Player’s Pick: Nasum’s Favorite is Daraz Spin the Wheel

Nasum Ahmed, the slow left arm orthodox bowler of Bangladesh cricket team, is a rising talent. He is one of the most promising names in the current squad. Ahmed is a skilful all-rounder who could make his mark whenever he gets the chance to don Bangladesh’s national jersey across all formats. He’s a tall bowler with a high arm trajectory who prefers to fly the ball to tempt the batsman.

Player Profile: Nasum Ahmed

Full Name: Nasum Ahmed
Born: Dec 5, 1994, Sunamganj
Age: 26y
Playing Role: Bowler
Bowling Style: Slow left arm orthodox

T20I Debut: 28 March 2021 v New Zealand
Matches: 14
Wickets: 18
Economy Rate: 6.22
Bowling average: 15.55
Best bowling: 4/10

Online shopping has been more popular in recent years, and Nasum Ahmed prefers Daraz Bangladesh. He is not entirely wrong. Daraz is Bangladesh’s largest online shopping mall, offering customers the most diverse product variety. Moreover, Daraz is the most trusted online shopping platform in Bangladesh, thanks to its faster home delivery and excellent customer service.

Nasum Ahmed says, “Do you think only I can spin? You can spin too and win a thousand of gifts by taking part in Daraz Spin the Wheel. See you on 11th November at World’s biggest sale day 11.11. Download the Daraz app now.”

খালি কি আমিই স্পিন করতে পারি নাকি? আপনিও চাইলে দারাজ স্পিন দ্য হুইলে অংশ নিয়ে জিতে নিতে পারেন হাজারো গিফট। দেখা হবে দারাজ অ্যাপে ১১ই নভেম্বর, বিশ্বের সবচেয়ে বড় সেল ডে ১১.১১ এ। এখুনি ডাউনলোড করুন দারাজ অ্যাপ।
– নাসুম আহমেদ

Daraz is the most popular shopping app in Bangladesh. The new Daraz app, which is powered by AI, could be your most dependable online shopping companion. Spin the wheel is one of Daraz app’s thrilling events that ensures its customers the finest deal and entertainment. By spinning the wheel, lucky buyers can enjoy incredible free offers. You can check bangladesh t20 world cup schedule to enjoy cricket comfortably. You can buy Bangladesh cricket jersey from daraz online shop.

The country’s largest-selling campaign, the Daraz 11.11 sale, will begin soon. Set an alarm on November 11th to get fantastic deals on your favorite items. Download the Daraz app today to take advantage of free shipping, endless discount vouchers, and an instant cashback offer, among other benefits.

how to use dcoins

How to Use dCoins in Daraz? Find the Updated dCoins Use Modality (2021)

Great news to all the online shoppers out there. Daraz Bangladesh is launching a coin-based loyalty and reward program ‘dCoins’ to its customers. dCoins is an exciting program that lets Daraz users avail discounts on the go. Anyone can get discounts with this loyalty and reward program.

What Is dCoins?

dCoins is a coin-based loyalty and reward program launched by daraz online shop. Users can earn coins easily by performing easy & simple missions of the dCoins program. After that, they can avail discounts at the time of payment. It’s a simple way to grab some exciting discounts.

Doing Simple Missions -> Earning Coins -> Getting Discount At the Time of Payment

Who Can Earn Coins?

The Daraz dCoins program allows anyone to earn coins. You can earn coins by just visiting the Daraz app on a regular basis, whether you are an old or new Daraz app user. Any online shopper with a little effort can quickly get the opportunity to win some fantastic facilities.

How Can You Earn Coins?

dCoins service is introduced by Daraz to provide more features to Daraz app users. You can get discounts at the time of payment from the Daraz App by collecting coins. You can collect coins in these 3 ways and get discounts.

1. Daily Check-in:

Through the Daily Check-in module of dCoins, you can earn a certain number of coins by visiting the dcoins page of Daraz app and clicking the button “Claim” every day of the week. With the coins you’ve collected, you’ll be able to get discounts afterward.

2. Daily Missions:

By completing various daily missions in the Daraz App, you can collect a certain number of coins. Collected dCoins can be exchanged with discounts at the time of payment in the future.

3. Purchases:

Daraz customers have the facility to collect dCoins while purchasing goods and services and then avail discounts with the dCoins at the time of payment.

How Do You Use Coins To Shop Online?

