How to Find the Best Products in Daraz Bangladesh

As you know which online shopping is best in Bangladesh, you may feel much reliance while ordering necessary products online. For your domestic or international online shopping from Bangladesh, Daraz will be always there to access authentic products from popular brands more easily. But it’s not always easy though to find the top most original product allocating various categories. And so this article can show you some light of hope to find out the best product on Daraz BD.

Easy Steps to Find Out the Best Products from Daraz

For example, if you want to order a MI 10000 mAh Power Bank, you have to search for it by typing in the product name.

search your product on

Second Step: Choose the Product that has 5 Star Rating

Now you can see lots of options for different model power banks with different price rates. To select a good quality MI power bank, you have to keep a careful eye on product ratings. Once you have ensured the 5-star marks, you can select a Xiaomi power bank according to your budget price.

select your product from according to product rating

Third Step: Check the Return and Warranty Policy

Selected the product? Then along with the satisfactory product ratings, it’s time to check some necessary data regarding product authenticity as well as return and warranty policy.

For example, you have selected an MI power bank from the official Daraz Mall store. So, you’ll be privileged by 100% authentic products and 14 days easy return policy. You will also be notified of also official warranty as 6 month warranty has been ensured by your seller here.

keep eyes on rating, return and warranty policy of

>>Buy Best Mobile Power Banks in Bangladesh<<

Fourth Step: Check the Customers’ Reviews Section

Now it’s time to look into the product reviews to ensure the expected positive experiences from other satisfied customers.

know about customers product reviews from

Fifth Step: See the Questions about the Product Section

And another interesting part you can find out the question-answer section between seller and customers, where it’ll be easy enough to locate any advantage or disadvantage related to your selected product.

analyse question-answers between seller and customers on

Sixth Step: See the Seller Ratings & and whether it is a Certified Store

And, of course, some important information about the product’s seller you need to know is positive seller ratings, seller size, ship-on-time, and chat response rate, based on which your effective decision for ordering the product can be affected positively.

understand positive ratings of sellers from

Now want to order this product from Daraz Bangladesh? So, it’s high time to tap on the Buy Now option unless everything is fine from your end. And where there is a problem related to online shopping at Daraz, there is the Daraz helpline contact number bd for sure. You can also make out a fast solution through the direct online chat service of Daraz Bangladesh. For better deals, the Daraz app is an easy online shopping source in Bangladesh that you know very well. Visit Daraz’s online shopping website and app to grab the best deal of the time at the best price available.

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How to Use Daraz Vouchers and Coupon Codes Easily?

Daraz is the biggest online marketplace in Bangladesh. Every day numerous people buy their daily essentials from Daraz Bangladesh with some outstanding beneficial deals. There are countless Daraz discount vouchers and coupon codes to shop from Daraz with a more discounted price.

Whether you want to know about Daraz voucher code free bd, Daraz voucher code for a new user, or Daraz coupon code in Bangladesh- this post will help you to grab excellent deals from Daraz online shopping at a more convenient price.

Steps to Using Daraz Vouchers & Coupon Codes

Let’s have a closer look at our simple guide for using the Daraz voucher-

  • Get your Daraz vouchers by surfing the Daraz app or Daraz website – you can copy or note the voucher code.
  • You can collect your collectible voucher easily by tapping ‘collect’ beside the coupon. 
  • When the offering is open, shake your mobile to win a shake shake double Taka voucher.
  • Now you can go to your preferred product page by searching the product name in the app or explore manually.
  • Click ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Add to Cart’ to purchase.
  • On the next ‘Checkout’ or ‘My Cart’ page, there is a text field containing ‘Enter Voucher Code’- put your voucher code there, and hit ‘APPLY’.
  • Congratulation. Your Daraz discount voucher is applied successfully and the price is updated according to the discount rate.
  • Now hit ‘Place Order’ or ‘Check Out’ to buy the product.

Aha, you’ve reached the bottom line. So, do a hurry check if your Daraz


What is the Daraz voucher?

Daraz voucher is a computer-generated code that you can only use in the deals of purchasing any products from Daraz Bangladesh. Using the Daraz voucher code will lower the actual product price which can help you to buy more authentic products at a cheap rate.

