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Different Types of Dog Food for Puppy & Adult Dogs

Dogs are not strictly carnivores like cats. Domestic dogs can obtain nutrition from cereals, fruits, and vegetables in addition to the meat that makes up the majority of their diet. These vegetarian and vegan foods can be valuable sources of fiber, vitamins, and minerals and serve as fillers. 

Meat, fruits, grains, and vegetables make up good dog food. High-quality variations of these components suitable for your dog’s digestive system can be found in the best dog foods.

Types of Dog Food

Best Dog Food for Puppy, & Adult Dogs

Dogs require a variety of nutrients in various amounts throughout their lifespan. It is a good idea to feed your young dog “puppy food formula” or an “all life stages” meal because a puppy’s nutritional needs differ from those of an adult dog.

Dog Food Bones for Dog and Puppy

Bones for puppy and adult dogs

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Best Dry Dog Food

For Puppy

Smart Heart Puppy Dog Food Beef & Milk

Dry dog food for puppy

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For Junior Dogs (Large Breed)

Klybeck Caviara FreshCut Dry Food With Poultry Chicken Flavor

Junior dog dry food online

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For Adult Dogs

Pedigree Adult Dry Dog Food, Chicken & Vegetables

Pedigree dry food for adult dog

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Best Wet Dog Food

For Puppy

Pedigree Puppy Wet Dog Food- Chicken Chunks in Gravy

Pedigree wet dog food for puppy

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For Adult Dogs

Smart Heart Adult Dog Wet Food Beef & Liver

Smart heart wet dog food canned for adult

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Now, you can buy all pet food and accessories at Daraz-online grocery shop in Bangladesh at the best price. 

Baby food price in bd

Essential Baby Food Items for Proper Growth

For the first 1,000 days, all babies require an abundance of nutrients to support good growth. Up to age one year, breast milk or formula remains the most essential source of nutrition, but starting at six months, you can start introducing additional nourishing meals to assist their growth.

In this article, we’ll enlist some baby food items which are available in Daraz Mart. Now you can buy essential snacks for toddlers and babies online at the best price in Bangladesh.

From Birth to 6 Months Baby

NAN OPTI PRO-1 Infant Formula Baby Milk Powder

Infant food formula

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From 6 to 12 Months Baby

NAN OPTI PRO-2 Follow-up Formula Baby Milk Powder

Best baby food milk powder

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From 12 to 24 Months Baby

LACTOGEN 3 Infant Formula Baby Milk Powder

Nutrient for baby price online

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From 3 to 5 Years Baby

NIDO 3+ Growing Up Milk Powder

Best snacks for 3 years baby

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For 5 Years Plus Baby

CEREGROW Junior Cereal- Milk, Multigrain & 5 Fruits

Junior growth food item price in bd

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However, go to Daraz Mart-online grocery shop and check out baby essentials at the best price in 2022. You can go through also the best skincare products for babies and kids in Bangladesh.

Best healthy snacks online

Healthy Low Calories Snacks for Weight Loss

There are numerous snacks that advertise themselves as being healthy yet are anything but. However, there are some healthy, low-calorie options that will appeal to every taste if you’re attempting to lose weight but still want to nibble throughout the day.

In this article, we will list the healthy snacks that can help you lose weight. You’ll get all snack items in the Daraz Mart-online grocery shop at the best price in Bangladesh.

Healthy Snacks for Better Health

According to research, snacking can aid in weight loss, especially if the snacks are high in protein and fiber and low in calories. Regular snacking can help us control our appetite and eat fewer portions at meals.

