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Borka is a famous outwear for Muslim women. Different types of Borka designs are available in the market. Get the new Borka design in Bangladesh for 2023. In this article, the new Borka collection in Bangladesh and the latest designs of Burqas in 2023 are enlisted.

Borka is a representation of modesty. Islam teaches its adherents to dress modestly and carry themselves. Muslim women have been practicing this modesty for many years. However, the burka has changed with time, just like any other design.

Let’s explore the latest Borka fashion and the new hijab collection in Bangladesh for 2023.

New & Popular Borka Designs in BD for 2023

At present, numerous burqas are designed for different purposes. But every nation has a distinctive style. Daraz offers all types of Borka designs, and all colors and sizes are available at the best price in Bangladesh.

  • Irani Borka Design
  • Abaya Borka Design
  • Afghani Design Borka
  • Arabian Koti Borka Design
  • Simple Burqa Design
  • Lace Gown Style Party Borka
  • Turkish Burqa Design
  • Embroidery Design Borka
  • Gown Style Burqa
  • Khimar Borka Design

Irani Abaya Borka

New design irani borka in bd

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Abaya Button Borka

New abaya borka in bd

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Afghani Gown Borka

New design borka in bd

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Short Koti Borka Design

Koti borka design in bd

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Arabian Koti Borka

Arabian borka design in bd

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Turkish Fashionable Borka

Turkish borka price in bd

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Shahajadi Gown Borka

Gown borka design in bd

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Lace Gown Stylish Party Borka

Party borka in bd

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Khimar Borka with Skirt

Khimar borka set in bd

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Stylish borka new collection in bd

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Last Words

The collection of new Borka designs in Bangladesh is enriched, especially in the online shop. So if you are looking for the latest designs of Borka, go to the Daraz Eid sale 2023 and get all types of burqas at the best price.

In this article, new Borka designs in 2023 are shown that are available on the online shop in Bangladesh. Choose the right type of Borka for you with the latest designs in 2023.

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