By completing the dCoins missions, daily check in and purchase in the Daraz app, you can collect coins. Using these collected coins to get discounts allows you to shop online in a more convenient manner. It is safe to state that dCoins will bring a fantastic online shopping experience for the customers. This loyalty and reward program is subject to detailed terms and conditions provided by Daraz Bangladesh which the customers are encouraged to read and understand prior to participation.

dCoins allows shoppers to conveniently avail offers for experiencing the greatest online shopping. Now, the best online shopping in Bangladesh will be at its best- thanks to Daraz dCoins. Enjoy!

>>How to Enjoy Vouchers from dCoins?<<

Player’s Pick: Shoriful Likes Daraz App’s Simplicity Most

Shoriful Islam, the left arm fast bowler of Bangladesh cricket team, is a rising talent. He is one of the most promising names in the current squad. Shoriful became an overnight sensation after he led Bangladesh to the 2020 U19 World Cup victory. He got nine wickets, but his aggression and pace against South Africa, New Zealand, and India stood out.

Player Profile: Shoriful Islam

shoriful islam cricketer
Full Name: Mohammad Shoriful Islam
Born: June 03, 2001, Panchagarh
Age: 20y
Playing Role: Bowler
Bowling Style: Left arm medium fast

T20I Debut: 28 March 2021 v New Zealand
Matches: 11
Wickets: 17
Economy Rate: 7.97
Bowling average: 17.35
Best bowling: 3/33

Shoriful Islam favors Daraz Bangladesh as his preferred online shopping platform. And he’s not alone. Daraz is Bangladesh’s largest online purchasing platform, with a huge product selection across all categories. Daraz has become Bangladesh’s most trusted online shopping destination, thanks to its fast home delivery and excellent customer service. You can buy bangladesh cricket jersey from daraz online shop.


Shoriful Islam says, “The game is not as easy as it seems, but everything is easy and fast in Daraz App. Just one click for download, one-click shopping. See you on 11th November at World’s biggest sale day 11.11. Download the Daraz app now.”

“খেলাটা কিন্তু যত সহজ মনে হয়ে ততটা সহজ না, কিন্তু দারাজের কিন্ত সবই সহজ ও দ্রুত। এক ক্লিকেই ডাউনলোড এক ক্লিকেই শপিং। শুরু হচ্ছে বিশ্বের সবচেয়ে বড় অনলাইন সেল ইলেভেন ইলেভেন ১১ই নভেম্বর, এক্ষুনি ডাউনলোড করুন দারাজ অ্যাপ।”
– শরিফুল ইসলাম

Daraz is Bangladesh’s top shopping app. The new Daraz app, driven by AI, can be your most reliable online shopping companion. With the new Daraz app, you can customize product recommendations. Simultaneously, you can add things to your wish list for later purchase. Shopping on the Daraz app has also gotten easier and safer. You can buy  check bangladesh t20 world cup fixtures to enjoy cricket comfortably. 

Daraz 11.11 sale, the country’s largest sale campaign, will soon begin. Set an alarm on November 11th to buy your favorite goods at a great discount. Download the Daraz app today to enjoy free delivery, limitless discount vouchers, quick cashback offer, and so on.

Player’s Pick: Sohan Is Excited for 11-Taka Deal

Nurul Hasan, a right-handed wicketkeeper batsman, was born in Khulna. In 2010, he was a member of the Under-19 World Cup team which won the Plate championship 2010. In October of the following year, he made his Dhaka division debut. When it comes to domestic competition, he’s a well-regarded player. You can check fixtures of bangladesh t20 world cup to enjoy cricket comfortably.

Player Profile: Nurul Hasan Sohan

Nurul Hasan profile and biography, stats, records, averages, photos and videos

Full Name: Quazi Nurul Hasan
Born: November 21, 1993, Khulna
Age: 27y
Playing Role: Wicketkeeper batter
Batting Style: Right-hand bat

T20I Debut: 15 January 2016 v Zimbabwe
Matches: 22
Runs: 173
Averages: 14.41
Top score: 30*

Sohan prefers Daraz Bangladesh for online shopping. Daraz is Bangladesh’s largest online shopping mall, with the widest product selection. It is also Bangladesh’s most trusted online shopping site, with speedy home delivery and outstanding customer care.


Sohan Hasan says, “Do you know there is no team without 11 players? Also, there is no 11.11 sale day without an 11-taka deal! See you on 11th November at World’s biggest sale day 11.11. Download the Daraz app now.”