Mixed Dry Fruits & Nuts

Healthy snack items price in bd

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Freshness Premium Plain Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate for good health

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Almond Nut – Kath Badam

Kath badam for healthy diet

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Virginia Green Garden German White Oats

White oats for healthy diet

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Victoria Boiled Chick Peas

Chickpeas for healthy snack

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Instant Soup Cream of Thai Tom Yum

Snack for good health

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Naturo Assorted Fruit Bars

Fruit bar price in bd

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Naghal dates – 1kg Saudi Arabia

Good quality dry dates price in bd

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Best’S Whole Mushroom 425gm Malaysia

Healthy snack price online

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Crown Popcorn Fun Pop Butter Matequilla

Popcorn price in bd

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Shop groceries online at the best price from Daraz Mart and get same-day delivery all over Bangladesh.

Groceries for pooja

Essential Grocery Items for Pooja Festival

Now it’s time to prepare for the upcoming Durga Pooja festival, isn’t it? Do you have a list of the groceries for this pooja? Of course, it’s apparent. But did you know that you can create a virtual shopping list and find the greatest deals on your necessary groceries online?

Yes, Daraz Mart is Bangladesh’s largest online grocery store, offering all kinds of grocery products. Browse Daraz Mart and select the necessary groceries by clicking “Add to Cart.” Your grocery list will therefore be displayed on the Cart.

Buy grocery online in bd

Same Day Delivery (Place Order from 12 AM to 11 AM)

When purchasing from the Daraz Mart online grocery shop, you may collect coupons, get the best prices on goods, take advantage of free shipping, and get discounts and cashback offers. Additionally, same-day delivery is available nationwide in Bangladesh, which is more convenient for customers. Look over the necessary supplies for this Durga puja festival.


Agarbati for pooja price in bd

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Damar Batu(Dhup)

Puja dhoop price in bd

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10 Must Have Brass (Pitol) Items for Pooja Rituals

Basic Grocery Items You Need:

Daraz Mart offers all cooking ingredients at the best price.

Care Your Baby During This Pooja Festival

Baby diapers pampers price in bd

Baby food items online price in bd

Air Fresheners

Like you need to use fragrance to keep you fresh and confident, your house also requires air care. In this case, you can check the best air fresheners on Daraz Mart.

Cleaning Essentials

It’s essential to keep your house clean during the pooja festival. So check the household cleaners on Daraz Mart.


Dishwashing products are essential as it’s being used every day. But during the pooja festival, you may require more of it. So it’s considerable that you include this item on your grocery shopping list.

Don’t Forget to List Down the Snacks

Noodles and snacks items online

Fast online grocery delivery

Shop Groceries from Daraz Mart & Get Same Day Delivery

Online grocery shopping saves both time and money, doesn’t it? Let’s explore.

For instance, you are busy with your job and other activities so you can’t manage the time to go to the local market to buy your regular essentials. In this case, online grocery shopping is the best option for you. Just go to the Daraz App (why choose Daraz Mart) and place an order (how to order from Daraz Mart) for whatever groceries you need within a few minutes.

On the other hand, if you buy grocery items from an online grocery shop, you can avail yourself of amazing grocery deals, offers, and discounts. Moreover, now it’s just a matter of time to get your ordered groceries delivered to your doorstep.

Online grocery shop in bd

Place Order on Daraz Mart to Experience the Fastest Delivery

You know Daraz Mart is the biggest online grocery shop in Bangladesh where all types of groceries including cooking essentials, confectionery items, hygiene products, beauty products, etc. are available.

Order between 12 AM & 11 AM to get same-day delivery. If you order after 11 AM, you’ll get next-day delivery.

Grab the Best Deals on Daraz Mart

  • 4% Collectible Voucher Up to 100 TK, Minimum Purchase 1000 TK

  • BOGO, Combo pack, and Free gifts

  • Up to 55% off on monthly grocery shopping

Get discount on grocery shopping in bd

  • Up to 38% off on bath products

Best offer on beauty products

  • Up to 36% off on insecticides

Get mosquito spray at the best price

  • Up to 39% off on hygiene products

Bthroom cleaning products price in bd

  • Up to 32% off on Baby Products

Buy baby diapers online

  • Up to 21% off on hand washes and sanitizers

Hygiene products price in bd

  • Up to 30% off on shaving products

Best brand shaving product in bd

  • Up to 48% off on pet food

Buy pet food online in bd

Check out Daraz Mart right now to buy your everyday grocery essentials and enjoy the lowest shipping fees and free shipping offers.

