12.12 sale on daraz bangladesh

How to Avail All Daraz 12.12 Mega Deals and Discount Offers?

Gear up and get ready for the mega year-ending sale this December as Daraz brings you its awaited Daraz 12.12 Sale on Daraz! So, get ready to make your online shopping worthwhile while as this December you can avail of exclusive mega deals, free shipping deals, exclusive launches, and exciting discount offers. You eagerly waited Daraz 12.12 Sale is a complete Year-End Sale-Bration!

Avail discounts on 12.12 sale

Daraz 12.12 Discounts and Deals

If you’re wondering what this year 12.12 brings you, then you’re in the right place. Shop for all you want and prepare beforehand with all you can make the most of with the 12.12 online shopping discount extravaganza and get ready to make your sale shopping even better.

Here’s all that Daraz brings you this sale, so get ready!

Early bird vouchers on daraz 12/12

12.12 Discount Vouchers

Just like before, Daraz brings you exciting vouchers that you can use for a minimum purchase limit. Click on collect and check “My Account” to use the discount voucher!

Learn how to use voucher codes on Daraz bd.

Payment Partners of 12.12

Bank discounts bring you a chance to get decent discounts on your purchases in this 12.12 campaign. Get an instant discount when you pay with your card on Daraz with the partnered bank cards of Daraz. You can also grab instant cashback from bKash payment at this 12.12 sale.

Free Shipping

You can consider December – the month of free shipping! Throughout this campaign, you will be able to enjoy free shipping by prior notice any day.

So, waiting for what? Save some money and keep eye on the Daraz 12.12 shopping guide from the official Daraz blog! Add to your cart or wishlist your most favorite products and stay tight till 12th December. Happy Shopping! 

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12.12 sale on daraz bangladesh

How to Avail More Discounts from Daraz 12.12 Sale?

For your kind concern, another mega shopping campaign of Daraz is certainly on the way. To repeat the last successive year on a broader margin, several mega-discounted deals are yet to be unlocked only on Daraz 12.12 Sale truly. So, to feel the super online shopping thrill of the 12.12 campaign, stay tight holding the Daraz app only. Enjoy a lot of discounts, vouchers, and amazing deals from 12th December to 23rd December 2022.

How to Avail Maximum Discounts on Daraz 12.12 Sale?

Enjoy maximum discounts on 12.12 campaign

Discount Offers to Enjoy During Daraz 12.12 Campaign

Top deals on daraz 12/12 mega campaign

Shake Shake

Unlock unlimited fascinating deals shaking your Daraz app. Just mark the limited time slots and get ready for the biggest blast until Daz appears on the app.

Mystery Box

Who doesn’t love the mystery box? Just keep your eyes on Daraz App to avail the mysterious gift during the 12.12 sale.

Review & Win Voucher

Leave reviews of your purchased products from Daraz and win vouchers in this 12.12 campaign.

Review vouchers

How to win by reviewing the products

Brand Voucher

Enjoy seller vouchers, store vouchers, and brand vouchers in this mega shopping campaign in Daraz Bangladesh.

Early Bird Voucher

Grab the desired and most amazing early bird vouchers to shop with great discount offers on this mega sale of 12.12.

Early bird vouchers on 12/12 mega sale

Surprise Voucher

Surprise vouchers are just waiting for you. Explore Daraz App to grab the surprise vouchers and make your shopping experience more fabulous.

Happy Hour Voucher

Any discount offer is about bringing the ultimate happiness while the Happy Hour Voucher holds the true power to tremendously make you happy. Throughout the whole campaign time, various voucher codes will be unlocked in different time slots.

Daraz Mall Voucher

Want some authentic products from a trusted online shop? Daraz mall is 24/7 ready to make you a longer privileged one. Hence, you can check the Daraz mall voucher code to avail yourself of level best discounts on authentic products more easily.

Hot Deals

Hot deals on 12.12 campaign

Mega Deals

A bunch of deals through which you can have a vital chance to grab a bundle of mega offers. But the unlimited discount percentage is one of the key highlights of mega deals for every mega campaign like the 12.12 online shopping carnival.