১১ জন প্লেয়ার ছাড়া যেমন টিম হয়না, ১১ টাকা ডিল ছাড়াও ১১.১১ সেল ডে হয় না! শুরু হচ্ছে বিশ্বের সবচেয়ে বড় অনলাইন সেল ইলেভেন ইলেভেন, দেখা হবে ১১ই নভেম্বর দারাজ অ্যাপে।
– সোহান

Daraz is Bangladesh’s most popular shopping app. The new AI-powered Daraz app could be your most trusted online shopping companion. One of the greatest attractions of the Daraz 11.11 sale is the 11-taka deal. Customers can grab unbelievable deals like smartphones, electronic gadgets, and many other products only at 11 taka. Therefore, the 11-taka deal is one of the best attractions for Bangladeshi online shoppers.

The country’s largest-selling campaign, the Daraz 11.11 sale, will begin soon. Set an alarm on November 11th to get fantastic deals on your favorite items. Download the Daraz app today to take an advantage of free shipping, endless discount vouchers, and an instant cashback offer, among other benefits. You can also buy Bangladesh cricket team jersey from daraz online shop to enjoy cricket fully.

Player’s Pick: Daraz Free Shipping is Mushfiq’s favorite

Mushfiqur Rahim, the wicketkeeper and former captain of the Bangladesh cricket team, is a reliable quality batsman. He is one of the most trusted names in the squad. The right-handed batsman has helped Bangladesh win several international cricket matches. He has been named ‘Man of the Series’ five times, second-highest in Bangladesh cricket. You can check bangladesh t20 world cup fixtures to enjoy cricket more comfortably.

Player Profile: Mushfiqur Rahim

mushfiqur rahim BD cricketer

Full Name: Mohammad Mushfiqur Rahim
Born: May 09, 1987, Bogra
Age: 34y
Playing Role: Batsman
Batting Style: Right hand bat

T20I Debut: 28 November 2006 v Zimbabwe
Matches: 91
Runs: 1,321
Averages: 19.71
100s/50s: 0/5
Top score: 72*

As nowadays buying online is something imminent, Mushfiqur Rahim prefers Daraz Bangladesh as his most preferable online shopping platform. And he is not entirely incorrect. Daraz is the largest online shop in Bangladesh, offering the widest range of products across all categories to customers. Daraz has established itself as the most dependable online purchasing platform in Bangladesh, thanks to its speedy home delivery across the country and high-quality customer support service.

Mushfiqur Rahim Win GIF by GifGari

Mushfiqur Rahim says, “Missing a catch as a wicketkeeper? A big no! Missing Free shipping a Daraz customer? Is a big no too! The world’s largest online sale 11.11 is launching on 11th Nov. Download the Daraz App now.”

“উইকেট কিপিং-এ ক্যাচ মিস হলে কি মানায়? তেমনি দারাজ কাস্টমার হয়ে ফ্রি শিপিং মিস করাও কিন্তু মানায় না। বিশ্বের সবচেয়ে বড় মেলা এখন বাংলাদেশে, ১১ই নভেম্বর দেখা হবে দারাজ অ্যাপে।”
– মুশফিকুর রহিম

Daraz is also the best shopping app in Bangladesh. The new Daraz app, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), can be your most trustworthy online shopping buddy. The new Daraz app will recommend products based on your preferences. At the same time, you can effortlessly add items to your wish list for later purchasing. Furthermore, shopping via the Daraz app has become simpler and more secure. You can buy Bangladesh cricket team jersey from daraz online shop.

Daraz 11.11 sale, the country’s largest sale campaign, will soon begin. Set an alarm on November 11th to buy your favorite goods at a great discount. Download the Daraz app today to enjoy free delivery, limitless discount vouchers, quick cashback offer and so on.

Player’s Picks: Soumya prefers the Huge Discounts from Daraz!

Soumya Sarkar is one of the most flamboyant batsmen in Bangladesh Cricket. Reminiscent of another stylish left-handed batsman, Sourav Ganguly, Soumya Sarkar impressed us in his early days, opening the innings with Tamim Iqbal. He lends his expert hitting power and also his newfound medium pace to the World Cup T20 squad this year. Bangladesh’s matches in the group stage and beyond will depend on how Soumya Sarkar and other strikers are performing. Let’s look at the flashy master blaster a little more closely.