Most essential grocery list

Essential Groceries that Should be on Your Shopping List

Daraz Mart is a top-notch online grocery shop in Bangladesh. If you are looking for the best online shop for grocery items, undoubtedly Daraz Mart is the best choice. It offers all types of groceries which are essential in our everyday life.

Moreover, Daraz Mart provides a same-day delivery facility to the customers. Get the fastest grocery delivery sitting at your home with minimum shipping fees from Daraz Mart.

Essential Grocery Shopping List

What are the most common daily grocery items? Rice, oil, dal, atta, salt, sugar, noodles, soap, shampoo, detergents, dishwashers, tea, coffee, etc. are the most common everyday grocery essentials.

The daily essential groceries are now available at a discounted price in Daraz Mart. Buy everyday grocery products from Daraz Mart at the lowest price in Bangladesh.

Chashi Aromatic Chinigura Rice – 2Kg

Chinigura rice price in bangladeshBuy Now

Deshi Mosurer Dal-1 kg

Deshi mosur dal price in bdBuy Now

Aashirvaad Atta Multigrains – 5kg

Best quality atta price in daraz martBuy Now

Olitalia Sunflower Oil – 5 Ltr

Cooking oil price in bdBuy Now

Fresh Premium Salt – 1kg

Salt price on daraz martBuy Now

Sis Brown Sugar – 800gm

Brown sugar price in bdBuy Now

Organic Green Tea – 400gm

Green tea price on daraz martBuy Now

Marks Full Cream Milk Powder – 500gm

Milk powder price in bdBuy Now

NESTLE MAGGI 2-Minute Masala Instant Noodles 12 Pack – 744g

Noodles price in daraz martBuy Now

Varda Vite Pasta – 400gm

Pasta price on daraz martBuy Now

Concluding Words

Check out the best deals on Daraz Mart now. Enjoy amazing offers and discounts in online grocery shopping with Daraz Mart. Besides, free shipping for specific items is available on branded products. Buy grocery items from the online grocery shop to save your time and money.

How to order grocery on daraz mart

How to Order Groceries from Daraz Mart

Daraz Mart offers the best grocery deals at the most affordable price rate in Bangladesh. If you look for quality grocery items at the best price in Bangladesh and want to get the fastest delivery at your doorstep, Daraz Mart will be the finest solution for your online grocery shopping.

You can’t wait to get lots of exciting grocery deals, discount offers, and vouchers with exclusive cashback offers while shopping from Daraz Mart – the biggest online grocery shop in Bangladesh.

Now let’s know how to order grocery items from Daraz Mart!

How to Order from Daraz Mart (Step by Step Guideline with Image)

Shopping at Daraz Mart is simple and straightforward. You don’t need to face any difficulty while buying any groceries from Daraz Mart. Let’s take a look at how to order from Daraz Mart.

Step 1 – At first, install the Daraz App (Both Android & iOS versions available).

Install daraz app bd

Step 2 – After finishing the installation process, open the Daraz App and click on the “Mart” option.

how to order from daraz mart

Step 3 – Use the “Search Bar” to find your desired product or click “See All” to browse all categories.

how to shop from daraz martDaraz mart categories

Step 4 – Choose the items you need & click the “Add to Cart” option. Your selected products will be added to the Cart.

add your item on daraz mart

Step 5 – Go to your Cart, select the products & click the “Check Out” Option.

Check out the groceries on daraz mart

Step 6 – Finally click the “Proceed to Pay” option to confirm your order.

Payment option of daraz mart


Daraz Mart is a reliable and popular online grocery shop in Bangladesh. All grocery items are available on this online grocery shopping platform.

