7 Trendy Skirt Designs You Must Try This Summer 2023

What will allow you to stay cool, feel comfortable, and still seem professional this summer? Skirts are airy, ideal for wearing through dreary long days, and suitable for a variety of occasions. You can try stylish and fashionable summer skirts.

Since the era of old actresses, skirts have been in vogue, and the look is continually changing as new patterns and kinds are introduced. Long skirts, midi skirts, and mini skirts for women come in a variety of styles today. 

Latest Skirt Designs for Women in 2023

Different skirt styles like Wrap skirts, A-line skirts, Pencil skirts, Pleated skirts, Ruffle skirts, Circle skirts, and Bodycon skirts are trendy. Besides, you’ll get varieties of lengths, including knee-length, above-knee-length, and ankle-length skirts. Let’s take a look at new skirt designs for women, which are popular in 2023.

A-line Style High Waist Mid Length Denim Skirt

Latest skirt design in bangladesh

Midi Skirt Pleated England Style

New collection of skirt design in bd

New High Waist Split Mid-length Skirt

Latest design skirt for ladies

Elastic High Waist Office Lady Bodycon Skirts

Best skirt for workout

Pleated Slim Mid-Calf Skirt for Women

New floral design skirt for women

High Waist Midi Skirt

High waist midi skirt for women

Casual Denim Knee Length Pencil Skirt

Knee length pencil skirt for women


Skirts are popular among young girls in Bangladesh. Are you finding the latest designs of skirts in 2023? Now all popular styles of skirts with trendy designs for women are available in the online shop. Buy all brands of skirts at the best price from Daraz.

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Trending Jewelry Designs for Women in 2023

Jewelry is possibly the most meaningful item in your wardrobe when it comes to expressing who you are via your sense of style. It can be difficult to keep up with fashion trends, especially when they seem to come and go so quickly. Jewelry is no different.

As usual, the number of new jewelry trends is high this year, so we’re here to give you the lowdown on making the most of our favorites. This article will give you an idea of the new jewelry designs in 2023, which are perfect for every type of celebration as well as everything you need to know about the newest jewelry fashion trends in Bangladesh.

Engagements, weddings, and coronations are among life’s biggest occasions that are commemorated with jewels. Additionally, jewelry like bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings are typically seen at other life celebrations like graduations, birthdays, work promotions, and retirements.

The latest designs of jewelry for women are available on Daraz online shop in Bangladesh. This online shop provides the new trendy jewelry designs of all brands. Let’s see the latest trending jewelry designs in 2023.

Pendant Necklace Bracelet Ring Bridal Jewelry Set

Latest design jewelry in bd

Women’s Wedding Necklace Set

Best necklace design for women

Women’s Bridal Flower Round Drop Collar Necklace

New jewelry design for women

Traditional Bridal Necklace Set For Women

Latest design multistone jewelry set

Crystal Choker Jewelry Set

New jewelry set in bd

Gold Plated Jewellery Set for Women

Best quality gold plate jewelry set for women


Even the most basic outfit may instantly become attractive with the appropriate piece of jewelry. Buy the latest designs of jewelry from Daraz Bangladesh at the best price and elevate your appearance. Visit the Daraz online Eid sale in Bangladesh to enjoy the best offers and deals in 2023.

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Ultimate Saree Buying Guide at the Best Price (2024)

The saree is one of the most beautiful traditional dresses for Bengali Women. This clothing can be used as both a regular dress and a social gathering outfit. Bangladesh has many types of saree- jamdani, Katan, Banarasi, Silk, Tant, etc. Therefore, finding the best matches according to your budget and taste is tough. But you can find the best saree deals from Daraz Bangladesh.

Pick Your Favourite Saree Online in BD

1. Jamdani Saree

Jamdani saree is one of the most gorgeous saree types. Jamdani (or Dhakai Jamdani) is an item of light clothing as an inheritor of traditional Muslin textiles. Actually, Jamdani sarees represent one of the most ancient forms of weaving that originated in Bengal. If you want something both gorgeous and comfortable- the jamdani saree can be your best fit.

Jamdani Saree
  • Exquisite Weave and Design: Made with premium quality cotton, this saree boasts of unique motifs and patterns that reflect the rich cultural heritage of Bangladesh.
  • Timeless Elegance: Perfect for weddings, parties, or any special event, this saree is a must-have for any fashion-conscious woman.
  • Unmatched Comfort: Made with soft and breathable cotton, this saree ensures you stay comfortable throughout the day.

2. Benarasi Saree

Banarasi saree is one of the many finest sarees in Bangladesh. It’s popular and traditional women’s wear since the Mughal period. Varanasi-originated Benarasi sarees are well known for their gold and silver zari, subtle silk, and majestic embroidery. You will glow in any social gathering by wearing these stylish Benarashi sarees.

