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Skin glowing face masks for women

Best Face Masks for Women to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes

Face masks help to remove blackheads, pimples, small and large pores, dark circles under the eye, and acne. You may have sensitive, oily or dry skin. All types of original face masks are available in Daraz Bangladesh now.

Whether your oily skin is due to genetics, age, or something else, there are solutions available to help you manage clogged pores and acne.

Best Face Masks for Women in Bangladesh for 2022

Searching for the best face masks for women in Bangladesh? Now you can buy the best quality face masks from the Daraz online shop in BD at the best price.

Find out the the right face mask for your skin type:

Best Face Masks for Blackheads

Nose Strip Blackheads Remover

Best face mask for removing blackheadsBuy Now

Product Details

  • Blackheads Remove in 10 minutes.
  • Unclogs pores & achieves the deepest clean.
  • Clean up dirt and oil from your pores, leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean.

Bioaqua Bamboo Charcoal Black Facial Mask

Best facial mask for blackheads

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Product Details

  • Product Type: Facial Mask
  • Capacity: 60gm
  • Blackhead cleansing
  • Moisturizer mask
  • Skincare
  • Anti-acne
  • Oil control mask

Best Face Mask for Oily Skin

Laikou Sakura Sleeping FaceMask

Best sleeping face mask for women

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Product Details

  • Moisturize your skin.
  • Brightening.
  • Repairing.
  • Hydrate your skin

Best Face Mask for Skin Pores (Suitable for All Types of Skin)

Green Tea Moisturizing Face Mask

Best face mask for skin pores

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Product Info

  • The product adopts the design of a rotating head, which is more convenient to use and not accessible to dirty hands.
  • The texture is fine and smooth, easy to spread, and easy to apply.
  • Moisturizing, can effectively reduce blackheads, control oil, improve facial fullness, and brighten skin tone.
  • Small and light, easy to carry.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • It is suitable for carrying out at home, travel, on business trips, etc.

Best Face Mask for Removing Pimples

COSRX Acne Pimple Master

Best face mask for pimple removing

Buy Now

Product Details

  • A.D.F. Hydrocolloid Dressing
  • Protecting the problematic areas
  • Intensive Acne Healing Overnight
  • Easy & Hygienic to Use


Facial masks work for glowing, brightening, and smoothening the skin. But choosing the right type of facial mask for you can be tricky.

So in this article, some confusion is cleared out including the different types of face masks, and which face mask is suitable for the specific type of skin like oily and dry skin.

Take a look over also: The best body scrubs for whitening and glowing your skin price in Bangladesh for 2022.

Best tips to prevent pest

Tips to Keep Insects Away from Home Naturally; Methods of Pest Control

You know, the pests and rodents not only cause damage to the property but also spread infections. Then, it’s essential to identify the reasons behind the pest infestation in the kitchen or home. Besides, you must control and prevent pests and rodents both naturally and chemically.

Prevention is Better Than Cure, isn’t It?

As the bugs and rodents need food and water for surviving, the kitchen is the best place you can find them. Besides, the kitchen is like heaven for pests.

Pest infestation in the home especially in the kitchen is obvious. But some regular activities can reduce the pests and rodents naturally. In addition to this, some chemicals which are effective for controlling pests and safe for you and your family will be explored in this article.

On the other hand, some insects are not harmful to us, but they can create a multitude of issues directly or indirectly. Let’s find out the most effective ways how to prevent pests and rodents in your garden, kitchen, and house.

What are the Most Common Pests and Rodents in Households?

The pests and rodents that have a harmful effect on human bodies and living conditions can be seen in households. These insects can cause merely diseases in the human body.

Let’s see the most common pests and rodents that are found in the kitchen or the specific areas or corners of a house.

  • Flies
  • Ants
  • Termites
  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Wall Insects
  • Mosquitos
  • Cockroaches
  • Bed bugs etc.

Why does the Pest Infestation Occur in the Kitchen or Home?

Pests and rodents are generally found in both urban and rural locations. Once the pests invade your house, it may cause serious issues.