What are collectible vouchers in Daraz?

It’s happily true that Collectible Vouchers are special vouchers that can be collected and stored in your account. Whenever you log on to the Daraz site you can use them anytime before they expire.

What is the Daraz shop voucher?

Daraz seller voucher is a kind of voucher that is provided by a particular shop to its customers. You can get the Daraz seller voucher on the shop page.

What is a Double Taka Voucher in Daraz?

Daraz Double Taka voucher is an outstanding type of voucher that gives lucky customers a chance to buy products at half of the actual price.

From where can I get Daraz discount vouchers and coupon codes?

You can find exciting Daraz vouchers like I Love vouchers, double taka vouchers,  brand vouchers, etc. only on the Daraz App and website. Visit your latest Daraz app to unveil more Daraz discount vouchers.

How can I get the Daraz voucher/coupon code/promo code?

You can find official Daraz vouchers and coupon codes in the Daraz mobile app, mobile site, and desktop site. There are several places that contain Daraz vouchers and coupon codes e.g. website/app sliders, banners, campaign pages, etc.

How can I get the New User Voucher Code in Daraz?

Are you finding the Daraz welcome voucher code online? From the Daraz website or app home page, you can collect the Daraz new user voucher code easily. You can enjoy the 25% discount by applying the Daraz new user voucher code.

Can I buy or sell Daraz vouchers?

No. You can’t. Daraz vouchers cannot be bought or resold by the user. You will be banned from the platform if the evidence is found.

For Groceries, check out Daraz Mart – Online Grocery Shop, and save money.

You can check attractive Daraz campaign deals: Mega Deals | Happy Hour | bKash Offers | Shake Shake | Mystery Box | 11 Taka Deal | Free Shipping 

How To Select Daraz Collection Point Easily!

Are you having trouble finding the nearest Daraz pick-up point? Then fear not, as this post will give you the answer to how to select Daraz’s pick-up point? Well, these are quite relatable, and the process of picking a product from a Daraz pick-up point or Daraz collection point is simple. So, basically, the almost new but effective attempt of this new delivery option is effectively charged to ensure the topmost on-time delivery of those remote areas customers, which means a lot for them.

How can Daraz Pick Up Point Favor for You?

Again, we can spontaneously mention – that the process of collecting products from Daraz collection points is very easy and hassle-free indeed. While ordering products on Daraz, especially the Daraz App, you’ll be offered to select the preferred Daraz collection point or Daraz pick-up station perfectly from which place you want to collect the exact delivered products at a very much appropriate time.

Daraz Express (DEX) and other delivery partners are going through the 24/7 constant process to ensure your real-time product delivery. So, once your ordered package reaches our Daraz pick-up point, you will be notified through SMS, email, and other notifications to receive it successfully. How long does Daraz take to deliver? Actually, 3 to 6 working days might take to deliver except for global products.

Please note that your delivery package must be collected within 3 days from Daraz pick-up or collection points.  Now the benefits of the Daraz collection point show the Daraz delivery charge is the lowest (Only 25 Tk). You can collect your delivery packages from the Daraz collection or pick-up stations with a minimum charge. For this, Daraz Bangladesh courier distribution points should thoroughly be checked by the means of your dwelling region.

Your Frequently Asked Questions and Our Answers

1. How to select the Daraz collection point while placing an order?

  • Package has eligibility criteria depending on the size, category of the item & delivery location. This will be auto-calculated and show the pick-up point as an option for your order upon checkout.

2. How many days collection points will remain open in a week?

  • Collection points will remain open 6 days a week (Saturday to Thursday) from 09:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

3. Can someone else collect the parcel on the customer’s behalf?

  • Yes, as long as the person who is collecting the parcel should have the OTP.

4. How to select the Daraz collection point while placing an order?

  • Package has eligibility criteria depending on the size, category of the item & delivery location. This will be auto-calculated and show the pick-up point as an option for your order upon checkout.

5. How to collect a product from the collection point?

  • The following are the steps that you need to follow while collecting your parcel from Daraz’s pick-up point.
  • Present your tracking number to the station agent.
  • Check package information carefully.
  • Give your OTP to the station agent and sign off for receiving confirmation.