Banarasi Saree
  • Experience the Timeless Elegance: Whether it’s a wedding, festive occasion or a special celebration, a Banarasi saree is a must-have addition to your wardrobe.
  • Unleash Your Inner Diva: Our Banarasi saree collection features a stunning range of colors and designs to suit every style and occasion.
  • Craftsmanship That Tells a Story: Our sarees are made using the finest quality silk and feature intricate patterns created using gold and silver threads.

3. Silk Saree

There are many types of silk saree e.g. Tussar silk, Rajshahi silk, Mulberry silk, Eri silk, Half silk, and so on. Silk sarees are made of high-quality fabric that gives you extra comfort. You can wear silk sarees on both regular days and festivals.

Rajshahi Silk Saree
  • Discover the beauty of Rajshahi Silk: The perfect blend of traditional elegance and modern style.
  • Luxurious Texture and Design: The intricate designs and exquisite detailing make it a perfect choice for any special occasion.
  • Exceptional Quality and Craftsmanship: You’ll love the way the saree feels against your skin and how it drapes gracefully around your body.

4. Katan Saree

It is said that Katan is an item of clothing for gorgeous women. Its popularity is spreading throughout the countries also. This elegant piece of clothing surely gives you some extra confidence through your beauty. There are many kinds of Katan saree though they all are majestic and pleasant.

Katan Saree
  • Luxurious Fabric: Made from pure silk, the Katan Saree boasts a luxurious feel that is unmatched by any other fabric. 
  • Versatile Styling Options: Pair it with statement jewelry and high heels for an elegant look or dress it down with minimal accessories for a more understated style. 

5. Tant Saree

Tant saree is a traditional Bengali saree that is considered one of the most comfortable saree for the South Asian hot and humid climate. Tant saree is prepared with cozy cotton while transparency and a lightness of clothes are also ensured nicely. The best thing about the Tant saree is the lower cost, as Bangladeshi women put on it as a regular dress.

Tant Saree
  • Experience the Traditional and Elegant Look: This saree is known for its unique texture, lightness, and transparency.
  • Versatility : You can pair it with a simple blouse for a casual look or style it with a designer blouse for a formal event. 

If you want to buy new sarees or gift a gorgeous one to the dearest lady- this saree buying guide can ensure your best online saree shopping experience in Bangladesh. But only if you want to grab an additional discount offer or double taka voucher, then Daraz online shop will surely torch you to the right destination.

You can visit the Eid Mega Campaign 2023 of Daraz to buy the latest design saree from the most exclusive online saree collection in Bangladesh with the best price and subtle quality. Moreover, to explore more Eid shopping lists, visit the Daraz Eid shopping guide 2023.

Best Waterproof Eyeliners for Sensitive Eyes

The best eyeliners come in impermeable, dependable, and simple-to-use formulations! However, it can be challenging to find an eyeliner that is suitable for delicate skin. Because of this, we have compiled a list of goods that are kind to your complexion and have a vibrant color payoff. Check below to discover and choose your preferred eyeliner right away!

Top 5 Best Eyeliners for Your Sensitive Eyes in 2023

Daraz online shop offers all beauty products including the best makeup brush sets, and essential beauty tools like trimmers for ladies, blackhead removers, and so on at the best price in Bangladesh. If you want to get the best kind of eyeliner Kajol for your sensitive eyes to avoid irritation, then choose the best quality waterproof eyeliners which are listed below.

1. IMAGIC Gel Eyeliner Pen Long-lasting Waterproof Kajal Eyeliner – Black

imagic gel eyeliner pen

Shop Now

Check out more IMAGIC eyeliners.

2. MENOW Soft Eyeliner white Kajal Waterproof

menow soft eyeliner kajol

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Check out more MENOW eyeliners.

3. Focallure Liquid Waterproof Eyeliner Pen

focallure liquid eyeliner

Shop Now

Check out more Focallure eyeliners.

4. W7 Liquid Eyeliner Pot for Women

w7 liquid eyeliner

Shop Now

Check out more W7 Eyeliners.

5. Technic Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner – Black

technic waterproof eyeliner

Shop Now

Check out more Technic Eyeliners.

However, get the branded, authentic, and waterproof eyeliner Kajol for your sensitive eyes from Daraz Bangladesh at the best price. Visit the online shop and enjoy discounts and special offers on all types of products.

Trendyol Exclusive Brand Launch on Daraz BD

Now it’s time to explore global fashion with Trendyol which is a Turkey-based renowned brand that offers global trendy men’s and women’s fashion for any occasion. But where will you have it? Well, Trendyol fashion brand exclusively launched in Daraz Bangladesh. So now it’s just a matter of time to make your fashion exotic.

trendyol offers on daraz

Exclusive Offers of Trendyol on Daraz Bangladesh

You can avail of the amazing offers till Feb 21, 2023, only in Daraz Bangladesh.