Many reasons are responsible for pest infestation like your living place surroundings, seasonal pests, and so on.

Take a look at the below points where the reasons for occurring pests infestation are mentioned.

  • Incongenial surroundings of your living place
  • Uncleanliness condition of the house
  • Cramped house
  • Improper maintenance of the kitchen activities
  • Irregular cleaning of the balcony or garden
  • Wrapped and broken doors or windows
  • Not focusing on the washroom cleaning
  • Disposing of trash or garbage regularly

There are also other reasons for occurring infestation of pests and rodents. But the key reasons that you can control in your own way are listed above section.

What are the Pests Control Methods?

Pest control methods are not difficult if you are aware of them. You have to take immediate action once you have identified the intrusion of pests.

The control methods for pests and rodents are discussed below. These techniques of controlling pests are effective. See the two methods including the Biological and Chemical methods of preventing or controlling the pests.

Biological Pest Control Method

Although the biological methods can take more time to control the pest infestation, it’s eco-friendly and not harmful to your health rather than using toxic chemicals.

The biological method indicates eliminating the pests and rodents using living organisms like predators, parasites, and pathogens.

Chemical Pest Control Method

Applying pesticides or insecticides is the most effective way to control pests and rodent infestation fast. It’s a fruitful way for some specific insects, pests, and rodents.

Sometimes the biological method isn’t appropriate for controlling some pests and rodents. In this case, you can use the chemicals to keep away insects and pests.

How to Control Pests and Rodents in the Home Naturally?

Controlling the pests and rodents considerably relies on you. If you want to prevent pests and rodents naturally, just go through the below tips.

The natural ways you can follow for preventing the pests are noted down below which are viable and realistic tricks.

  1. Clean Home Regularly
  2. Keep the Kitchen Clean
  3. Clean the Sink Properly
  4. Use a Trash with Lid
  5. Clean up Food Right Away
  6. Keep the Bathroom Clean and Dry
  7. Seal the Food Containers Tightly
  8. Use the Desired Light Bulbs
  9. Don’t Keep Fruits and Vegetables out for Long
  10. Fix the Cracks and Gaps in the Window and Door.

What are the Effective and Safe Pest Control Chemicals for Home?

Yes, it’s true that some insects or pests can’t be controlled naturally. In this case, you must use pest control chemicals.

The pests and rodents control chemicals are available in an online grocery shop in Bangladesh

Here, you’ll get the best pest control chemicals for your home which are not so harmful to the human body. But you should maintain the precautions and processes of using the chemicals properly.


Pest control chemical for bed bug

Click to Buy

Product Info

  • Solution Type: Insecticide Spray
  • Size : 400ml
  • Effectiveness: Bedbugs, Ants, Termites, and others.
  • Application: Ready to Use | Adjust the misting nozzle & spray.
  • Best Usage: 1 bottle for 1 Bed.

Cockroach Killing Bait

Best chemical for cockroach killing

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Product Info

  • It’s better for killing cockroaches
  • Within 20 square meters, choose three places to place cockroach medicine (one package per place) and replace it every three days. 15 packages are required.
  • 24-48 hours: Cockroaches begin to die, and the bodies are seen one after another. Cockroaches are found to be less active.
  • Seven days later: 60% to 70% of cockroaches die, and most of them die in their nests.
  • Fifteen days later: More than 90% of cockroaches died.

Ant Killing Bait

Bait for killing ant

Click to Buy

Product Info

  • 1 Piece Strong Clear Ant Bait Powder Yellow Black White Termites Ants Drug Medicine Effects Destroy Kill Nest Ant Baithis powder is ants chronic poison Almost no toxicity to people and will not pollute the environment, can kill most kinds of ants, but can not kill termites (white ant).
  • Clean the room before use, directly put the powder on the ground, but need to avoid dampness, if the ant does not pay attention to the powder, can put it together with a small amount of honey or lard Divide the powder into 3 or 4 parts and put them on the path of ants.
  • The ants will carry and eat the powder, will be infected, they will die and smell failure cause hurt each other, and then the whole population will be infected and the whole population will be destroyed after 5-10 days, please keep the powder more than 15 days, ensure the effect. 
  • A pack of powder can be used to control 1 colony. warn: This powder is safe for cat and dog and other Animal, Almost no toxicity to people, but also need to Keep out of reach of children Wash hands after using.

