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Best home decoration ideas on eid

Easy Home Decorating Tips For Eid!

Eid ul Adha is a festival of sacrifice. Eid, like every other event, begins at home. As a result, your home requires specific attention in order to reflect the vibe and energy back to us and everyone else who comes to visit. Let’s go through the article and get simple and stylish home decoration ideas for Eid ul Adha in 2022.

Everyone enjoys adorning their homes during Eid, whether it is children or the elderly. There are numerous methods to decorate a home these days, but for Eid, you must do something unique to enhance the beauty and ambiance of the day.

Amazing Home Decoration Ideas for Eid 2022

During the Eid festival, as relatives and friends come to visit our house, it’s essential to keep our home nice, clean, and sober.

You can try some effective and creative ways to decorate your home perfectly. The below home decoration ideas and tips for Eid ul Adha will help you to embellish your house.

  • Eye Catchy Door Hanging
  • Dazzling Lights to Illuminate Your Home
  • Gorgeous Curtains
  • Attractive Wall Decoration
  • Dining Table & Other Furniture
  • Cozy & Comfy Floor Decoration
  • Decoration with Balloons and Candles
  • Enticing Flower Vase
  • Sweet Fragrance
  • Essential Home Appliances

Eye Catchy Door Hanging

In Islamic tradition, the stars and moon are regarded as holy, giving them a major emblem in the Eid festival. As a result, there’s a simple trick. To give the right festive feel, choose door hangings carved into magnificent stars and moons.

Flower Design Door Hanging

Front door hanging flower design

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Dazzling Lights to Illuminate Your Home

Without magnificent lights, a home is never ready to greet the Eid festival. This Eid, use lights to brighten up your home and spread pleasant energy. Lanterns can be a great choice for smooth lighting for your house.

Home decoration light for eid

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Gorgeous Curtains

Whatever wall decoration you have, you can’t avoid the curtain to decorate your indoors. The colorful and vibrant curtains bring out an amazing festive look.

Gorgeous curtain for home decoration

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Attractive Wall Decoration

If you have an empty wall that you can’t seem to fill, a gorgeous garland with the words “Eid Mubarak” across it will do the trick to make it more fascinating. Hanging artwork and calligraphy, for example, will offer a beautiful Eid touch.

Wall sticker for eid

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Decor Your House with Furniture

One of the most pleasurable aspects of Eid is welcoming guests with wonderful food or dessert and sharing a feast with friends and family.

For this reason, an attractive dining table design can enhance the beauty of your work. Food preparation is an art, and table decoration is essential to make it more appealing. Besides, several essential home decoration furniture is required. 

Dining Table

Home decoration with dining table

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BedBed design for eid decoration

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Wardrobe design for eid decoration

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Dressing Table

Decorate home with dressing table

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Sofa Set

L shape sofa set in bd

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Cozy & Comfy Floor Decoration

You know, the floor decoration always focuses on how comfortable it is including beautification. Carpets and rugs are essential in this case to decorate your floor.

Having one for your home, regardless of which you choose, is one of the greatest Eid home decor ideas.

Carpets for floor decoration

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Decoration with Balloons and Candles

Balloons are a must-have for any celebration. They’re not only fun for the kids, but they’re also a great way to add some whimsy to the decorations.

Candles can be decorated with jewels, calligraphy, or stickers to make them seem festive in addition to lighting up a place.

Balloon Garland

Balloon decoration for kids

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Candle Holder

Candle holders for home decoration

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Enticing Flower Vase

Flowers are a terrific way to make a statement to a loved one. You can use flowers to beautify your home this Eid. Your bouquet can be placed in a vase. Utensils made of glass, crystal, or simple porcelain are all good options.

Vase for home decoration on eid

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Sweet Fragrance

The sweet fragrance grows the festive look of your house. Fragrance enhances the spirits of your guest as well as refreshes the mind of everyone.

Focus on Essential Home Appliances

Make sure that your kitchen and home appliances are ready to serve you appropriately during the Eid. The most important home appliance in Eid ul Adha is Refrigerator as you have to store the meat and other food items during this time to a great extent.

Besides, several essential appliances are on-demand during the Eid festival including small and large appliances which are also part of your home decoration.


Refrigerator price bangladesh

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Air Conditioners

Air conditioner for eid home decoration

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Microwave Ovens

Microwave oven in bangladesh

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Water Purifiers

Best water filter for home

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Washing Machine

Washing machine for eid decoration

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Ceiling fan for eid decoration

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However, you can also check:

and many more.

Last Words

These Eid decorating ideas can add glitz and beauty to your home. You are free to decorate your home however you want. And to complete your eid shopping with lucrative deals, you can visit the grand eid fest campaign now. So, what are you waiting for? Try the above-mentioned Eid decorating ideas and say “Eid Mubarak” to your loved ones with enthusiasm. 

Best ladies watch buy online

How to Choose the Best Women’s Watch?

Choose a watch that suits your style. Women tend to care about the look of the watch as wristwatches are the effective addons to a lady’s appearance. In this blog, you’ll get tips on how to choose the best women’s watch.

Watches for women come with different designs and price ranges. Besides, women wear watches for different purposes like official or casual uses. You should consider your requirements first and go for buying the watch that suits you best.

Tips for Choosing the Ideal Watch for Women

Take a look at the below tips for choosing the right type of ladies’ watches for you.

  • Choose a Classy Watch Design
  • Go for the Right Size
  • Focus on the Quality of the Watch
  • Types of Movement You Prefer
  • Consider your Pocket

Choose a Classy Watch Design

In fact, the best alternative is undoubtedly a trendy and tastefully made minimalist watch. If you intend to use the watch every day and don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can go for this type.

Check different types of ladies watches designs that are available online shop in Bangladesh.

  • If you prefer classic shapes but want to update your appearance, go for a mixed metal round face watch. 
  • If you want to add some edge to your outfit, go for studs on the strap.
  • If you’re a fashion risk-taker, match a rich red watch with gold bands.

Go for the Right Size

When you are looking for the perfect size of the lady’s watch, the first thing you must focus that is proportion.

  • If you have a smaller wrist, you have to choose a little larger watch that emphasizes the beauty of a thin wrist.
  • On the other hand, if you have a thicker wrist, try a thinner and smaller watch.

