our online assessment tests which will help us evaluate your personal and cognitive abilities.

Step 3: Assessment Center

If you believe your values are in line with our company culture and you are the right fit, we will call you in for a case study competition where you will be assessed on your approach and competency. 

Step 4: Interviews With the Management

This is the final stage of our talent acquisition process where you will be invited for an interview with the management to see if you can be one of Daraz’s next future leaders!



Work for the biggest e-commerce platform and learn the latest technologies from Alibaba. Get a chance to transform the ecommerce industry in this rising economy.

  • Diverse Work Environment: Throughout the three six-month rotations, you’ll be given opportunities that drive business results and will help you grow to your maximum potential.
  • Performance Driven Culture: You are given meaningful work and get to see the impact of your work while being surrounded around driven and intelligent colleagues.
  • Deep Industry Knowledge: End to end understanding of the business and learn the industry best practices and guidelines by industry giants.
  • Limitless Growth Opportunities: You are given meaningful work and get to see the impact of your work while being surrounded around driven and intelligent colleagues.

Apply online to enroll for the Daraz Future Leadership Program (DFLP) – 2021 and become a leader in Daraz Bangladesh.

How to Earn Money Online in Bangladesh (2021 Guide) 6 5953

Learn How To Earn Money Online In Bangladesh in 2021. Find 15 Best Ways To Make Money Online For Beginners & Students With Creative Ways to Make Money Offline in Bangladesh.

There are many people who want to manage their own expenses by online earning in Bangladesh while being a student. Again, many people want to know about the best online earning sites in BD or how to make money online without paying anything. If you are interested in how to earn money online without investment for students and want to know about the online earning sites in Bangladesh then you are at the right place. You can easily earn money online in Bangladesh by following our complete guide on how to make money online for beginners.

Let’s take a look at how to make money online for free at home in Bangladesh. By following our tutorial, you can earn money online bd with some real ways to make money from home.

List of Ways to Earn Money Online in Bangladesh:

  1. Earn Money Online from Ecommerce
  2. Make Money from Affiliate Marketing
  3. Make Money by Becoming Online Reseller
  4. Make Money selling Gently-Used Items
  5. Make Money from On-Demand Ride Service
  6. Earn Money Online by Freelancing Work
  7. Make Passive Income By Renting Your Car
  8. Earn Money Online by Taking Paid Surveys
  9. Earn Money as Private Tutor Online/At-Home
  10. Earn Money by Creating Your YouTube Channel
  11. Make Money on Social Media As An Influencer
  12. Make Money by Starting Profitable Blog Niche
  13. Make Money with Freelance Content Writing
  14. Earn Money Online by Writing Paid Reviews
  15. Make Money doing Part-Time Photography

1) Earn Money Online from Ecommerce
If you ever wonder ‘how can I earn money online’, then there is the simplest solution of online earning bd. As the e-commerce sector is rapidly growing day by day, selling on eCommerce sites like Daraz Bangladesh can be an easy way to earn money online. By knowing how to be a seller on daraz, you can easily start selling online and will get your answer on how to earn money from home.

2) Make Money from Affiliate Marketing
If you have a website, YouTube channel, or Facebook page, then affiliate marketing can be the best online jobs for students to earn money. You can check daraz affiliate program to make money from affiliate marketing for beginners with bkash payment method.

3) Make Money by Becoming Online Reseller
You can make money as an online reseller by starting your reselling business. First, choose the right products, and then purchase them from the right wholesaler. Then set your own margins and price your products to ensure your reseller business is profitable

4) Make Money selling Gently-Used Items
You can earn money online free by selling your old used items to various websites in Bangladesh like bikroy.com, ebaazar, clickbd etc. This is a great way to earn money online without investment for students.

5) Make Money from On-Demand Ride Service
You can earn money by signing-up with ride-hailing, food delivery and freight services like Pathao, Uber, OBhai, etc. This is an easy way to make money offline as a student without any invstment.

car year GIF

6) Earn Money Online by Freelancing Work
If you want to make money online in Bangladesh by typing, then you can search for online typing jobs in Bangladesh at home for students. You can easily earn money online in Bangladesh by typing your skills in Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer.com and work for your client from home (earn money from home)

7) Make Passive Income By Renting Your Car
You can earn money by renting your car in Bangladesh by rent a car or earn money by sharing your car. By renting your car you can answer how to earn money without a job. There are some best websites to earn money online by renting your car.

