Best Milk Powder Brands in Bangladesh (2024)

A dairy product called powdered milk is created by evaporating ordinary milk. Since milk has a concise shelf life, those who cannot obtain a consistent supply of fresh milk find it to be quite useful. Just a teaspoon of this milk can transform your tea, coffee, or Milk shake when stored in airtight containers.

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Best Milk Powder Brands in Bangladesh (2024) 12

Although powdered milk has the same nutritional profile as milk, it is not advisable to consume it in large quantities because it is heavy in sugar and cholesterol and can grow bacteria if it is not stored properly.

Most popular milk powder brands in bangladesh

Top 5 Milk Powder Brands in Bangladesh

Let’s take a look at the best brands of milk powder in Bangladesh.

  • DANO
  • Nestle (Nido)
  • Diploma
  • Marks
  • Starship

In addition to this, there are some more popular brands of milk powder in Bangladesh including Fresh, Muskan, Cowhead, Goalini, and so on.

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Check the Best Selling Milk Powders on Daraz Mart

Milk powders are available in different formulas. You’ll get all types of milk powder of all brands in Daraz Mart. If you are looking for the best milk powder for kids or adults, go to Daraz Mart and get the desired product.

Besides, calcium-enriched milk powder and low-fat milk powders are also available in this online grocery shop at the best price in Bangladesh.

Milk PowderQuantityPrice on Daraz Mart
Arla DANO Daily Pushti Milk Powder1 KgTK 632
Starship Foil Pack Milk Powder1 KgTK 625
Marks Full Cream Milk Powder1 KgTK 749
Diploma Instant Full Cream Milk Powder500gm TK 418
Nestle EveryDay Milk Powder Pouch500gm TK 415
Goalini Full Cream Milk Powder500gm TK 369
NIDO FortiGrow Milk Powder Bib 350gmTK 368
Cowhead Low Fat Milk Powder500gmTK 950

Arla DANO Daily Pushti Milk Powder

Online price arla dano powder milk

Starship Foil Pack Milk Powder

starship 1kg milk powder on daraz mart

Marks Full Cream Milk Powder

marks full cream milk powder 1 kg price in bd

Diploma Instant Full Cream Milk Powder

diploma full cream 500gm price in online

Nestle EveryDay Milk Powder Pouch

Best selling nestle everyday milk powder

Goalini Full Cream Milk Powder

goalini milk powder for adults

NIDO FortiGrow Milk Powder Bib

nido fortigrow milk powder for better growth

Cowhead Low-Fat Milk Powder

Best cowhead low fat milk powder

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Most Popular Coffee Brands in Bangladesh

There are many possibilities for us to choose from since many of us have close relationships with coffee and some of us like the option that is conveniently located right in front of us. However, some people enjoy making an effort to do their research and choose the best solutions. You can check the best Coffee for Weight Loss which are available at Daraz Mart.

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Most Popular Coffee Brands in Bangladesh 22

People typically consider three factors when purchasing coffee: cost, flavor, and the third one, brand popularity, which mostly influences our purchasing decisions subconsciously. In this article, we are going to list the top 7 coffee brands that are best and most popular in Bangladesh.

Top 7 Best Quality & Most Popular Coffee Brands in Bangladesh

Daraz Mart offers all brands of coffee which are popular worldwide. Now you can get your favorite coffee online at the best price at Daraz Bangladesh. Let’s take a look at popular coffee brands.

1. Nescafe

nescafe coffee 1

2. MacCoffee

maccoffee gold 1

3. North End

north end espresso roast 1

4. Starbucks

startbucs dolce gusto

5. Max

max curve coffee

6. Davidoff

davidoff coffee

7. Rigs Coffee

rigs coffee

However, all brands of coffee are available at Daraz Mart. If you are interested in enjoying the best price and fastest home delivery then visit Draaz Mart- online grocery shop and avail the benefits. In addition to this, same-day delivery makes your online grocery shopping more convenient.

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7 Best Women’s Shampoo Brands in Bangladesh (2024)

Women are very much conscious of their attractive hairstyle, and they always seek the best quality shampoo brands. There are so many branded shampoos for women in the market. As a result, picking the right shampoo is often complicated.

And most importantly, all shampoos do not suit your hair type too. You have to choose the best one for your hair because using an evil shampoo can cause hair fall and result in damaged hair with so many complexities, as hair is a very sensitive and important part of your body.