Good Knight Advanced Machine

Best mosquito killing machine

Click to Buy

Product Info

  • Fastest system to get rid of mosquitoes.
  • It comes with a machine and refills.
  • Dual Protection Mode.
  • Pleasant fragrance.
  • It’s absolutely safe to use Activ+ around children and families.
  • Color: As same as the picture.

Xpel Aerosol

Best insect killing spray

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Product Info

  • Product Type: Aerosol
  • Capacity: 475ml
  • Product Type: Insecticide
  • Brand: Xpel
  • Essential household item
  • Great for everyday use

RAT GLUE – Bosny Thailand

Best rodent control glue

Click to Buy

Product Info

  • Rate Glue is a Thai product of the world-famous Bosnian company.
  • Rate glue can be used to catch or prevent rats and chicks.
  • Pack size: 400 ml per pot.
  • Rate glue is a very strong type of glue.

Last Words

In this article, you will get to know how to prevent and control pests and rodents permanently in the home and kitchen.

Basically, the awareness of pest infestation is the most significant part of keeping the insects and pests away from your living place. However, you can also find out the pest control chemicals that are available online shop at the best price.

buy ac at daraz

কম দামে জনপ্রিয় ব্র্যান্ডের এসি খুঁজছেন? সবচেয়ে সেরা ৭ টি এসির মূল্য তালিকা দেখে নিন!

কম দামে সেরা এসি, এটাও কি সম্ভব? তবে অবিশ্বাস্য হলেও সত্য যে সর্বনিম্ন এসির দাম ২০২২ লুফে নিয়ে দারাজ থেকে জনপ্রিয় ব্র্যান্ড এর সেরা এসি অর্ডার করা সম্ভব। এক্ষেত্রে দারাজ অনলাইন শপের সময়ের সেরা এসি মূল্যছাড় আপনার কেনাকাটাকে করতে পারে আরও বেশি সহজ। 

এসির সর্বশেষ মূল্য তালিকা ২০২২ 

বাংলাদেশে সর্বনিম্ন এসির দাম ও তালিকা ২০২২
দারাজ বাংলাদেশে মিডিয়া ১.৫ টন এসির দাম ৩৫,১৮১ টাকা এবং জেনারেল ২ টন এসির দাম ৭৫,৯৯৯ টাকা
এসির নাম এসির সাইজ এসির দাম
গ্রী এসি ১.৫ টন ৫৯,৯০০/-
জেনারেল এসি ২ টন ৭৫,৯৯৯/-
মিডিয়া এসি ১.৫ টন ৩৮,৯০০/-
শার্প এসি ১.৫ টন ৬৪,৯০০/-
সিঙ্গার এসি ১ টন ৫০,০৭০/-
স্যামসাং এসি ১ টন ৬৯,৯০০/-
ওয়ালটন এসি ১.৫ টন ৪৯,৯৯৯/-
SOURCE: দারাজ বাংলাদেশ

জনপ্রিয় ব্র্যান্ডের এসির তালিকা

গ্রী এসি – ১.৫ টন

buy gree ac from daraz

যেকারনে গ্রী এসি কিনবেনঃ

  • ব্রিটিশ থার্মাল ইউনিট মেথড অনুসারে গ্রী এসিতে থাকছে ১৮০০০ বিটিইউ সুবিধা, 
  • আছে শক্তিশালী ট্রপিক্যাল কম্প্রেসর,  
  • গোল্ডেন ফিন কন্ডেন্সার,
  • আরামদায়ক স্লিপিং মুড,
  • অটোমেটিক ড্রাইং অপারেশন,
  • ইন্টেলিজেন্ট ডিফ্রস্টিং,
  • টার্বু কুলিং।

