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For the first time in Bangladesh daraz.com.bd is bringing the concept of Black Friday in the name of FATAFATI Friday on 4 December, 2015.  On FATAFATI Friday there will be unbelievable discounts on each and every category of the product available on Daraz. 30% to 70% discounts will be offered on your favorite brands and more. Brands like Samsung, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, Bata, Apex, including top fashion brands are participating at the biggest sale of the year.

Daraz always intends to give the best deals to its customer base, with their Cash on Delivery method, it ensures a reliable and hassle-free customer experience. Therefore, to make FATAFATI Friday even more fatafati, Daraz is introducing Double Taka Voucher.

What is Double Taka Voucher?

The Double Taka Voucher can only be purchased online from daraz.com.bd using your credit/debit card. It is available now and will only be sold until November 25th, midnight. The voucher will be applicable from midnight of December 4. This voucher will give you double the value of its purchase value. Which means, if you buy a 10,000 Taka voucher and exercise it during FATAFATI Friday, you will get 20,000 Taka off. Not to mention you will also be getting all the crazy discounts and deals available only on FATAFATI Friday, on top of the voucher discount.

Categories of Double Taka Voucher 

Daraz is bringing 4 types of Double Taka Voucher starting from 1000 Taka. Check out voucher details below.

Voucher Name Customer Pays TK Voucher Value TK on FATAFATI Friday Minimum Purchase Amount to Exercise the Voucher
1000 TK Voucher 1,000 2,000 2,000 TK Product
2000 TK Voucher 2,000 4,000 4,000 TK Product
5000 TK Voucher 5,000 10,000 10,000 TK Product
10000 TK Voucher 10,000 20,000 20,000 TK Product

How Double Taka Voucher Works?

  1. Visit the Double Taka Voucher page, Click here
  2. Place your Double Taka Voucher order using your debit/credit card
  3. The voucher will be delivered to you via e-mail within 3 hours of placing your order. Please note, THERE IS NO PHYSICAL DELIVERY OF VOUCHERS
  4. The voucher is pre-paid orders only paid via credit/debit card
  5. The vouchers are inactive now but will be double the value of the paid price during FATAFATI Friday Sale from December 4, 2015 from midnight to midnight
  6. The voucher can be applied on check-out point
  7. This deal is not applicable to cash on delivery
  8. One voucher per-person, multiple purchases are not allowed

So don’t wait, purchase the Double Taka Voucher NOW and get double the discount only on FATAFATI Friday, November 27th on daraz.com.bd.

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