Focus on the Quality of the Watch

Three elements determine the quality of a watch including

  • Glass
  • Case and
  • Strap. 

You should go for the leather or metal strap as the plastic strap is less classy and elegant. 

Popular Watch Brands for Women

Types of Movement You Prefer

You know there are three different categories based on the movement type of the watch.

  • Automatic
  • Mechanical and
  • Quartz

If you prefer smooth and linear movement, go for the mechanical watches. On the other hand, quartz watches produce sharper movement.

Consider your Pocket

A lot of watches for women are currently available and different types of watches are different in price. You have to consider your budget first.

The most important thing is that you can get the branded watches at an affordable price also. Sometimes, the most popular ladies’ watches are being offered with lucrative discounts. In this regard, you should keep updated on the best online shop.

Things You Must Consider While Buying a Women’s Watch

Let’s take a look at the below points to make your purchase more accessible and scalable.


Choose a watch made of strong material to ensure that it will last a long time and will not be easily destroyed. Stainless steel and brass are the most commonly used materials in watchmaking. 

Choose a stainless steel structure because it will not corrode. You can choose between steel, leather, synthetic, or canvas fabric straps, depending on your preference.


Analog and digital are the two most frequent display types. Many firms have created hybrid timepieces that combine analog and digital functions in one device. 

While analog watches appear to be more sophisticated, digital watches are both stylish and functional.


Whatever you purchase, you must prioritize your personal style and comfort. When purchasing a watch, always prioritize comfort before fashion.


Choosing the right type of watch for women is a little bit tricky. But in this article, the tips for purchasing the best women’s watches are explored. Now get ready with your budget and pick the best and most stylish watch for women in Bangladesh for 2022.

Best watch brands for ladies in bangladesh

Best Watch Brands for Women in Bangladesh (2022)

At present, several brands of ladies watches are available. You may face difficulties to choose the right watch. So we’ve compiled a list of the finest and best watch brands for women in 2022 to assist you in selecting one that is both fashionable and economical.

You may look for a stylish lady’s watch in Bangladesh that comes with a unique and worthy design. On the other hand, which type of watch you are searching for that must be considered either casual, party, official watches, etc. Continue reading to learn about the most popular watch brands for women.

Best Watch Brands for Women in 2022

For any woman, a timepiece is a must-have item. They are refined and classic, and they allow you to express yourself. It can be tough for you to know who offers the best watch brands for women.

Let’s see the best watch brands for girls in Bangladesh with the latest designs and you will get all types of girl’s watches online at affordable and lucrative prices.


OLEVS is a worldwide renowned watch brand. It offers various types of watches with unique and luxurious designs. If you want to buy a stylish lady’s watch in Bangladesh, the OLEVS lady’s watch can be the best choice for you.

Official Watches for Women

OLEVS New Quartz Women Watch

Best women watch in bd

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OLEVS 5567 Fashion Stainless Steel

Best women's watch in bangladesh

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Casual Watches for Women

OLEVS Fashion Simple Quartz Watch

Best branded casual ladies watch

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OLEVS 5505 Japan Movement Elegant Watch

Casual watch for women in bd

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2. Curren

Curren is a popular brand for both men’s and women’s watches. You can get both casual and formal watches from the Curren brand.

Curren 9065 Quartz Watch for Ladies

Latest designed girls watch

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SKMEI is one of the most well-known brands of ladies’ watches. It comes with stylish watches designs for girls.

SKMEI 1805 Stylish Bracelet Watch for Women

Stylish ladies watch in bangladesh


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GUCCI is an international brand that designs a lot of stylish and attractive ladies’ watches. You can buy a lady’s watch in the GUCCI brand online at the best price.

Gucci Stainless Steel Analog Watch for Women

Best watch brands for women

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NAVIFORCE designs different stylish ladies’ watches. It’s a popular brand for designing unique and attractive watches for women.

NAVIFORCE NF5012 Watch For Women

Best watch design for girls in bangladesh

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Finishing Line

In Bangladesh, you’ll get all the popular watch brands for women. You should choose the best watches for women to order a stylish ladies watch online.

All types of ladies’ watches are available on Daraz’s online shop. So make your purchase with the best online shop and get the best and most stylish watch for women.

Best long lasting perfume in bangladesh

How to Choose Lady’s Perfume – Best Long Lasting Perfume

Choosing a long-lasting perfume is inevitable. But there are some ways you need to follow to make your perfume more applicable and long-lasting. In this article, the best long-lasting perfumes will be enlisted and some tips will be provided to make your fragrance last.

When it comes to choosing the finest perfume for women, their personality features come in help. Different women prefer different types of fragrances. Some prefer floral scents, some prefer fruity scents, and still, others prefer woody, oriental, and musk-based perfumes.

It can take years to find the perfect fragrance, just as it can take years to find the perfect partner. To save you time, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest long-lasting fragrances that will ensure people remember you long after you’ve left the room.

Nowadays, all brands of perfumes for women as well as beauty products are available in online shops in Bangladesh. So, you can buy the best and most long-lasting perfume with reliability from the online shop. 

Which Type of Perfume is the Best for You?

Before looking for the perfect perfume, women must first understand themselves and their personality qualities.

You can wear perfume with elements like exotic floral, musk, wood, and oak if you’re a free-spirited and unique person. You can choose scents with fruity nodes if you’re a pleasant and simple woman.

How to Choose the Best Perfume for Women

In the below section, three essential points are explored to choose the best perfume for ladies.

Pick the Right Perfume for You

There are numerous types of scents with different chemicals. Whether you’re shy, outgoing, romantic, or dark and mysterious, you should choose the desired perfume.


The basic components of perfume are oils, molecules, and absolutes. The higher the concentration of concentrate, the more long-lasting the fragrance.

Try It On

Testing a perfume is the greatest method to ensure that it will last. If you’re going to the perfume shop, test the perfume on your skin rather than a blotter to see how it reacts with your body chemistry, then wait 24 hours to see how it dries out.

Shop the Best and Strongest Perfume for Women

Here, the best perfumes for women which last longer at the best price will be given. You can buy all brands of ladies’ perfumes online with special offers and discounts.


