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Just a few more days to go for Daraz 11.11 Sale campaign. Enormous discount offers will be available on the large variety of products during this campaign. We are here to show you more ways to get more discounts.

daraz 11.11 sale

Double Taka Voucher

Double Taka Voucher is a unique type of voucher through which customers can get products at half of the price. Through using 11.11 Double Taka Voucher, you will be privileged to get your desired products by paying only half of the total amount. This type of unique voucher code in our country has been brought to you by Daraz Bangladesh.

11.11 double taka voucher -

Double Taka Vouchers at

Largest online shopping mall in Bangladesh, brings amazing Double Taka Voucher offer at upcoming Daraz 11.11 Sale Campaign to give ultimate satisfaction to daraz customers. Double Taka Voucher codes which are the best voucher of BD through which now shoppers will be more satisfied availing these big coupon codes for online shopping. Buying high end products will be a bliss if you have Double Taka Voucher Codes. No more guesswork, expected double taka voucher codes are at your fingertips now.

Double Taka Voucher Name Double Taka Voucher Price
2,000 TK Voucher 1,000 TK
4,000 TK Voucher 2,000 TK
10,000 TK Voucher 5,000 TK
20,000 TK Voucher 10,000 TK

Terms and conditions for Double Taka Voucher at Daraz 11.11 Sale

  • Double Taka Voucher will be pushed with Shake Shake. Double Taka voucher will be available from 27th-30th October
  • Double Taka voucher shake shake will be available at 3pm-5pm
  • Customers must use Shake Shake Double taka collectible voucher to purchase Double Taka voucher product
  • Double Taka Voucher product customer can buy with Credit Card and bkash.
  • Double Taka voucher is available only for customers who have won Double Taka voucher During the Shake Shake Campaign
  • Customers must use that voucher to purchase Double Taka SKU from 27th October to 2nd November
  • Double Taka voucher will be sent to customers via email/sms and will be tagged into customer account by 6th November
  • Double Taka voucher will be sent to customer account/email address/phone number with the account Double Taka voucher will be purchased
  • Other promotional vouchers cannot be used to purchase Double Taka vouchers. Order will be canceled if done so
  • Double Taka voucher can only be used on 1 order. The value cannot be split over multiple orders
  • Customer can buy only 1 Double Taka voucher. Multiple double taka purchase order will be cancelled
  • Double Taka voucher cannot be used on Baby & Toddler Food, Top Up and Daraz Gift Voucher
  • Double Taka voucher can be used only on Daraz 11.11 Campaign on November 11th
  • Double Taka Vouchers are non-refundable

So stop waiting, buy double taka voucher now from and be prepared for the upcoming online campaign “Daraz Eleven Eleven (11.11) Sale”. Have a blast with online shopping with the best coupon codes in Bangladesh and enjoy!

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