Flash sale came and swept all the stocks of Microsoft Lumia 535 0 1594

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Starting at 7pm on 27 December 2016Daraz customer service center was in a frenzy with all the phones ringing off the hook with only one demand- Lumia 535! The entire stock was sold out in an hour.

Microsoft Lumia 535 is one of the most highly demanded budget phone of previous year which is an ideal phone for selfie lovers with five megapixel front camera. Its Quad-Core processor, 8 GB internal memory, and 1 GB RAM makes it one of the best value for money phones of 2015.


Daraz dropped the price dangerously down from 11,500 Taka to 7,262. giving it a 37% discount from 7-10pm yesterday. Daraz received inordinate response and sold out clean. The Flash sale accelerated Daraz regular order volume up to five times more than on a regular day.

Previously Daraz gave a successful Flash Sale during Fatafati Friday on fashion products, this time they decided to go for Flash Sale on mobile phones.

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