এখনই কিনুন

শার্প এসি – ১.৫ টন

buy sharp 1.5 ton ac from

যেকারনে শার্প এসি কিনবেনঃ

  • শার্প এসিতে থাকছে ১৮০০০ বিটিইউ সুবিধা,
  • জে-টেক ইনভার্টার প্রযুক্তি,
  • ৬০% এর অধিক এনার্জি সেভিং সুবিধা,
  • লো ভোল্টেজের অপূর্ব সামঞ্জস্যতা

এখনই কিনুন

মিডিয়া এসি – ১.৫ টন

buy midea ac from

যেকারনে মিডিয়া এসি কিনবেনঃ

  • কুলিং ক্যাপাসিটি হিসেবে পাবেন ১৮০০০ বিটিইউ
  • আর হিটিং ক্যাপাসিটি হিসেবে থাকছে ১৯০০০ বিটিইউ
  • ২৭৫০ ওয়াট পরিমাণ ইনপুট কঞ্জাম্পশন 
  • আর পাওয়ার সাপ্লাই ক্যাপাসিটি ২২০ – ২৪০ ভোল্ট ~ ৫০ হার্য

এখনই কিনুন

জেনারেল এসি – ২ টন

order general ac from daraz

যেকারনে জেনারেল এসি কিনবেনঃ

  • জেনারেল ব্র্যান্ডের এই এসিটি সম্পূর্ণ পরিবেশ বান্ধব,
  • আছে শক্তিশালী কুলিং সিস্টেম,
  • রোটারি কম্প্রেসর

এখনই কিনুন

সিঙ্গার ইনভার্টার এসি – ১ টন

order singer 1 ton inverter ac from daraz

যেকারনে সিঙ্গার এসি কিনবেনঃ

  • সিঙ্গার আরও একটি পরিবেশ বান্ধব এসি, যেটা গ্রিন ইনভার্টার এসি নামেও পরিচিত
  • সিঙ্গার এসির মাধ্যমে সর্বোচ্চ ৬০% এনার্জি সেভ করা সম্ভব
  • এটাতে আছে ডিজিটাল প্রটেকশন ডিভাইস
  • আছে গোল্ড ফিন টেকনোলজি
  • ১০০% কপার সংযুক্ত পাইপ
  • থ্রিডি এয়ার ফ্লো সুবিধা
  • আর ফায়ার প্রুফ কন্ট্রোল বক্স এর সুবিধা তো থাকছেই

এখনই কিনুন

স্যামসাং এসি – ১ টন

buy samsung 1 ton ac from daraz

যেকারনে স্যামসাং এসি কিনবেনঃ

  • এনার্জি সেভিং ক্যাপাসিটি ১২০০০ বিটিইউ
  • ইনভার্টার এসি
  • রোটারি কম্প্রেসর
  • রিমোট কন্ট্রোল
  • ১ বছরের সার্ভিস ওয়ারেন্টি

এখনই কিনুন

ওয়ালটন এসি – ১.৫ টন

walton ac in daraz

যেকারনে ওয়ালটন এসি কিনবেনঃ

  • ওয়ালটন এসি আপনার ঘরের জন্য সম্পূর্ণ ইকো-ফ্রেন্ডলি
  • ১০০% কপার সম্মৃদ্ধ কন্ডেন্সার
  • বিদ্যুৎ সাশ্রয়ের ক্ষমতা ৪০% পর্যন্ত
  • স্মার্ট এয়ার ফ্লো
  • টার্বু ফাংশন
  • অটো রিস্টার্ট সুবিধা
  • স্পিপ মুড
  • এলসিডি ডিসপ্লে
  • সহজে পরিষ্কার উপযোগী এয়ার ফিল্টার

এখনই কিনুন

স্বল্প মূল্যে আরো হাই কোয়ালিটি সম্পন্ন এসি খুঁজতে চান, জনপ্রিয় সকল ব্র্যান্ডের এসি এখন বেছে নিতে পারেন দারাজ এসি শপ থেকেই। তাছাড়া, এখন এয়ার কুলার কম দামে দারাজ থেকে কেনা আরও বেশি সহজ ও সাশ্রয়ী। 