  • Flat 30% Off

  • Shipping Fee only Tk. 30

However, go to the Daraz website or App, and choose the trendy global fashion before Feb 21, 2023, to avail yourself of the flat 30% off and only Tk. 30 delivery charge.

Trendyol Global Fashion for You

Trendyol men’s and women’s fashion products are available only in Daraz Bangladesh. Grab trendy and global fashion including men’s shirts, polo T-shirts, ladies’ shirts, pants, tops, skirts, workout dresses, and so on at the best price from Daraz online shop.

Men’s Casual Shirts

shirts for men

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Polo T-shirt for Men

polo shirt

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Women’s Shirts

womens shirt

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womens top

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Jeans Pants

womens pant

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Dresses for Instant Glamour

long dress women

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Women’s Skirts

womens skirts

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Workout Dresses

workout dress

Shop Now

Wrap Up

Grab your desired fashion from a global brand at the best price only in Daraz. Now, you’ll get Trendyol’s fashion products for men and women in Bangladesh. Don’t pass up the flat discounts and low shipping costs if you want to get your favorite dresses from Trendyol.

New OLEVS Watch Collection Online BD 2023

Are you looking for fashionable, casual, and business watches? Choose the best brands of watches like Olevs watch, one of the most famous watch brands in Bangladesh. Olevs offers both ladies’ and gents’ watches which are stylish and built with quality material. In this article, the new collection of Olevs watches in 2023 for both men and women is enlisted.

If you are looking for smartwatches, then take a look at the best smartwatches in Bangladesh at the best price from Daraz. In addition to this, don’t miss the new Rolex watch designs online at an affordable price.

Top 5 Best Olevs Watch Designs in Bangladesh (2023)

Daraz Bangladesh offers all types of watches for both men and women and you’ll get all brands of watches at the best price. Let’s take a look at the new collection of Olevs watches online in Bangladesh.

1. Olevs 5563 Silver & Golden Stainless Steelolevs 5563 watch

Shop Now

2. Olevs 5563 Golden Stainless Steel Watch For Women

olevs 5563 watch for women

Shop Now

3. OLEVS 6898 Couple Watch

olevs 6898 couple watch

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4. OLEVS Leather Waterproof Quartz Fashion Watch

olevs leather quartz for men

Shop Now

5. OLEVS 2858 European and American fashion

olevs 2858 watch for men

Shop Now

Whatever watches you are searching for, now it’s a matter of time before to get your favorite watches from Daraz. You can avail of special offers and discounts to get the best watches from the best brands. So place your order online now at Daraz and enjoy the fastest home delivery.

Care Your Lip with the Best Lip Balm

Lip balms are essential beauty products all year round, especially in winter when the skin gets dry as well as the lip. Have you already done your shopping for winter skin care products ( Winter skin care tips) and hair care (Winter hair care tips) essentials? Don’t forget to include the best lip balms to keep your dry skin hydrated and soothing.

This article includes branded lip balms that will help you to moisturize your lip in cold weather. Besides, all types of lip care products for your lip treatment are available in online shops in Bangladesh.

Top 5 Lip Balms to Moisturize Your Dry Lip This Winter 2023

Daraz offers all brands of lip balms at the best price online. In addition, you’ll get all winter essentials in this online store which are authentic and effective. Let’s look at the best lip balms for this winter.

1. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Balm

neutrogena lip balm

Shop Now

2. Ireneda Kiss Kiss Lip Balm

ireneda lip balm

Shop Now

3. Freyias Lipglam( Strawberry)

freyias lip balm

Shop Now

4. Bioaqua Lip balm for women

bioaqua lip balm

Shop Now

5. Lanbena Chameleon Lip Balm

lanbena lip balm

Shop Now

In winter, lip scrub, lip masks, lip soothing gels, etc. help to hydrate your lip. Visit Daraz online shop and get all lip treatment products at offer prices in Bangladesh.

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Best Hair Masks for Winter in Bangladesh

Best Hair Masks for Winter in Bangladesh

Hair masks significantly improve the condition of dry and damaged hair. Changes in the indoor atmosphere, such as overheating homes and offices, cause hair to become dry, break, and appear to be thinning. Especially in the winter season, hair care is essential. So, find out the best hair masks to keep your hair shiny and healthy in winter.

Masks for your hair might stop winter hair loss. To stay healthy and vibrant, your hair and scalp need to be fed and shielded from the elements. The proper hair mask can slow down over the winter and prevent oxidative damage. You can also go through the winter hair care tips to keep your hair healthy and vibrant in winter.

5 Best Hair Masks You Must Try This Winter

Best hair masks are available online at the best price from different brands in Bangladesh. Daraz online shop offers all branded hair masks that you can use throughout the year. The below-listed hair masks are best based on the users’ reviews.

