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If you’re thinking about making your very own personalized romantic gift, then believe us, you can do much better than only gift cards this February 14th. Browse these 10 Cute Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him, her, your family and even your kids to make them feel evenly special.

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her
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Roses may be more reasonable

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Flowers have the power to put a bright smile on your partner’s face. Though there’s no time-bound to make your favorite person happy, roses can meter up to your endless love undoubtedly. So, if your wallet rings a red alarm, you can reduce much tension by buying a white or red rose.

But you’ll pay up for chocolate

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As valentine’s day is the more valuable day for lovers, boyfriends can suffer from indecision for choosing the perfect valentine’s gifts for girlfriends. But why are you paying for expensive gifts when you can make your pretty girlfriend happy through a fancy chocolate box.

Makeup kits can be more effective

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Women can never deny makeup and so makeup kits must be the most beneficial valentine day gift for your girlfriend. During this valentine’s day, face foundation, eye shadow, lipstick, makeup brush along makeup organizer can be the best valentine’s gifts for her.

You can choose fashionable jewelry set for her

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For choosing fashionable valentine’s day gifts for her, you can bet on women’s jewelry as well. This can melt her mind easily. Various jewelry sets like necklaces, earrings, nose pins, bracelets will help you more to get her more close.

Get affection along with fancy fashion

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In this twenty-first century, romance takes part in consuming the perfection of women’s fashion. If you have a good sense of fashion, you can conquer your adorable girlfriend’s mind for sure. To ensure your valentine’s day memorably, you can gift her beautiful sarees or unstitched salwar kameez. Besides Kurtis or lingeries can be your best choice undoubtedly.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him
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Don’t hesitate for choosing men’s stylish watches

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If you are heavily concerned about the valentine’s gift for him, a men’s casual watch or smartwatch can be the proper solution to minimize your anxiety. Statistics shows, men have a severe rate of weakness for stylish watches and bracelets. So, to be the favorite of him, you can do this favor easily for him.

Fumigate your valentine’s day through fragrant fragrances

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You can buy anything for your lover but men’s fragrance can buy the actual happiness of him. For your concern, perfumes and body spray can share your bright love with him. By the way, scenting your lover, you can make the scented valentine’s day this year.

Combining t-shirts with pants can be a good option

Having a good choice is normal for you but it’s all about a better choice when you want to pick t-shirts or pants for your boyfriend. That’s why consuming the branded value of the products, you may proceed with your love perfectly.

Shavers or After shaves?

You may have a clash within yourself for setting up your mind about what to gift your loved one. Then you can select shavers or trimmers along with after shaving lotions because these necessary products can be able to realize him your necessity.   

Valentine’s day gifts can be fulfilled with wallets or shoes

He can remember you through your gifted elegant wallet when shoes will conduct himself towards your limitless love. Besides, you can buy unlimited happiness for him gifting sneakers or slippers.

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Tokyo Olympic 2020 Athlete Abdullah Hel Baki (Shooting) – Biography, Records, Career and Achievements 0 2

Know Our Tokyo Olympians: Abdullah Hel Baki

After a delay of one year due to a raging pandemic, the biggest sports competition in the world has finally commenced. The Tokyo Olympics 2020 has started and Bangladesh has sent her best athletes and performers to the Olympics. We will be looking into the six participants representing Bangladesh at Tokyo Olympics. Today, we will be looking at a veteran of shooting and an olympian who has graced the stage once before. We will be looking at a flag bearer, Abdullah Hel Baki.

Personal Information

Abdullah Hel Baki, is in true form a veteran among Bangladeshi shooters. Born on August 1, 1989 in Gazipur, Abdullah Hel Baki has always had his sights on sports. He works in the Bangladesh Navy and also competes in shooting competitions all around the world. He also had his sights set on sports even in his education. He earned a degree in sports studies from the Uttara University in Dhaka.

Abdullah Hel Baki at Tokyo Olympic 2020

In Shooting

Like the focused shooter, he also set his goals pretty early. He has been practicing shooting since 2006 and has been participating in competitions, local and global, since 2008. He is a left eye and right hand orthadox shooter. He cites Indian shooter Gagan Narang as his sporting hero. His event of choice is the 10m Air Rifle.


He has had quite a career in the 10m air rifle event throughout his career. He won the event in the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games in Baku in 2017. Baki is a regular participant in international competitions. His participation and ranking in International competitions include:

  • Rio Olympics 2016 (25th)
  • Asian Games 2018, Indonesia (19th)
  • 2010 World Cup, Munich (32nd)

Baki has been the flag bearer for Bangladesh in previous events. These include the Commonwealth Games in 2018 in Australia and the Asian Games in 2014 in South Korea. As a veteran and experienced shooter Abdullah Hel Baki stands among the best shooters of Bangladesh.

