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Summer dresses for girls

5 Unique & Best Trendy Summer Dresses for Women in 2022

Yes, it’s essential to have some comfortable and lightweight dresses in summer, isn’t it? When you need to attend a picnic in the park or a party this summer, you must wear trendy summer clothes which make your trip more unique and pleasant. Here, you’ll get the best trendy summer dresses for women that can accelerate your enthusiasm to enjoy a momentous summer.

Summer clothes for plus size are available in the market. But which one will be the best fit for you is value for money and comes with the latest design is included in our list.

In 2022, girl’s fashion has already changed a lot with different women’s clothing or dressing styles. Tops, Maxis, and other lightweight dresses are available, especially for summer for casual uses.

Let’s go through the article and know about the best summer dresses for women with the latest design at the best price. Besides, what you must consider while selecting the best summer clothes is explored in this blog.

What are the Types of Summer Dresses for Women?

Summer is a season of easy fashion, bright colors, and light fabrics that will let you get through the oppressive heat without much effort. Women’s fashion greatly varies from season to season.

There are different types of summer dresses including all sizes for all ages women. See the below types of summer dresses.

Blouson dresses, maxi dresses, A-line dresses, sheath dresses, shift dresses, Midi Dress, tube dresses, bodycon dresses, mini dresses, T-shirt dresses, and shirt dresses.

Unique and Best Summer Dresses for Women

The summer dresses for women are generally with short sleeves or sleeveless. Here, the most popular and latest summer women’s dresses are explored.

1. Corduroy Tops for Teenage / Girl

Summer dresses for women

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Product Details

  • Special Features: Made for fit female body shape curves.
  • Chest: 36 inch & Length: 29 inch.
  • Size / Age: M L XL

2. Stylish Kurti For Women(One Piece)

Summer clothes for girls

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Product Details

  • Product Type: Kurti
  • Main Material: swiss cotton
  • Kameez: swiss cotton
  • Long: 47 Inches
  • Body: 42 Inches
  • Rich fabric· Designed according to the latest patterns
  • Offered in various sizes and colors
  • Easy to wash· 
  • Perfect fitting
  • Soft stylish design, and comfortable.

3. Fashion tops ladies short sleeve

Comfortable dress for summer

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Product Details

  • Product Type: Ladies T-shirt & Tops
  • Color: White
  • Main Material: 100% Cotton
  • Stylish: fashionable & Casual
  • Body fabrics: 100% cotton s/JGSM: 160 from 180
  • Sleeve Style: Short Sleeve
  • Size: M L XL

4. Chiffon Short Plain Color Small Cape 

Stylish summer clothe for women

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Product Details

  • Material: Chiffon
  • Size: 40 * 90 cm
  • Weight: 76 g
  • Color: Black / White

5. Teens Yarn Dye Fashionable Long Tops

Best summer clothe for women

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Product Details

  • Size: 7-8,10-11,11-12,13-14 & 16 years
  • Size guide: 7-8 yrs (Chest-26” & Length 24”), 10-11 yrs (Chest-28′ & Length 31”),11-12 yrs (Chest-32” & Length 34″),13-14 yrs (Chest-32” & Length 35”),14-16 yrs (Chest-34” & Length 36”)
  • Color: As Same As Picture
  • Main Material: cotton+Spandex

How to Choose the Best Trendy Summer Dresses?

Summer dresses for women are also ideal for women who enjoy wearing fashionable clothing. Dresses are, in reality, one of the wardrobe requirements for having something fashionable, lovely, and stunning to wear on most occasions.

Some considerable points you must remember while choosing the best trendy summer dresses. Best summer dresses plus size come in a lot of colors and styles also. 

Besides the size is the most considerable factor that should consider before buying a lightweight summer dress.

  • Length of your summer dress
  • Colors of your summer dress
  • Patterns of your summer dress

However, the length, sizes, colors, patterns, and types of summer dresses vary significantly. You can choose the best trendy summer dresses for you based on your exact choice and requirements.

Concluding Words

The best trendy summer dresses can give you a worthy summer. As you’ll wear lightweight and comfortable dresses, every trip and party will be more amazing.

Some dresses are available in a specific size. So make sure that you are gonna choose the perfect size for the perfect match. Find out the best trendy summer dresses for women considering several factors which are already mentioned in the upper section.