1. Khadi Natural Onion & Fenugreek Hair Mask

Best hair mask khadi natural onion fenugreek hair mask

Shop Now

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2. Power Knight Pro Fiber – 120ml

Best hair mask power knight pro fiber hair mask

Shop Now

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3. Professional Smooth hair mask 500 ml

professional hair mask tresemme

Shop Now

4. EELHOE Hair Mask Treatment Repair

Best hair mask eelhoe hair mask in winter

Shop Now

5. BIOAQUA Ginger Hair Mask Hair Conditioner- 500 ml

Best bioaqua ginger hair mask for winter price in bd

Shop Now

Well, you know the importance of the hair mask in the winter. So what are you waiting for? It’s high time to start your winter hair care. Visit Daraz to get exciting offers on beauty products.

You can also check the best hair conditioner brands at Daraz: Tresemme Hair Conditioner | Bioaqua Hair Conditioner | WoW Skin Science Hair Conditioner | V&G Hair Conditioner | Chaoba Hair Conditioner | Pantene Hair Conditioner | Dove Hair Conditioner | Xpel Hair Conditioner | The Body Shop Hair Conditioner

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Best Hair Conditioners for Women

Conditioner is an essential hair care product for giving your hair the moisture it has lost. Additionally, greater moisture results in strands that are significantly stronger and healthier overall, as well as having a smoother and shinier appearance. So think of hair conditioner as shampoo’s dependable sidekick, something you must always apply when washing your hair. Go through the article and find out the best hair conditioners for women.

5 Best Hair Conditioners for Women

Hair conditioners keep the moisture of hair which is inevitable in winter. You must use the conditioners after shampooing once a week. Don’t use shampoo or conditioner so frequently that can cause your hair damage. Here, the best hair conditioners for women which are available online are enlisted.

1. Tresemme Conditioner Botanique Nourish and Replenish 190ml

Best hair conditioner tresemme conditioner online bd

Shop Now

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2. Wow Skin Science Coconut Milk Conditioner 100ml

wow skin coconut oil conditioner price in bnagladesh

Shop Now

3. Sunsilk Conditioner Perfect Straight 80ml

Best hair conditioner sunsilk

Shop Now

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4. Dove Conditioner Intense Repair 175ml

Best hair conditioner dove conditioner for hair damage repair

Shop Now

You can check also Simple ways to repair damaged and dry hair.

5. Mamaearth “Onion Conditioner for Hair Growth & Hair Fall Control 250ml

Best hair conditioner mamaearth onion conditioner

Shop Now

However, in case of facing the extreme condition of your hair, you must consult a dermatologist. One more thing, you should use the hair conditioners that suit your hair. Grab the best discount offers on beauty products at Daraz online shop.

You can also check the best hair conditioner brands at Daraz: Tresemme Hair Conditioner | Bioaqua Hair Conditioner | WoW Skin Science Hair Conditioner | V&G Hair Conditioner | Chaoba Hair Conditioner | Pantene Hair Conditioner | Dove Hair Conditioner | Xpel Hair Conditioner | The Body Shop Hair Conditioner

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Exclusive & Trendy Designs of Ladies’ Umbrellas in 2023

Although walking through the rain or scorching sun is rarely comfortable, there are times when it cannot be avoided. A fantastic umbrella may lessen your suffering, keep you dry from rain, protect you from the burning sun, and store away simply when not in use.

You know the stylish and unique design umbrellas for women are not only the reason for withstanding sun, rain, and wind, it’s a great part of your fashion sense. In addition to this, umbrellas should be durable and simple to open and close while yet being pleasant and convenient to carry.

5 Stylish Umbrella Designs for Women in Bangladesh

However, finding one that is resistant, easy to carry, and even fashionable might be difficult. In this blog, the new and exclusive designs of umbrellas for women are given which are available on the Daraz-online shop in Bangladesh.

Phone Size Mini Pocket Umbrella Ultralight Rain, Sun Umbrella

Mini size stylish umbrella for women

Shop Now

Automatic Folding Clear Rain Women Sun Protect UV Parasol Umbrella

Cute apricot fruit design automatic folding parasol

Shop Now

Fashionable Rainbow Umbrella for Women

Fashionable rainbow design umbrella for women

Shop Now

Folding Umbrella with Cute Capsule Case

Folding umbrella capsule design for women

Shop Now

Luxury Design Feather Pattern Fold Rainy Umbrellas For Women

Luxury design umbrella for women

Shop Now

Choose the desired ladies’ umbrella for you at the best price. Place an order before running out the stock. You can avail of amazing discounts offers, cashback offers, and new user discounts. The fastest delivery anywhere in Bangladesh is now assured by Daraz. Besides, the cash on delivery and easy return policy makes Daraz more trustworthy.

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