8) Earn Money Online by Taking Paid Surveys
You can earn money by giving survey on online money earning sites that give a chance to earn from website online with surveys for money online (money for surveys). All you have to participate in surveys to earn money. You can find some best sites to take online surveys for money.

9) Earn Money as Private Tutor Online/At-Home
You can also earn money tutoring students online or you can earn money as at home private tutor. Especially during this pandemic, Teaching online can be one of the great online jobs for students to earn money at home. It is a great way to make money online in Bangladesh.

10) Earn Money by Creating Your YouTube Channel
YouTube is one of the best real online money earning sites in bd. It’s also called as the best bd online income site in Bangladesh (free money earning websites to make money). If you have a YouTube channel, you can easily earn 500 online.

how to earn money online

11) Make Money on Social Media As An Influencer
You can earn real money online by being an influencer through best earning website. It is a cool way of earning money online bd. You can grab some cash by influencing people and make money online bd.

12) Make Money by Starting Profitable Blog Niche
If you ever think of how to make money online with google- then the solution is to start a niche blog. Your website can be a real online income site if you can grab healthier organic traffic to your site.

13) Make Money with Freelance Content Writing
If you are a writer then you can earn online by writing in easytypingjob, moneypantry get paid to write and many other online earning site in Bangladesh (bkash earning site).

14) Earn Money Online by Writing Paid Reviews
Review is now a hotcake in online marketing world. You can become a online product reviewer and grab some online income bd payment bkash in 2021. You can grab some cash money by doing review and earn online from home.

15) Make Money by Doing Part-time Photography
There are many websites like shutterstock.com that’ll give you a scope to grab some income by selling your best captured photographs to them. It is also a great way to make some cash by simply do some nice photography.

There are also many ways to earn from online like earn money by watching ads in Bangladesh or PPC- but many of them are just spam. Therefore you must examine the authenticity of the online source before starting your online job. As there are many real scopes to make online income you can easily get some online job according to your skillset. Best of luck.

Daraz Voucher Code: All You Need to Know About Daraz Shopping Vouchers 0 1241

Everybody loves to shop. Nowadays online shopping is a great way to experience exciting deals and offers. Moreover, your joy can be sky high if you explore online shopping with Daraz Bangladesh- the biggest online shop in the country. Along with lots of hot deals and daraz discount vouchers you can shop at a comparatively low price with the Daraz voucher code. People love to use the voucher code for Daraz to shop at an unbelievable price range.

Let’s have a look at the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about daraz vouchers-

What is the Daraz voucher code?
Daraz voucher code or Daraz coupon code is a simple combination of numbers and letters, which usually describe the offer or discount in some way. Daraz voucher code is actually a discount given by Daraz online shop that people can use to save more when they purchase. You can redeem it at the checkout phase by entering the Daraz promo code (daraz bd coupon code) in the voucher code box on your Daraz shopping cart page.

How Daraz code can help you in online shopping in Bangladesh?
Daraz discount code can help you to get some extra savings on your purchase. You can unveil some extra money with the daraz free voucher code or daraz bd voucher code. You don’t have to master the Daraz coupon code hack to obtain an extra discount. By simply visiting Daraz.com.bd or installing the Daraz app, you can get a Daraz app voucher code.

How many types of Daraz BD voucher code is available?
There are countless vouchers and coupon codes are waiting for you at Daraz online shop like brand voucher, daraz double-taka voucher, daraz free delivery voucher, shake shake voucher, DFG voucher and so on. There are even many collectible voucher that users can use by collecting several vouchers at same time.

Is there any special Daraz voucher (daraz new user coupon) for new users?
Yes, Daraz has a special offer for new users. You can unveil some exciting deals with Daraz new user voucher or daraz welcome voucher code (new daraz voucher code). The new daraz code (daraz 250 discount code) can only be used once when you make your first order on Daraz that’s why it’s called daraz first order discount code. You can easily grab a smart deal with this daraz new user coupon (daraz 250 tk discount code).

How can I get Daraz vouchers?
You can grab all the daraz new voucher by visiting Daraz app. By hitting daraz app or website you can find all the new daraz voucher code rapidly for the best winning online shopping experience in Bangladesh. You can also get a promo code for daraz seller center. 

So what are you waiting for? All the exciting deals of online shopping in Bangladesh is waiting for you. Order your favorite products now with all the exciting daraz voucher code to unveil the most impressive deals in the town. Along with faster home delivery service and easy payment method, countless opportunity is waiting for you.

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How to collect Daraz voucher