Player Profile: Soumya Sarkar

                 Soumya Sarkar Profile - Cricket Player,Bangladesh|Soumya Sarkar Stats, Ranking, Records inCricket -NDTV Sports

Name: Soumya Sarkar

Born: 25 February, 1993

Playing Role: Batting All-Rounder

Batting Style: Left-Handed

Bowling Style: Right-Arm Medium Fast

T20 Career

Matches: 62

Runs: 1109

Wickets: 9

Best Batting Performance: 68

Best Bowling Performance: 2/19

50/100: 5/0

Soumya Sarkar is a fearless, blaster of the cricket ball. If bowlers bowl short he’ll hit you on the up, if you bowl at his feet he’ll come down the wicket and hit you. Whatever the delivery, he’ll deliver you a huge six into the stands. His shots are always big. Just like the discounts at Daraz brings on their products! You can get the best discounts on Daraz. A large group of categories to choose from along with a constant stream of promo codes and offers. Soumya appreciates the huge offers that Daraz gives. 

Soumya Sarkar Says, “As an opening batsman, if I can hit huge sixers in the field, you can also get huge discounts on various vouchers just by opening the Daraz App. download Daraz App and keep an eye on the 11.11 campaign.”

“আমি ওপেনিং ব্যাটসম্যান হিসেবে মাঠে নেমেই যেমন বিশাল চার- ছক্কা হাকাই, আপনিও দারাজ অ্যাপ ওপেন করলে পেয়ে যেতে পারেন বিভিন্ন ভাউচারে বিশাল ডিস্কাউন্ট। শুরু হচ্ছে বিশ্বের সবচেয়ে বড় অনলাইন সেল ইলেভেন ইলেভেন ১১ই নভেম্বর, এক্ষুনি download করুন Daraz App”

Daraz now brings smart shopping to you with an Artificial Intelligence assisted shopping where Daraz remembers your shopping preferences. You have a customized experience in your shopping tailored to your needs. Another great component of the Daraz Shopping Experience are the special deals. Daraz brings a ton of promo codes, deals, contests, and of course special sales on special occasions. You can get huge discounts just like Soumya’s huge sixes. Like Soumya’s shots, you can get your essential products from a huge variety with great prices from Daraz. If you fancy, then get the jerseys and clothing of the Bangladesh cricket team at Daraz.

The 11.11 sale is coming to fill all of your shopping needs! Daraz is bringing the best products at unbelievable prices. So, get your shopping bags ready for the biggest one day sale of the year. As we cheer on our tigers on the field, let’s get into a mood of celebration with the Daraz 11.11 shopping bonanza!

Player’s Pick: Liton Likes Daraz’s Huge Product Collection

Liton Das is one of the brightest prospects playing in the Bangladesh Cricket Team. He has grown in recent times as a dependable wicket keeper batsman. He has opened the innings before and now occupies the important position of #3 & #4. In his role, he has been making runs on a consistent basis. He has the highest One Day International individual score currently and has made a large number of runs in this time. And, he will be one of the top-order batsman Bangladesh will depend on his classy stroke play and run scoring to perform well in this World Cup T20. Let’s look at Liton Das more closely.

Player Profile: Liton Das

Name: Liton Kumar Das

Born: 13 October, 1994

Playing Role: Wicket Keeper Batsman

Batting Style: Right Handed

Bowling Style: N/A


T20 Career

Matches: 38

Runs: 711 

Wickets: 0

Best Batting Performance: 61

50/100: 4/0

Run scoring looks easy when you see Liton Das bat. You could see Liton Das bat and you might think: “He barely even hit the ball! How did that go to the boundary?”. That is how easy he makes batting look. With stylish, easy striking and running between the wickets, he can score quick runs. He can pace his innings and start bashing whenever he wants to.

That is why he has scored so many runs within a short period of time. Like Liton, Daraz also has a huge pile of products you can choose from. 20 Crore products are in Daraz right now for you to choose from. Like the Bangladesh Cricket Jerseys and apparel, You can get a hold of huge variations of products at Daraz.  Liton’s career is on the rise and we hope he can make runs like Daraz’s wishlist. Liton praises the large product collection stock from Daraz.

Liton Das says, “If I can build a mountain of runs, you can also build a mountain of your favorite products in Daraz Wishlist. See you on 11th November at World’s biggest sale day 11.11. Download the Daraz app now.”