গরমের হাত থেকে তো নিজেকে রেহাই দিলেন, কিন্তু খাবার ভালো রাখার কোন উপায় নিয়ে চিন্তা করেছেন কি? সেক্ষেত্রে দারাজের উন্নত মানের ফ্রিজ কালেকশন আপনাকে রাখতে পারে পুরোপুরি নিশ্চিন্ত।

order from daraz mall fest

How to Buy Genuine Products from Daraz Mall?

Let’s pretend that Daraz is a building with endless floors. Every floor has its own goods, its own sellers. Now imagine that there’s one particular floor where every seller and every product is 100% genuine where you are not only guaranteed to get authentic products from trusted brands but also you can also get express shipping with 14 days easy return policy.

That is essentially what Daraz Mall is like!

While Daraz is a huge marketplace with numerous sellers from all over the globe, DarazMall is a special platform within the marketplace that sells only authentic and licensed goods from brands.

This means that your fear of getting fake products from Daraz doesn’t need to be a fear at all!

What Brands Are Available on DarazMall?

There are two types of stores within DarazMall:

  1. Certified Stores: These are certified official re-sellers or distributors of specific brands.
  2. Flagship Stores: These are a selection of online stores for brands including a number of popular local and international brands.

The exact list of brands available on Daraz Mall is ever-changing as our teams keep adding and collaborating with reputed names both across the country and across the globe. You’ll find popular local and international brands for fashion like Yume, Apex as well as beauty cult favorites such as Loreal, Garnier. If you’re looking to buy genuine mobile phones on Daraz or genuine electronics, you may even come across brands like Xiaomi, Samsung and many more.

How to Make Sure You’re Buying Authentic Products on Daraz?

If you want to make your shopping experience at Daraz completely authentic, the best way to do that is to ensure that you’re buying products from DarazMall now.

[Also read our blog on how to place your order on daraz bd]

There are three ways to do this:

  1. Browse Products Exclusively Through the Daraz Mall Tab
    The first, and probably the easiest way, to ensure you only come across genuine products on Daraz is to shop from the Daraz Mall tab you can see at the front of your daraz app or website. This will take you to the Mall where you can customize your search based on categories.
  2. Look Out for the Daraz Mall Logo While Browsing the Website/App
    Whenever you search for a product, you will see certain product results display a thin blue bar above their name. These are certified genuine products form Daraz Mall.
  3. Filter Your Search Results
    In addition to looking for the Daraz Mall banner, you also have the option of filtering your search results by checking the Daraz Mall option underneath ‘Services’. This will ensure that only Daraz Mall products will be displayed in your search result.

Daraz always tries to ensure that you get nothing but genuine products from the daraz bd website (, especially when you’re purchasing from a Daraz Mall seller.

So, sit back and relax because Daraz Mall Fest campaign has got your back with lots of exclusive deals and discounts!

dMart – Here’s All the New Exciting Grocery Offers You Wish For!

Grocery shopping can be a mundane task and a chore that we often leave to the last minute. It is only when it is too late we realize that we have run out of the most essential products. But worry not! As you are in search of the best online grocery shop in Bangladesh, Daraz makes shopping for your monthly groceries powered by dMart incredibly hassle-free! Want free delivery online grocery shopping in Bangladesh, keep your eyes on dMart for special grocery deals and offers.

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Daraz Brings New dMart Offers and Discounts!

Find dMart at Daraz online shopping bd in your town to make grocery online shopping more easier in Bangladesh! So, shopping for your monthly groceries is going to at your control this time. Stock up all of your grocery essentials ranging from food, beauty, and personal care with dMart with these two new exciting features that have been introduced to improve our valued users’ journey online.

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  • dMart brings you top-quality products from reliable and trusted brands in Bangladesh
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  • Avail of a fixed shipping rate on all your orders no matter what you buy!

How to Find dMart on Daraz?

