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There’s no doubt, Daraz has passed a successful 11.11 sale during last year. But you may have missed several interesting facts which can divert you into huge kind of online shopping fantasy indeed. So, which eleven eleven topics are yet to fuel you for this years biggest singles day sale of Bangladesh, to know that be attached with Daraz Online Shopping.

11.11 sale of daraz.com.bd

Small Glimpse of Daraz 11.11 sale

1. Largest Online Shopping Day

Did You Know that 11.11 is the largest shopping day in the world? And for your kind concern, Daraz is one of the biggest parts of it as well. So, note that 11.11 is that major online campaign which is mothered simultaneously all over the world.

2. Bigger than Other Shopping Days

Only if you don’t know statistics shows that 11.11 sale is Nearly four times the size of America’s biggest shopping days and even can beat Black Friday as well as Cyber Monday with blink of the eyes.

3. Introducing Bachelor Day

Actually, 11.11 is the very first online Singles Day Sale of the World. But do you know this singles day is considered as World Bachelor Day nowadays!

4. Record Breaking Revenue

You may be astonished to know that In 2018 Alibaba set new Singles Day record with more than $30.8 billion in sales within 24 hours only.

5. Huge Income Ratio

In 2018, Alibaba was able to hit about 30.7 Billion sale during 11.11 shopping carnival. If you convert this number into BDT, the figure will be 2,595,834,816,000 Taka indeed!

6. Huge Sale of Daraz

Did you know about another interesting Daraz 11.11 fact of last year? During that time period, the numeric figure of total selling price was 450,000,000 Taka.

7. Large Scale Selling Products

As you don’t know can keep the note that the total amount of Daraz 11.11 selling products were in number 290,000 during 2018.

8. Largest Selling Individual Product

Want to be surprised with other facts? Pocophone was the only smartphone which was sold in amount of more than BDT 6 crore within 30 minutes only.

9. Most Hyped 11 Taka Deal

Can you recall Daraz 11.11 memory of 2018? One of the happy moments of that biggest sale day will remind you as Mobile, TV, Refrigerator and other products were affordable on 11 taka only!

10. Biggest Amount of Top Selling Products

Did you know which was the top product selling brand of last year 11.11 sale? During last year 11.11 campaign, Shaver Shop was the brand that sold the topmost 20,000 trimmers seriously.

And do you know the order amount as of time in 11.11 sale 2018? The surprising true fact indicates within the very first hour, sharp 20,310 orders were placed on that 11th november.

11. Participating Countries

One final quiz of 11.11 for you – Can you answer the exact quantity of total participating countries in 11.11 campaign? The immense wonder of fact linked to Daraz 11.11 Guides that countries more than olympic participants commonly join in this biggest online sales day of the year.

This significant singles day shopping pride is going to repeat itself on this 11th november again in Bangladesh! So, get ready with Daraz app and start making a balanced wishlist to grab the best of Daraz 11.11 sale campaign more than your dream.

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