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Last updated on November 10th, 2022 at 03:19 pm

Saving Guide For 11.11 Campaign

11.11 Discount Calendar – 1st to 10th November

Countdown Deals: Shop from 11.11 countdown deals

Category Deals: Find the category of the day deals

Vouchers: Collect vouchers to enjoy discounts

Mega Deals: Add selected mega deals products to your cart

11.11 Discount Calendar – 11th to 21st November

Biggest Deals: Grab the biggest deals at 12AM from 11.11 campaign

Daily Price Drops: Visit Daraz app and website everyday to grab the price drops

Redeem Vouchers: Redeem the collected vouchers for 11.11 shopping

Daraz Club: Be a daraz club member to save more on 11.11 sale

How do I find the 11.11 Countdown Deals?

11.11 countdown deals are available from 1st to 10th November. You can find the countdown deal tagged items from daraz website and app.

How to save more collecting vouchers at 11.11 sale?

Tips to save more through collected vouchers:

  • Collect Daraz Vouchers
  • Collect Store Vouchers
  • Collect Bank Vouchers
  • Collect Shipping Vouchers

How to Avail Maximum Discounts?

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  1. Open your favorite product and click on the arrow to view all available vouchers,
  2. Collect all the applicable and available vouchers,
  3. Go to the checkout page, the highest discount vouchers will apply automatically except the bank vouchers,
  4. Go to the payment page, your bank voucher will automatically apply on the relevant payment method.

How to get the highest discounts on Mega Deals?

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  1. Select your favorite mega deal and collect the voucher,
  2. Select the highest discount voucher on checkout,
  3. Discount will automatically apply.

How to avail Free Shipping?

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  1. Choose your favorite product and tap on arrow to view all vouchers,
  2. Collect the shipping voucher,
  3. Voucher will automatically apply on checkout.

How to collect multiple vouchers?

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  1. Choose your favorite product and tap the arrow to see vouchers,
  2. Collect all applicable and available vouchers,
  3. Checkout to avail the highest discount.

How to avail the Express Delivery?

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  1. Choose your favorite products,
  2. Buy now and checkout,
  3. Select express delivery and place the order.

How to avail Bank Discounts?

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  1. Select your favorite product,
  2. View all bank vouchers and collect to save the vouchers,
  3. Vouchers will apply automatically on the payment page.

Final Shortcut to a faster checkout

  • Add your cart
  • Update your address
  • Save your card
  • Update Daraz app for the best online shopping experience.

To unfold all of the unlimited deals and offers, visit Daraz 11.11 campaign now.

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