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Do you want to know the grocery price in Bangladesh in 2023? In this article, the essential grocery items list in Bangladesh and the grocery item price list will be provided based on the latest updated price.

Check out the best price list of grocery items in Bangladesh (2023)

Grocery Items Price List in Bangladesh (January 2023)
Keep updated with the latest price of groceries in Bangladesh. Go through the regular essential groceries price list which is available online grocery shop at the best price.
Grocery Items Quantity Price BDT
Brown Amon Rice 1kg 72 Tk
Miniket Rice 10kg 780 Tk
Chinigura Rice 1kg 134 Tk
Najir Shail Rice 5kg 482 Tk
Rice Flour (Atop Chaler Gura) 500gm 64 Tk
Atta 1kg 65 TK
Maida/ Wheat Flour 1kg 76 Tk
Corn Flour 500gm 75 Tk
Lentil / Deshi Moshur Dal 500gm 65 Tk
Khesari Dal 500gm 60 Tk
Mug Dal 500gm 80 Tk
Boot Dal / Anchor Dal 1kg 80 Tk
Mashkalai Dal 500gm 90 Tk
Salt 1kg 32 Tk
White Sugar 1kg 130 Tk
Red Sugar 1kg 150 Tk
Brown Sugar 1kg 145 Tk
Soyabean Oil 1L 179 Tk
Mustard Oil 1L 245 Tk
Canola Oil 2L 443 Tk
Sunflower Oil 3L 1,371 Tk
Milk Powder 500gm 330 Tk
Liquid Milk 1L 120 Tk
Ghee 100gm 135 Tk
Instant Noodles 4 Packs 71 Tk
Pasta 200gm 37 Tk
Coriander Powder / Dhoniyar Gura 200gm 40 Tk
Turmeric Powder / Holud Gura 100gm 47 Tk
Chili powder / Morich Gura 100gm 59 Tk
Lentil / Deshi Moshur Dal 500gm 65 Tk
Khesari Dal 500gm 60 Tk
Mug Dal 500gm 80 Tk
Boot Dal / Anchor Dal 1kg 80 Tk
Mashkalai Dal 500gm 90 Tk

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