6. How can I change my address in Daraz, and how can I add a new delivery address to my account?

  • Now click on “Manage My Account” in the drop-down.
  • Then, you will be directed to your account, where you will find “Address Book” on the left side of the screen.
  • And click on the “Add a New Address” button, enter your complete new address & click on “Save This Address”.

7. Can I check my package before accepting it?

  • No, your package can only be opened after you have accepted the package by signing on the EPOD (Electronic Proof Of Delivery)

8. Can I choose my preferred shipping method?

  • Yes, according to your region, it’s now possible to select the specific area from where you want to collect the package.

How to Choose the Preferred Collection Point or Pick-up Station

Daraz pick up point selection

Choose the Nearest Pick-up Point in Daraz

see the nearest pick point list

Confirm your preferred Pick Up point/station

Let’s have a Look at the Daraz Collection Point Address List

List of Daraz Collection Point Addresses

All over the country, from Daraz pick-up points Mirpur Dhaka and Narayanganj to Daraz pick-up point Jashore – Khulna as well as Daraz pick-up points Rajshahi, Bagura, Rangpur, Noakhali, Cumilla, Chattogram, Cox’s Bazar, Sylhet, Mymensingh; you can find utmost 125+ Daraz collection points address at an ear-nose distance. You can also check your order status by using Daraz bd dex tracking now.

Download the Daraz App to watch the best BD cricket live streaming without buffering. Visit Daraz Mart – Online Grocery Shop, to order essential groceries at an affordable budget.

How to Collect Products from Daraz Collection Point?

For more info, visit any time!

Read this Post in Bangla,

>>দারাজ কালেকশন পয়েন্ট অ্যাড্রেস খুঁজে পাবেন যেভাবে<<

How To Pay Daraz By bKash App(bKash Cashback Offer)

With the bKash payment system, Daraz Bangladesh is offering an instant Cashback offer. Daraz bKash offer and payment system are shaped by an exceptionally relaxed user perception of online shoppers in BD.

Apart from a simple online transaction method, Daraz BD grants various Daraz bKash payment offers and bKash cashback offers to its customers. If you want benefits from Daraz, online bKash payment discount offers like Daraz bKash cashback offer, there is no extra trouble – just open your Daraz online shopping app and enjoy additional discounts with an absolutely straight bKash payment system. But do you know how to pay Daraz by bkash gateway? Let’s have a look at the Daraz bKash payment method guideline which is very much easy to follow.

How to pay bKash through the bKash App at Daraz

Step 1: Select the payment method

At checkout select bKash Online Payment as a payment option.

Step 2: Enter your bKash wallet details

Input your bKash Account Number and click proceed for the next step.

Step 3: Enter your verification code

Enter your verification code (received through SMS) and proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Enter your PIN number

Enter your bKash PIN number and click Finish to confirm your order.

Take note of the following before you proceed

  1. You have an activated bKash account.
  2. Make sure you have sufficient balance in your bKash account to cover the total cost of the order.
  3. Ensure you are able to receive your OTP (one-time-password) on your mobile and have a bKash PIN.
  4. For any bKash payment-related issue, please call 16247.

But, 1 thing you should never forget is that the bKash cashback offer for Daraz payment is only available when you pay through the bKash app, not via bKash USSD payment (by mobile dialing ∗247#).

Know More About bKash Payment in Daraz

So, you just know, how to pay with your bKash account at Daraz online shop easily. Now all you have to do is wait for your desired products which are almost at your doorway. Enjoy the best ever online shopping experience with an extra discount and the best bKash cashback offer in Bangladesh with your best shopping buddy – Daraz BD. For more details, you can visit the Daraz app or Daraz official website. Visit Daraz Mart – Online Grocery Shop to order groceries at the best deals.

Download the Daraz App to watch the best BD cricket live streaming without buffering.

You can check attractive daraz campaign deals: Mega Deals | Happy Hour | bKash Offers | Shake Shake | Mystery Box | Free Shipping 

Read all these steps in bengali language also: দারাজে কিভাবে কিভাবে বিকাশ পেমেন্ট করবেন?

How to Buy Multiple Products in One Order on Daraz?