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Best body scrubs for women

5 Best Body Scrubs in Bangladesh to Brighten Your Skin

Hey, wanna have smooth, bright, and glowing skin? Body scrubs remove the dead skin cells and leave your skin healthier and radiant. You are in the right place to get the best body scrubs in Bangladesh. Now find out the best body scrubs for skin whitening and glowing skin.

Maybe your skin is dull or dry. In this case, mild exfoliation can be the best solution for you. It works for whitening your skin.

Let’s get acknowledged with the basics of body scrub and choose the best scrub and exfoliators that suit your skin.

Our Top 5 Picks at a Glance (Best Body Scrubs)

  • FASMC Bath Salts Body Massage Scrub Lavender
  • FASMC Bath Salts With Rose Body Massage Scrub
  • YESNOW Bath Salt (Lavender) Body Massage Scrub
  • FASMC Bath Salts Body Massage Scrub Milk
  • Madina PAPAYA & APRICOT Face Scrub

What is Body Scrub?

The body scrub is a mechanical exfoliator. This type of exfoliator includes some abrasive materials like salt or sugar which help to remove the dead skin cells from the surface or outer layer of your skin.

Stimulating the skin cell turnover prevents acne breakouts in the long run and gifts you an expected result of your skin smoothness.

Best Body Scrubs in Bangladesh You Can Grab Right Now

As the skin is a sensitive organ of our body, it’s essential to choose the high-quality and most effective body scrub for sure. 

1. FASMC Bath Salts Body Massage Scrub Lavender

Fasmc body scrub

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Product Details

  • Bath Salts
  • 04 Extracts Available
  • Net weight 380g
  • Extra Whitening Bath Scrub

2. FASMC Bath Salts With Rose Body Massage Scrub

Fasmc body scrubs bath salts

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Product Details

  • FASMC bath salts body massage scrub:
  • Make skin enjoy the spa.
  • Net weight 380g
  • Extra whitening bath salts.

3. YESNOW Bath Salt (Lavender) Body Massage Scrub

Yesnow body scrubs for skin whitening

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Product Details

  • Cleans pores
  • Removes dark spots
  • Removes dead cells
  • Makes skin soft and smooth
  • Works as a skin moisturizer
  • 400gm
  • Lavender

4. FASMC Bath Salts Body Massage Scrub Milk

bath salts body scrubs

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Product Details

  • Bath Salts
  • 04 Extracts Available
  • Net weight 380g
  • Extra Whitening Bath Scrub

5. Madina PAPAYA & APRICOT Face Scrub

Best body scrubs

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Product Details

  • Contains natural apricot beads
  • Good for all types of Skin
  • Moisture infused formula
  • Volume 150 ml

Which Type of Exfoliator is Perfect for Your Skin?

There are two types of exfoliators.

  • Physical Exfoliator
  • Chemical Exfoliator

Scrubbing twice a week will make a physical exfoliator more effective if you have dry to normal skin and the dead skin cell layer accumulates quickly. 

The physical exfoliator is the finest and the most suitable option for individuals who do not maintain a skincare routine for various reasons and do not have any skin concerns.

The chemical exfoliator will perform effectively for people whose skin is affected by grainy scrubs due to sensitivity. You know what happens when you rub scrubs on active or inflamed acne. The pimple will burst, allowing bacteria to spread throughout the surrounding area.

So, if you have oily sensitive skin, you can use a chemical exfoliant to deep clean the pores and reveal new, vibrant skin. Just remember that if you use a chemical exfoliant, you must use sunscreen before going outside, it is not an option.

How to Use Body Scrub?

Using the body scrub is simple and straightforward. Besides, it’s also safe for your skin. You have to just follow the below steps.

  • Use warm water to rinse your skin at first.
  • Put the desired amount of the body scrub.
  • Rub the scrub gently in a smaller circular motion.
  • Scrub your skin for no more than 30 seconds.
  • Now rinse your skin thoroughly with warm water.
  • You may shave if needed.
  • Pat your skin dry
  • Lastly, apply moisturizer

Last Words

Best body scrubs in Bangladesh are explored in this article. The mentioned body scrubs are best for whitening and glowing your skin.

