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How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Headphones In 2020

Do you love music? If music is your soul’s food, your decisive choice can find headphones or earphones eventually well. But to fulfill your headfonia in a perfect manner, your demand should need to be through the way of a proper classification. The process of making the right choice of earphone is not so easy and so our buying guide can help you choose the perfect pair of headphones in 2020.

There are different types of earphones/headphones you must know first before making your purchase.

1. Wired Headphones

  • In-Ear Headphone

As you expect a noise-free musical journey into ear canal, in-ear headphones can be required more to have the airtight music flawlessly. These headphones have the ability to isolate outside noise by being inserted into the ear canal.

  • On-Ear Headphone

Do you like supra-aural headphones? An on-ear headphone is a kinda earphone to provide you with less noisy sound. It can also be useful with the outer portion of the ears. Since these earphones offer smaller ear cups that only rest on the ears preventing it from being a great seal. The only advantage of on ear headphone is portability and weight compared to its counterparts.

  • Over-the-Ear Headphone

Large ear cups may be locked in your favorite pc headphones list. Over the ear headphone can offer you eternal comfort with the purpose of watching movies or playing games. Even to handle huge tasks like video editing tasks or music composition, over-ear headphones can be necessary enough not to outstretch any kind of extra noise.

  • Earbuds Headphone

The most common type of earphone comes with earbuds headphones usually. And this is the most popular media accessories for regular headphone users as well. Moreover, music lovers can enjoy a good quality sound when it’s gonna provide you less air sealed note containing less noise isolation process.

2. Wireless Headphone

People follow trends or trends to follow people! Skip this old aged controversy kindly, as trend belongs to the stage of zero gravity, young aged users follow this hotcake tenselessly. By the way, wireless headphones are there to show you the right track of the musical atmosphere you deserve.

Are you wishing for the best quality cordless headphones? Its basic criteria generally come with the bluetooth feature. So, anytime time when you want to run it, just you have to manage the bluetooth connection in a successful manner.

  • You can’t expect the same sound quality from wireless headphones as wired headphones can offer you.
  • You have to keep in mind to charge your bluetooth headphones in time, so durability matters here.
  • But you can’t underestimate the huge benefits using a cordless headphone, you will be free from the hassle of extra engaged cables.
  • Without touching your mobile phone, it’s possible to operate your smartphone smartly, playing music, capturing images and also making calls can be the actual amazement handling a wireless headphone.

What purposes can be accomplished with your headphones?

3. Gaming Headsets

PUBG or Fortnite game lovers are heavily in need of this kind of headsets. Every online gamer needs to make verbal communication with headphones with mic. For the gaming purpose, the interesting part of this gaming headphone is this built-in mic. So, increasing the volume level high, you can also taste the bass in the highest level.

4. Sports Headphones

It can be more effective to use sports headphone for your smartphone rather than usual headsets when you are outside of home for sports or work-out. Again the weight is much light than regular size earphones. So, comfortability can be ensured superbly through sports earphones.

5. DJ Headphones

Want to ensure high volume along with high bass? DJ headset is the featured one to keep your huge audience engaged into loud party tracks especially in loud club-like environment. These headphones are mostly commercially used and tend to produce good quality audio at high volumes as well.

Check the price list of the popular headphone brands at Daraz Bangladesh

Brand Name

Highest Price

Lowest Price

Available In

Remax Headphone

10,000 TK

475 TK

Awei Headphone

5,900 TK

140 TK

JBL Headphone

16,500 TK

250 TK

Bose Headphone

16,550 TK

950 TK

1 More Headphone

18,000 TK

198 TK

Beats Headphone

13,500 TK

599 TK

Sony Headphone

16,300 TK

299 TK

Apple Headphone

25,599 TK

540 TK

Xiaomi Headphone

14,939 TK

135 TK

Huawei Headphone

12,859 TK

180 TK

Special Headphones: TWS M10 | TWS M19 | TWS M28 | TWS v5.1 | Plextone G20 | Lenovo HE05 | P47 Wireless | Apple Airpods Pro | D7 Multimedia Speaker 

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6 Productive and Fun Ways to Kill Your Boredom!