Excited enough for the budget-friendly monthly grocery shopping online? Here’s how you can shop from dMart on Daraz:

  • Head over to the Daraz website or Daraz App
  • Log in to your Daraz Account
  • Hover over to the Daraz Search Bar
  • Type “dMart” and click on search
  • You will be directed to the dMart page where you can shop for groceries with ease!
  • Now you’re all set to simply shop for all your favorite products by adding them to your cart
  • Head over to your cart to confirm your order and complete your grocery checklist while staying comfortably home!

Want to learn about more ways to get discounts and save up on your online grocery shopping from dMart? Find how to use Daraz vouchers easily. Keep conscious eyes on our Daraz Blog and find all the new grocery offers, new grocery deals, and upcoming grocery sales, so that you’re on top of all Daraz hacks and make the most of online shopping in Bangladesh with Daraz!

Read More: Choose dMart for the Best Grocery Shopping experience

Safety Tips for Women

3 Self-Defense Tips That Make You A Stronger Woman

The world is not a safe place, especially for our women. Every day, women from all around the world have to go through unimaginable situations that reassert it’s not safe for women. But hiding from reality will get us nowhere. We’ve to take our safety into our own hands and do what we can to stay safe – because if we don’t, nobody will.

Let us all come together and vow to protect our women in every way possible. Let us never turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to a woman in trouble. In fact, let us never ignore when any person is seemingly in trouble, man or woman!

With International Women’s Day approaching, let’s look at some of the most critical self-defense tactics for females that you may use to protect yourself in any situation.

1. Self Defense Training

One of the first things that every female should know are some basic self defense moves. Self defense training can give you the confidence to try and overpower if, God forbid, you’re ever assaulted.

You should start with memorizing the vulnerable spots:

Self defense tips for women to use in dangerous situations

Once you have memorized these sensitive spots, you can try and focus your strength at them to overpower the attacker. The most effective and simple self-defense techniques are:

  • Grab the wrist: Grab the ring finger and pinky finger with one hand, and use the other hand to grab the middle and index finger. Then bend the wrist forward and this will make any giant person squirm in pain!
  • Hit between collar bones or into Adam’s apple: Use your fingers or fist to do this and you’ll be able to disorient the attacker. This should give you enough time to escape before they come back to sense.
  • Aim for the groin: This one is obvious. It’ll paralyze the attacker, giving you enough time to run.
  • Hit the Nose: If you were attacked from the front, use your fists to create some room in between and then hit the nose of the attacker with your forehead. Then using your knee, hit him in the groin!

Self Defence Scarlett GIF by Nashville on CMT - Find & Share on GIPHY

2. Keep a Pepper Spray on You

A pepper spray will come in very handy in a situation like this. Every woman should keep pepper spray in their purses so that, God forbid in case of such a situation, they can spray the attacker with it to defend themselves. The pepper spray price in Bangladesh is very reasonable, so you don’t have to worry about having to spend a fortune on it!

3. Use ‘SOS’ Feature on Phone to Alert Others

Most people don’t know that they can activate an SOS feature on their phones that they can use to alert others in case they’re in trouble.

Here’s how you activate on Android:















And here’s how you can activate on iPhone

  1. Settings
  2. Emergency SOS
  3. Turn it on
  4. Add trusted contacts

The phone activation of SOS lets you send an SOS message in emergency. In most phones, you have to press the power button multiple times to activate the feature. Every phone specifies on their feature page about how many times you’ll have to tap.

SOS 4 Self defence for 3 Self defence for















When you tap this feature to activate it, it’ll automatically send your location to your chosen contacts. As you can see, it can also share audio and pictures.

Self-defense training for women is very important. Women should take self-defense classes or at least equip themselves with some handy moves that they can use should the need arise (God forbid!). Other tips that we’ve mentioned above, especially the SOS feature, can be really helpful!

You can check women’s survival kits, security tools and self-defense equipment in daraz online shop at the best price. Order and enjoy the fastest home delivery in Bangladesh.