However, the best body scrubs can provide the best solution for your skin. Now it’s time to get the most appropriate body scrub and glow your skin. 

best salicylic face wash

Best Salicylic Acid Face Wash In Bangladesh (2022)

When it comes to owning clear skin, a salicylic acid face wash should be your best option. It can start reviving your acne-prone skin from deep. Salicylic acid is a type of oil-soluble beta-hydroxy acid that effectively enters the skin to reduce excess oil and sebum, leading to many acne forms following whiteheads, blackheads, etc. The salicylic acid face wash also refreshes your skin, removing dead skin cells on the surface that can contribute to clogged pores and skin dryness. Salicylic acid can even support reduce soreness linked with breakouts.

You may have searched for an affordable price range of salicylic acid face wash in bangladesh. Hence, this post can be your complete guide in search the best salicylic acid face wash in bangladesh at a budget price online.

List Of Best Salicylic Acid Face Wash In Bangladesh (2022)

Top 5 Salicylic Acid Face Wash in Bangladesh:

There are many renowned brands that are offering salicylic acid face wash. You can easily find the best face wash with salicylic acid for acne-prone skin in bangladesh. So let’s have a quick look at the top-quality salicylic acid face wash in Bangladesh.

1) BREYLEE Acne Treatment Facial Cleanser With Salicylic Acid

BREYLEE Acne Treatment Facial Cleanser is powered by tea tree oil and salicylic acid, this acne facial cleanser helps to clear existing acne blemishes, reduce redness and inflammation, heal acne from the source and preventing future breakouts. This acne face wash works gently on the skin, it can gently remove dirt, excess oil from the skin’s surface without drying the skin.

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2) Nature Republic Bee Venom Salicylic Acid Cleansing Foam

Nature Republic Bee Venom Cleansing Foam effectively treats blemishes while delivering restful hydration that leaves skin feeling soft, clear, and supple. Foam a desired amount of cleanser by rubbing in wet hands and then massage onto face and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

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3) COSRX Salicylic Acid Daily Gentle Cleanser

COSRX Daily Gentle Cleanser is a non-drying daily cleanser that polish with salicylic acid. It gently removes impurities and excess sebum while fighting acne and blemishes, leaving skin soft and smooth without the stripping feeling. Its natural BHA component Dissolves oils away and provides a fresh finish to the skin.

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4) Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Facial Cleanser with Salicylic Acid

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Facial Cleanser contains various necessary ingredients like salicylic acid to help fight acne while cleansing skin. Its unique formula gently cleanses deep down into pores with conditioners while the salicylic acid acne medicine helps prevent future breakouts. Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash is suitable for daily use as part of a regular acne skincare routine.

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Best Salicylic Acid Face Wash In Bangladesh - CeraVe SA Smoothing Cleanser with Salicylic Acid

CeraVe SA Smoothing Cleanser with Salicylic Acid is suitable for rough and bumpy skin. Also suitable for skin prone to Keratosis Piliaris. This face wash gently removes oil, dirt and makeup. It’s a fragrance-free, non-irritating, non-comedogenic face wash with 3 essential ceramides to protect the skin’s natural barrier.

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best sulfate free shampoo

Best Sulfate Free Shampoo in Bangladesh (2022)

Are you care-worn about your hair health? Then sulfate free shampoo can bring the finest solution for you. Nowadays searching for the sulfate free shampoo in Bangladesh is quite easy now.

If you want to find the best deals for the best sulfate free shampoo in Bangladesh, daraz online shopping can be your foremost source.

What are the benefits of using sulfate free shampoo?

  • Reduced scalp irritation.
  • Reduced frizz.
  • Reduced irritation of skin around the hair (neck, back, hairline acne)
  • Leaves hair softer and more conditioned.
  • Leaves curly hair more intact.

Best Sulfate Free Shampoo Price List (2022)

Best Sulfate Free Shampoo Price In Bangladesh
Studio X Shampoo (175ML) BDT 202
Sunsilk Shampoo (650ML) BDT 440
Dove Shampoo (650ML) BDT 505
Tresemme Shampoo (580ML) BDT 504
Clear Shampoo (330ML) BDT 389

Best Sulfate Free Shampoo List With Price 2022

1. Studio X Shampoo (175ML)

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Studio X proudly brings you the sulfate free shampoo according to your budget. The best part is you can maintain clean and strong hair for the long term. This shampoo is made especially for men which gives you unrivaled shine and volume that is sure to turn heads.