Staying at home all day might seem exciting and fun at first, but soon, after a few days it can start to get frustrating! As the whole world is taking a break right now to keep themselves and their loved ones safe, it makes a great opportunity to seize the idle time we have during this break and make the most of it.

Numerous times you must have given yourself the excuse of “not having enough time” to do something that felt like you accomplished something for the better.

So, now is the best time to channel your energy and get things done by being productive!

Find a list of productive activities you can partake in to cure the boredom nicely

Learn How to Play An Instrument

[Find all kinds of Musical Instruments here]

We all have a hidden talent that we can master if we practice enough! So, if you’re a music aficionado, then why not learn how to play an instrument. Music is the best form of relieving stress and when you play it yourself, it is a wonderful feeling!

Clean or Arrange Your House

[Find Laundry and Cleaning Products here]

Okay, we might sound like your mom here, but let’s be honest. Cleaning and arranging your house has probably been on your to-do list for years. Now is the perfect time to let your inner clean-freak out and dust away those cobwebs and finally arrange your wardrobe.

Find Your Green Thumb

[Gardening Tools]

As we seep into being more productive and living life more positively, what’s a better way to do it then by polishing your gardening skills.

>>Online Plants and Seeds Shop<<

Not only will your house look gorgeous, but you’ll also get to give back something to mother nature!

{Water Systems for Garden}

Pick Up a New Hobby or Skill

[Find all sorts of Art Supplies here]

Ever felt that you never really figured out what your hobbies and passions are? Then why worry, it’s never too late! There are so many hobbies you can choose from. Be it photography, creative writing, drawing or painting, or even as simple as learning how flower making, or origami or if you’re techier then even blogging/vlogging.. the list is endless!

Work Out

[Exercise and Fitness Equipment]

This just had to make it to our list! No matter what, we all need a reminder to get ourselves in shape and get our health on track.

<<Online Treadmills Shop>>

When you’re homebound, you’re more likely to become a couch-potato and nobody feels productive doing that!

>>Fitness Accessories<<

So, if you’re looking to stay active so you can accomplish more, then working out at home is the best way to do it!

{Online Dumbbells Store}

Try Out New Recipes

[Order Digital Food Vouchers Online]

Of course, with all that hard work and trying to be more productive, one tends to want to eat nice! If you’re tired of having few options for dinner and want to treat yourself and your family to a more fancy meal, then learning a new recipe and experimenting will help you keep busy and make everyone love you more.

So, are you ready to be more productive?

Stay Safe, Stay Home

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Best Streaming Sites Subscriptions to Watch Your Favorite Movies and TV Series

Staying at your house for long days might be hectic enough as sometimes there’s nothing special to do for long time.

You may want to be productive or proactive through doing office works or developing the most necessary skills. But at one point of the day you may get bored for everything.

So, to maintain your mind fresh for for the day, best movies and tv series can be the proper foods for thought!

And guess what, Daraz knows it very well what your demands for digital vouchers are!

Here you go the Top Movie Streaming Sites (2020) for Bangladesh 


Amazon Prime Video

HBO Now and HBO Hulu


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Are you an avid gamer looking for some ease of access to video games? And that too, conveniently and fast?

Then we’ve what you’re looking for!

When you’re a gamer, you’re always on the lookout to buy the latest video games. Whether you’re a hardcore PC gamer, prefer the XBOX or PlayStation. But finding games that reasonably priced is often difficult as many of these services offer games on their streaming service websites which often has payment issues when you try to pay from Bangladesh!

And here’s is why Daraz brings you exclusive offers for avid Gamers!

Now, with Daraz, you can purchase Gift Cards, Game Codes, Game Keys and Gaming Softwares all with Daraz Digital Voucher purchases at low cost!