Lastly, we’d just like to say to always be alert and careful – after all, in a world like this, you can never be too careful!

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pay with 0% emi at daraz bd

How To Pay With The Online 0% EMI At Daraz?

Want to pay with emi while shopping online at Daraz? Good news is waiting for you here! Now you can pay through the easiest online 0% emi policy for the installment you need from daraz.

Simple Process to Pay with 0% EMI Online

Step 1: Ensure only one product in your cart

⇒ Your order should contain only one product with a minimum value of BDT 10,000.

Step 2: Select Payment Method

⇒ Select Installment as your payment method during checkout.

Step 3: Select your EMI plan

⇒ Select Bank, EMI Tenure and enter your card details.

Step 4: Place your order

⇒ Input your OTP received through SMS or email and place your order.

N.B: It takes up to 7 working days for your emi plan to be activated and you will receive a sms from your bank once this is done.

For more info, visit the daraz online shopping website and app now.

>>Daraz Installment Plan for Safe Online Shopping<<

download daraz lite app

All You Need to Know About New Daraz Lite App

Are you worried about the limited storage of your mobile? Can’t download many apps despite wanting to slow down mobile? Then the new Daraz lite app is only for you. So now online shopping in Bangladesh will be more convenient without any kind of restrictions.

Daraz Lite App

Even though a large number of individuals wish to, they are unable to use the feature-rich Daraz app on their smartphones. The primary reason for this is a lack of available device storage space, Daraz app size, the condition of the battery, data use, and other factors. Daraz has developed a lite version of their application specifically for them. The new Daraz lite app will provide users with an excellent online shopping experience by overcoming these constraints.

Daraz Lite App is designed for whom?

The Daraz Lite app is for older smartphones. Because such phones frequently lack storage. Large-scale programs cannot operate properly since they drain the battery quickly, utilize a lot of data, and cause persistent lags.

Daraz launches a new lightweight Daraz app for older and slower phones users. So they may now shop online with less hassle and a better customer experience.

Fill Up Love GIF by Target

Why Choose Daraz Lite?

Anyone experiencing any difficulties while using the Daraz app can simply switch to the Daraz lite version. The shopping experience will be essentially identical to that of the regular app—but in a more uplifted and positive manner.

Let’s see the major advantages of the Daraz lite app-

1) App Size
The Daraz light application takes up less space. As a result, it is compatible with phones that have limited storage.

2) Battery Usage
Less battery consumption without compromising performance is another plus point of the Daraz lite app.

3) Internet Connectivity
A slow internet connection will not be again an issue for your phone. Daraz Light app works fine with 2g or 3g network.

4) App UI
For faster UX, the Daraz lite app provides a simple and clean interface with lighter UI elements.

5) App Speed
Daraz lite app is smaller in memory size than the regular app but faster in lower-end devices.

6) Data Usage
The Daraz lite app consumes less data than the regular app without compromising in-app navigation. So no more tension about that.

Music Video 90S GIF by Charli XCX

Differences between Daraz Native App and Daraz Lite App:
Feature Daraz Native App Daraz Lite App
App size 50 MB 15 MB
Connectivity Wi-Fi, 5G, 4G 3G, 4G, LTE
Device Memory 3GB & Above 2GB & Above
Chat with Seller Yes No
Daraz Live Yes No

Now, even if your phone’s configuration is not super, you can enjoy the best online shopping experience by using the new Daraz Lite app. So now online shopping in Bangladesh can be more fun in the Daraz app with ease and comfort.

dcoins checkout method

Updated dCoins Checkout Policy – 2022. Find the New Checkout Methods and Discount Amounts!

Who doesn’t like discounts while shopping online. And if it comes from the dCoins, the excitement will turn into the next level! It’s simple, you just need to know some easy dCoins checkout methods, discount amounts and minimum order value.

From this article, you can know in detail how the dCoins checkout works and the relevant to dos.

Make the Most of the Latest dCoins Checkout Discount

New Discount Method

>> Discount Percentage: 5% upto 300 TK per transaction

The customers will be able to get a 5% discount of the order value upto 300 TK per transaction. 5% of the order value or 300 TK whichever is the lowest will be allowed.