So having an exactly appropriate shampoo brand for women’s hair care, like Nizoder shampoo, Sunsilk shampoo, Dove shampoo, or Tresemme shampoo, can be considered a blessing. But there are many famous shampoo brands in Bangladesh you can actually rely on- that can keep your hair lively all day long.

Buy all hair care products and beauty items at the best price on the Daraz online beauty shop and enjoy all branded shampoo and conditioners’ best deals.

Beauty products offers on daraz 11.11 sale
7 Best Women's Shampoo Brands in Bangladesh (2024) 32

Top 7 Shampoo Brands For Bangladeshi Women

1) Dove

dove shampoo
7 Best Women's Shampoo Brands in Bangladesh (2024) 33

Dove is one of the most popular shampoo brands in Bangladesh. Most women who are concerned about their hair fall are pleased with Dove women’s shampoo. It provides proper nourishing care and makes hair brighter and shinier. So you can easily depend on Dove shampoo, which is one of the best anti-dandruff shampoos to use.

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2) The Body Shop

the body shop shampoo

The body shop is a renowned and popular brand not only in Bangladesh but also in the world. Gorgeous women from all over the world extremely prefer this brand’s shampoo. One of the notable characteristics of the body shop shampoo is its ingredients are all-natural and nature-friendly, which makes them more reliable for women.

3) TRESemmé

tresemme shampoo
7 Best Women's Shampoo Brands in Bangladesh (2024) 34

American-based multi-national brand TRESemmé is well-known for its quality hair care products, especially shampoo. Many women in Bangladesh find it appropriate for their hair fall solution. TRESemmé shampoo can clean hair from deep down to keep it healthy and strong.

4) L’Oreal Paris

L'Oreal Paris shampoo

If you are searching for a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, then the renowned French personal care brand L’Oreal Paris can be the best answer for you. Coming with the best quality and natural ingredients, L’Oreal is a worldwide dependable and famous name for hair care products. L’Oreal shampoo has many alternative versions for different types of hair. So it is also easy to find a variant that is suitable for your hair.

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5) Patanjali

Patanjali shampoo

Patanjali is a worldwide top herbal shampoo for women. Patanjali shampoo is made from natural ingredients which can take great care of your sensitive hair. Many Bangladeshi women rely on Patanjali shampoo because of its herbal ingredient type and quality, as their shampoos provide treatment against diseases and are said to cure hair symptoms like dryness and dandruff.

6) Head & Shoulders

Head & Shoulders shampoo

If you are looking for hair loss shampoo brands, then American-based anti-dandruff and non-dandruff shampoo brands Head & Shoulders can be the perfect answer to your query. Head & Shoulders has various types of products for women’s hair care. So you can easily find the best match which is suitable for you.

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7) Herbal Essences

herbal essences shampoo

Herbal Essences is a popular shampoo brand among a large number of Bangladeshi women. They feel comfortable with this hair care shampoo that is made from all-natural herbal elements. For having herbal components, Herbal Essences bear almost no risk for women’s sensitive hair. So you can easily rely on this hair care brand which is already tested and has the massive fondness of countless experienced women.

For more FMCG products and grocery items, shop at Daraz Mart – Online Grocery Shop at the lowest cost. So, in a nutshell, these worldwide famous shampoo brands for women can be your appropriate solution to make sure your type silky hair.

Best Night Creams for Oily Skin in Bangladesh 2024

Whether you are beauty-conscious or having trouble taking care of your oily skin, you must use the best night cream for oily skin in Bangladesh. Like many good skin-care products, there are many night creams for oily skin to choose from.

For a nighttime cream, you want something more vibrant and heavier that will immerse into the skin nicely as time passes overnight. These formulas are ideally enhanced with key ingredients like ceramides, which increase the collagen production of the skin, and necessary antioxidants like vitamins A, C, and E. A night cream is the best approach to amp up the repair sequence of your skin.

However, finding the right night cream for oily skin isn’t an easy task. It needs to be light and hydrating so that you don’t wake up with an oily face. Therefore, you must choose the best oily skin night cream to use.