⇓ So, check out all that favorite games you can buy on Daraz ⇓

Digital Gift Cards for Popular Games

{Find other Gift Cards here}

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Popular Games Keys

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Digital Game Codes

{Find other Game Codes here}

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Stay Home and Enjoy these Classic Board Games with Your Family

If you’ve been wondering how to pass your time well at home, then we’re here to help. Knowing that you’ve more time to spend with your family, this would be a great opportunity to have some fun family time! And what better way to do so than with a Family Game Night?

Sounds great, doesn’t it? We know! And board games have long been the traditional way of bringing lots of people together in an entertaining style!

Some amazing and fun board games that you can enjoy with your family! Here we go:

The Good Old LUDO

Let’s start with our very own old-school, family, board game – Ludo! We all know this one, and a family game night of Ludo is all we really need to raise our spirits! Not to mention, it is so much fun for both adults and kids!

Image result for ludo
Age: 7+, Players: 2-4
Objective: Roll the dice and move your goti according to the dice number. The first player to move his around the board, kill at least one opponent goti and make it inside home wins!

Climb and Slide with SNAKES AND LADDERS

If you know about ludo. then you probably also know about Snakes and Ladders. This straight forward board game is perfect if you want to play something that’s not too time-consuming.

Age: 7+, Players: 2-4, Objective: The first player to movie across the board and reach the 100th block wins!

Improve You Thinking Skills with CHESS

Speaking of strategy, Chess has always been the king of strategy games. Get a family member to accept your challenge to see who’s the champion of checkmate!

Image result for chess
Age: 6+, Players: 2,
Objective: Move your chess pieces strategically to checkmate the king of your opponent.

Master Precision with CAROM

Gather your family to play a competitive game of Carom! See, once and for all, who really is the best at aiming and precision. This is certainly one of those games that families can wholeheartedly enjoy!

Image result for carrom board
Age: 7+, Players: 2-4
Objective: Pot your pucks to make higher score and win the game!


Who Doesn’t Enjoy a Game of CHECKERS?

If you’ve played chess, then you sure know about checkers too. An exciting game of diagonals, you’re going to love playing this game with an equally excited opponent!

Image result for checkers board
Age: 6+, Players: 2,
Objective: Move your game piece diagonally across the board, all the way to the opponent’s end to make new kings. The player with more number of kings wins!

Stay Home, Stay Safe

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So don’t get lazy these days and forget all about having indoor fun! Here are some ways to motivate yourself: How to Boost Your Body with Well Strength?

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Wireless Charger – Control Your Quick Demand

You have a very few minutes left in your hand to leave the office but your smartphone shows the red signal remaining 10% charge only. But in the meantime, you may need to access the data connection to sum up the official purposes or have to request for a riding service in a short time. Relating these, every situation can challenge you taking benefit of your less phone battery life. To grab the better deals for a new wireless charger, you can visit Daraz Mobile Week campaign from 20 to 26th June.

Feed your mobile battery more easily with the worthy wireless charger 

Why you should choose Wireless Charger

benefit of wireless

A good charger can create a real value to your phone battery life while a wireless charger will show you the possibility you may think beyond.

Skipping the unnecessary mess of wired chargers!

This is the most common issue to face the cable rolled in a problematic way while you are engaged with outdoor works or refreshing tour activities. Locating this problem, solution will always speak up for the best quality wireless charger which will suit your charging demand most.

Breaking down or burnout issue of engaged cable!

Another typical problem you may be encountered the loose connection problem. Moreover, charging cable can be broken down any time. Again you cannot come with the conclusion of hassle as excessive power consumption issue can cause your wired charger to burnout as well. And same disorder can also happen with the charging port created a major accident.

Facing hassle to connect charger?

Running between the severe work pressure and other unavoidable issues, connecting charger into socket can be seemed inconvenient. Handling wireless charger, you can charge your phone any time anywhere.

Forgot the phone charger?

