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Last updated on January 12th, 2022 at 06:17 pm

Who doesn’t like discounts while shopping online. And if it comes from the dCoins, the excitement will turn into the next level! It’s simple, you just need to know some easy dCoins checkout methods, discount amounts and minimum order value.

From this article, you can know in detail how the dCoins checkout works and the relevant to dos.

Make the Most of the Latest dCoins Checkout Discount

New Discount Method

>> Discount Percentage: 5% upto 300 TK per transaction

The customers will be able to get a 5% discount of the order value upto 300 TK per transaction. 5% of the order value or 300 TK whichever is the lowest will be allowed.

>> Minimum Order – 1000 TK per transaction

The Customers must place a minimum order of 1000 TK in order to be eligible for using coins on checkout.

>> Maximum Discount- 100 TK per transaction

The maximum amount of discount will be 100 TK per transaction.

>> Exchange Rate : 100 coins = 1TK

The customers will be able to exchange Coins at a rate of 100 coins for 1 TK discount.

dCoins Toggle at Checkout

  • A Coin Toggle Button will be visible on the checkout page for customers who meet all the requirements
  • The Toggle will be switched on by default if the customer is eligible
  • This section will have a Coin Logo and will show the number of coins that can be used and the discount amount.
  • The toggle can be Switched Off
  • If the Toggle is Switched off, the Toggle will vanish all together
  • There will be a Question Mark logo which when clicked will show customers educational info

 dCoins Toggle Appearing Criteria

  1. Coin Toggle Button will not be visible on the checkout page if

           > Minimum order value is not met

           > Customer does not have at least 100 Coins

              2. Once the Customer meets the minimum requirement the toggle will switch on automatically

Redemption at Checkout

After placing the Order, the exchanged dCoins discount can be seen in the Order details.

dCoins History

  • Customers can see the transaction history in the Coin History Page
  • Coin Expenditure for Processing order will show “Pending Purchases”
  • Coin Expenditure for Delivered products will show “Purchase”

To summarize, you can get discount by exchanging your dCoins at the time of payment which will offer you to shop from daraz in a more convenient manner.

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