“আমি যেমন রানের পাহাড় গড়তে পারি, আপনিও আপনার পছন্দের প্রোডাক্টের পাহাড় গড়তে পারেন দারাজ উইশলিস্টে। দেখা হবে দারাজ অ্যাপে ১১ই নভেম্বর, বিশ্বের সবচেয়ে বড় মেলা ইলেভেন ইলেভেনে। এখনি ডাউনলোড করুন দারাজ অ্যাপ।”

Daraz’s huge product variety coupled with the Artificial Intelligence and smart data management system, helps you shop according to your preferences. Whether you want the latest Android Smartphone or a nifty blender for your mom, chances are Daraz has the product. Daraz has quickly and securely gathered a large number of products in its stock. Liton’s run scoring and Daraz’s product stock goes up like a flash! We hope Liton’s runs grow during Bangladesh’s matches in the T20 World Cup just like Daraz’s ever-growing product list.

The Annual 11.11 sale is where Daraz’s huge mountain of products will be available. At great prices with discounts and promo codes available. There will be mystery boxes, instant cashback, 1 taka deal, 11 Taka Voucher, shake shake offers and SO MUCH MORE!. Get an abundance of offers on Daraz like the abundance of runs from Liton’s Bat. Mark your calendars for the 11.11 sale and cheer on the Tigers at the World Cup T20 competitions!

daraz 11.11 sale

All You Want to Know About Daraz 11.11 Sale Campaign

Every year, Daraz Bangladesh, an Alibaba Group company, organizes the world’s largest sale, the Daraz 11.11 Sale. In this sale, Daraz provides enormous discounts to their clients. Daraz’s app and website have everything from electronics to fashion accessories and everyday things. But have you ever wondered about the name 11.11? Let’s know every fact about the world’s biggest sale of the year.

Here’s everything you need to know about Daraz 11.11 sale-

Is daraz celebrating 11.11 for the first time?

No. Daraz is celebrating 11.11 for the fourth time.

How many times daraz is celebrating 11.11 sale?

Daraz Bangladesh, an Alibaba Group concern, is hosting the Eleven Eleven (11.11) sale campaign for the fourth time this year.

How many sponsors did daraz 11 11 campaign?

Realme, Dettol (RB), Apex, Studio X (Marico), Esquire Electronics, Unilever are among many Co-Sponsors in Daraz 11.11 Campaign. Enjoy super discounts from P&G, Lotto, Bata, Dekko, TP-Link, Logitech, Transcend, and Fantech! You can save even more through Daraz Discounts offer!

What does 11.11 mean in online shopping?

With the growth of online shopping platforms in the modern era, a new shopping concept 11.11 has emerged- often known as Singles Day. While this shopping event has been established as one of the biggest, it has just lately made its way to the Bangladeshi consumer market.

What do you mean by 11.11 Sale?

Meaning in the literal sense. Singles’ Vacation. Singles’ Day (simplified Chinese: 光棍节; traditional Chinese: 光棍節) or Double 11 (Chinese: 双11), also known as Bachelors’ Day, is an unofficial Chinese holiday and shopping season that celebrates people who are singles.

Who started 11.11 Sale?

11.11 started in 1993 in China and was capitalized by e-commerce giant Alibaba. It all began in 1993 at Nanjing University in China as a singles’ festival, and who better to capitalize on such a well-intentioned event than Alibaba, the region’s largest and most successful e-commerce company.

Why is 1111 Singles Day?

Because the date 11/11 signifies four ones, or four singles standing together, Singles’ Day always falls on November 11. The name literally translates as “single sticks holiday.”

How long do 11.11 sales last?

The Daraz 11.11 shopping campaign lasts just 1 day. But you can start visiting Daraz website to get all the great discount offers and vouchers. With all the best-discounted prices, coupons, offers, and instant cashback, this day is attractively arranged with all the best deals for Bangladeshi online shoppers.

What is the biggest shopping Day in the world?

Singles Day (November 11)
Singles’ Day is an annual shopping holiday that takes place on November 11. It originated in China as a celebration of being single, and its date– 11/11, which contains four ones– symbolizes this perfectly.

What is the largest shopping Day in the world?

Singles Day. Singles Day is the world’s largest online shopping occasion, with Alibaba accounting for a large portion of the income. Singles Day sales last year topped 210 billion yuan (£23 billion, US$31 billion), double Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined.

When it comes to Daraz’s 11.11 Sale Campaign, you’ll find a ton of fantastic discounts and offers like the 11 Taka Deal, 1 Taka Game, Mystery Box, Flash Coupon, New User Coupon, Add to Cart Giveaway, and a lot more that are sure to pique your interest.