2. Sunsilk Shampoo (650ML)

buy sunsilk shampoo from

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This is the prominent sulfate free shampoo made by Sunsilk which is effective for the lusciously thick and long hair as well. Its exclusive formula is enriched with keratin yoghurt and nutrients that will make your hair look fuller and visibly thick.

3. Dove Shampoo (650ML)

buy dove shampoo from

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Dove shampoo is popular enough not only for hair fall rescue solutions but also for the hopeful protection from sulfate now. Most positive part of the Dove Shampoo is its nutrilock activity which deeply nourishes damaged hair from roots up. And to make hair stronger or to reduce hair fall, Dove shampoo can be your favorite one.

4. Tresemme Shampoo (580ML)

buy tresemme shampoo from

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You may have known that Tresemme is famous as one of the most popular shampoo brands of the world. This is the shampoo you can easily trust for the refreshed and smooth hair without any hair loss. But as you are looking for the sulfate free shampoo, tresemme is the brand to match your demand perfectly.

5. Clear Shampoo (330ML)

buy clear shampoo from

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Basically, Clear shampoo is most known as the shampoo for deep cleansing. And to deep cleanse the dandruff and to remove the germ from the root of the hair and scalp, clear shampoo can be the right choice. As if sulfate free shampoo is in your consideration, ordering clear shampoo is a wise decision for sure.

Is this sulfate free Shampoo List helpful for you? Let us know which one is your most favorite just commenting below. If you want to grab more lucrative deals on other beauty and health products, visit Daraz Valentine’s Day Sale campaign now. 

5 mobile phones at best price

সেরা দামে ৫ টি মোবাইল ফোন দেখে নিন এক নজরে (২০২২)

বর্তমানে বাংলাদেশের অনলাইন মোবাইল বাজার বেশ সম্মৃদ্ধির পথে, দেশি-বিদেশি বিভিন্ন মোবাইল ব্র্যান্ড উন্নতমানের স্মার্টফোন বাজারজাত করে ইতোমধ্যেই পুরো বিশ্বকেই তাক লাগিয়ে দিতে সক্ষম হয়েছে। তবুও বর্তমানে কোন মোবাইল কোম্পানির ফোন সবচেয়ে ভালো, এ বিষয়ে প্রায় সারাবছরই ক্রেতাদের মধ্যে ভিন্ন প্রতিক্রিয়া লক্ষ করা যায়। এক্ষেত্রে পছন্দের মোবাইল বা স্মার্টফোন কেনার আগে যা জানা দরকার, তা হল যুগোপযোগী স্মার্টফোন কেনার টিপস। আর অনলাইনেও জনপ্রিয় ব্র্যান্ডের মোবাইল কেনার পরামর্শ খুব সহজেই এখন পেয়ে যেতে পারেন। অনলাইনে এখন চলছে দেশের সবচেয়ে বড় অনলাইন মেলা দারাজ ইলেকট্রনিক্স উইক ক্যাম্পেইন, যার মাধ্যমে ভালো স্মার্টফোন (২০২২) অনলাইনে কেনা যাবে একেবারে নিশ্চিন্তে।

সুলভ মোবাইলের দাম (২০২২) ও তালিকা একনজরে

জনপ্রিয় ৫টি মোবাইলের তালিকা (২০২২) 
সাশ্রয়ী মূল্যরেটে মোবাইলের দাম
নতুন মোবাইলের তালিকা ২০২২ মোবাইলের দাম
রিয়েলমি জিটি মাস্টার এডিশন (৮/১২৮) জিবি ৩২,৯৮০ টাকা
স্যামসাং গ্যালাক্সি এ ৫৩ (৮/১২৮) জিবি ৪১,৬১৯ টাকা
মোটোরোলা মোটো জি ৩১ (৬/১২৮) জিবি ২০,৮৭৩ টাকা
অপ্পো এফ ১৯ প্রো (৮/১২৮) জিবি ২৪,১৯৯ টাকা
রিয়েলমি ৮ (৮/১২৮) জিবি ২২,১৬৬ টাকা
SOURCE: দারাজ বাংলাদেশ

কম দামে স্মার্টফোন কিনতে চান? দেখে নিন জনপ্রিয় ৫ টি ব্র্যান্ডের সেরা মোবাইল ফোনঃ