It’s pretty much awkward forgetting to keep the wired charger with you always and then want to lend it from others. Again, searching for charger port in a suitable place is not so easy anymore. Here you can find the good option to access a wireless charger fighting against any tough situation.

Suffering for authentic cable?

When the original cable dies, various problems get chance to control your favourite phone under your subconscious user experience. Usual problems with the help of ordinary cable may occur like charging speed percentage can be slow down, mobile can be overheated and so on. This situation can result into the slow performance of your mighty smartphone. But what about the wireless charger? In this case, safety and easy using method can be ensured according to your expectation.

How does wireless charging act?

how wireless charging

So, coming to the next era of wireless charging, there’s no need to plug your charger rather pushing your mobile on wireless charging pad. To complete the mission, you need to ensure the wireless charging supportability of your smartphone first. Your phone may not be built in this wireless charging system and for this eligible charging case will be beneficiary.

The basic criteria of wireless charging is energy transferring, basically grabbing energy from the charger, it transfers energy to the receiver. And the process goes on through the electromagnetic induction in the back of the phone. To create the electromagnetic field, the induction coil is used in wireless charger to provide the sufficient electricity into phone battery.

It’s also necessary to optimize the wireless charging system for ensuring the proper power transmission process. First of all, your phone needs to be sound enough to receive the power transmitter will generate. So, technological capabilities for both devices will matter the most for sure. Let’s say your phone can easily consume 5w volt at a charging time but when you push it heavily to receive 7w volt, it’s clear your phone will survive and die being suffered from excessive power dimension. So, what can you do first is to upgrade your phone’s software and then enjoy the ultimate.

Introducing the Wireless Charging world

Can you guess the tech future? Tech giants are already coming with the facilities of speaking wireless, listening wireless and so on from which users are benefited a lot by the wonder of latest wireless tech products. So, coming to this era of wireless technology, wireless charging is holding the latest vibe.

Purposes that can be fulfilled by a wireless charger:

Speed up your charging experience –

Through a wireless charger, fast charging can be the fuel of your joy significantly. Now every wireless charger fits this capability suitably. Extra speed can be measured from wireless charger is more usual than the cable charger.

Put a standard –

Charging through wireless connection, not only you are making sure the benefits but also certify the standard of mobile phone charging as well.

Forget the charging port –

Bought a new wireless charger? Now it’s time to forget the cable charger tenselessly. And also can get rid of charger port, so whenever you are at the outdoor activities, just put your phone on it.

Wireless charging for android

wireless charger for

Wireless Charging system is now available with the android operating system. Here you go the popular mobile phone brands with the latest models;

  1. Samsung Mobile > Galaxy S10 | Galaxy S10+ | Galaxy S10e | Galaxy Note 9 | Galaxy S9 | Galaxy S9+
  2. Xiaomi Mobile > Mi9 | Mi9 Explorer
  3. Huawei Mobile > Mate 20 Pro
  4. Nokia Mobile > 9 PureView
  5. Sony Mobile > Xperia XZ2 | Xperia XZ3
  6. LG Mobile > G8 ThinQ | G8s ThinQ | V40 ThinQ | V50 ThinQ | G7 ThinQ
  7. Google Mobile > Pixel 3 | Pixel 3XL
wireless charging for ios

wireless charger for

Apple confirmed their wireless journey a few years ago, since then ios is embedded with wireless charging system in a so far nice way. From iphone 8 this enormous facility was established and now iphone x users are also facilitated by this smooth experience tremendously.

Popular iphone models that support wireless charging system-

  • iPhone Xs Max
  • iPhone Xs
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 8

How safety purposes for the wireless charging can be met

safety for wireless

You cannot compromise with any in case of emergency though the product is considered as safe as you expect. So, measuring safety purposes will always be the wise option for electric tools both at indoor and outdoor. If you prefer for inductive wireless charging system, safety will be the necessary issue for energy transmission process from the magnetic coil to receiver.