How to choose the perfume for women
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Carolina Herrera Good Girl

Best perfume for women in Bangladesh

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Elizabeth Arden Red Door

Long lasting women's perfume

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Elizabeth Arden SunflowerPerfume for women price in bd

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CK IN2UPerfume for women in bangladesh

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Tips for Making Your Perfume Last

You should know the ways how to make the perfume last longer. Just follow the below tips and keep the scent of your perfume more than your expectation.

Choose a Long-Lasting Perfume

Citrus-based smells fade quickly, whereas musks and woody-based fragrances persist longer due to the slower evaporation of these oils.

Apply the Perfume with the Right Technique

Because oils on the skin capture fragrance notes and help them remain longer, the scent will last longer on well-moisturized skin. 

After showering, use body oil or moisturizer. Concentrate on the pulse points when applying the scent. Your wrists, neck, between your breasts, and even behind your knees are examples of regions where veins are close to the skin’s surface and you may feel your circulation. 

After applying fragrance, don’t rub your wrists together because this will break down the oils. Also, spritz a small fragrance mist into your hair.

Less is More

When we don’t smell our own perfume for a while after applying it, our olfactory systems shut down as a protective strategy. This isn’t to say that it goes unnoticed by others. So don’t overdo it.

Reapply It

If you have dry skin or are going out for a special occasion, keep a tiny travel-size bottle on hand in case you need to reapply. Fragrances will last 4 to 8 hours on average, depending on the quality and concentration of essential oils.

Store the Perfume Properly

Direct sunshine, heat, and steam are all bad for perfumes. The best way to keep your perfume fresh for as long as possible is to keep it in its original box at room temperature.

Wrapping Up

The best perfume for women can be long-lasting or not as there are several factors that may affect the perfect fragrance including brand, quality, scent, and long-lasting.

In this article, tips for choosing the best perfume for women are explored and how to make the perfume long-lasting is provided.

The strong perfume for ladies is also available in Bangladesh in 2022. You can check it and buy it as per your choice and requirements.

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Types of ladies bags

Choose the Right Type of Women’s Bag for You

Bags are necessary items as well as additional accessories that enhance your unique style. Don’t be daunted by the variety of ladies’ bags on offer. We’ll divide them into categories and help you to choose the right type of purses for different occasions. So scroll down and have a look at different types of women’s bags in 2022.

Bags that women own, carry, and love comes in a wide variety of functions, styles, and designs. In Bangladesh, you can get all sorts of bags for both men and women online at the best price.

Let’s see which type of bags are the right choice for specific purposes. Besides, what you should consider before buying women’s bags will be discussed in this article.

What Must You Consider Before Choosing the Right Type of Women’s Handbag?

The majority of people have at least a few different handbags in their collection. And, like shoes, each has its own function, dresses up or down an outfit, and expresses the wearer’s personal style. 

So, what’s the key to picking the perfect bag? Whatever handbags you may choose but the quality of your handbag is a must.

  • Stitching should be symmetrical both inside and outside of the bag. This demonstrates that it was built with care and won’t fall apart in weak, wear-prone sections.
  • Clasps, zippers, feet, decorative components, and portions of the handle are all crucial pieces of hardware. 
  • Clasps should be easy to open and close, zippers should slide smoothly, feet and decorative components should be secure, and the metal itself should be free of tarnish and chipping.
  • It’s crucial to be at ease and comfortable. This demonstrates the thought that went into the design, as well as the fact that you’ll want to grab the purse again and again.

Different Types of Women’s Bags for Different Occasions

Handbags are so much more than just storage for your belongings. The correct one can tie your entire look together and make a bold fashion statement.

If you adore handbags and can’t imagine going a day without carrying one, you should be aware of the various sorts of handbags that are available.

Interviews, office, parties, short excursions, long tours, business trips, weekend getaways, family get-togethers, social events, college, grocery shopping, and running errands all require different sorts of bags in a woman’s wardrobe. 

This article will show you all of the different sorts of handbags that you can choose from. 

1. Shoulder Bag

The shoulder bag, often known as an everyday bag, is the most practical bag. Shoulder bags are great for both informal and professional circumstances, so pick one in a neutral hue, preferably in genuine or faux leather, that can be adapted to many clothes and settings.

Shoulder bag for women

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2. Cross-body Bag

A crossbody bag is usually smaller than a shoulder bag. It’s ideal for errands, social events, travel, and any other situation where you need to have your basics close at hand without being burdened down.

Best crossbody bag for ladiesShop Now

3. Satchel

Satchels are ideal for working women. You can use it as a laptop bag and a regular handbag. It has enough room for all of your essentials as well as your electronics. This type of bag is medium in size.

However, you should buy a bag that is long-lasting and of decent quality. Satchel bags are meant to last a long time, so you can’t afford anything flimsy!

Women bags

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4. Backpack Purse

This practical style isn’t just for students; it’s a sophisticated version of the campus staple that lets you live your best adult life without the inconvenience of carrying a handbag. 

Backpacks come in a variety of sizes including small, medium, and large sizes. The large size backpack is suitable to carry the laptop. This laid-back look is ideal for road trips, weekend errands, and coffee dates with pals.

Stylish backpack for ladies

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5. Tote Bag

Every lady needs a durable tote bag with plenty of storage capacity that is also really pleasant to carry. A tote bag is a large, unfastened bag with two parallel shoulder handles on either side.

It’s a great bag to have on hand for any situation that requires you to carry more than a few items, whether you’re going shopping, to a class, or to work.

Ladies bagShop Now

6. Clutch

The clutch bag is making a comeback as simple fashion becomes fashionable and timeless. The clutches can hold your cash, cards, keys, lip gloss, ID card, and phone and are ideal for nighttime walks, romantic dinners, after-work events, or rushing to a friend’s apartment.

Best stylish clutch bagShop Now

7. Wristlet

Wristlets are similar to wallets, yet they are far more useful and comfortable to carry. This type of bag can carry your cash, card, and phone. Besides, you can wear them on your wrist to keep your hands free.

Stylish wristlet for ladiesShop Now

8. Wallet

There are numerous varieties of little purses, but nothing beats a dainty, compact, long-lasting, and practical wallet. Wallets are a must-have item for carrying cash, credit cards, and identification cards. It protects your belongings from theft, drops, damage, dust, and exposure to the elements.

