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Every fashion lover has a fascination to be fashionable. The chilled November has finally arrived after the brightest October with new fashion excitement. The buzz of the winter fashion is right now in the air and so, Daraz Bangladesh is presenting you with one of the popular awaited events of the year Fatafati Friday (FFF) 2020.

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Best Fashion for The Ultimate Look

After several year’s massive success on Fatafati Friday, Daraz BD is coming with larger assortments, big brands, best deals, and obviously more discounts. The mega sale of this year is coming on this November and will offer you exciting deals and offers. Only a few days to go, this grand campaign will hit the customers with lots of fascinating offers.


The exciting deals of fashion will be continued until the end of Fatafati Friday. There are several renowned fashion brands that are offering the best deals of money on this Daraz Fatafati Friday 2020. Moreover, many customers are waiting for this excellent opportunity to get a flat discount on every piece of wearings the buy. You can also get some extra benefits on Fatafati Friday than regular offline marketing- not only discounted prices or discount vouchers but also better visibility and an easy way to explore more fashion fits. If you don’t have enough time or energy to spend on shopping, don’t be afraid about going online. You can have a better chance to verify your final decision.  


Classy and top trendiest fashion brands in Bangladesh like Richman, Lubnan, O2, O Code, Infinity, BLU, Myth and many more brands are bringing the latest collection on this Fatafati Friday. Men can get the latest fall collection of denim shirts, leather jackets, winter hoodies, shawl, etc. from these brands at a huge discounted price. You can also get your favorite saree, lehenga, cardigan, sweater, sweatshirt, etc on this Fatafati Friday.

Fashion accessories of both men’s and women fashion will be in focus on this Fatafati Friday. Customers will get discounts on women and men watches brand like Fossil, Michael Kors, Daniel Klein, Armani, Casio, Emporio. Grab discounts from a large level on branded watches, wallets, and other fashion accessories.

Brace yourself and get ready to collect exclusive offers and flash sales. Make your November Fatafati with Daraz Fatafati Friday 2020.

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