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Top Picks for Your 12.12 Sale Shopping in Bangladesh (2022) 0 805

Your eager waiting for the cheap-rated mobile is almost over as Daraz 12.12 campaign is here with huge excitement covered by unlimited discount offers! But what if you don’t need to detect those offers while several important categories will meet your rapping of mindblowing deals and vouchers. 

Which Top Picks Daraz 12.12 Sale will bring?


For every online campaign, fashion holds the spotlight as usual. But on the 12th of December, fashion products will be the sure top pick for all customers. Even alongside men’s fashion, there’s noticed a huge demand for women’s clothing fashion, and accessories.

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Men’s Fashion

The men’s fashion category holds some clothing-selling attraction of all time. Hence, the 12.12 sale will remind you of those mouthwatering deals from men’s formal and casual fashion. And of course, your advanced men’s fashion clothing winter shopping can be fulfilled at this biggest campaign of the year very much truly.

Women’s Fashion

An online marketplace like Daraz has made online shopping for women easier. And to grab women’s fashion clothes like Kurti dress, salwar kameez, saree, three-piece, and other dresses is more comfortable than before. And now it’s high time to feel this comfort more as various discount vouchers, and mega deals are waiting for you on the way.

Electronic Device

Are you planning for something big to shop at the upcoming 12.12 sale campaign? This biggest event can surprise you with the top smartphone, laptop, or DSLR camera deals. Everything is possible, just think about the right choice and be prepared for it.

shop electronic products - daraz.com.bd


Discount on average on a large scale is already available but Daraz along with mobile brands are preparing something big for you. Hence renowned smartphone brands like iPhone, Xiaomi, Samsung, realme, OPPO, VIVO, and other brands will facilitate you with some extra discounts of which you’ve never been thought.


Daraz believes that exclusive deals and offers for popular computing brands are massively known to all but it’s the ultimate matter of fact that buying laptops will be able to you the happiest person for this 12.12 sale of the year. All well-known laptop brands addressing Asus, Acer, Dell, Lenovo, and HP with a heavy discount bundle will heavily be in touch with you this December 12, 2022.

DSLR Camera

Photography should never be stuck in a high price rate camera circle. If you are a passionate one, let’s put eyes on the next 12th December. Nikon or Canon whatever you like, the best DSLR camera with camera lenses and mirrorless cameras will be affordable in your dream budget.

Health and Beauty

The Health and beauty category of Daraz may have focused on a lot. Your thirst for expected discount offers can feel you an excessive need for body soap and shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, moisturizer and facial cleanser, and many more.

shop health and beauty products - daraz.com.bd

Bath and Body

You may think about the low price rate of body soap and shower gel as reality facts but if you will be offered more facilities, what can it be! Yeah, something big is coming that you have never imagined.

Hair Care

Discounts will never stop running for Haircare products surely, customers can find all popular branded shampoos and conditioners at affordable price rates. But it can’t be impossible having brand vouchers and surprising deals for all hair care products.

Skin Care

Winter is coming and you know very well that the necessity of serum cream, body moisturizer, lotion, and face wash will remain in the high race volume. So, the 12.12 sale can be the exact target to shop for all necessary commodities at a lower price.

Home Appliance

If you are asked that TV, AC, and Refrigerator – which appliance will you pick? Now you are calculating or thinking about the budget range, right? But what’s so think about while you have 12.12 appliance deals at your fingertips. Yes, it’s so obvious to reveal such mysteries on the 12th of December together.

shop home appliance products - daraz.com.bd


You may have the longest dream of buying a smart led tv at a reasonable price. If it is then shape your dream into an ultimate reality. But be happy not only with the smart tv but also LCD and OLED or QLED tv for a better purpose. And you know well the main purpose.

Air Conditioner

Passing a long summer you may wait for another summer to sweat but Daraz 12.12 Sale is by your side now to cool you with an air conditioner and air cooler for the whole year. And you can surely rely on the stop thinking method as Daraz is sure to offer the best room heater deals and discounts this winter you commonly wish for.


Yeah we know it’s not the Qurbani time but are you astonished seeing the discount scale of fridges or refrigerators high to the higher level? In Bangladesh, it all can be possible when the Bangladeshi people are ready to celebrate the biggest sale campaign in the world through the most precise flash sale discounts, prepayment discounts, mega deals, and lucrative vouchers. The same deals will be appropriate for the deep freezer along with other large and small appliances in a big sense.

The immediate suspense of the Daraz 12.12 Sale is super level huge as you’ve assumed earlier. So, there’s no space available to compromise the huge shopping probability as well. And the shopping time hurry can be the only culprit to ruin all deals and vouchers use plan before your eyes. But a predetermined balanced wishlist targeted by Daraz can save you by offering true happy shopping seriously.

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