Women's wallet

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9. Hobo Bag

A hobo is a shoulder bag but it’s not as large as a shoulder bag. The shape of this type of bag makes it elegant. Pick up the Hobo if you’re tired of your usual totes and shoulder bags; it’ll be a fun addition to your collection.

It’s a timeless, fashion-forward option for many scenarios, including travel, casual weekends, or an evening out with friends.

types of women bags

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10. Woven Basket Bag / Round Bag

Sling bags with a circular body and a long strap to wear over the shoulder. It’s also known as circle bags. It comes with different unique and lovely designs. Round bags are made of a variety of materials, including fabric, leather, jute, and metal.

Stylish round shape casual ladies bag

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11. Minaudiere

Minaudiere is a clutch adorned with colored stones, diamonds, pearls, and other embellishments that exudes opulence. When attending a truly special occasion, such as a cocktail party, wedding, or evening party, you should carry a Minaudiere rather than a handbag. We also require a Minaudiere for those special occasions.

Stylish bag for party and weddingShop Now

12. Laptop Bag

You must safeguard your computers from dirt, dust, and drops in order for them to perform properly. Laptop or office bags secure your valuable electronics and make it easier to transport them to and from the office, business excursions, and meetings. The laptop bags should be simple in appearance, yet functional, trendy, water-resistant, and durable.

Stylish laptop bag for ladiesShop Now

13. Envelope Bag

It’s a bag with the shape and form of an envelope, as the name suggests. Envelope bags are similar to an envelope. Usually, this type of bag is a thin, long rectangular bag with a triangular front flap. They are designed to be hand-held. 

They usually don’t have any straps, though a hybrid of a sling and an envelope bag can be found. These are intended for more formal gatherings and parties, with just enough room for a few essentials.

Best design ladies bag for casual usesShop Now

14. Messenger Bag

Men and women alike appreciate the practicality of a messenger bag, however, the latter’s size preference is for smaller bags. The term comes from the bags used by postmen in the past, but the present version is sleeker and more elegant, with leather and canvas being among the most popular materials. 

These rectangular bags are medium in size and have a long, thick, and wide strap as well as a fold-over front flap with a clasp.

Stylish official bag for womenShop Now

15. Weekender Bag

The weekender bags are popular at present. Different stylish and attractive designs of travel or weekender bags are available in printed or solid colors. This type of bag is typically used for traveling purposes.

It has a lot of space and it usually comes with a couple of short and long straps. You can also adjust the strap as per your requirement. It looks like a hold-all bag with an open-top, but it’s usually made of a material like classic leather or printed canvas.

Best travel bag for women

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Wrap Up

Bags are the must-haves that hold your portable universe, no matter where you’re going or what you’re doing. You will be able to select handbags based on your numerous requirements thanks to the numerous selections available.

Buy different types of women’s bags online at the best price. Daraz offers a new collection of bags for women in Bangladesh. Grab stylish and trendy handbags for women in 2022.

Home remedies for dry and damaged hair

How to Repair Dry and Damaged Hair at Home

Yes, it’s a common query nowadays “Can damaged hair be repaired naturally?” Yes, damaged and dry hair can be repaired at home in a natural way. In this case, you need to know the remedies that the hair specialists suggest. Besides, some products are effective for dry and damaged hair that you can use.

If your hair is in dry condition, it may occur baldness. Want to make your hair shinier, thicker, and more manageable? The first thing you must consider is to do your hair care properly. You can practice several simple ways at home which are inexpensive and worthy.

Let’s discuss how to repair dry and damaged hair at home and get to know the best hair treatment products with prices in Bangladesh that you can buy from the online shop in BD.

Why is Your Hair Dry & Frizzy?

Dry and frizzy hair is responsible for several consequences. Hair fall occurs when hair is unable to hold enough moisture, resulting in a lackluster, fragile, and brittle appearance. 

The factors that contribute to dry and frizzy hair:

  • Over-washing, 
  • Over-exposure to the sun, 
  • The use of hair-styling products, 
  • Contact with chlorinated water, and 
  • Smoking.

Best & Easiest Treatment for Dry and Damaged Hair

There are several practical ways to treat dry, damaged, and frizzy hair you can find online. In this section, you’ll get to know the best and most effective home remedies for dry and damaged hair.

  1. Apply Butter on Hair for Softening Your Strands
  2. Wash with Black Tea for Shining
  3. Apply Egg Mask & Add Egg to Your Shampoo
  4. Banana for Dry Hair
  5. Nourish the Hair with Oils
  6. Apply Yogurt & Oil Mask
  7. Avocado Paste

Let’s see how to implement home remedies for dry and damaged hair.

1. Apply Butter on Hair for Softening Your Strands

Butter, of course! 

All that fat is beneficial to your hair, resulting in increased shine and smoothness. Keep in mind that you don’t need to melt it before using it. 

Apply some butter to dry hair and rub it in thoroughly. Just use a few spoonfuls at room temperature, cover them with a cap, and before washing your hair with shampoo, let them on for an hour.

2. Wash with Black Tea for Shining

Tea, in addition to providing relief from colds and coughs, can also help your hair shine. If you currently drink tea as part of your self-care routine, take it a step further by applying black tea to your hair. 

Pour some cooled black tea onto your hair to add shine, and leave it on for at least 10 minutes before rinsing it off. But keep in mind that the color of your tea might also affect the color of your hair. 

Those with blonde hair should avoid black tea and instead drink chamomile tea. Black tea is appropriate for brunettes. Rinse your hair with lukewarm tea after shampooing.

3. Apply Egg Mask & Add Egg to Your Shampoo

Apply egg immediately on dry hair. Half a cup of fat yogurt, one egg, and three teaspoons of honey can also be added. Cover your hair with this mixture for 15-30 minutes. Rinse your hair with shampoo after that.

In addition, break one egg in a bowl and combine it with some shampoo. Apply this to your dry hair and leave it on for five minutes before rinsing thoroughly. Your hair’s protein composition will improve as a result of this.

4. Banana for Dry Hair

Bananas are high in potassium and moisture, making them ideal for dry hair. The usage of bananas on hair can help with split ends, hair softening, and elasticity.

At first, mash a ripe banana. Then apply it to your hair from the roots to the ends. Allow one hour before washing your hair with warm water.

