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Last updated on October 26th, 2023 at 02:26 pm

Now it’s time to prepare for the upcoming Durga Pooja festival, isn’t it? Do you have a list of the groceries for this pooja? Of course, it’s apparent. But did you know that you can create a virtual shopping list and find the greatest deals on your necessary groceries online?

Yes, Daraz Mart is Bangladesh’s largest online grocery store, offering all kinds of grocery products. Browse Daraz Mart and select the necessary groceries by clicking “Add to Cart.” Your grocery list will therefore be displayed on the Cart.

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Puja Essentials Online at Daraz Mart

When purchasing from the Daraz Mart online grocery shop, you may collect coupons, get the best prices on goods, take advantage of free shipping, and get discounts and cashback offers. Additionally, same-day delivery is available nationwide in Bangladesh, which is more convenient for customers. Look over the necessary supplies for this Durga puja festival.


Agarbati for pooja price in bd

Agarbati, or incense sticks, are a popular product on Daraz BD, offering a wide range of fragrances and spiritual significance. These aromatic sticks are used for meditation, religious rituals, and as air fresheners. Daraz BD provides a convenient platform for customers to explore and purchase their favorite incense varieties.

Damar Batu(Dhup)

Puja dhoop price in bd

“Dhup” in the context of Hindu puja usually refers to incense sticks or cones. These are commonly used in religious rituals and meditation to create a fragrant and spiritually uplifting atmosphere. You can find a variety of dhup products on online marketplaces like Daraz, offering different scents and packaging options to suit your puja or meditation needs.

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Basic Grocery Items You Need

Daraz Mart offers all cooking ingredients at the best price.

Care for Your Baby During This Pooja Festival

Baby diapers and baby essentials

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Air Fresheners

Like you need to use fragrance to keep you fresh and confident, your house also requires air care. In this case, you can check the best air fresheners at Daraz Mart.

Cleaning Essentials

It’s essential to keep your house clean during the pooja festival. So check the household cleaners at Daraz Mart.

Cleaning items bd online price


Dishwashing products are essential as it’s being used every day. But during the pooja festival, you may require more of it. So it’s considerable that you include this item on your grocery shopping list.

Don’t Forget to List Down the Snacks

Noodles and snacks items online

In conclusion, shopping for puja grocery essentials at Daraz Mart offers convenience, variety, and quality. From fragrant dhup and vibrant rangoli colors to fresh flowers and sacred ingredients, the platform provides a one-stop solution for all your puja needs.

With easy ordering, timely delivery, and trusted suppliers, Daraz Mart simplifies the process of preparing for a meaningful and spiritually enriching puja. Embrace the ease of online shopping while upholding tradition and reverence in your celebrations.

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