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Best Night Creams for Oily Skin in Bangladesh 2024 42

Best Night Creams For Oily Skin In Bangladesh

Lakme Absolute Perfect Radiance Brightening Night Creme50gTK. 949
Porcelana Night Cream85gTK. 1700
Simple Kind To Skin Vital Vitamin Night Cream50mlTK. 790
Lotus herbals night cream50gmTK. 525
Garnier Bright Complete Yoghurt Night Cream18gmTK. 230

Let’s explore the top 5 night creams for oily type skin in Bangladesh.

1) Lakme Absolute Perfect Radiance Brightening Night Creme

Lakme night cream for skin brightening

Women’s daily, all-in-one face moisturizer. Fights seven aging indicators for skin that looks younger. Rejuvenates skin by minimizing the appearance of pores, dryness, dullness, age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven texture.
Effective Ingredients: Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin C&E, Green Tea Extract.

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2) Porcelana Night Cream

porcelana night cream price in bd

Porcelana is one of the prominent brands of skincare cream. Porcelana Night Cream eliminates the oily feeling of skin. This night cream is also safe for your sensitive skin as there are no harmful ingredients in it. Goat Milk Extract and moisturizing factors can be useful to increase the hydration and luminosity of your skin.

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3) Simple Kind To Skin Vital Vitamin Night Cream

simple night cream online price

Use Simple Kind To Skin Vital Vitamin Night Cream before bed after removing your makeup. It has the optimal combination of nutrients to help replenish and restore your skin throughout the night. Using a night cream is an easy, simple way to help care for our skin and get it ready for the next day. When we sleep, we give our skin the ideal time to recuperate and repair.

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4) Lotus Herbals Night Cream

lotus herbal night cream price in bd

Lotus Herbal Night Cream is a popular anti-aging night cream for all types of skin, especially oily skin. This intensive moisture gold caviar oily skin night cream is nourished and leaves skin looking healthy & radiant while. Lotus Night Cream is a luxurious cream that will give pleasure, glowing radiant over the night.

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5) Garnier Bright Complete Yoghurt Night Cream

Best night cream price on daraz

Garnier Bright Complete Yogurt Night Cream has pure lemon essence and real peeling fruit extracts that help peel off dark cells overnight. The unique texture of Garnier night cream moisturizes and nourishes your skin overnight, leaving it clean, prettier, and smooth. You can surely have improved oily skin by using this cream regularly.

From the above-mentioned list, which one is your favorite? Let us know by commenting below. And don’t forget to visit Daraz’s online shop for exciting deals on other health and beauty products.

Don’t miss out on the top deals of the year! Mark your calendar, set your reminders, and get ready for the shopping spree of a lifetime.

Best Organic Shampoo for Hair fall in Bangladesh (2024)

It’s crucial to maintain a healthy haircare routine to keep your hair silky, bright, and healthy. You know, when it comes to hair care,  shampoo is the basic product. But are all types of shampoos suitable for your hair? Not really. You may face several difficulties with your hair, like dry hair, thin hair, hair fall, and so on. And the treatment for every type of hair issue could be different.

But what is the solution for hair fall? If you feel that your hair condition is not well enough, you must consult a dermatologist to treat your hair with great care. On the other hand, the best anti-hair fall organic or natural shampoo can be your hair loss solution.

Beauty products offers on daraz 11.11 sale
Best Organic Shampoo for Hair fall in Bangladesh (2024) 58

10 Best Natural Shampoos for Hair Loss

Some shampoos contain chemicals that cause long-term harmful effects on your hair. Any shampoo is free of sulfates and other harmful compounds and is considered organic or natural. If you don’t want to use chemicals on your hair, we offer the ideal solution for you! Besides, you can check the best shampoo brands in Bangladesh. Here is a list of the top organic shampoos that will leave your hair bouncy, smooth, and healthy.

Elevate Your Hair Goals

Visit here to elevate your hair goals and explore the offers and best deals of Unilever Brands Hair Care products:

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  • Grand Prize Worth Tk 200,000

Sunsilk Hair Shampoo

sunsilk shampoo
Best Organic Shampoo for Hair fall in Bangladesh (2024) 59

Dove Hair Shampoo

dove shampoo
Best Organic Shampoo for Hair fall in Bangladesh (2024) 60

Tresemme Shampoo

tresemme shampoo
Best Organic Shampoo for Hair fall in Bangladesh (2024) 61

MUMTAZ Natural Organic Herbal Shampoo
  • Suitable for all hair types.
  • This 200 ml bottle offers authenticity and convenience.
  • Herbal ingredients will make your hair shiny and strong without the use of external chemicals

OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo
  • Suitable for thick hair types, it effectively tackles damage and split ends.
  • Say goodbye to styling damage, as this shampoo provides protection without any sulfates or parabens.