So it’s essential to know how to order from Daraz Mart. In this article, we put down a complete guideline on how to order from Daraz Mart. Grab the best offers on grocery items on Daraz Mart now.

Best online grocery shop in bd

Why Choose Daraz Mart for Online Grocery Shopping in BD?

Daraz Mart is the biggest and best online grocery shop in Bangladesh. It’s getting popular day by day as Daraz Mart comes with significant advantages for the consumers in Bangladesh. Now you can order grocery items online at the best price and get same-day delivery with the minimum shipping charge.

Why is Daraz Mart the Best Online Grocery Shop in Bangladesh?

Several online grocery shops are available in Bangladesh. But why should you choose Daraz Mart for online grocery shopping? Daraz Mart is the best choice for online customers in Bangladesh because this online grocery shop offers the best grocery deals at the best price with same-day delivery.

Best grocery deals on daraz mart

In addition, Daraz Mart offers vouchers, coupons, cashback, discounts, and free shipping. Let’s look at the below points, why Daraz Mart is the best online platform for grocery shopping in Bangladesh.

  • A vast collection of grocery items

  • Same-day delivery (Order from 12 AM to 11 AM)

  • Free shipping (Specific Item)

Best bogo offer in daraz mart

  • Only 15 TK shipping charge (Specific Item)

  • Exciting combo offers

  • Up to 55% off on monthly grocery Bazar

Online grocery shopping in bd

  • Exclusive discounts on the best brands

Water filter price in bd

  • Fastest grocery delivery all over Bangladesh

  • Minimum delivery charges

Final Words

Online grocery shopping is trendy nowadays in Bangladesh. You’ll get more exciting offers and deals while buying regular groceries from an online grocery shop.

Daraz Mart ensures the best service by offering the best grocery deals at the best price, fast delivery, and minimum delivery charges.

Best online grocery shop in bd

Daraz Mart- Convenient Way of Online Grocery Shopping

Online shopping is a trend nowadays but you may still go to the local market for purchasing grocery items. Online grocery shopping makes it easier and trouble-free. If you order your regular essentials from an online marketplace and get your grocery items delivered to your doorstep within a few minutes, how will it be?

Daraz has introduced Daraz Mart which is the biggest and best online grocery shop in Bangladesh. Whatever the daily groceries you need including cooking essentials, hygiene products, beauty products, confectionery items, and so on, Daraz Mart is the best choice. Also, Daraz Mart offers same-day delivery to make customers’ life even more convenient.

Same Day Delivery (Place Order from 12 AM to 11 AM)

Moreover, you can get different offers including coupons, vouchers, cashback, discounts, and free shipping while purchasing from Daraz Mart.

4% Collectible Voucher Up to 100 TK, Minimum Purchase 1000 TK.

Best Deals on Daraz Mart

  • Up to 50% off on Groceries
  • Up to 58% off on Health & Beauty Products
  • Up to 32% off on Mother & Baby Items

Baby diapers price in bd

BOGO Offers on Daraz Mart

  • Dekko Pasta Big 200 gm (Buy 2 Get 1 Free)- Grab Now
  • Godrej No.1 Soap Lime 75G (Buy 4 Get 1 Free)- Grab Now
  • GoodKnight Power Activ+ Liquid Vaporizer Refill 45Ml Buy 2 Get 1 Godrej No. 1 Soap75gm free- Grab Now
  • Kishwan Chicken Noodles 150 gm ( Buy 4 Get 1 FREE)- Grab Now
  • Parachute SkinPure Beauty Olive Oil 200ml (Buy 1 Get 1 FREE)- Grab Now

Key Categories of Grocery Items Available on Daraz Mart

The biggest online grocery shop offers the best deals on grocery items. Let’s explore the key categories of the grocery products of Daraz Mart.