So, to avoid any negative occurrence, some safety plods can be deliberated with high magnitude;

Detecting Objects: It’s crucially important to note that wireless charger only provides power to the relevant object. Usually, to detect the preferred object on the surface, charging spot provides winks and then if any unknown object is found, it’ll be aware of this automatically.

Protecting Over Voltage: When a minimum voltage coverage is required, maximum voltage can cause a very devastating effect on your device. Regarding this, protection for extra voltage will be required as a safeguard. And one more important caution is if unluckily the charger requires an increased load, protection module of phone wireless charger is necessary to save the internal circuit.

Protecting Over Current: Over current running through the charger will also be dangerous to create a certain accident. But the cause for avoiding this tension is that wireless charger can adjust the additional power efficiently.

Regulate the Power: Using wireless charger, you can find the emergency communication process running between the transmitter and the receiver while any disparity of current power takes place. In that case, your wireless charger can shut down the power transmission automatically.

Calibrating the system: calibrating the mobile device with wireless charger will be helpful enough for you, every charging time when you make a new engagement, it will easily recognize you surely.

Live your life to the fullest with wireless chargers

lifestyle with wireless

Don’t lose hope: As today’s modern age prefers for high performance, up to date processor and latest specification, maintaining charge for a long time can be agitating more. But why will you keep up so early? Keep backup with a fast mobile phone wireless charger always and dare to spend more time on your valuable mobile and tablet without any hesitation.

Enjoy the freedom of limitless wireless power: Skipping the unnecessary tension regarding poor battery life of your smartphone, this time think smart and live smart without thinking twice. Whenever and wherever you go for a vacation, doctor’s appointment or other official works, just forget the short term phone charge challenge and be energetic with the high end mobile wireless charger like a pro tech product user as the next generation. Now to extend phone battery life will be easy enough charging through unlimited wireless power.

Brand List of Portable Wireless Charger

iphone Wireless Charger | Samsung Wireless Charger | Xiaomi Wireless Charger | Huawei Wireless Charger | Anker Wireless Charger | Remax Wireless Charger | Belkin Wireless Charger

If you are ready for a backpacking tour or official work, don’t forget the wireless charging backpack in which built in powerful battery is attached with the side pocket. So, if power bank gives up, no worries for charging your phone at all. Now lead your life with the power of fast wireless charging technology effectively.

You can read more,

How to Choose Best Headphones based on Your Demands

Few Things Matter to Buy New Phone

Before thinking to shop any new smartphone, you should get your priorities directly. Let’s know first these things.

care to buy mobile phone

1. Processor: ‘Cause Speed Matters

The processor is the hub of a device on which depends the entire performance. Sometimes, processor capability is what limits software updates. Qualcomm & Mediatek are a safe bet. Yes, a phone’s processor speed matters a lot. So, do you really need all that important speed? At best, if your phone activity only ranges from making calls, running necessary apps & playing a few casual games, a budget-tier or a mid-tier phone would serve your purpose undoubtedly.

2. Operating System

The operating system is also a very serious factor to know before buying a new smartphone. Some guys are always looking for iOS and meanwhile, some are looking for android OS. So, before thinking to shop a phone, lock first about your need.

3. Battery: Capacity & Charging

A built-in fast or quick charging technology is a very important feature. Big batteries mean bigger phones. If the size is a concerning matter for you, consider getting a phone with a battery of around 3,400mAh which will easily last at least a day.

4. Display: Sharp & Bright

Display factors are important always when you’re planning to buy a new mobile phone. But that doesn’t mean that you should always consider for something less. The sharpness & brightness of any display are basically measured in terms of pixels per inch (PPI). A higher PPI value gives a hint about more vibrant & sharper display. There is a proverb that the higher the PPI value, the better the display of your mobile phone.

5. RAM & Storage: The More the Entertaining

With heavy apps all around, a smartphone nowadays must have at least 3GB of RAM. However, if you are pressed for budget, you can opt for a 2GB RAM phone but it’s not recommended to go below that mentioned option. With 6GB or 8GB RAM, a phone can be an overkill unless you’re using your phone instead of a laptop. The more the storage, the merrier it is.