Whether you want to grab some unbelievable deals or shop your favorite products at the lowest price with 11.11 discount offer and exciting vouchers- mark November 11 in your calendar today, list your favorite products and download the new Daraz app.

Player’s Picks: Afif praises the product variety of Daraz!

Afif Hossain Dhrubo or Afif Hossain for short is the young upstart All-Rounder in the Bangladesh Cricket Team. He is one of the young guns in the World T20 squad and has been making a huge impact as a finisher, dependable lower-middle order batsman, and a sixth bowling option. He was also a vice-captain of the U-19 squad during the 2016 Asia Cup. A future all-rounder in the making and he’ll be carrying the flag for Bangladesh in this World t20. Let’s get to know our Young finisher a bit more.

Player Profile: Afif Hossain


Name: Afif Hossain Dhrubo

Born: 22 September, 1999

Playing Role: Batting All-Rounder

Batting Style: Left-Handed

Bowling Style: Right-Arm Off Break


T20 Career

Matches: 28

Runs: 373

Wickets: 7

Best Batting Performance: 52

Best Bowling Performance: 2/9

50/100: 1/0

Afif will play a key role in Bangladesh’s proceedings in the T20 World Cup this year. If you have gone through Afif’s profile, then you will see variety in every match. Following in the footsteps of the great Shakib Al Hasan, Afif Hossain has shown a varied group of roles in his career. He has batted down the order, opened the batting, stabilized the innings, blasted the ball to every corner of the stadium, and taken 5 wickets in a BPL game! This is how Daraz also brings a large variety of products to the table. Electronics to Automobiles, clothing to jewelry, groceries to accessories, and even Bangladesh Cricket Apparel! Daraz brings the best products in a wide range of categories to your home and delivers swiftly just like Afif does! That is why Afif likes the variety and versatility of Daraz as well.

Afif Hossain Says “Bowling, batting or fielding- I have all the varieties, like me Daraz also has the biggest variety of more than 20 million products. The world’s biggest online fair is now in Bangladesh. See you on November 11 in Daraz App.

“বলিং, ব্যাটিং কিংবা ফিল্ডিং, সব ভ্যারাইটি যেমন আমার আছে, দারাজেরও আছে ২ কোটির বেশি প্রোডাক্টের বিগেস্ট ভ্যারাইটি। বিশ্বের সবচেয়ে বড় মেলা এখন বাংলাদেশে, ১১ই নভেম্বর দেখা হবে Daraz App -এ ।”

Daraz is now the largest online marketplace in Bangladesh. But apart from the large variety of products now your shopping experience is more enhanced with Artificial Intelligence. Daraz will now recommend products according to your preferences. So many categories, so many brands, and so much quality; just like Afif on the field, Daraz brings you millions of choices for your essential needs.

Daraz presents: 11.11 – The Biggest Online Sale! Set a reminder for the sale of the year. Great Discounts, Awesome Prices and a celebration of shopping. Download the Daraz App to enjoy a seamless shopping experience. Also, cheer on our tigers in this year’s World Cup T20 Competitions! 

Player’s Pick: Shakib Al Hasan Targets the Mystery Box of Daraz 11.11 Sale!

No. 1 allrounder Shakib Al Hasan is now at 34 with lots of international records and achievements. Most successful cricketer of Bangladesh cricket history, Shakib has already played a 15 years long career with some pretty much untouchable records. As the best allrounder of the world, Shakib has a hundred and five wickets in an innings. He has the 7 times most player of the series awards. Shakib is the first cricketer to have the most wickets in a single ground. Even being a t20 captain, he has the best figures in an innings.

shakib - the world's best allrounder

Player’s Profile – Shakib Al Hasan

  • Full Name: Shakib Al Hasan
  • Also Known as: Saqibul Hasan
  • Born: March 24, 1987, Magura, Jessore
  • Age: 34y 204d
  • Playing Role: Allrounder
  • Batting Style: Left hand bat
  • Bowling Style: Slow left arm orthodox

Shakib’s t20 Career and Records

  • Career Time Span: 2006 – Running
  • Total Matches: 88
  • Total Innings: 87
  • Total Runs: 1763
  • Highest Scores: 84
  • Batting Average: 22.89
  • Strike Rate: 121.41
  • 100s/50s: 0/9

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