  • Rice, Spices & Oils
  • Detergent & Dishwash
  • Baby Diaper
  • Tea, Coffee & Soft Drinks
  • Soap & Shampoos

What are the Amazing Deals on Daraz Mart?

Daraz Mart comes with a lot of exciting offers for the customers. Take a look at the below deals and grab them before running out of time. Go to Daraz Mart to enjoy all the exciting offers.

  • Free Shipping Deals, BOGO, and Exclusive Discounts on Best Brands
    • Wheel, Lux and Other Unilever brands (Min. Order TK 599)
    • Parachute, Studio X, and Other Marico Brands (Min. Order TK 599)

Best offer on marico product in daraz mart

  • Beverage Items-Up to 28% Off
  • 5% Collectible Voucher
  • 5 Litre Soyabean Oil TK 920 Only (TK 15 Flat Shipping Fee)

Soyabean oil offer price in daraz mart

  • Up to 37% Off on Coffee & Tea
  • Mosquito Repellent Spray – Up to 36% Off

Aerosol price in daraz mart bd

  • Fragrances-Up to 32% Off

Daraz Mart-Shipping Fees

A variety of grocery items are available in Daraz Mart. So it’s just a matter of time to get your desired product. Place an order from Daraz Mart and receive it while getting knocked at your door by the delivery man with the minimum shipping charge.

  • 15 TK Flat Shipping Fee (For Specific Item)
  • 15TK Delivery- 15 Items and 1500 TK Order
  • 30TK Delivery- 5 items and 500 TK Order

Finishing Line

Daraz Mart is the best online grocery shop in Bangladesh. The grocery items that you require in your regular life are now available at Daraz Mart at the lowest price.

Most essential grocery items under 100 tk in bd

Essential Grocery Items Under 100 TK on Daraz Mart

Grocery items that are essential in our everyday life are now available on Daraz Mart. Now you can get the most useful groceries under 100 TK in Bangladesh. Online grocery shopping is now easier and more convenient in 2022.

Identify your needs today and find out the best deals online. Daraz Mart comes with 100 Taka deals. Besides, you’ll get all groceries items at the best price in this best online grocery shop in Bangladesh.

In this blog, some essential grocery items are listed. Place your order and get the fastest home delivery from Daraz Mart.

Grocery item under 100 tk in daraz mart

List of Some Most Used Groceries Under 100TK

  • Handwashes
  • Dishwash (Liquid, Powder)
  • Hand Towel Tissue
  • Refined Sugar
  • Cleaner for Floor, Basin & Tiles
  • Tea & Coffee
  • Salt
  • Mosquito Repellent
  • Colgate Herbal Toothpaste 100gm
  • Detergent Powder

Dettol Handwash 200ml

Dettol handwash under 100 tkBuy Now

Rok Dishwash Liquid 500ml

Rok dishwash liquid under 100 tkBuy Now

Planet Hand Towel Tissue 250 Sheet Box

hand towel tissue under 100 tk in bdBuy Now

Fresh Refined Sugar

Sugar price 1kg in bdBuy Now

Harpic Cleaner Powder for Floor, Basin & Tiles

Cleaner for floor, tiles under 100 tkBuy Now

Pure Green Tea (50 Tea Bags)

Green tea under 100 tk in bdBuy Now

Fresh Premium Salt

Fresh salt price in bdBuy Now

GoodKnight Power Active+ Liquid Vaporizer Refill

Goodknight power active with refill pack under 100 tk in bdBuy Now

Colgate Herbal Toothpaste 100gm

Colgate toothpaste price in bdBuy Now

Ariel Complete Detergent Washing Powder -500gm

Washing powder under 100 tk in bdBuy Now

Concluding Words

Instead of buying groceries from the physical market, online grocery shopping is more popular nowadays. Because you can be availed yourself of combo packs, offers, discounts, and cashback offers while shopping from the online shop. In addition, the deals under 100 Taka come with a great benefit for the online customers in Bangladesh.