6. Camera Tech: Not Just Megapixels

You’ll hardly find someone with mini digicams these days. The phone camera has taken over and it’s very important indeed, now more than ever, that you find the right camera fitted in your new mobile phone. A wider aperture means brighter pictures. Smaller the aperture value, the better it is. The logic is opposite for pixel size — the bigger, the better. So, if you are confused between two options with the same specifications but one has f/1.7 aperture and the other gives f/2.0, go for the one with f/1.7 aperture and this will be really great.

7. Software and integrated functions

Do you need a phone that can do absolutely everything? Are you one of those people who always needs a built-in amazing fingerprint sensor, heart rate monitor, UV sensor? You have a wide range of choices here, from the latest top of the line to the mid-range smartphone you will find all the latest hardware technologies.

8. Budgeting

Last, but probably the most serious factor to consider if you have a limited budget, it is definitely the price issue. What do you want to spend on your next smartphone? Is it worth it to use all your money or is it perhaps suitable to limit yourself and choose something cheaper but equally powerful and in step with the times? The choice is completely yours.

make decision before buying mobile

So, what do you want in your new smartphone? You can compare all of your smartphone need by filtering the specs on Daraz online shop and make list. Hence, now you can enjoy the greatest deals on new smartphones and accessories visiting Daraz Mobile Week campaign surely!

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How Daraz Mall is Helping People to Stay Safe

As the whole world is remaining under the most secured home quarantine process, Daraz also believes in your safety and security at topmost. And to meet the purpose fully, Daraz Mall is organized with those necessary products regarding your highest margin of protection from virus, you will need the most being quarantined.

buy authentic products from daraz mall

Let’s have a look through which Daraz Mall is helping you to safe

Lifebuoy Handwashorder Lifebuoy hand wash from

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What’s available with the pack:

  • Type: Liquid Hand Wash
  • Capacity: 170ml
  • Fastest Delivery: Yes
  • Return Policy: 14 Days
  • Rating: 5.0

buy Savlon hand wash from Active Hand Wash

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What’s available with the pack:

  • Type: Hand Wash Liquid
  • Capacity: 200ml
  • Fastest Delivery: Yes
  • Return Policy: 14 Days
  • Fulfilled by Daraz

Dettol Soap Combo Packorder Dettol soap from

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What’s available with the pack:

  • Quantity: 4pcs
  • Capacity: 125gm
  • Fragrance: Classic Dettol
  • Return Policy: 14 Days
  • Rating: 5.0

buy Fresh hand towel tissue from Fresh Hand Towel Tissue Paper

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What’s available with the pack:

  • High Absorbency
  • Smooth Texture
  • Fade Resistance
  • Good Quality

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Planet Facial Tissueorder Planet facial tissue from

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What’s available with the pack:

  • 6 Box Tissue Pack
  • Soft and Perfumed
  • High Water Absorbent
  • Standard Design

Stay Home, Stay Safe.

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Hygiene Practices to Keep Yourself Healthy

The first step to fighting any virus is to ensure your overall health and hygiene are in good shape. You know what they say, prevention is better than cure! Here are a few tips to prevent any unwanted germs sneaking their way into your system!

Wash Your Hands Frequently

Washing your hands before and after every small task can help you keep all the bacteria and viruses at bay so after going to the bathroom, after coughing or sneezing, after coming back home from somewhere, after playing outside, before preparing food and after you’re done, make sure you wash your hands. Washing hands is probably the most important thing that contributes to personal hygiene.

Click on the image to buy Hand Wash

Always Carry Hand Sanitizer

While washing hands is very important, there can be times when you’re outside and cannot wash hands immediately or do not have water to do so. For such cases, always carry a sanitizer with yourself. This will help you keep your hands cleans and quickly reduce the number of germs and bacteria that your hands came in contact with.