রিয়েলমি জিটি মাস্টার এডিশন (৮/১২৮) জিবি

realme lunar white gt master edition at

  • ডিসপ্লেঃ ৬.৪৩” সুপার এএমওএলইডি ডিসপ্লে
  • মেমোরিঃ ৮ জিবি র‍্যাম – ১২৮ জিবি রম
  • রেয়ার ক্যামেরাঃ ৬৪ এমপি কোয়াড ক্যামেরা
  • ফ্রন্ট ক্যামেরাঃ ৩২ এমপি সেলফি ক্যামেরা
  • অপারেটিং সিস্টেমঃ এন্ড্রয়েড ১১
  • ব্যাটারিঃ ৪৩০০ এমএএইচ

>> এখনই কিনুন <<

স্যামসাং গ্যালাক্সি এ ৫৩ ৫জি

order samsung a53 mobile from daraz

  • ডিসপ্লে সাইজঃ ৬.৫”
  • ব্যাক ক্যামেরাঃ (৬৪+১২+৫+৫) এমপি
  • ফ্রন্ট ক্যামেরাঃ ৩২ এমপি
  • র‍্যামঃ ৮ জিবি
  • রমঃ ১২৮ জিবি
  • অপারেটিং সিস্টেমঃ এন্ড্রয়েড ১২
  • ব্যাটারিঃ ৫০০০ এমএএইচ

>> এখনই কিনুন <<

মোটোরোলা মোটো জি ৩১

buy motorola g30 mobile from

  • ডিসপ্লে সাইজঃ ৬.৪”
  • অপারেটিং সিস্টেমঃ এন্ড্রয়েড ১১
  • সিপিইউঃ অক্টা-কোর
  • র‍্যামঃ ৬ জিবি
  • রমঃ ১২৮ জিবি
  • রেয়ার ক্যামেরাঃ (৫০+৮+২) এমপি
  • সেলফি ক্যামেরাঃ ১৩ এমপি
  • ব্যাটারিঃ ৫০০০ এমএএইচ

>> এখনই কিনুন <<

অপ্পো এফ  ১৯ প্রো

order oppo f19 pro mobile from daraz

  • ডিসপ্লেঃ ৬.৪৩” 
  • মেমোরিঃ ৮ জিবি র‍্যাম + ১২৮ জিবি রম
  • রেয়ার ক্যামেরাঃ (৪৮+৮+২+২) এমপি
  • ফ্রন্ট ক্যামেরাঃ ৩২ এমপি
  • অপারেটিং সিস্টেমঃ এন্ড্রয়েড ১১
  • ব্যাটারিঃ ৪৩১০ এমএএইচ

>> এখনই কিনুন <<

রিয়েলমি ৮ ৫জি

buy realme 8 5g mobile from

  • অপারেটিং সিস্টেমঃ এন্ড্রয়েড ১১
  • র‍্যাম / রমঃ ৮ জিবি / ১২৮ জিবি
  • ব্যাটারিঃ ৫০০০ এমএএইচ
  • ডিসপ্লেঃ ৬.৫”
  • রেয়ার ক্যামেরাঃ ৪৮ এমপি
  • ফ্রন্ট ক্যামেরাঃ ১৬ এমপি

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কম দামে ভালো ফোন (2022) বাংলাদেশ: সেরা গন্তব্য দারাজ অনলাইন শপ

ক্রমবর্ধমান আধুনিক প্রযুক্তির এই যুগে অগণিত বিখ্যাত মোবাইল ব্র্যান্ডের ভিড়ে একটা ভালো স্মার্টফোন বাছাই করা বেশ কঠিনই বলা চলে। তবে ভালো ফিচার বিশেষ করে স্টোরেজ, প্রসেসর, ব্যাটারি ও ক্যামেরা সহ আনুষঙ্গিক বিভিন্ন গুরুত্বপূর্ণ বিষয়ে খেয়াল রাখতে পারলে দারাজ অনলাইন শপিং ওয়েবসাইট ও অ্যাপ থেকে ১০০০০ হাজার টাকার মধ্যে সেরা মোবাইল কিনে লাভবান হতে পারবেন একেবারে নিশ্চিন্তে। তবে নতুন যেকোন ফিচার মোবাইল ফোন কিংবা স্মার্টফোনের বিষয়ে আপনার সুনির্দিষ্ট মতামত থাকলে সেটা জানিয়ে দিতে পারেন কমেন্ট বক্সে।

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best mobiles for pubg

Best Mobile Phones For PUBG Gaming In Bangladesh 2022

Searching for the Best Mobiles for Gaming in Bangladesh? Here’s a list of the Best Mobile Phone for PUBG in Bangladesh or the Best Gaming Mobile Phones to Play PUBG, Free Fire in Bangladesh in 2022 with Price list of best PUBG mobile phones in Bangladesh. Hence, for the updated price rate, you can look for the Best Gaming Mobile Phone Price in Bangladesh right now.