Xpel Hemp Hair Care Shampoo (400ml) - Shampoo
  • Suitable for all dry and frizzy hair
  • Hemp is described as natures most perfectly balanced oil. It’s rich in essential fatty acids and omega 3,6 and 9 which are essential for healthy vibrant hair.
  • Working in combination with other organic extracts including lemon peel extract and green tea to strengthen and smoothen hair


Wow Skin Science Onion Red Seed Oil Shampoo 100ml
  • Suitable for those with hairfall
  • Get healthy, long hair fast!
  • Key Ingredients: Red Onion Seed Oil Extract, Black Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin B 


THE BODY SHOP Banana Truly Nourishing Shampoo 250ml
  • Suitable for those with dry, rough and bleached hair
  • If you’re after smoother-looking locks, choose this to say bye to frizz and hi to aromatic smooth hair
  • Now vegan and made with 91% ingredients of natural origin, including organic banana puree.

Mamaearth Onion Hair Fall Shampoo for Hair Growth & Hair Fall Control
  • For those struggling with Damaged/Split Ends, Thinning, Needing Volumizing,Hair Loss
  • Ideal For: Men & Women of all hair types
  • Can guarantee strong, healthy hair with the powerful ingredient of onions!

BIOAQUA Anti Dand-ruff Hair Olive Shampoo- 400g
  • For those struggling with dandruff and an itchy, dry scalp
  • Benefits: Improve Frizz, Supple & Nourish
  • Extract From: Olive; a natural ingredient that will make your locks healthy, smooth and strong!

Khadi Natural Satritha Hair Cleanser
  • For all hair types
  • Benefits: Damage/Split Ends, Oiliness,Thinning, Hair Loss
  • Contains: Purified Water, Reetha Ext, Aloe Vera and Amla Extract.

  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Enriched with nettle extract, this shampoo gently cleanses while repairing and restoring your hair. 
  • The nettle extract strengthens hair roots and structures, regulates sebum balance, and provides essential moisture, resulting in nourished and naturally shiny hair. 

Follow Me Green Tea Shampoo 650ML
  • Hair Care Benefits: Damage/Split Ends, Hair Loss
  • Thick Hair, Oily Hair, Dry Hair, Straight Hair all will be greatly benefitted
  • The key ingredients: Green Tea and Grape Seed Extracts are known to be very useful for renewing hair strength

However, organic shampoo is more effective for hair care. This type of shampoo of all brands is now available online in Bangladesh. Daraz offers anti-hair fall natural shampoo at the best price. Visit Daraz online shop and enjoy free shipping, amazing discounts, and the fastest home delivery all over Bangladesh.

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Best Moisturizers For Oily Skin in 2024

Moisturizer is a substance that contains oil, water, and other components that help to solve skin hydration problems by retaining moisture in the skin. The best quality moisturizers are available on the market based on your skin type like moisturizers for oily skin, dry skin, and sensitive skin.

Searching for the Best Moisturizers For Oily Skin? Explore Our List of the Best Face Moisturisers for Oily Skin. Daraz provides genuine skincare items from various brands. Now you can get moisturizers for all types of skin on this online shop at the best price in Bangladesh. 

Beauty products offers on daraz 11.11 sale
Best Moisturizers For Oily Skin in 2024 69

Top 5 Moisturizers for Oily Skin

There are many renowned brands that are offering oily skin moisturizers. You can easily find the best moisturizer for oily skin in Bangladesh. So let’s have a quick look at the top-quality moisturizer for oily skin in Bangladesh.

oil free moisturizer 1) Neutrogena Clear & Defend Oil-Free Moisturiser

Neutrogena is an American brand of skincare products. This Neutrogena moisturizer is both alcohol and oil-free. It also contains glycerin and hyaluronic acid- which can hydrate the skin without the need for emollients that may feel too thick for oily skin.


2) Neutrogena Oil-Free Face Moisturizer

When it comes to oil-free moisturizers, Neutrogena is something that is inevitable as it is one of the best moisturizers for oily skin. Neutrogena Oil-Free Face Moisturizer is also lightweight and very effective for oily skin. Many people love Nueotrogena for its quality.