>> Minimum Order – 1000 TK per transaction

The Customers must place a minimum order of 1000 TK in order to be eligible for using coins on checkout.

>> Maximum Discount- 100 TK per transaction

The maximum amount of discount will be 100 TK per transaction.

>> Exchange Rate : 100 coins = 1TK

The customers will be able to exchange Coins at a rate of 100 coins for 1 TK discount.

dCoins Toggle at Checkout

  • A Coin Toggle Button will be visible on the checkout page for customers who meet all the requirements
  • The Toggle will be switched on by default if the customer is eligible
  • This section will have a Coin Logo and will show the number of coins that can be used and the discount amount.
  • The toggle can be Switched Off
  • If the Toggle is Switched off, the Toggle will vanish all together
  • There will be a Question Mark logo which when clicked will show customers educational info

 dCoins Toggle Appearing Criteria

  1. Coin Toggle Button will not be visible on the checkout page if

           > Minimum order value is not met

           > Customer does not have at least 100 Coins

              2. Once the Customer meets the minimum requirement the toggle will switch on automatically

Redemption at Checkout

After placing the Order, the exchanged dCoins discount can be seen in the Order details.

dCoins History

  • Customers can see the transaction history in the Coin History Page
  • Coin Expenditure for Processing order will show “Pending Purchases”
  • Coin Expenditure for Delivered products will show “Purchase”

To summarize, you can get discount by exchanging your dCoins at the time of payment which will offer you to shop from daraz in a more convenient manner.

how to use dcoins

How to Use dCoins in Daraz? Find the Updated dCoins Use Modality (2022)

Great news to all the online shoppers out there. Daraz Bangladesh is launching a coin-based loyalty and reward program ‘dCoins’ to its customers. dCoins is an exciting program that lets Daraz users avail discounts on the go. Anyone can get discounts with this loyalty and reward program.

What Is dCoins?

dCoins is a coin-based loyalty and reward program launched by daraz online shop. Users can earn coins easily by performing easy & simple missions of the dCoins program. After that, they can avail discounts at the time of payment. It’s a simple way to grab some exciting discounts.

Doing Simple Missions -> Earning Coins -> Getting Discount At the Time of Payment

Who Can Earn Coins?

The Daraz dCoins program allows anyone to earn coins. You can earn coins by just visiting the Daraz app on a regular basis, whether you are an old or new Daraz app user. Any online shopper with a little effort can quickly get the opportunity to win some fantastic facilities.

How Can You Earn Coins?

dCoins service is introduced by Daraz to provide more features to Daraz app users. You can get discounts at the time of payment from the Daraz App by collecting coins. You can collect coins in these 3 ways and get discounts.

1. Daily Check-in:

Through the Daily Check-in module of dCoins, you can earn a certain number of coins by visiting the dcoins page of Daraz app and clicking the button “Claim” every day of the week. With the coins you’ve collected, you’ll be able to get discounts afterward.

2. Daily Missions:

By completing various daily missions in the Daraz App, you can collect a certain number of coins. Collected dCoins can be exchanged with discounts at the time of payment in the future.

3. Purchases:

Daraz customers have the facility to collect dCoins while purchasing goods and services and then avail discounts with the dCoins at the time of payment.

How Do You Use Coins To Shop Online?

By completing the dCoins missions, daily check in and purchase in the Daraz app, you can collect coins. Using these collected coins to get discounts allows you to shop online in a more convenient manner. It is safe to state that dCoins will bring a fantastic online shopping experience for the customers. This loyalty and reward program is subject to detailed terms and conditions provided by Daraz Bangladesh which the customers are encouraged to read and understand prior to participation.

dCoins allows shoppers to conveniently avail offers for experiencing the greatest online shopping. Now, the best online shopping in Bangladesh will be at its best- thanks to Daraz dCoins. Enjoy!

>>How to Enjoy Vouchers from dCoins?<<