5. Nourish the Hair with Oils

Olive oil is one of the greatest remedies for dry hair. Good quality Hair oils including coconut, almond, and corn oil, in addition to olive oil, can be utilized to achieve satisfactory results. All of these oils are high in Vitamin E and antioxidants, which help to rehydrate the hair’s outer layer.

Heat half a cup of oil but do not boil it to complete this treatment. Cover your hair with a towel after gently massaging the oil into it. Allow 30-40 minutes or overnight to cool. Rinse your hair with shampoo after that. This solution might help to strengthen and shine the hair.

6. Apply Yogurt & Oil Mask

The mix of yogurt and oil is a highly effective dry hair treatment. To make this, combine two teaspoons of olive oil and six tablespoons of essential oil with half a cup of yogurt. 

This mixture should be used on shampooed hair. For 15-20 minutes, cover the hair with plastic or a shower hat. After that, thoroughly rinse your hair with warm water.

7. Avocado Paste

Avocados are high in vitamins A and E, as well as minerals and saturated fats. All of these nutrients are beneficial to dry hair, making it stronger and more hydrated.

To make this therapy, mash one peeled avocado with one egg. This combination should be applied to your hair and left on for 20 minutes. Wash your hair several times after that.

Where will You Get Authentic Hair Treatment Products?

Nowadays the hair treatment products like hair oils, hair masks, hair lotions, shampoo, and so on are available online shop in Bangladesh. You will just place an order online and the desired products will knock at the door.

But one question may arise. Are the products authentic? Yes, Daraz online shop offers genuine health and beauty products at the lowest budget. All renowned beauty product brands made from different countries are available on Daraz.

You can check also the below-mentioned hair treatment products in 2022.

Best anti hair loss lotionDexe Hair Lotion

Best hair treatmentShea Butter Hair Treatment

Best hair oil for dry hairRS Spanish Olive Oil Extra Virgin

Best hair creamLoreal Xtenso Shinebond Rebonding Cream

Hair oil for dry and damaged hairIndulekha Bringha Hair Treatment

Best oil for dry and damaged hairOgx Nourishing + Coconut Milk Shampoo

Best shampoo for dry and damaged hairOGX Thick & Full + Biotin & Collagen Shampoo


Dry and damaged hair can be treated at home if you just follow some basic guidelines. In this article, you got tips for repairing your damaged and dry hair. 

In addition to this, authentic hair treatment products are available in the online shop. So you can use those products for the betterment of the conditions of your hair.

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Skin glowing face masks for women

Best Face Masks for Women to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes

Face masks help to remove blackheads, pimples, small and large pores, dark circles under the eye, and acne. You may have sensitive, oily or dry skin. All types of original face masks are available in Daraz Bangladesh now.

Whether your oily skin is due to genetics, age, or something else, there are solutions available to help you manage clogged pores and acne.

Best Face Masks for Women in Bangladesh for 2022

Searching for the best face masks for women in Bangladesh? Now you can buy the best quality face masks from the Daraz online shop in BD at the best price.

Find out the the right face mask for your skin type:

Best Face Masks for Blackheads

Nose Strip Blackheads Remover

Best face mask for removing blackheadsBuy Now

Product Details

  • Blackheads Remove in 10 minutes.
  • Unclogs pores & achieves the deepest clean.
  • Clean up dirt and oil from your pores, leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean.

Bioaqua Bamboo Charcoal Black Facial Mask

Best facial mask for blackheads

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Product Details

  • Product Type: Facial Mask
  • Capacity: 60gm
  • Blackhead cleansing
  • Moisturizer mask
  • Skincare
  • Anti-acne
  • Oil control mask

Best Face Mask for Oily Skin

Laikou Sakura Sleeping FaceMask

Best sleeping face mask for women

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Product Details

  • Moisturize your skin.
  • Brightening.
  • Repairing.
  • Hydrate your skin

Best Face Mask for Skin Pores (Suitable for All Types of Skin)

Green Tea Moisturizing Face Mask

Best face mask for skin pores

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Product Info

  • The product adopts the design of a rotating head, which is more convenient to use and not accessible to dirty hands.
  • The texture is fine and smooth, easy to spread, and easy to apply.
  • Moisturizing, can effectively reduce blackheads, control oil, improve facial fullness, and brighten skin tone.
  • Small and light, easy to carry.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • It is suitable for carrying out at home, travel, on business trips, etc.

Best Face Mask for Removing Pimples

COSRX Acne Pimple Master

Best face mask for pimple removing

Buy Now

Product Details

  • A.D.F. Hydrocolloid Dressing
  • Protecting the problematic areas
  • Intensive Acne Healing Overnight
  • Easy & Hygienic to Use


Facial masks work for glowing, brightening, and smoothening the skin. But choosing the right type of facial mask for you can be tricky.

So in this article, some confusion is cleared out including the different types of face masks, and which face mask is suitable for the specific type of skin like oily and dry skin.

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Best tips to prevent pest

Tips to Keep Insects Away from Home Naturally; Methods of Pest Control

You know, the pests and rodents not only cause damage to the property but also spread infections. Then, it’s essential to identify the reasons behind the pest infestation in the kitchen or home. Besides, you must control and prevent pests and rodents both naturally and chemically.

Prevention is Better Than Cure, isn’t It?

As the bugs and rodents need food and water for surviving, the kitchen is the best place you can find them. Besides, the kitchen is like heaven for pests.

Pest infestation in the home especially in the kitchen is obvious. But some regular activities can reduce the pests and rodents naturally. In addition to this, some chemicals which are effective for controlling pests and safe for you and your family will be explored in this article.

On the other hand, some insects are not harmful to us, but they can create a multitude of issues directly or indirectly. Let’s find out the most effective ways how to prevent pests and rodents in your garden, kitchen, and house.

What are the Most Common Pests and Rodents in Households?

The pests and rodents that have a harmful effect on human bodies and living conditions can be seen in households. These insects can cause merely diseases in the human body.

Let’s see the most common pests and rodents that are found in the kitchen or the specific areas or corners of a house.

  • Flies
  • Ants
  • Termites
  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Wall Insects
  • Mosquitos
  • Cockroaches
  • Bed bugs etc.

Why does the Pest Infestation Occur in the Kitchen or Home?

Pests and rodents are generally found in both urban and rural locations. Once the pests invade your house, it may cause serious issues.