Moisuturizer for oily skin body shop 3) Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser

Beauty Formulas Brightening Vitamin C Daily Moisturizer is a fresh and lightweight cream formula that will give your oily skin a daily boost of brightness and hydration. Vitamin C awakens and purifies your complexion and reveals a natural healthy-looking glow.

4) Simple Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturisersimple moisturizer for oily skin

Simple is also a renowned skincare brand. Simple Kind to Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser instantly doubles your skin’s hydration. It works for up to 24 hours, leaving your skin feeling silky and nourished all day. Daily applying this moisturizer to your oily skin can really help you to have healthy, soft, and glowing skin.

aqua shot moisturizing cream5) Koelcia Yogufresh Aqua Shot Moisturizing Cream

A moisturizing cream that helps repair the skin barrier with a yogurt-like texture. The product contains fermented yogurt. Lactobacillus, including lactose, lactopropoline, and minerals contains a high nutritional value and contains immunoglobulin.

Why your skin needs Moisturizer?

When skin lacks sebum (that naturally keeps your skin hydrated), moisturizer is an external help to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. Moisturizer helps to prevent dryness in the skin. It protects sensitive skin and improves skin tone and texture. Using a moisturizer daily is one of the number one keys to having healthy, glowing skin no matter what season, age, or skin type you have.

Does oily skin need moisturizer too?

Many people think that there is no need to use moisturizer for oily skin. But it’s totally wrong. People with oily skin need to realize that they still need to moisturize to help with the overall health, texture, and appearance of their skin. You can surely get the best moisturizer cream suitable for oily skin for both men and women to protect your skin.

Don’t miss out on the top deals of the year! Mark your calendar, set your reminders, and get ready for the shopping spree of a lifetime.

You can visit Daraz’s online shopping website and app for a more high-quality collection of the best oily skin moisturizers and skincare products. Find lots of FMCG and groceries at Daraz Mart – Online Grocery Shop with delicious deals.

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Best Body Soaps for Skin Whitening in 2024

Body Soaps and shower gels are essential beauty products in our regular use especially bar soap options, which are now more effective. You can get a number of body soaps and shower gels on the market. Some prefer body washes to bar soaps. In this case, they should go for the best body washes that suit well to their skin types like the best body washes for oily skin or dry skin.

Well, in this article, the skin whitening bar soaps are listed which are available on Daraz online shop at the best price in Bangladesh. The body soaps for men and women both are included and you can grab the combo offer while buying the bar soaps online of the popular soap brands.

Beauty products offers on daraz 11.11 sale
Best Body Soaps for Skin Whitening in 2024 79

Top 7 Bar Soaps for Smooth Skin

1. Dove Beauty Bar White

dove beauty bar

To give you softer, smoother, and more radiant skin, DOVE White Beauty Bar mixes a mild cleansing recipe with DOVE’s renowned moisturizing cream. Instead of removing your skin’s natural moisture, gentle cleansers assist in retaining it. DOVE White Bar leaves it feeling soft and smooth. It even helps to replenish nutrients lost during the cleansing process. It’s a beauty bar, not soap.

2. Pax Moly Aloe Vera Whitening Body Soap

pax moly aloe vera body soap

Aloe Vera, an instant moisturizer, leaves skin feeling supple, smooth, and younger-looking. Your skin absorbs more water thanks to aloe vera, keeping it hydrated without feeling oily. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, aloe vera is useful for treating cuts and insect bites. All the tension brought on by pollution, heat, cold, and daily conflicts is whisked away, leaving only soft, moisturized skin.

3. Dr Dave Black Soap Deep

dr dave black soap

Pampers effectively cleanse the skin, bring about freshness, tighten pores, and collagenase the texture. The skin becomes smooth, whitens and brightens the skin’s tone, relieves, acne and pimples while controlling oils, uses bleaching, and works to eliminate blackheads.

4. Ribana Organic Saffron Goat’s Milk Beauty Soap Bar

ribana saffron milk soap bar

Both men and women can use this soap. Recommended: for brightening. Lightens skin tone with regular use, Moisturizes your skin, Adds natural glow, is used for uneven skin tone, Improves the texture of the skin, Treats dull skin and blemishes, Has anti-aging properties, and reduces wrinkles.