Mega deals on Daraz 12.12 sale

Mega Voucher

If essential products like mobile, tv, room heater, geezer, or other appliances stay on your prime consideration while shopping online, don’t forget to apply marvelous mega vouchers. Now shopping budget products will contain real fun with the on-time use of these lucrative voucher codes.

Live Stream Free Giveaway

Watch Daraz live stream and win a free giveaway in this 12.12 mega campaign.

Live Stream Buy & Win

Make your purchase while watching the live stream on Daraz App and enjoy more exciting offers.

Firework Voucher

Exciting offers on daraz 12.12 mega campaign

Sign up on Daraz & Win a Smartphone (New Users)

For new users, Daraz comes with an exciting offer. Sign up on Daraz as a new user and don’t miss a chance to win a smartphone.

Free Shipping Voucher (Specific Category)

Free shipping on daraz 12.12

Add to Cart Giveaway

What if you will be able to build a perfect wish list and Daraz makes you the ultimate happiest one giving those wish-listed products completely free. Yes, this is going to happen at this larger 12.12 sale campaign of Daraz Bangladesh.

Pre-Payment Discount and Cashback Offer

Prepayment is totally a kind of blessing as every campaign including Daraz 12.12 Sale offers. From Daraz 12.12 Guide, you can have an exact margin of discounts while making online payments through bank cards partnered with Daraz BD. Again, grabbing extra cashback from Daraz is more accessible than before as bKash online payment is ready always with a huge amount of cashback.

How to get the prepayment discount

You can check attractive Daraz campaign deals: Mega Deals | Happy Hour | bKash Offers | Shake Shake | Mystery Box | Free Shipping 

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12.12 sale on daraz bangladesh

Why Shopping From Daraz 12.12 Sale Campaign?

What is Daraz 12.12 sale?

We know the 11.11 campaign is the biggest sale day in Bangladesh but according to the importance, Daraz 12.12 sale 2022 campaign is also going to create a long lasted vibe in the e-commerce sale history of the country. Now 12.12 sale or double 12 sale campaign has become popular worldwide. Actually, the main promotion of December 12 was launched by Taobao (the largest online marketplace in China). Then Alibaba continued this remarkable journey – a 12.12 sale campaign through Alipay. And their huge success has been reflected in Lazada, Daraz, and other popular e-commerce marketplaces as well. Daraz singles day sale was huge and so, Daraz is introducing you to 12-12 sales or double 12 sales as an aftershock. To continue this bright history, this time Daraz Bangladesh is going to arrange Daraz 12.12 sale from 12th December to 23rd December 2022 broadly.

Buying guide in 12.12 sale on Daraz

How Daraz 12.12 sale campaign can amuse you?

Through Daraz 12/12 sale campaign, some interesting features are going to be unlocked. From this big sale campaign, customers will be surprised to have collectible vouchers. Collectible vouchers are those types of vouchers through which customers will be able to take benefits for applying multiple vouchers within a small amount of minimum purchase. So, real amazement is waiting for you in Daraz Mobile App. Now crawling through Daraz App, you can reveal more interesting deals where discounts can be found as the biggest issue. 

Best deals on daraz 12.12 sale

What are the biggest deals of Daraz 12.12 sale campaign?

This time Daraz is offering you a lot of magnificent deals throughout the Daraz 12.12 sale campaign. From this large sale campaign, it will be very easy for you to enjoy exclusive brand vouchers, and crazy vouchers along with some top rated discount vouchers, Happy Hour Vouchers, Daraz Mall Vouchers, Early Bird Vouchers, Shake Shake, Mystery Box, Seller or store vouchers, Free shipping deals, hot deals, surprise vouchers, and other mega vouchers. Check the top deals on Daraz 12.12 sale in 2022.

Mega deals on Daraz 12.12 campaign

Are you waiting for more discount offers?

Enjoying more discount offers is now a simple matter in Daraz as you already have seen on the occasion of every Daraz mega campaign. If you follow our regular flash sales, you can find your necessary products from all categories at the cheapest price rate in this mega shopping festival of Daraz Bangladesh. Besides, other delicious offers mentioned in the Daraz 12.12 Blogs are also ready to be revealed in Daraz 12.12 sale campaign 2022.

Review the products and win vouchers

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