You may have made a decision to order products from Daraz online shopping in Bangladesh but before proceeding to place an order, you may notice another product that can seem to you a favorite one. Regarding this, what should you do? Will you leave that order as single to opt for another new order as per the new item?

In that case, with the view of easy online shopping bd, our recommendation will be to skip this kind of hassle as there are easy options on standby in Daraz online shopping website or app to shop products more than one Daraz bd online shop. Explore the Daraz to enjoy amazing offers.

How can I Buy Multiple Products Through a Single Order from Daraz Bangladesh?

2nd Step: Select the most liked product

3rd Step: Add this product to the cart.

shop various products through single daraz order

4th Step: Search for another product that you want to buy

5th Step: Then select the product like before

6th Step: Add this product to the cart again.

buy more than one products in one order at daraz

7th Step: Now Select All Added products from your Cart

8th Step: Finally click the Check-Out button and make the payment

Once these two products are included in the cart, go to the cart and select both items for checking out. Thus you can place orders for multiple products in the same order on Daraz online shopping bd. So, through this process, more than one product can be shopped through the Daraz Bangladesh online shopping app more comfortably.

Don’t miss out on the top deals of the year! Mark your calendar, set your reminders, and get ready for the shopping spree of a lifetime.

Now enjoy combo and BOGO offers for necessary groceries available at Daraz Mart – Online Grocery Shop in Daraz Bangladesh.

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Your Complete Headphone Buying Guide in 2024

A reliable headphone can be your best travel companion- whether you are a music lover or not. And no matter whether you are on an intercity bus, long drive, or on a long-range train- an audio device can be the game-changer. You can use it for listening to favorite music tracks, speaking to someone, using Google Assistant, and for many other various purposes.

Electronics gadgets items offers on daraz 11.11 sale
Your Complete Headphone Buying Guide in 2024 18

The sole problem is, that there are lots of options out there- from in-ear to on-ear to over-ear, and they all have something different to offer that it’s a tough task to choose the best audio device for you.

dMall for Original Branded Headphones

In-ear Headphones

In-ear headphones are the most common type now. You can easily find top-quality in-ear headphones if you are seeking one. Most mobile and electronic devices come up with this type of headphone.

– Portable
– Light
– Easy to handle
– Noise isolation with earbuds

– Comparatively lower sound quality
– Wires get tangled

On-ear Headphones

On-ear headphones are bigger than in-ear and are about the size of your ear. Unlike earbuds, they sit on top of your outer ears- these don’t go in your actual ear canal.

– Portable
– Comparatively better sound quality
– Handy

– Not as portable as in-ear headphones
– Not the best noise isolation

Over-the-ear Headphones

Over-ear headphones are the largest of the three types of headphones and are largely considered the most high-quality, and for good reason. They have larger drivers which means if you want the best-sounding and most detailed headphones possible, you should be looking for a pair of over-ear headphones.

– Better sound quality
– Higher noise isolation
– Comfort

– Hardest to carry along
– Hard to use if you haven’t used them

Bluetooth Headsets

Bluetooth earbuds are something you are dying inside. Bluetooth headphones work by using radio waves instead of wires to connect with your smartphone or computer- that’s why they’re also called wireless headphones.

– Very easy to carry
– Easy to maintain
– Durable

– Battery life
– Relatively higher power consumption

Hope you can find the right sound accessory at Daraz Mall for your device. But you can check more exciting deals at the Daraz 11.11 Sale mega campaign for the latest mobiles and accessories.

Special Headphones: TWS M10 | TWS M19 | TWS M28 | TWS v5.1 | Plextone G20 | Lenovo HE05 | P47 Wireless | Apple Airpods Pro | D7 Multimedia Speaker 

Top 10 Electronic Gadgets You Should Buy in Bangladesh 2024

Online Shoppers, we know you can’t but yourself resist buying the latest gadgets every time. And when it’s the valuable matter of lucrative deals and discounts, nothing can be comparable to your newly launched electronic devices shopping quest. 

Electronics gadgets items offers on daraz 11.11 sale
Top 10 Electronic Gadgets You Should Buy in Bangladesh 2024 29

So, wait for none as there are some super electronic devices and accessories you should buy until these are out of stock. 