In case if you’re searching for the Best Gaming Phone Under 20,000 to 60,000 in Bangladesh (2022) or the Best PUBG Mobile under BDT 60,000 price (2022) range, then you can also handpick from our list of Best Gaming Mobile for PUBG under 20,000 – 60,000 taka in Bangladesh (2022).

With some of the most popular games such as PUBG, Free Fire, Fortnite, Call of Duty, Asphalt, Need For Speed, Dream League Soccer, World Cricket Championship etc have released their mobile versions of the game, you can find to buy the best mobile phone for gaming in Bangladesh (2022)!

If you’re specifically on the lookout for the Best Mobile for PUBG, Free Fire or Best Gaming Mobile in Bangladesh, the mentioned requirements can be followed:

  • For Android users: Android 5.1. 1 or above and at least 2GB RAM

  • For iOS users: OS 9 or later running on iPhone 5s or newer

Let’s take a look at our list for 5 Best Gaming Mobile Phones in Bangladesh below !

List of Best Mobiles for Gaming in Bangladesh 2022

  • Samsung M32
  • realme GT Master Edition
  • realme 8 5G
  • Motorola Moto G30
  • Samsung S20 FE

Price List of Best Android Mobile Phones in Bangladesh 2022

Low Budget Gaming Mobiles 2022 Gaming Mobile Price in Bangladesh
Samsung M32 BDT 22,702
realme GT Master Edition BDT 30,500
realme 8 5G BDT 20,257
Motorola Moto G30 BDT 19,999
Samsung S20 FE BDT 63,553

Best Gaming Mobile Phones in Bangladesh with Price (2022)

1) Samsung M32

buy samsung m32 mobile from daraz


Samsung is always a stellar brand when it comes to excellent features and durability. What we love about the Samsung Galaxy M32 is that apart from being an affordable budget smartphone in 2021, it also provides Android 11 OS and a decent 64MP Quad camera making it a great steal! For this you can check for the samsung m32 price in bangladesh and grab the exciting deals now. 

Samsung Galaxy M32 Specifications
Operating System Android 11
Display 6.4″
Rear Camera (64+8+2+2)MP 
Front Camera 20MP
Storage Capacity 128GB 
Battery Life 6000mAh 
Price BDT 22,702

2) realme GT Master Edition

realme lunar white gt master edition at


realme has always stood proudly as a brand that is steadfast and delivers sturdy products. The realme GT Master Edition has a gorgeous display and decent camera and it also comes as one of the most affordable phones with amazing features you can have. For this you can check the exciting deals now.

realme GT Master Edition Specifications
Operating System Android 11
Display 6.43″ Super AMOLED
Rear Camera 64MP 
Front Camera 32MP
Storage Capacity 128GB 
Battery Life 4300mAh 
Price BDT 30,500

3) realme 8 5G

buy realme 8 5g mobile from


Realme 8 5G price is just BDT 20,257 but you still get a large 6.4 inch super AMOLED display, Android 11 and an impressive 5000mAh battery life. We think that’s a great deal to have! For this you can check the realme 8 price in bangladesh and grab the exciting deals now.

Realme 8 5G Specifications
Operating System Android 11
Display 6.5″ 
Rear Camera 48MP 
Front Camera 16MP 
Storage Capacity 128GB 
Battery Life 5000mAh 
Price BDT 20,257

4) Motorola Moto G30

buy motorola moto g30 mobile from


Now Motorola Moto G30 has an unbeatable price tag of BDT 19,999 brining you smartphone features, a decent camera and a compact mobile screen size to make sure that you get the features you need without a bulky phone!

Motorola Moto G30 Specifications
Operating System Android 11
Display 6.5″
Rear Camera (64+8+2+2)MP 
Front Camera 13MP 
Storage Capacity 128GB 
Battery Life 5000mAh 
Price BDT 19,999

5) Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

buy samsung s20 fe mobile from


You can be impressed with the Samsung S20 because of it’s amazing battery life, smooth performance and great camera. But the price tag of BDT 63,553 is also pretty decent when you consider the amount of features this phone is packed with!

