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Are you searching for best pen drive brands in Bangladesh? There are some best pen drive (also known as usb flash drive) brands, you can look for. According to your requirements for the capacity of maximum gigabytes and usb interface, you can fulfill your wishlist checking through our updated brand list of usb flash drive along with pen drive price 2019.

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List Of 5 Best Pen Drive Brands In Bangladesh 2019

1. Apacer Pen Drive

Apacer is one of the leading pen drive brands in Bangladesh at this moment. Easier user experience can be enjoyable with dual interface of this excellent usb flash drive. Beyond the memory limitation of Apacer Pen Drive, you can get the benefit of transferring efficient files without any hassle.

Pendrive Interface Pendrive Model Pendrive Capacity Pendrive Price List
USB 3.1 AH357 16 GB 400 Taka
USB 3.1 AH25A 32 GB 600 Taka
USB 3.1 AH353 64 GB 880 Taka
USB 3.1 AH553 128 GB 1,800 Taka


2. Adata Pen Drive

Adata is another powerful brand of usb flash drive in Bangladesh. Now user demand is huge of this multicolor pen drive brand. Usually, it comes with the higher speed performance including USB 3.1 interface with quick-slide capless and other designs. To match your lowest budget, now you can check the latest Adata Pen Drive rates.

Pendrive Interface Pendrive Model Pendrive Capacity Pendrive Price List
USB 3.1 UV330 16 GB 420 Taka
USB 3.1 UV320 32 GB 700 Taka
USB 3.1 UV128 64 GB 1,000 Taka
USB 3.1 UV128 128 GB 2,000 Taka


3. Transcend Pen Drive

As you are conscious of stylish designed pendrives, Transcend brand can be your most favorite. Apart from gorgeous design, elegant case decoration can also be found with Transcend Pen Drive. However, your demanded features will also be available with jetflash and other pendrive models.

Pendrive Interface Pendrive Model Pendrive Capacity Pendrive Price List
USB 3.0 JetFlash 700 16 GB 550 Taka
USB 3.0 JetFlash 810 32 GB 1,500 Taka
USB 3.0 JetFlash 820 64 GB 1,600 Taka
USB 3.0 JetFlash 790 128 GB 3,000 Taka


4. TwinMOS Pen Drive

Are you fond of traditional color and design? Your utmost well-known pen drive brand Twinmos is here with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 interface facilities. Now transferring high resolution media files and sharing important data will be very easy including ultra speed performance. But you can recognize Twinmos Pen Drive as more smooth and user friendly.

Pendrive Interface Pendrive Model Pendrive Capacity Pendrive Price List
USB 3.0 X3 16 GB 600 Taka
USB 3.0 X3 32 GB 1,300 Taka
USB 3.0 X3 64 GB 1,500 Taka


5. SanDisk Pen Drive

If you are finding the high capacity usb flash drive, Sandisk Pen Drive can be in your bucket list undoubtedly. You can find the high end compact design with sandisk pendrive while available storage capacity will be upto 64gb.

Pendrive Interface Pendrive Capacity Pendrive Price List
USB 3.0 16 GB 550 Taka
USB 3.0 32 GB 780 Taka
USB 3.0 64 GB 1,900 Taka

Afterall, your demand may prefer for huge storage and so, you can also look into the 256gb pendrive rates admittedly. And apart from this, you can need the operating process of usb flash drives as well. So, considering any better online tutorial, you can learn about how to use a usb flash drive or pen drive successfully. Therefor, what is best pen drive brand in bangladesh according to your choice, just let us know in the comment section below.

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