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Daraz BD exhibition at Digital World 2017
Last updated on December 21st, 2023 at 01:10 pm

Daraz bd online shop

Daraz Bangladesh is now on DW 2017 – #ReadyForTomorrow

Daraz BD(daraz.com.bd), leading e-commerce in Bangladesh joins at the biggest tech event Digital World 2017 at Bangabandhu International Conference Center (BICC), Dhaka. This mega event has came with a slogan named “Ready for Tomorrow”. The slogan of Govt. of Bangladesh “Digital Bangladesh” carries a great significance in order to ensure the development of BD through digitization. Apart from Daraz Bangladesh,  around 400 exhibitors from Bangladesh and abroad including policy makers, senior government officials & ministers, online industry leaders, civil society spokespersons, investors and multinational software vendor are the attendees in Digital Fair 2017. The first robot citizen in the world, Sofia is also an important attendee in DW 2017 at Dhaka.

Daraz BD in Digital World

Purpose to attain at DW 2017

The main purpose of being a exhibitor in Digital Fair is to educate digital shopping, facilities of shopping online to visitors. This is a great initiative by daraz.com.bd to describe Bangladeshi people that how easy online shopping is.

Have a look into what inside Daraz stall in this mega tech fair in Bangladesh

Daraz online shop at digital fair 2017

Free Makeup Service:

In the digital exhibition at Daraz stall, fair visitors can avail amazing makeup service by popular makeup artist Segufta at totally free. You can make yourself 100% groomy at no cost.

Live music instruments:

Music lovers have a great privilege at Daraz BD stall. Any visitor can get a chances to play music instruments free including guitars, roll up drums & percussion, flutes, keyboards etc. Playing live musical instrument will be a definite fun in the digital world.

Play PS4 Games Free:

Game lovers have a great chance to play Play Station 4 games for free at stall. You need only to download daraz mobile app and then you will get the full freedom to enjoy ps4 games.

Daraz on Digital Mela 2017

Check & Order products Directly:

Fair visitors can check their favorite products physically and order their preferred products instantly to shop online. Customer service agents will be there to confirm order and solve issues (if any). Different cosmetics, perfumes, mobile phones, music instruments are available in the stall to check.

Mobile Phone Touch & Feel:

Shoppers can now touch and check the mobile specs and features physically in the stall. Two latest GM 5 & GM 6 smartphones are their in the stall in the fair venue. This is surely a pleasure touch & feel opportunity in online shopping marketplace.

daraz stall at digital world 17



FB Messenger Voucher:

Online buyers now can find best facebook messenger vouchers for shopping. Daraz BD gives an opportunity to shop products online at 500 taka discount. For that, minimum order should be minimum 3,000BDT. Check the voucher code: digifair500, and shop now till 9th December. This code is exclusive for only digital fair 2017.




So, move around digital fair 2017. Never miss to visit Daraz Bangladesh stall (stall number # A 67) if you really want to find these amazing opportunities. Enjoy!


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Best DSLR Camera Accessories You Can Buy Online Right Now 1 4309

Buy dslr camera accessories online daraz bd
Last updated on January 16th, 2024 at 02:56 pm

Every sensible photographer has a very personal toolbox of camera accessories that are excessively used for photography. Once you have your favorite DSLR camera in hand, your next step in the journey is to get proper camera accessories that will help you get the most out of your DSLR camera.

However, this is also a little puzzling for a beginner photographer- you may start to wonder what DSLR camera accessories you actually need to make better captures, because of the variety and ultra-wide range of DSLR camera stuff. You can shop for reliable DSLR camera attachments online easily with the best price available at Daraz Mall now.

Essential DSLR Camera Accessories You Must Have

What are some best DSLR camera accessories you must have? Let’s aim at the detailed facts about 5 creative photography accessories that should be in every photographer’s bag-

1) DSLR Camera Case, Cover & Bag

Once you’ve got your new camera, you want to protect your camera and easily carry it between many locations for photographic purposes. Camera case and cover keep your DSLR camera safe and protect it from dust. There are different types of camera bags online from various renowned brands.

What to consider before picking up the right camera bag:
– Size of your camera
– The required space you need
– Prefer your comfort to choose from different camera bag types like backpacks, sling bags and shoulder bags

2) Tripod

A strong tripod is something very important you must own to shoot quality steady pictures. A tripod provides a way of holding your camera at exactly the right angle and keeping it absolutely still. You can check some best tripods online to have a durable one.