5. Studio X Clean and Fresh Soap for Men

studio x mens soap

International styling professionals collaborated on the creation of Studio X Clean & Fresh Soap for men. It is created with a thorough grasp of men’s hard skin. It is scented with menthol, which provides a cool, refreshing feeling, and was created by worldwide perfume specialists from all over the world. Create a distinct macho aura wherever you go and awaken the winner within you. The soap for males is this. Your skin will feel cool thanks to this menthol soap.

6. Cinthol Soap Health+

cinthol soap health plus

Health Plus Cinthol Soap contains antibacterial qualities that offer defense by eliminating 99% of germs while leaving a lingering aroma. Get rid of body odor and maintain healthy skin. Rub gently until lather forms. Use water to thoroughly rinse. Sodium Palmate, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Water, Perfume, Triclocarban, Sodium Chloride, Glycerin, Titanium Dioxide, Disodium EDTA, BHT, and Citric Acid are some of the essential constituents.

7. Pears Pure & Gentle Bar Soap

pears pure and gentle bar soap

Pears, a soap with a 200-year history, is made using a special molding technique and matured until it reaches the purest transparency. Each Pears bar is still finished by hand and visually inspected. Lightly hydrates skin to maintain its smoothness. Soft leather and a mild fragrance to treat your skin. Dermatologist examination. Enhanced with Natural Oils and glycerin.

Don’t miss out on the top deals of the year! Mark your calendar, set your reminders, and get ready for the shopping spree of a lifetime.

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Best Night Creams For Fairness in 2024

Are you distressed with skin fairness issues? Worry not; let us show you the night cream that can flourish the desired fairness of your skin at its best.

You may have once searched for an affordable price range night cream for fairness in Bangladesh. Hence, the good news is that we’ve allocated multiple lucrative deals for the best night cream for fairness in Bangladesh at the budget price online.

Beauty products offers on daraz 11.11 sale
Best Night Creams For Fairness in 2024 87

5 Best Night Creams For Fairness

Daraz-online shop offers the original night creams of all brands in Bangladesh at the best price. Find the most suitable night cream for your skin type. 

1. Lotus Herbals YouthRx Night Cream 50gm

lotus herbal nught cream

Globally popular skincare brand Olay has developed a product line that guarantees flawless skin for people of all ages and skin types. Natural White Night is made to offer nutrients at night for fair skin that looks natural and healthy. In order to lighten and brighten the skin tone, it nourishes the skin as you sleep. 

2. CeraVe Skin Renewing Night Cream

cerave night cream

CeraVe night cream helps soften and renew the look of tired skin overnight, Providing intense hydration.
MVE Technology: This patented delivery system continually releases moisturizing ingredients for all-night hydration. Biomimetic peptides: Improve the appearance of tired-looking skin

3. Lotus Herbal Skin Fairness Night Cream

Night cream for skin whitening

Lotus herbal fairness night cream hydrates the skin and restores nutrients. Lotus will avail you of nutritive night cream and experience the richness of this product. It gets absorbed quickly, and a minimal amount is required for the face and neck region, giving a non-oily look. It is suitable for all skin types and has a fresh and fruity fragrance.

4. Dermedic Melumin Night Cream For Skin Fairness

Best night cream for skin fairness

Dermedic night cream contains various necessary ingredients like papain, vitamin E, shea butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, glycerin, and allantoin. This combination provides multi-level protection against dull skin and increases fairness. Brightens existing hyperpigmentation spots. Gently removes dead epidermal cells and stimulates epidermal regeneration.

5. Olay Night Cream

olay night cream

Skin Type: Normal Skin, Oily Skin, Dry Skin, Combination Skin. Daily, all-in-one face night moisturizer for Women. Fights 7 signs of aging for younger-looking skin. Revives skin by reducing the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, age spots, uneven tone, uneven texture, dryness, dullness, and the appearance of pores. Powerful Ingredients: Pro-Vitamin B5, Vitamin C&E, Green Tea Extract, Vitamin B3. Instantly improves hydration and, with continued use, builds skin to its strongest state to best combat everyday stress.

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Best Sulfate Free Shampoo in Bangladesh (2024)

Are you care-worn about your hair health? Then sulfate-free shampoo can bring the finest solution for you. If you want to get the best deals for the best sulfate free shampoo in Bangladesh, the Daraz online shop can be your foremost source. Let’s take a look at the most effective sulfate-free shampoo for your hair care.

