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Do you love music? If music is your soul’s food, your decisive choice can find headphones or earphones eventually well. But to fulfil your headfonia in a perfect manner, your demand should need to be through the way of a proper classifications. The process of making the right choice of earphone is not so easy and so our buying guide can help you choose the perfect pair of headphones In 2019.

There are different types of earphones/headphones you must know first before making your purchase.

1. Wired Headphones

  • In Ear Headphone

As you expect a noise free musical journey into ear canal, in ear headphone can be required more to have the air tight music flawlessly. These headphones have the ability to isolate outside noise by by being inserted into the ear canal.

  • On Ear Headphone

Do you like supra aural headphones? On ear headphone is kinda earphone to provide you less noisy sound. It can also be useful with the outer portion of ears. Since these earphones offer smaller ear cups  that only rest on the ears preventing it from being a great seal. The only advantage of on ear headphone is portability and weight compared to its counterparts.

  • Over-the-Ear Headphone

Large ear cups maybe locked in your favorite pc headphones list. Over the ear headphone can offer you the eternal comfort with the purpose of watching movies or playing games. Even to handle huge tasks like video editing task or music composition, over ear headphone can be necessary enough to not to outstretch any kind of extra noise.

  • Earbuds Headphone

The most common type of earphone comes with earbuds headphones usually. And this is the most popular media accessories for regular headphone users as well. Moreover, music lovers can enjoy a good quality sound when it’s gonna provide you less air sealed note containing less noise isolation process.

2. Wireless Headphone

People follow trend or trend follow people! Skip this old aged controversy kindly, as trend belongs with the stage of zero gravity, young aged users follow this hotcake tenselessly. By the way, wireless headphones are there to show you the right track of the musical atmosphere you deserve.

Are you wishing for the best quality cordless headphones? Its basic criteria generally comes with the bluetooth feature. So, anytime time when you want to run it, just you have to manage the bluetooth connection in a successful manner.

  • You can’t expect the same sound quality from wireless headphones as wired headphones can offer you.
  • You have to keep in mind to charge your bluetooth headphones in time, so durability matters here.
  • But you can’t underestimate the huge benefits using a cordless headphone, you will be free from the hassle of extra engaged cables.
  • Without touching your mobile phone, it’s possible to operate your smartphone smartly, playing music, capturing images and also making call can be the actual amazement handling a wireless headphone.

What purposes can be accomplished with your headphones?

3. Gaming Headsets

PUBG or Fortnite game lovers are heavily in need of this kind of headsets. Every online gamer needs to make the verbal communication with headphones with mic. For the gaming purpose, the interesting part of this gaming headphone is this built in mic. So, increasing the volume level high, you can also taste the bass in the highest level.

4. Sports Headphones

It can be more effective to use sports headphone for your smartphone rather than usual headsets when you are outside of home for sports or work-out. Again the weight is much light than regular size earphones. So, comfortability can be ensured superbly through sports earphones.

5. DJ Headphones

Want to ensure high volume along with high bass? DJ headset is the featured one to keep your huge audience engaged into loud party tracks especially in loud club-like environment. These headphones are mostly commercially used and tend to produce good quality audio at high volumes as well.

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Brand Name

Highest Price

Lowest Price

Available In

Remax Headphone

10,000 TK

475 TK

Awei Headphone

5,900 TK

140 TK

JBL Headphone

16,500 TK

250 TK

Bose Headphone

16,550 TK

950 TK

1 More Headphone

18,000 TK

198 TK

Beats Headphone

13,500 TK

599 TK

Sony Headphone

16,300 TK

299 TK

Apple Headphone

25,599 TK

540 TK

Xiaomi Headphone

14,939 TK

135 TK

Huawei Headphone

12,859 TK

180 TK

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