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Last updated on October 2nd, 2023 at 12:41 pm

Bata – a name synonymous with comfort, quality, and fashion, has been the go-to brand for many shoe enthusiasts in Bangladesh and around the world. With a rich history of delivering impeccable designs that cater to ever-evolving trends, Bata continues to dominate the footwear market.

This year, their collection on Daraz BD features a brilliant array of women’s shoes, combining functionality with high fashion.

Top 5 Picks: One for Every Occasion at the Best Prices

We will delve into the top 5 picks of women’s shoes by Bata on Daraz that you won’t want to miss! You won’t need to compromise on quality, style, or comfort for your budget today! 

1. Bata Ashna Ballerina Shoes for Women (Under TK 1500)

Bata again triumphs with the Ashna Ballerina, a manifestation of understated elegance. The intricate laser-cut design exudes an aura of sophistication. Perfect for the workplace and evening dinners, these flats promise to enhance any outfit effortlessly.

2. Bata Slide Slipper for Women – Pink (Under TK 500)

These sporty pink slides from Bata are the embodiment of relaxed style. The synthetic finish ensures durability, while the rubber sole provides optimal comfort. Whether a quick grocery run or a casual day out, these slides complement your laid-back style.

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3. North Star Tulip Slip-On Sneaker (Under TK 1500)

Take on the streets with these stylish slip-on sneakers from North Star, a brand powered by Bata. Perfect for those always on the move, the knitted design ensures breathability, while the PVC sole offers long-lasting comfort. Pair it with midi dresses or jeans; these shoes are versatile enough to match any ensemble.

4. Bata NOEL Sandal for Women – Black (Under TK 1500)

Bata’s NOEL Sandals are the epitome of timeless beauty. With their classic black hue and ergonomic design, they promise to be a delightful addition to your shoe collection. Perfect for any occasion, from a day at work to an evening dinner, they promise comfort and style.

5. Nancy Canvas Casual Shoe for Women (Under TK 700)

Bata presents the perfect pair of canvas casuals for those who live on the go. Lightweight and slip-resistant, these shoes promise utmost comfort, ensuring your feet feel as good as they look.

Budget Buy

This campaign of Daraz offers the best budget deals-

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Types of Shoes for Different Occasions

1. Formal Occasions

For special formal occasions, we always opt for an elegant heeled shoe or a closed shoe. While Bata has the perfect one according to your style, we can recommend the Bata Ashna Ballerina Shoes for Women– which is a sophisticated choice for corporate meetings, weddings, or dinner events. The golden hue and intricate laser-cut design of these ballet flats add a touch of elegance to formal outfits.

2. Comfortable Sneakers for Everyday Wear

For women who prefer a more casual and sporty look, Bata offers a range of comfortable sneakers. These shoes are perfect for running errands or engaging in outdoor activities.

When running errands or heading for a casual day out with friends, the sky-blue slip-on North Star Tulip Slip-On Sneakers are the epitome of comfort and style, making them an easy choice.

3. Athletic and Sports

If you are a sporty woman, you might be looking for a solid set of trainers or just slides like the Bata Slide Slipper for gym sessions that ensure your feet remain comfortable while you stay active.

4. Everyday Wear

Shoes for everyday wear generally suggest comfortable, durable, and stylish shoes for the simplest tasks. Safe to assume that sandals in the Bangladesh weather are the best choice. Bata NOEL Sandals for Women is for those regular days; whether you’re heading to work, college, or just a stroll in the mall, these black sandals are versatile enough to complement any everyday outfit.

Why Choose BATA?

The Range of Styles Available for Every Occasion

From regular sneakers to slippers, loafers, heeled sandals, and even stylish boots, BATA has them all at the best prices from the top brands worldwide!

Craftsmanship and Quality

Bata’s commitment to craftsmanship and quality is evident in every pair of shoes they produce. Meticulous attention to detail and premium materials ensure that each shoe is built to last.

Innovative Technologies for Comfort

Bata integrates innovative technologies into its shoes to provide maximum comfort. Features like cushioned insoles, ergonomic designs, and arch support provide a comfortable walking experience.

Affordability and Accessibility

One of the standout features of Bata shoes is their affordability without compromising on quality. This accessibility makes high-quality footwear attainable for a wide range of customers.

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Sustainability Initiatives

Bata is not only focused on style and comfort but also on sustainability. The brand has minimized its environmental footprint by using eco-friendly materials and sustainable production processes.

How to Choose the Perfect Bata Shoe

Consider these factors:

  • Size and Shape for Maximum Comfort
  • Lifestyle and Usage to make sure the shoe fits the occasion as well as your lifestyle


Are Bata shoes only for special occasions?

Bata offers a diverse range of shoes for various occasions, from special events to everyday wear.

How do I find my correct Bata shoe size? 

Bata provides size guides to help you find the perfect fit for your feet.

Are Bata shoes environmentally friendly?

Yes, Bata has taken steps towards sustainability by using eco-friendly materials and production methods.

Can I buy Bata shoes online? 

Absolutely, Bata shoes are available for purchase both online and in physical stores.

What sets Bata apart from other shoe brands? 

Bata’s unique combination of quality, affordability, and style sets it apart as a leading choice for women’s footwear.

Final Verdict

Bata continues to offer an exceptional blend of comfort, style, and durability with their 2023 collection. For those in Bangladesh, the convenience of finding these impeccable designs on Daraz BD is an added advantage. 

Whether you’re looking for something casual, sporty, or formal, Bata has something tailored just for you. Upgrade your shoe wardrobe today with these fantastic picks and stride with confidence! 

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