Many reasons are responsible for pest infestation like your living place surroundings, seasonal pests, and so on.

Take a look at the below points where the reasons for occurring pests infestation are mentioned.

  • Incongenial surroundings of your living place
  • Uncleanliness condition of the house
  • Cramped house
  • Improper maintenance of the kitchen activities
  • Irregular cleaning of the balcony or garden
  • Wrapped and broken doors or windows
  • Not focusing on the washroom cleaning
  • Disposing of trash or garbage regularly

There are also other reasons for occurring infestation of pests and rodents. But the key reasons that you can control in your own way are listed above section.

What are the Pests Control Methods?

Pest control methods are not difficult if you are aware of them. You have to take immediate action once you have identified the intrusion of pests.

The control methods for pests and rodents are discussed below. These techniques of controlling pests are effective. See the two methods including the Biological and Chemical methods of preventing or controlling the pests.

Biological Pest Control Method

Although the biological methods can take more time to control the pest infestation, it’s eco-friendly and not harmful to your health rather than using toxic chemicals.

The biological method indicates eliminating the pests and rodents using living organisms like predators, parasites, and pathogens.

Chemical Pest Control Method

Applying pesticides or insecticides is the most effective way to control pests and rodent infestation fast. It’s a fruitful way for some specific insects, pests, and rodents.

Sometimes the biological method isn’t appropriate for controlling some pests and rodents. In this case, you can use the chemicals to keep away insects and pests.

How to Control Pests and Rodents in the Home Naturally?

Controlling the pests and rodents considerably relies on you. If you want to prevent pests and rodents naturally, just go through the below tips.

The natural ways you can follow for preventing the pests are noted down below which are viable and realistic tricks.

  1. Clean Home Regularly
  2. Keep the Kitchen Clean
  3. Clean the Sink Properly
  4. Use a Trash with Lid
  5. Clean up Food Right Away
  6. Keep the Bathroom Clean and Dry
  7. Seal the Food Containers Tightly
  8. Use the Desired Light Bulbs
  9. Don’t Keep Fruits and Vegetables out for Long
  10. Fix the Cracks and Gaps in the Window and Door.

What are the Effective and Safe Pest Control Chemicals for Home?

Yes, it’s true that some insects or pests can’t be controlled naturally. In this case, you must use pest control chemicals.

The pests and rodents control chemicals are available in an online grocery shop in Bangladesh

Here, you’ll get the best pest control chemicals for your home which are not so harmful to the human body. But you should maintain the precautions and processes of using the chemicals properly.


Pest control chemical for bed bug

Click to Buy

Product Info

  • Solution Type: Insecticide Spray
  • Size : 400ml
  • Effectiveness: Bedbugs, Ants, Termites, and others.
  • Application: Ready to Use | Adjust the misting nozzle & spray.
  • Best Usage: 1 bottle for 1 Bed.

Cockroach Killing Bait

Best chemical for cockroach killing

Click to Buy

Product Info

  • It’s better for killing cockroaches
  • Within 20 square meters, choose three places to place cockroach medicine (one package per place) and replace it every three days. 15 packages are required.
  • 24-48 hours: Cockroaches begin to die, and the bodies are seen one after another. Cockroaches are found to be less active.
  • Seven days later: 60% to 70% of cockroaches die, and most of them die in their nests.
  • Fifteen days later: More than 90% of cockroaches died.

Ant Killing Bait

Bait for killing ant

Click to Buy

Product Info

  • 1 Piece Strong Clear Ant Bait Powder Yellow Black White Termites Ants Drug Medicine Effects Destroy Kill Nest Ant Baithis powder is ants chronic poison Almost no toxicity to people and will not pollute the environment, can kill most kinds of ants, but can not kill termites (white ant).
  • Clean the room before use, directly put the powder on the ground, but need to avoid dampness, if the ant does not pay attention to the powder, can put it together with a small amount of honey or lard Divide the powder into 3 or 4 parts and put them on the path of ants.
  • The ants will carry and eat the powder, will be infected, they will die and smell failure cause hurt each other, and then the whole population will be infected and the whole population will be destroyed after 5-10 days, please keep the powder more than 15 days, ensure the effect. 
  • A pack of powder can be used to control 1 colony. warn: This powder is safe for cat and dog and other Animal, Almost no toxicity to people, but also need to Keep out of reach of children Wash hands after using.

Good Knight Advanced Machine

Best mosquito killing machine

Click to Buy

Product Info

  • Fastest system to get rid of mosquitoes.
  • It comes with a machine and refills.
  • Dual Protection Mode.
  • Pleasant fragrance.
  • It’s absolutely safe to use Activ+ around children and families.
  • Color: As same as the picture.

Xpel Aerosol

Best insect killing spray

Click to Buy

Product Info

  • Product Type: Aerosol
  • Capacity: 475ml
  • Product Type: Insecticide
  • Brand: Xpel
  • Essential household item
  • Great for everyday use

RAT GLUE – Bosny Thailand

Best rodent control glue

Click to Buy

Product Info

  • Rate Glue is a Thai product of the world-famous Bosnian company.
  • Rate glue can be used to catch or prevent rats and chicks.
  • Pack size: 400 ml per pot.
  • Rate glue is a very strong type of glue.

Last Words

In this article, you will get to know how to prevent and control pests and rodents permanently in the home and kitchen.

Basically, the awareness of pest infestation is the most significant part of keeping the insects and pests away from your living place. However, you can also find out the pest control chemicals that are available online shop at the best price.

Comfortable women's outfits for office

Best Office Outfit Ideas for Women in 2022

Do you consider comfortable work clothes or office dresses for women with a professional look this summer? Hold on a second and go through this article to know what to wear in the workplace keeping yourself more professional.  Choose the best and most comfortable office wear for ladies in 2022.

Wearing professional work clothes indicates that you take your job seriously.

It’s common that the outfit styles are different in different seasons. Always there are specific dresses for summer and winter. You’ll get work outfit ideas for summer in this blog. 

Some outfits give you a decent experience when you are on the way to your workplace. Besides while working at your office some clothes keep you cool and confident in a smart way. 

Let’s explore why the work clothes for women are essential and which ladies’ outfits are perfect for office in 2022:

Why Is It Important to Dress Professionally at Work?

