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Now, it’s time to start a new journey in greener technology. Technology is evolving significantly and introducing more and more convenient innovations to provide a great experience. eSIM is one of the most noteworthy mobile technologies that give an immense advantage to mobile phone users.

In Bangladesh, eSIM comes with great benefits for mobile phone users on March 1, 2022. Now, you can transfer your Grameenphone physical SIM to eSIM and this virtual SIM is available for some specific phone models at present.

Although it’s a common query right now what is eSIM, many smartphone users have already migrated to eSIM. Do you want to have an eSIM on your phone?

Let’s get acknowledged the concept of eSIM, the migration process of eSIM, the cost of having eSIM, and the benefits of eSIM.

What is eSIM?

eSIM refers to the embedded SIM which can be electronically programmed into a smartphone instead of inserting a physical SIM. This type of SIM allows you to connect with your chosen operator without the requiring of manual insertion.

What are the Benefits of eSIM?

eSIM cuts the uses of physical SIM so that you can use a virtual SIM with more facilities. Besides introducing an eSIM in Bangladesh helps to cut down the environmental wastage.

It allows the phone users to have an international operator even if they are in Bangladesh. Let’s see the advantages of using an eSIM.

Easy to Install

eSIM is easy to install and it is more convenient rather than the physical SIM you are currently using.


eSIM is safer than the physical SIM. Because now you don’t need to panic about losing your SIM card.

Environment Friendly

Maybe you are currently using a physical SIM in Bangladesh which is made with plastic. This material is not eco-friendly, is it? When you have a virtual SIM, you don’t need to use a separate SIM card.

Who can Use the eSIM Right Now?

Certain packages and some specific models of the smartphone are included in eSIM. Let’s take a look at the below list.

eSIM Availed Products

  • Prepaid (Nischinto)
  • Postpaid (My Plan)
  • Migration

The Business Solutions customers including Prepaid and Postpaid are not eligible for eSIM.

Which Brands Smartphone Support eSIM in Bangladesh?

Apple Devices

iPhone XR, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 12, and 13 have built-in eSIM support. 

Samsung Devices

Versions of Samsung Galaxy S20, S21, Note 20, and Galaxy Fold

Google Pixel Devices

Google Pixel 3, 3a, 4, 4a, 5, 5a, and 6 Pro also support eSIM.

Where do You Get the Grameenphone eSIM?

At present, Grameenphone provides the eSIM for the desired users at the below delivery locations.

  • GP House Experience Center
  • GPC Lounge Gulshan
  • Simanto Square GPC, Dhanmondi
  • GPC Lounge GEC- CTG
  • Bashundhara city GPC
  • GP Online shop
  • Farmgate GPC
  • Sylhet Korimullah Market GPC
  • Dhaka Airport GPC
  • Uttara Jasimuddin road GPC
  • Motijheel GPC

How to Buy or Activate eSIM?

Activation of eSIM is super easy. You have to go to an eSIM delivery location that is mentioned in the upper section. And follow the below steps to activate your eSIM.

  • First, choose your plan
  • Select your mobile number
  • Complete the biometric verification process
  • Turn on your phone’s internet connection 
  • Scan the SIM kit’s QR Code
  • Just go through the following steps

You can also contact Grameenphone Online Customer Service for clarifying your more queries.

How to Migrate to eSIM from Your Physical SIM?

Migrating from a physical SIM to eSIM is straightforward and easy. Just take a look at the following steps.

You need to go to your nearest GP Center or GP online shop with the eligible handset for eSIM.

  • Request for eSIM migration
  • Finish the biometric verification process
  • Turn on the data connection in your mobile
  • Scan the QR Code found in the SIM kit
  • Allow the steps that your device shows

How Much Cost Do You Need to Have an eSIM in Bangladesh?

The cost of purchasing an eSIM is not expensive. Now you can get an eSIM only at 200 TK cost. If you want to migrate to eSIM, you’ll require 99TK only. But the migration is totally free for the GP STAR users.

One more interesting thing is that GP provides the online delivery services of eSIM for the Dhaka Metropolitan city only. In this case, you can place an order for your eSIM.

Final Verdict

Well, now you are able to take an eSIM for you as you have already gone through the article about the eSIM registration and the process of migrating the eSIM from the desired location in Bangladesh.

Make sure that your package and the mobile device are compatible with the eSIM before going to make a purchase.

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