Click on the image to buy Sanitizers

Use a Tissue Paper or Mask While Sneezing or Coughing

Wear a mask to protect yourself and those around you from germ particles that can get in your system. Alternatively, whenever you sneeze or cough, make sure you use a tissue paper and throw it right after using it. In case you do not have one, sneeze on your elbow and wash your hands right after to avoid germs from spreading to those around you.

Click on the image to buy Tissue Papers 

Avoid Touching Your Face

The more you touch your face, the higher risk you carry for transferring harmful germs to your system. Try to refrain from idly touching your face, especially your nose, mouth, and eyes. If you absolutely have to – make sure you’ve sanitized or washed your hands properly.

Incorporate Vitamin C into Your Diet

Vitamin C is a very powerful anti-oxidant that does not only increase your immune system but also protects your body from any chronic disease or damage. So, make sure you take Vitamin-C daily either in the form of fruits or vegetables or in the form of supplements.

Social Distancing

It is always safer to maintain a social distance between yourself and people who are sick. Try avoiding direct contact like shaking hands, hugging, eating or drinking for the same utensils. If you don’t feel well, stay home unless its absolutely necessary. If you must step out, take precautions like wearing a mask, carrying a hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes, and making sure you aren’t in close contact with anyone.

What to Do if You Notice Symptoms

If you start to feel feverish, have a persistent dry cough, or any trouble breathing make sure you start wearing a mask to protect those around you and get in touch with a healthcare professional immediately. They will then be able to judge what course of action you should take.

Stay Home, Stay Safe.

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6 mobile camera accessories 2020

6 Mobile Accessories That Make You A Rockstar Photographer

Whether you are interested in mobile photography or just want to capture elegant photos or professional videos, you must go for some essential mobile photography accessories for a better experience and top-tier output. This mobile photography and videography tools can make your life easier and highly support you for better quality photo and video capture.

Let’s have a look at 6 must-have mobile photography essentials in 2020-

1) Mobile Camera Lenses

Nowadays smartphone lenses are highly popular among them who want to capture high-quality photos. The only problem is that mobile lenses have fixed zoom. Though with add-on phone camera lenses, you can use the power of fisheye, super-wide-angle or macro shots beyond your regular point and shoot.

Click here to explore more mobile camera lenses.

2) Mobile Camera Lights

Light plays an enormously important role in photography. Nothing beats an additional light source to reduce noise in your photos while assuring more excellent detail and contrast. Therefore if you want high-quality output, you must have an extra light source in your mobile photography kit.

Click here to explore more mobile camera lights.

3) Mobile Tripods

If you want a stable photo just hold your breath before click to capture- this is a piece of great advice to follow. Phone tripod lets you stand your phone on any flat surface and take perfectly steady shots so you never have to worry about blurry pictures. You can easily check the best mobile tripods variations in Daraz Bangladesh.

Click here to explore more mobile tripods.

>> 5 Best Smartphones Under 30,000 BDT <<

4) Mobile Stabilizers

Mobile camera stabilizers are something that can give you some flexible advantages of capturing both photos and videos. When the scenario is unstable enough and there is actually no time to set up your tripod- phone stabilizers or mobile gimbals can be your most reliable companion to provide a professional level performance.

Click here to explore more mobile stabilizers.

5) Mobile Storages

Whether you go away for a long trip or intend to shoot lots of photos and videos on your smartphone, don’t give your mobile storage a chance to hold you back. You better have massive storage on your phone. Visit Daraz Bangladesh to know different types of mobile storage options.

Click here to explore more mobile storages.

6) Power Banks

Power is the universal crisis factor for smartphones. You must ensure that you have a heavy backup of your phone charge. There are many types of power banks in Daraz online shop that can cover both your budget and demand.

Click here to explore more power banks.

You can find all the modern and useful mobile phone accessories including the best phone case for photography, mobile phone rig, etc. in Daraz Bangladesh with high-quality and the lower price range. Visit Daraz’s mobile phone accessories category for iPhone photography accessories and smartphone camera accessories 2019 in order to get better photography experience.

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