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top deals of daraz big home makeover campaign

Top 10 Deals of Daraz Big Home Makeover Campaign at a Glance

Want to decorate your rooms for the next level with a brand-new fridge, TV, or washing machine? Keep watchful eyes on Daraz online shop to grab some exciting deals on tv, fridge, ac, furniture and various appliances. And for ensuring your mind-blowing price rates, lots of discount offers and vouchers are showcased altogether to keep you ordering the most needed branded products online.

MIDEA 1.5 ton Split AC

buy midea ac from daraz.com.bd


Are you searching for a brand new inverter ac online? Here you go the top-rated Midea 1.5-ton air conditioner at Daraz BD. Now can you guess any interesting facts about this Midea ac? One part you can be ensured is the cheap price rate with the highest discount offer. And another can be the positive ratings from satisfied customers. You can easily find the positive ratings with image reviews. But there’s another way like question answering section to clear confusions indeed. Therefore, find the easy installment plan with 0% emi facility as up to 12 months at Daraz online shop.


SONY Bravia 32 Inch Smart TV

buy sony smart tv from daraz.com.bd





Looking for a new smart tv right? So, if your budget finds for all special price rates, this Sony 32 inch led smart tv can surely be that hot cake. But have you noticed the price rate? A very short budget-friendly price is found which is incredible indeed. And of course, the highest discounts will attract you for sure.


SAMSUNG 218 Liter Refrigerator

buy samsung refrigerator from daraz.com.bd




Are you devised with the capability and capacity of a modern technology-based fridge? Then hold your breath as popular appliance brand Samsung is waiting with exciting deals and discount vouchers. Again for your special consumer deal, the Samsung Digital Inverter refrigerator can offer you 218 liter capacity with 10 years compressor warranty. So what are you waiting for as Esquire electronics has ensured their solid place with positive rating seriously?


Sharp Full Auto Top Loading Washing Machine – 8.0 Kg

Product details of Sharp Washing Machine:buy sharp washing machine from daraz.com.bd

  • Capacity : 8 kg.
  • Stainless Steel TUB.
  • Self Clean TUB.
  • Wash Program: Standard, Gentle, Heavy, Quick Wash.
  • Auto Start After Blackout.
  • Washboard Texture Stainless Steel TUB.
  • Tempered Glass Top Lid.



Box Design Wooden Sofa Set

buy wooden sofa from daraz.com.bd



Want to decorate your drawing room with a lucrative designed sofa set? Then without any doubt, you can keep your eyes on this uniquely designed wooden sofa set at an unbelievable price rate. Apart from huge discounts, some positive consumer ratings are waiting for you to add this Malaysian sofa set to your cart.


Malaysian Process Wood Almirah

buy almirah from daraz.com.bd





If low-priced Almirah remains on your bucket list, our recommendation will go for this lacquer polish Malaysian wooden almirah surely. This can easily offer you the ultimate product quality along with customer satisfaction. So, this stylish almirah should be your next buy undoubtedly.


RFL Wardrobe

buy RFL wardrobe from daraz.com.bd




A drawer for dresses in need is a wardrobe indeed! And RFL Royal brings for you a well-furnished double deluxe 5 drawers wardrobe at a lower budget. However, sudden thought for superior quality may come to your mind and so along with that discounted price rate is ensured with very fast delivery.


Craftwood Almirah

buy craftwood almirah from daraz.com.bd





If wooden furniture is your favorite one, you can easily opt for Craftwood 3 Door Almirah without any hesitation. Hence Canadian process wood is the major key feature of this almirah which holds actual color as well. And the price is also as low as you simply wish to pay for.


Laminated Wood Dressing Table

buy wooden almirah from daraz.com.bd





Here Daraz brings you the laminated wood dressing table at the lowest budget price rate. One of the best usps of this almirah is weather resistance and at the same time, this almirah is furnished with lacquer polish updated with quality paint. But the very low price ratio can surely blow your luck with an extra discount offer.



Wooden Double Bed

order double bed from daraz.com.bd


Can you imagine a budget-friendly double bed made with solid wood? Now it’s possible enough in Bangladesh as Hatim Furniture from Hossain Enterprise is finally able to promise Italian antique color with a smooth finish literally. And the guaranteed quality indicated to its termite proof with heavyweight capacity will be worthy enough of the promoted price for sure. Again the ratings packed with a happy purchase experience can be the valid reason for your next buy Hatim double bed.


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buy living room furniture from daraz.com.bd

Have An Aesthetic Living Room with Best Quality Furniture!

As a home space shared with family and guests, your living room is the most important place in your house. Therefore, living room needs to be a combination of ultimate style and comfort. However, you must choose some best-designed living room furniture to decorate your drawing room following your taste and ease. Whether you are searching for modern living room furniture ideas or furniture stores to purchase complete living room sets at a cheap rate, online shopping can be your ideal destination to resolve these issues.

Let’s go through our attractive living room furniture buying guide following different types of living room stuffs with the various price ranges

1. Sofas

Purchasing a sofa is one of the most crucial investments for your living room. A gorgeous sofa set will make an instant impression. Therefore you must make a genuine decision when selecting a sofa set for your living room at the best price.

(click on the images to explore more)

2. Sofa Covers & Slips

If you want to decorate your living room attractively you must take care of your sofa covers. There are tons of splendid sofa covers and slip designs out there. Colorful and gorgeous sofa covers can turn your living room into an aesthetic space.

(click on the images to explore more)

3. Chairs

Chairs are something that can be both a simple and instant game-changer accessory for your living room. A chair can do some extra beautification to it. There are lots of living room chairs out there with incredible designs and innovations. You just have to choose the right one for your living room.

(click on the images to explore more)

4. Shelves

Shelves are something that can show some creative attitude to your friends and guests. You can place your gorgeous showpieces or books on the shelves as per your choice. You must pick the best stylish and durable shelf for the living room within your budget.

(click on the images to explore more)

5. Side Tables

Side tables are something that can add extra flavoring to your living room. You will find many eye-catchy side tables online as stylish furniture addition. Determine your plan and implement the idea with the best modern design side tables.

(click on the images to explore more)

6. Coffee Tables

A splendidly designed modern coffee table will surely lift up the mood of your drawing room instantly. This simple furniture is something that leaves an immediate impression on people’s minds.

(click on the images to explore more)

7. Media & TV Storage

Whether you are searching for gorgeous modern media & TV storage or setting up a stylish home theater system you can use online shopping for exploring the best furniture for your living room.

(click on the images to explore more)

If you want to buy modern living room furniture and decorate a gorgeous drawing room with suitable stylish stuff- this buying guide can help you to have the best online shopping experience in Bangladesh. And of course, this best shopping experience will contain heavy discount offers from the Daraz Big Home Makeover Sale campaign where various lucrative vouchers will also be available in huge numbers for sure.

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