আপনি কি একটি দিনও টিকতে পারবেন মোবাইল ফোন ছাড়া?

স্মার্টফোন আমাদের দৈনন্দিন জীবনে একটি গুরুত্বপূর্ণ জায়গা দখল করে নিয়েছে। অনেকেই এখন নিজের মোবাইল ছাড়া একটা দিনও কল্পনা করতে পারেন না।

যদি মনে হয় মোবাইল ছাড়া দিন কাটানো আপনার পক্ষে খুব বেশি কঠিন হবে না তবে নিচের কুইজটি খেলে যাচাই করে নিতে পারেন নিজেই।

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How To Use VR Headset With Android Phone?

Android phone is like a ‘magic lamp of Aladdin’ to humankind. In recent years with the help of rising technology, android mobile phones offer so many remarkable happenings and we still don’t know what more exciting surprises are waiting for us in this mystery box. Virtual reality (VR) is one of the newish wonders and it’s already becoming a very in-demand concept and gaining massive attention from both users and developers. And with the leading interest of investors, VR technology is now a fast-growing industry with many great accomplished projects and a bunch of fresh possibilities that are suggesting a new era. Read more

9 Hidden iPhone Camera Features Everyone Must Know

9 Hidden iPhone Camera Features to Know About

Nowadays smartphone cameras are so smart that they can somehow compete with the professional dslr cameras. And it can be surely said that the iPhone has one of the most incredibly wealthy cameras in today’s world. It’s truly easygoing to capture some remarkable pictures with your iPhone. But some of the strong iPhone camera properties may be unknown to you- once you identify those hidden iPhone camera features, you will have the ultimate control over your camera and be able to upgrade your photography skills to a whole new level of efficiency. Read more

Installation Guide - How To Install SSD

SSD Installation Guide – How To Install SSD In Laptop & PC?

What is SSD?

SSD stands for solid-state drive. It is a newer and smarter storage technology- the latest hotcake of the computer world, which has progressed rapidly in very recent years. An SSD is a solid-state storage device- uses a compact circuit panel as a memory to store data persistently. SSD reads and writes data much faster than a typical mechanical hard disk drive. In a nutshell, it can be said that SSD is the future of computer storage technology. Read more


10 Useful Tips On How to Extend Phone Battery Life Easily!

Not all smartphones tend to have longer battery life. Similarly, not all smartphone users tend to know why their phone batteries do not last as long as they should. In this case, it is always advisable to know few tips that can extend the lifespan of your phone battery. The first step is always to know the factors of how and why your phone battery degrades. In case if you’re still unaware, then we are going to share 10 tips on how to boost your smartphone’s battery life. Read more

best ssd external hard drive

External Hard Drive or SSD?

Have you ever thought about best storage solution of your pc?

Two vital storage systems Solid State Drives (SSD) and Hard Disk Drives (HDD) are now ruling the external storage drive section of our PC and we all know their benefits also. But the question is that which one is the best. Actually, it depends on users various uses. These duo pc tools are quite specialist for different tasks. So, if you need recommendation over these two main external storage system, this blog post can be helpful.


As an external storage device, a Solid State Drive (ssd full form) can boost your work so well. Whenever you connect an SSD to your pc, you can easily loose your tension regarding necessary speed, loosing any file or other hampering issues. Besides, you can still use this kit for different purposes. All functions will be run through normal process while this external storage device can be carried with you for accessing your stored files with any PC.

Which storage system will be most suitable? 

To make your pc far faster, SSD is the best but for overall storage issue, HDD can counter it. Again same issue goes for pricing where you can prefer HDD against SSD. Thinking about worth of storage, you can afford easily external hard drives with several terabytes. But differentiating the size issue, you must vote for SSD. The true fact is HDD is bigger while SSD is expensive. When it matters about storage issue for long-term, hard drives can give you vast advantages but controlling your pc with lots of files and folders, SSD can assist you most. Through SSD, you can access whole data more faster. The form factor of these two necessary tools also matters. Size varies from 2.5 inch to 3.5 inch for HDDs while SSDs can amaze you through variety of shapes and sizes.

Why pricing is not a big issue for SSDs?

You can find SSDs as more expensive external storage devices than external hard drives per gigabyte. But the interesting fact is that the immense cost has been decreased day by day. For higher capacities, you have to pay twice for an SSD than an HDD where quality of SSD plays a vital role. If you are dreaming for more durable data storage with a vast faster speed, SSD can be more efficient for you costing higher prices with less hassles. If you follow SSD price trend 2019, you can see the latest SSD prices over time through online.

Is SSD worth it for desktop and laptop?

For those external drive users who are more concerned about rapidly shifted storage landscape, our recommendation goes to external SSD rather than HDD. PC user experience will be well worth buying expensive SSD.

ssd price trend 2019

Eventually, it’s said that physical damage is a common thing for external hard drives as these are structured with various mechanical parts. Biggest harm can be happened if a laptop with an HDD is dropped. Here the risk is that all moving parts of an HDD will be collapsed. That will result into the loss of all potential data. At this point, you can secure your important data with the help of SDD for portable devices and laptops.

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If your desktop prefers for more speed, then choosing external SSD can be your best decision. In this century, a good storage device can save your time minimizing your effort. So, upgrading a good type of SSD can speed up your operating system reducing work hour. Saving your all secured data, you can access more storage space by an external SSD drive. But best options are also available for those users who need to operate multiple separate drives. They can like HSSD (hybrid SSD) depending on their pc’s configuration. Apart from these, if your mind raises the query, is SSD worth it for gaming? The answer is simple, you can enjoy smooth and faster gaming experience using SSD. So, you can observe now the best budget SSD for gaming from the biggest SSD collection of Daraz.

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Checking ssd hard disk price in bd you can easily understand that Daraz Bangladesh now offers you the best external SSD 2019 in affordable price. You can find now our fastest external ssd collection from where you can purchase cheap SSD 1tb easily. It’s now also possible to avail best ssd external hard drive for mac within cheap price. For this, you can easily check latest ssd images from Daraz website and Daraz Mobile App. But external hard disks are also available now in lowest price. Customers can enjoy discounted price for shopping ssd/external hard drive 1tb and ssd/external hard drive 2tb from Daraz. Besides, among the external storage device collection of Daraz BD, 4tb ssd external hard drive can be your hot cake for sure.