Beauty products offers on daraz 11.11 sale
Best Sulfate Free Shampoo in Bangladesh (2024) 95

What is Sulfate-free Shampoo, and Why is It Important?

  • Sulfate-free shampoo is a type of shampoo that doesn’t contain any sulfates, which are harsh detergents that can strip the hair of its natural oils.
  • Using sulfate-free shampoo can help maintain the health and moisture of the hair, prevent color fading, and reduce irritation for those with sensitive scalps.

Who Should Use Sulfate-Free Shampoo?

  • Sulfate-free shampoo is a good option for anyone who wants to maintain the health and moisture of their hair.
  • It is particularly beneficial for those with curly, frizzy, or dry hair, as these hair types are more prone to dryness and damage.

Best Sulfate Free Shampoo Price List

Best Sulfate Free ShampooPrice in Bangladesh
Parachute Naturale Shampoo Anti Hair Fall (340ml)BDT 332
Mamaearth Apple Cider Vinegar ShampooBDT 770
Ogx Nourishing Sulfate Free Shampoo (385ml)BDT 1,080
LOreal Sulfate Free Shampoo (250ml)BDT 1,700
Khadi Natural Hair Cleanser-Sulfate Free (210ml)BDT 552

Parachute Naturale Sulfate Free Hair Shampoo
  • Enriched with the goodness of Coconut Milk and Hibiscus
  • Dermatologically Tested
  • Paraben Free*

The best part is you can maintain clean strong shiny hair for the long term. This shampoo is made especially for unrivaled shine and volume that is sure to turn heads.

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Mamaearth Apple Cider Vinegar Sulfate Free Shampoo
  • Specially formulated to reduce frizz & repair damaged hair
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • The shampoo is completely free of Parabens, Sulfates, Silicones, Mineral Oil & Dyes.

This is the prominent sulfate-free shampoo made by Kolanbis which is effective for lusciously thick and long hair as well. Its exclusive formula is enriched with keratin yogurt and nutrients that will make your hair look fuller and visibly thick.

Ogx Nourishing Sulfate Free Shampoo
  • Ideal for dry or frizzy hair
  • Coconut milk, tangerine and warm vanilla scent
  • Sulfate and Paraben Free

Ogx shampoo is popular enough not only for deep nourishment but also for hopeful protection from sulfate now. The most positive part of the Ogx Shampoo is its nutrilock activity which deeply nourishes damaged hair from the roots up. And to make hair stronger or to reduce hair fall, Ogx shampoo can be your favorite one.

Take a look at How to Repair Dry and Damaged Hair at Home

LOreal Sulfate Free Shampoo
  •  Ideal for Men and Women
  • Adds softness and natural shine
  • For gentle cleansing & frizz control

You may have known that Loreal is famous as one of the most popular shampoo brands in the world. This is the shampoo you can easily trust for refreshed and smooth hair without any hair loss. But as you are looking for sulfate-free shampoo, Loreal is the brand to match your demand perfectly.

Khadi Natural Hair Cleanser-Sulfate Free
  • Contains Natural Ingredients like Aloe Vera, Reetha, Amla, Centella
  • For glossy shine and fights dandruff
  • Suitable for all hair types.

Basically, this is mostly known as shampoo for deep dandruff cleansing. And to deep cleanse dandruff and remove the germ from the root of the hair and scalp, clear shampoo can be the right choice. As if the sulfate-free shampoo is in your consideration, ordering clear shampoo is a wise decision for sure.

What Are the Benefits of Using Sulfate-free Shampoo?

  • Reduced scalp irritation.
  • Reduced frizz.
  • Reduced irritation of the skin around the hair (neck, back, hairline acne)
  • Leaves hair softer and more conditioned.
  • Leaves curly hair more intact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can sulfate-free shampoo help with hair growth?

While sulfate-free shampoo is not directly linked to hair growth, it can help to promote the overall health of the hair.

By keeping the hair and scalp healthy and moisturized, sulfate-free shampoo can create a more optimal environment for hair growth.

How often should I use sulfate-free shampoo?

The frequency of sulfate-free shampoo use can vary depending on individual hair type and needs.
As a general rule, it is recommended to wash hair with sulfate-free shampoo every 2-3 days, or as needed based on hair type and styling habits.

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