Dressing professionally means wearing clothes or outfits designed for a workplace. Professional attires are well-tailored, modest, and free of images or graphics. Your clothes must be standard, clean, ironed, and free of holes, rips, or stains.

Professional women’s clothes are being upgraded and the trend of ladies’ outfits in the professional workplace changed significantly nowadays.

Why Do You Need comfy and professional office outfit for women?

Creating an Amazing First Impression

Your appearance is one of the significant factors. It forms a positive impression of the individual you meet in the office. It depends on different situations and what type of dress you wear.

It’s not about the best dress you wear, it’s all about the perfection you achieved.

Suppose, in an interview session or official meeting, your dress impacts greatly. The perfect ladies’ dresses for the workplace can help you to make a good impression for sure.

Feeling Empowered and Confident

Appropriate work clothes for women can make you feel more confident and optimistic. Professional life may be out of control. But how do you control yourself by presenting appropriately?

When you are feeling your best, you can do your best!

Representing Your Workplace

Your outfits represent the organization where you work. Dressing professionally creates a positive image of your company as well as you.

Sometimes you may wear a casual dress at the office but make sure that you look decent to collaborate with your team.

Effective & Realistic Tips for Dressing Professionally for Women

Work outfit ideas vary from region to region as women’s dress codes are different in the Indian subcontinent compared to the western countries.

The official dresses for Bangladeshi women have changed also in the last few years. So here you’ll get to know the potential tips for attiring professional dresses for women in Bangladesh.

Always Wear Next Level Dress

You need to wear a higher-level dress at your office. When you are in an entry-level position, you should always wear the mid-level position’s clothes which are being followed in your workplace. It ensures your next-level compatibility in the office environment.

Design Yourself with Unique Dress

The dress you wear should be unique that express your personality. Your dress styles differentiate your choice which refers to creativity.

Keep a Look at Your Company’s Policies

You may have tattoos or jewelry. Please make sure that you are allowed with it. Otherwise, wear those kinds of women’s dresses that cover your tattoos or other desired things.

Casual Days Dresses

It’s common nowadays that maximum organizations offer casual days in a week rather than wearing official or formal dresses. 

You must remember that your outfits on this very day are modest, neat, clean, and well-fitting.

Focus on Something More with Work Clothes

Professional dressing indicates something more. It’s not only the dress you attire, but also your fashion. Women’s fashion is also changing day by day. So look at the trendy dresses and fashion.

Wear Dress What is Comfy

It is the most important thing that your dress is comfortable. Otherwise, it may distract you while you are working. Your type of work also affects your dress styles.

Comfortable Work Clothes Designs for Women in Summer

The office outfits of ladies are trendy at present. The professional women wear different types of dresses. Here, you’ll get all sizes of work clothes including small, medium, and plus sizes.

Let’s look over the latest designs and best professional outfits for women for wearing in the workplace. Here is a versatile collection of work outfits for women. You can choose the right professional outfit that you prefer.

Office Outfit Ideas for Working Women

ZANZEA Bohemian Spring Shirts

Official attire for women

Click to Buy

Product Info

  • Product Types: Tops & Palazzo For Stylish Women 
  • Main Materials: georgette
  • Design: Indian elite design. 
  • Look: like as catalog. 
  • Gender: women. 
  • Quality: Ensuring High quality. 
  • Gorgeous & flexible to use. luxurious Fashionable. 
  • This product comes with a very Stylish design which provides an attractive look in it. 
  • The material used in it will meet your expectation and need also. 
  • Fulfill your purpose and enjoy the feel of a good quality product. 
  • Color: White and Red Dress Chest 
  • Size: -S-36.M-38.L-40.XL-42.2XL-44.LONG;36,38,,40,42

Single High Neck Zara Top

Best work outfits for women

Click to Buy

Product Info

  • Brand: Zara
  • Material: Ribbed cotton
  • Product: Single High Neck Top
  • Ladies fashionable wear Denim Stretch jacket
  • Export quality Regular fit Buttoned cuffs and hem Functional pockets

Export Denim quality Blazer Gown

Best work outfit for women

Click to Buy

Product Info

  • Name: Blazer gown
  • Material: export denim
  • Free size: 32 – 44
  • Long::jama long 50
  • Blazer: long 27Perfect, high quality, and very reasonable price product for every stylish girl. 

Exclusive Soft Dubai Cherry Western Dress

Best ladies dress for office

Click to Buy

Product Info

  • Brand: KZ MEGA SHOP
  • Name: Long Shart
  • Fabric: Shart Dubai Charry Georgette
  • Fabric: Pant export cotton
  • Body size : 32,34,36 38,40,42,44
  • Shart long 40, pant long 40, 42
  • Design: Indian elite design.
  • Look: like as catalog.
  • Gender: women.
  • Quality: Ensuring High quality.
  • Gorgeous & flexible to use.

Exclusive Ladies Cotton Kurti

Best women work clothes

Click to Buy

Product Info

  • Product Type: Kurti for Women
  • Fabric: China Linen
  • Shape: Shirt Style
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Occasion: Regular
  • Length: Long

Final Verdict

In the summer, the women’s outfits change. Although more or less, the official dresses for women are standard, the seasonal variation impacts greatly.

Best work clothes for women in summer are explored in this article and which type of women’s outfits are appropriate in the office environment are mentioned.

You can go for professional dresses that are comfortable and perfectly match your budget range.

You can look over also: The types of salwar kameez which are more popular in 2022 with the latest designs. Besides, printed and embroidered Kurtis for women can be your next official attire for sure.

Best kurtis design for ladies

Exclusive Printed and Embroidered Kurtis for Women in 2022

If you consider the realistic, stylish and comfortable outfit, Kurti is a must to include in your shopping list. Women Kurtis comes with sleek and unique designs in 2022 and you can buy them online whatever your requirements are including cotton Kurtis, long Kurtis, short Kurtis, and all sizes Kurti for women.

Women’s clothing style has changed significantly in the last few years. Nowadays Kurtis gets more popular in the south Asian region. including Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, etc.

Different types of Kurtis for Women are different in price. You can now browse the internet for finding out the latest designs Kurtis for women in Bangladesh.

Some Kurtis is pricey as it comes with high-quality fabrics and the latest designs. But you may find out the best and most unique designed Kurti for ladies at a cheaper price online with exclusive print and embroidery designs.