What to consider before picking up the right tripod:
– Choose a durable tripod over a cheap price
– Pick up a flexible one for both eye-level to close-to-ground photography
– Which one has a strong tripod head

3) DSLR Camera Lens

After a durable DSLR camera, you must have some quality DSLR camera lenses to capture the best moments around you as there are many types of lenses for different types of shoots. You have to choose the best-fitted lens for your DSLR camera.

What to consider before picking up the right DSLR camera lens:
– Your camera type
– Which subject you want to shoot more frequently
– Build quality, autofocus, and weatherproofing quality

4) DSLR Camera Batteries

The power crisis is one of the most challenging issues for DSLR cameras. Even the best DSLRs have a limitation in consuming huge power. You should definitely have a couple of spare DSLR batteries before your next photography trip or vacation.

What to consider before picking up the right DSLR camera battery:
– Originality and durability
– Power backup time
– Prefer nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) rechargeable batteries

5) Micro SD Card

Memory cards are a necessary element for any digital photographer. Generally, cameras do not come with built-in storage, so you need some external micro SD cards to store your favorite captured images.

What to consider before picking up the right Micro SD Card:
– Memory card format, speed, and storage capacity
– Prefer reliable brand’s SD card with warranty

These DSLR accessories can surely make your photography experience only better and better. You can tune up your photos according to your taste and demand. You can also improve your journey more by checking studio equipment and other camera accessories online.

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Daraz App: A Shopping Mall in Your Pocket 1 4904

buy everything on daraz

We are living in a strange world nowadays. Everything becomes so tiny and even a shopping mall cannot make an exception. Today you don’t have to visit the market to buy your goods- electronic devices & accessories, home appliances, health & beauty care products, toys for babies, fashion products for both men and women, and almost any type of products.

You can easily purchase your desired goods with some clicks on your phone or laptop. Online shopping is an easier, secure, and hassle-free system to shop for anything because of the rapid growth of the e-commerce sector in Bangladesh and Daraz is one of the leading faces of this parade.

Daraz is a prominent online marketplace in Bangladesh adjoining numerous sellers with millions of interested customers. On the Daraz website, buyers can search, compare, and ask direct queries about a particular product and sellers can respond to those inquiries directly. So it can be said that Daraz is not only a marketplace but a complete online business community with a pile of users in one place.

How can a Shopping Mall Fit in Your Pocket!!!

If you visit the Daraz app or website, you can find an innumerable number of products that are sorted into wealthy categories. In number, there are nearly 25 million products available in the Daraz marketplace with about 37k+ sellers listed to serve almost 10 million monthly active users all over the country.

All the products like mobile, laptop, tablet, fashion products (men & women), beauty products, shoes & clothing, cycles, e-cycles, motorbikes, and even everyday groceries are sorted into some well-maintained categories. So like any other shopping mall, you can easily get what you are looking for by browsing these categories and their sub-sections. But is Daraz more than a shopping mall?

Search On The Go

search on daraz app-daraz.com.bd

You can easily discover your intended item in Daraz by using the smart search option. Just type your product name on the search bar and go to the product details page to find out more about it. So it is actually an easier process of finding your aimed product than a traditional shopping mall.

Largest Online Collection

collection in daraz app-daraz.com.bd

Daraz Bangladesh offers you an extensive range of online collections for products. You can simply know all the product information and specifications by just visiting the product page. You can find the largest collection of products with the biggest variety, best price, and uncompromising quality.

User Review & Ratings

rate the products-daraz.com.bd

Another popular shopping feature of Daraz is customer reviews and ratings. When you are visiting a particular product page, you can find many user reviews and ratings by previous customers about that product. That can be quite helpful for you before making the final order. You can also ask queries about the item that are answered directly by the seller- which is another big plus for Daraz online shopping.

Easy & Secured Payment

pay on daraz app-daraz.com.bd

It is not always safe to purchase in cash. There are many risk values present in such kind of cash shopping. But in the Daraz app, you can effortlessly order anything that can be purchased in various payment methods including cash-on-delivery.

Faster Home Delivery

fastest delivery-daraz.com.bd

When you purchase something from the local market, you have to carry that to your home on your own- no matter how big it is or how heavy. Sometimes it causes more trouble than imagined. But you can now enjoy super quick home delivery of your ordered product.

Easy Refund Policy

refund on daraz app-daraz.com.bd

What if you bought something from the local market and after reaching home you identified it faulty? You have to carry that product back all along to the shop and there is no assured warranty that the seller will solve that issue. But Daraz offers you the best refund policy for this type of case. Because shopping without any limitation and hassle is the number one trait of Daraz online shopping and to enjoy more deals, keep visiting the Daraz online shop.

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