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Daraz group, operating in 5 countries- Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, Srilanka and Pakistan has taken the initiative to build future business leaders of the nations. This leading online platform of Bangladesh designed the program to help its participants to be the next leader and provide the opportunities to prove their capabilities and pursue full growth potential.

Objective of DFLP Program

The objective of this program is simple: “transform our DFLP’s (Management Trainees) into leaders within a period of 18 months”. This means giving them all the space they need to flourish into their future management roles. That includes giving them exposure to challenging projects, extensive on-boarding, external/internal training, top management coaching, departmental rotations and monthly outings.

What You Will Learn

  • E-Commerce: Learn everything there is to know about e-commerce and become a knowledgeable market expert by learning from the pioneers in our industry.
  • Project Management: Manage projects in various departmental areas.
  • Local & Global: Become an expert leader by making decisions both locally and globally. Work firsthand with our department heads & CEO’s by leading projects on a strategic level.
  • Leadership Skills: Learn how to become a leader through on the job experience, training, coaching & mentoring.

Introduction to Daraz Future Leadership Program

The DFLP program is an 18 months program designed to help you become our next leader.

Throughout the three six-month rotations, you’ll be given opportunities that drive business results and will help you grow to your maximum potential. Your industry knowledge and leadership skills will be accelerated through robust coaching.

18th Month Overview

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Perks of the Program

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What Does It Take To Be A DFLP?

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Where Will You Be Adding Value?

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Be a part of the global expansion journey and the Daraz Group

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You will be required to fill out your personal details, record a video and decide on the job function that best matches your passion and career ambition. 

Step 2: Pre-Assessment

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Take our online assessment tests which will help us evaluate your personal and cognitive abilities.

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If you believe your values are in line with our company culture and you are the right fit, we will call you in for a case study competition where you will be assessed on your approach and competency. 

Step 4: Interviews With the Management

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This is the final stage of our talent acquisition process where you will be invited for an interview with the management to see if you can be one of Daraz’s next future leaders!



Work for the biggest e-commerce platform and learn the latest technologies from Alibaba. Get a chance to transform the ecommerce industry in this rising economy.

  • Diverse Work Environment: Throughout the three six-month rotations, you’ll be given opportunities that drive business results and will help you grow to your maximum potential.
  • Performance Driven Culture: You are given meaningful work and get to see the impact of your work while being surrounded around driven and intelligent colleagues.
  • Deep Industry Knowledge: End to end understanding of the business and learn the industry best practices and guidelines by industry giants.
  • Limitless Growth Opportunities: You are given meaningful work and get to see the impact of your work while being surrounded around driven and intelligent colleagues.

Apply online to enroll for the Daraz Future Leadership Program (DFLP) – 2021 and become a leader in Daraz Bangladesh.

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  1. This stage is new to me as a candidate for job. Really appreciated because of do not need to go outside for an interview, no need travel costs and easy way to catch your demand.
    Thank you

  2. Assalamualikom
    This is Grate Chances for A Smart Employed and Startup.
    Thanks, Daraz for Started This type of Opportunity.
    How can Apply?
    Please Provide All Details.

  3. Daraz is the biggest online shopping platform in bangladesh now.it’s improving so fast.it’s not necessary to go out for shopping in this covid-19 lockdown situation people easily can get their ordered product by ordering from this site.i think oneday daraz ll be international multi business company as like as alibaba in 8/10 years.bangladesh national cricket team’s sponsorship is now under Daraz.if i can be a part of Daraz anyhow i ll be happy. best of luck

  4. স‍্যার,
    আমার গত ৩১শে মে ২০২১ ইং তারিখে ভিডিও ইন্টারভিউ ছিল স‍মস‍্যার জন্য দিতে পারি না। এখন আবার সুযোগ দিলে কৃতজ্ঞ থাকব।

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