Let’s explore the features of Kurtis, the designs of the popular Kurtis, and the price of the Kurtis for women.

Why is Kurtis for Women Getting Popular Nowadays?

Women now travel as much as men do, and some work exceptionally long hours. Kurtis let you go about your day without worrying about creases or wardrobe malfunctions. The flexibility and comfortability of ladies Kurtis are unquestionable.

There’s more! The mix-and-match idea allows for a lot of creativity. All you need for a productive day is a comfortable Kurti and a pair of stretchy leggings!

Moreover, the latest designs Kurtis gives you more amazing looks with its vibrant color and eye-catchy designs.

What are the Types of Women’s Kurtis?

There are a lot of designs and types of women’s Kurtis available in the present market. It’s great to know have an idea of different types of Kurta or Kurtis for Women. 

Look at the below section and get acknowledged the types of Kurtis for ladies.

  • Mandarin Collar Cotton Kurti
  • Tail Cut Geometric Kurti
  • Collar Neck Kurta with Pocket
  • Floral Print Kurta with Bell Sleeves
  • Floor Length Halter Neck Casual Kurti
  • Plus Size Kurti Design
  • Angrakha A-Line Kurti
  • Boat Neck Anarkali Kurti For Women
  • Sleeveless Printed Kurti
  • Office Wear Kurti With Slits
  • Readymade Embroidered Kurti For Women
  • Dailywear Checks Kurti
  • Partywear Short Kurti
  • Pink Layered Kurta Design
  • Printed Kaftan Style Kurti Design
  • Embroidered Maroon Kurti
  • Georgette Embroidery Work Kurti
  • Frock Style Kurta Design
  • Pakistani Designer Cotton Kurti

The above-mentioned types of Kurta or Kurtis for Women are now popular. The price may vary based on the designs and the styles.

What are the Features of Kurtis for Women?

You may know the insights of the Kurtis before making your purchase. Depending on your choice and what you are exactly comfortable with, you should choose the right type of ladies Kurtis.

Take a look at the attributes of the Kurtis for women to finish your purchase journey with satisfaction and reliability.

  • Kurtis is upper garments that can be purchased separately or with a dupatta.
  • They come in a variety of cuts, including straight, Anarkali, A-line, and Asymmetric.
  • Kurtis is made from a variety of fabrics, including cotton, khadi, linen, rayon, georgette, and even lace.
  • Depending on the brand, quality, and design, these garments range in price from a few hundred to tens of thousands (Taka).
  • Everybody type can find a sleeve and collar option that suits them. You can also choose between a simple or ornate item depending on the occasion.
  • New trends in Kurtis include embroidery, layered design, patchwork, patterns, and more. The sky is the limit when it comes to the amount of inventiveness used in the creation of these clothes.

Do You Know What to Wear with Kurtis?

Leggings, jeggings, skirts, palazzos, salwar, Patiala, culottes, and even denim can be worn with Kurtis. By experimenting with various bottoms, you can wear a Kurti in a variety of ways. 

Before you choose a style, keep in mind the length of the Kurti, the shape, and your body type!

Moving on to Dupattas, the majority of Kurtis may be worn without one! Instead of a traditional Chunari, a simple stole or even a scarf can be used to cover your neck while remaining fashionable.

Most Popular and Latest Designs of Kurtis for Women

In Bangladesh, you will get more or less all types of ladies Kurta or Kurtis. So it’s now a big deal right now to have an Indian or Pakistani or Mandarin style Kurtis for women.

No need to panic about the size, color, and quality. You’ll get the following Kurta or Kurtis in every size, color, and design including printed, embroidered, etc. 

Here, the five best printed and embroidered Kurtis for women are enlisted with details and prices in Bangladesh.

Anarkali Gown Kurti Pant Set

Anarkali style kurti dress

Click for More Info

Product Info

  • Dress name: Nilanjona (2 pieces)
  • Fabric: Cotton and butterfly
  • Body size: L,XL,XXL (36-46)
  • Long: D-42,P-40
  • Work: Screenprint high Quality work and flowers work

Women Butterfly Design Kurti

Kurtis for women in bd

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Product Info

  • Brand: ShadaMon Shop
  • Product Type: Kurti
  • Product Size: Free Size
  • Long: 42 Inches
  • Body: 40 Inches
  • Gender: Women
  • Colour: Same as Picture
  • Designed according to the latest patterns

Readymade Round Stylish Fashionable Hot Kurti 

Kurti dresses for women

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Product Info

  • Brand: ShadaMon Shop
  • Product Type: Kamiz Kurti
  • Material: Linen
  • Dress Code: DT-30
  • Body Adjustable: 34/36/38/40 Inches
  • Long: 42 Inches
  • Colour: Same as Picture
  • Product Size: Free Size, Adjustable
  • Occasion: Casual, Party & Festive
  • Designed according to the latest patterns

Gown Long Kurti For Stylish Women

Kurtis for women in bd

Click for More Info

Product Info

  • Product Type: 1Piece Long Kurti
  • Color: Same As pic
  • Main Material: Linen, Sleeve.Long
  • Body Size 36-44 Ani Body Use
  • Kamij Long 50+
  • It is made of high-quality materials, durable enough for your daily wearing
  • Stylish and fashionable design make you more attractive
  • Great for Party, Daily, and casual use
  • Lightweight

Readymade Stylish Hot Kurti

Latest kurti design for ladies

Click for More Info

Product Info

  • Brand: ShadaMon Shop
  • Product Type: Kurti
  • Material: Cotton Linen
  • Long: 42 Inches
  • Body: 40 Inches
  • Gender: Women
  • Colour: Same as Picture
  • Designed according to the latest patterns

Wrapping Up

In 2022, the designs of Kurtis for women are upgraded. Now you can get the unique and amazing designs Kurta or Kurti for ladies including standard and plus sizes online at the best price.

Check out the price of Kurtis for women in Bangladesh in 2022. Different women’s fashion brands are present which offer specific designs of Kurtis.

However, Kurtis is the trendy ladies’ fashion and three pieces dresses are almost replaced by it. Choose the right online shop and purchase the right type of Kurtis that matches your desired budget and demand.

You can also check: Modern and comfortable summer dresses for girls and unique designs and types of salwar kameez which are available for every size at the best price in Bangladesh.