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Want to mark your online shopping momentous with the grand year-end sale? Daraz 12.12 sale is here with a bunch of several exciting deals. And of course some exciting mega deals those are able enough to navigate you towards the discount offers you have never been imagined.

Daraz 12.12 Sale

Sneak peak of top ranked mega deals for 12.12 campaign of Daraz

12 Taka Deals

12 taka deal of Daraz 12.12 sale

Can you recall the ever brightest moment of 11 taka deal from the most recent double eleven campaign? Well this time Daraz is overwhelmed coming back with the latest rapped 12 taka deals on a large margin. So, every product whether it’s costly or not, fulfilling your dream under 12 taka will be super possible at Daraz 12.12 sale only.

1 Taka Game

1 taka game of 12.12 campaign

Can’t forget the just out 1 taka game thrill? Then don’t pause that happiness showreel. Only for your quest, the super vibed 1 taka game is back again on 6th december tagged with lots of big-budget products. So, in the meantime keep your Daraz app ready to strike again together like previous campaigns.

Mystery Boxes

If you love to be surprised, then continue your eternal surprise with Daraz mystery boxes. You never know the product hype but Daraz will arrange some fascinating products with immense wonder for sure.

Shake Shake

shake shake - daraz 12.12 sale

Unlocking a deal or winning a prize or grabbing a product under half of the price or enjoying astonishing vouchers all can be possible through shaking daraz app surely. And you know what every mega campaign holds some super deals and to track those, shake shake feature of Daraz app is one of the prime doorways.

Mega Vouchers

Mega Vouchers for 12.12 campaign

Apart from all sorts of juicy mega deals, few mega vouchers can turn on your inner happiness truly. For this voucher hunting mission, your shopping targets can be fixed on most desired happy hour voucher, most popular shake shake Voucher along with daraz mall voucher and global collection vouchers.

Global Collection Deals

Global deals of Daraz 12.12 sale

This winter must go on fantastic with global collection products. You may be waiting yet in the fruitful need of winter collection products. That’s why some global collection deals will be required a must needed check. You may need to order jacket, hudi or blazer whatever shop 1 – win 1 deal of global collection can make you happy really.

Brand Free Shipping

free shipping on 12.12 sale



Free shipping can be treated as one of the best deals while it’s turned on during any popular campaign time period. And 12.12 sale campaign of Daraz will also have you the precious feeling of free home delivery you’re wishing for this year end sell shopping.



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