He lists winning the World Championship and representing Bangladesh in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics as his dream. Baki has certainly achieved the latter. Let us cheer for Abdullah Hel Baki and the other Olympians as they hold the Bangladeshi flag high in the Tokyo olympics.

Tokyo Olympic 2020 Athlete Jahir Rayhan (Racing) – Biography, Records, Career and Achievements 0 1

Know Our Tokyo Olympians: Jahir Rayhan

The Olympics are back! After an extended wait, the Tokyo Olympics 2020 has now finally commenced. Amid the global pandemic, watching athletes put forth their best to represent their nations boosts our will in these uncertain times. Bangladesh is also sending their champions to represent the country in arguably the biggest sports competition in the World! We will take a look at the athletes representing Bangladesh at the Tokyo Olympics. Today the spotlight will be on the track athlete, Mohammad Jahir Rayhan.

Personal Information

Mohammad Jahir Rayhan is among the youngest of the six participants in the Tokyo Olympics. He was born in April 2001 in Sherpur Bangladesh. His craze about sports has been apparent from his early age. Rayhan states that he was a football fanatic growing up. His parents wanted him to pursue the standard educational route but his passion for sports shone through in the end. On his father’s wishes, he got into athletics. He got admission in the most prestigious Bangladeshi Sports Institute: BKSP and pursued Athletics. He began training as an Athlete in 2012. He studies in Jessore University of Science and Technology currently. His sports team is the Bangladesh Navy Track and Field.

Jahir Rayhan at Tokyo Olympic 2020

In Track and Field

Rayhan has seen enviable success on the national level in Track and Field. His preferred events are 200m and 400m sprints. He has shown exceptional performance in the 400m. Rayhan recently broke a 32 year record of Athlete Milzar Hossain and now holds the fastest time in the National Level in the 400m sprint. The current record he set is 46.86 seconds. Rayhan has also represented Bangladesh in other International Athletic Competitions. His best time and attended competitions include:

  • World Athletic Championships 2019 in Qatar, 400m Heat (48.48 seconds)
  • Asian Championships 2019 in Qatar, 400m Heat (48.51 seconds)
  • World Youth Championships 2017 in Kenya (48.22 Seconds)

Rayhan also went through some struggles in his track and field career. In 2019 he was hospitalized with altitude sickness at a certain event in Nepal. But he persevered and worked to accomplish his goals. His dream was to one day represent the Bangladesh Olympics. This has become true as he is one of the Bangladeshis at the Tokyo Olympics 2020! Let’s cheer Mohammad Jahir Rayhan and the other Bangladeshi Olympians to the finish line and beyond!

Tokyo Olympic 2020 Athlete Diya Siddique (Archery) – Biography, Records, Career and Achievements 0 4

Know Our Tokyo Olympians: Diya Siddique

Diya Siddique is a Bangladeshi archer who was born on 19 February 2004. On 23 May 2021. She comes from Nilphamari. Diya is reading in BKSP (Bangladesh Krira Shikkha Protishtan).

In 2019, Diya Siddique won her first gold medal at the ISSF International Solidarity Archery Championship in Dhaka.

Diya Siddique at Tokyo Olympic 2020

At the Archery World Cup 2021, Diya and Ruman Shana partnership won the silver medal in the recurve mixed team event where Bangladesh was titled as runners-up to the Netherlands in the final. However, reaching this final was the best performance of Bangladesh in the Archery World Championship.

As only a 17 years old young athlete, Diya Siddique is considered a highly rated prospect for the future of the Bangladeshi archer game.

Tokyo Olympic 2020 Athlete Ruman Shana (Archery) – Biography, Records, Career and Achievements 0 3

Know Our Tokyo Olympians: Ruman Shana

Mohammad Ruman Shana is a Bangladeshi archer who was born on 8 June 1995. Rumon passed his childhood at Khulna. During his school days, he used to play with an arrow-bow made of bamboo.

Ruman Shana won the gold medal in the First Asian Grand Prix 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand. Later he won another gold medal in the International Archery Tournament 2017, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

Ruman Shana at Tokyo Olympic 2020

In 2019, Ruman Shana won three international medals. The first one was a silver medal- came in the ISSF International Solidarity Archery Championships. Then he became the first Bangladeshi archer in history to win a medal in World Archery Championships. Rumon won a bronze in the recurve single event of that tournament in 2019. Later he has also won the gold medal in the men’s singles recurve at the Asia Cup 2019 in the Philippines.

He along with Diya Siddique won the silver medal in the recurve mixed team event during the 2021 Archery World Cup. Bangladesh emerged as runners-up to the Netherlands in the tournament. That was the best performance by Bangladesh at an Archery World Championship.

In 2014, Ruman Shana joined Bangladesh Ansar as a soldier. He was promoted to the Lance Naik rank in 2020.