Samsung S20 FE Specifications
Operating System Android 10
Display 6.5″ 
Rear Camera (12+8+12)MP 
Front Camera 32MP 
Storage Capacity 128GB 
Battery Life 4500mAh 
Price BDT 63,553

And that completes our list of the best budget smartphones for gaming in Bangladesh! Which, in your opinion is the best budget mobiles under 20,000 to 30,000 Taka in 2022? Let us know! And don’t forget to check out the best android mobiles at an affordable budget. You can also buy the best phone under 15000 in bangladesh at the lowest rate available.

If you’re on the hunt for a new mobile phone, check out our Phone Finder page to find a phone in low budget! 

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Mobiles Under Affordable Budget Price:

best moisturizers for dry skin

Best Moisturizers for Dry Skin in Bangladesh (2022)

Searching for Best Moisturizer For Dry Skin In Bangladesh? Explore Our List of Best Face Moisturisers for Dry Skin with Top Moisturizing Creams for Dry Skin in Bangladesh.

Are you distressed with severe dry skin issues? Worry not, let us show you the moisturizer for dry skin that can minimize the dryness of your very own skin at its best.

You may have searched for affordable price ranged moisturizer for dry skin in Bangladesh once. Hence, the good news is that we’ve allocated multiple lucrative deals for the best moisturizer for dry skin in Bangladesh at budget price online.

Which Moisturizer is Best for Dry Skin in Bangladesh?

Where to Buy Moisturizer for Dry Skin in Bangladesh?

Buy Moisturizer for Dry Skin online from Daraz Bangladesh. Daraz is best online store to Buy Moisturizer for Dry Skin in Bangladesh.

Highly Recommended Moisturizers for Dry Skin

1. Parachute SkinPure Aloe Vera Gel

Parachute Aloe Vera Gel Moisturizer

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Parachute SkinPure Aloe Vera Gel is 99% pure Aloe Vera enhanced with glow boosters, which soothe & nourish the dry skin from the inside. A 5 minutes massage every-day gives you skin that is spotless, glowing and soft to the touch for sure. It soothes not only your dry skin but also lips with 24 hours moisture protection which makes it best moisturizer for dry skin in bangladesh.

2. Boots Cucumber Moisturising Cream

boots cucumber moisturizer

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Boots Essentials Cucumber Moisturising Cream is enriched with soothing cucumber and lots of salutary vitamins. It is suitable for day or night use and contains antioxidants to help protect the dry skin from environmental damage. It has a wonderful thick texture that provides good moisturization for dry skin as well which makes it best moisturizing cream for dry skin in bangladesh.

3. Creme 21 Pro Vitamin B5 Classic Moisturizer Cream

creme 21 moisturizer

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Basically, Crème 21 is that moisturizer cream which consists of pro vitamin B5 for intensive skin care and protection. It helps to maintain skin moisture and avoids skin from dryness or dehydration. Can be used for facial and body skin. With it, your skin will remain protected and look beautiful throughout the day. It gives extra protection against your skin from drought which makes it one of the best dry skin moisturizing cream in bangladesh.

4. Nivea Smooth Moisturizer Care Body Lotion

nivea moisturizer lotion

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Enriched with the deep intensive moisturizing ingredients, the Nivea smooth milk body lotion works deep within the skin repairing dryness layer by layer to give you long-lasting softness or smoothness and protection from dryness. Combining Shea butter with Vitamin E, this body lotion has a light texture to spread on the dry skin, delivers intense nourishment and makes your dry skin irresistibly smooth and soft that makes it one of the best face moisturizer for dry skin.

5. Lotus Herbals Nutramoist Skin Moisturising Cream

lotus moisturising cream

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Lotus Herbals Skin Moisturising Cream is textured with soft and fluffy gel cream with a nice heavenly fruity fragrance that spreads on the dry skin and easily softens and smoothens skin improving skin texture. To moisturise your dry skin intensively, its alpha hydroxy fruit acid from grapes acts as a natural antioxidant, astringent and antiseptic for the protection of dryness or dehydration which makes it best among list of moisturisers for dry skin in bangladesh.

From the above mentioned list, which one is your most favorite? Let us know commenting below. And don’t forget to visit Daraz 11.11 Sale campaign for the exciting deals on other health and beauty products. 

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