List of Electronic Gadgets You Should Order in Bangladesh

EDIFIER Bluetooth Over-ear Headphones

EDIFIER Bluetooth Over-ear Headphones

Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen with Clock – Blue

Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen with Clock - Blue

JBL Clip 4 Bluetooth Speaker Blue Pink

JBL Clip 4 Bluetooth Speaker Blue Pink

Portable J9 Mini Projector

Portable J9 Mini Projector price in bd

LED Motion Sensor Night Light

Motion Sensor night light 1



Realme Buds Q TWS

realme Buds Q TWS

EZviz Smart Auto Motion Security Camera

EZviz Smart Auto Motion Security Camera

Shopping done? If you need other electronics products, visit the Daraz online shopping website and app now for the best shopping deals. Happy Gadgets Shopping!

Check also: ইলেকট্রিক জিনিস 

Must-Have Top Mobile Accessories for Your Smartphone (2024)

Mobile is now an everyday device of modern people. There are diverse types of smartphone accessories out there to make your mobile unique in the crowd. If you are searching for durable mobile accessories in Dhaka, Chattogram, Khulna, or anywhere in Bangladesh, you can now find the best mobile accessories more easily online at Daraz Bangladesh. Therefore, without going to a mobile accessories shop, you can buy them online with perfect mobile accessories pictures.

Top Mobile Accessories for Your Daily Needs

Let’s go through our picks of the mobile accessories list that make your smartphone identical to your taste.

Electronics gadgets items offers on daraz
Must-Have Top Mobile Accessories for Your Smartphone (2024) 32

1) Mobile Phone Cases

There are many types of mobile phone cases and covers out there that can give you the comfort of holding your smartphone well. You shouldn’t use cheap phone cases as smartphone covers also give your mobile smart protection from any kind of blow. In Daraz, you can find phone cases for Samsung, phone cases for iPhone, Nokia, Xiaomi, and Oppo mobile sets, and other cute phone cases for various brands.

2) Phone Screen Protectors

Screen protectors keep your mobile screen intact, tidy, and clean from day one. The best screen protector restrains your smartphone screen from getting scratched and stained. You can find screen protector glass, tempered glass screen protectors, hydrogel screen protectors, and all the best liquid screen protectors at the best prices in Daraz Bangladesh.

3) Power Banks

If you are a heavy smartphone user then you surely know the value of power. Especially in the middle of something important if your mobile phone’s charge goes away- only then can you completely realize the importance of a reliable power bank. Whether you want to know the power bank price in Bangladesh or Huawei power bank, Symphony power bank, or Samsung power bank price in bd then you can visit online to purchase the best durable stylish power bank for your secure mobile experience.

4) Phone Docks & Stands

Phone docks & stands are something very important for everyday life. You can hold and use your smartphone in your comfort if you have a good quality mobile dock. Mobile stands also ensure your phone’s safety in public transport, chaotic places, and so on. You can find a handy and stylish phone stand easily online for a comfortable mobile experience. With these durable and reliable phone stands, you can drive safely, give your hands a rest and most importantly you’ll able to use your phone with a more relaxing approach

5) Phone Cables & Converters

You can find various types of mobile cables and converters out there to make your mobile experience more convenient. There is an HDMI cable for mobile to TV, an audio cable, a USB to HDMI cable, a microphone converter, an audio sharing cable, and many types of data cables for your mobile phone which can make your life hassle-free.

6) SIM Tools

For modern-day SIM cards, there are many subtle accessories like SIM card tray holders, SIM card ejector pins, etc that you can use for ejecting SIM cards easily and other usages. These tools can surely lift up your everyday life. You can find more useful SIM tools for your mobile phone.

Whether you want to buy some smart mobile accessories with a discounted price or discount voucher you can check Daraz for more exciting deals. By having these smartphone accessories you can smoothly improve your everyday mobile experience and your mobile can be your more reliable companion.

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Best Selling Products on Daraz (2024)

A fresh month is already in but if you eagerly want to look back on the top-selling products in Daraz Bangladesh or what products are in high demand right now at, absolutely this blog post can find you well.

Now you can buy all electronic items on Daraz at the best price as the Daraz is ongoing. Here you can get all branded electronic products with the biggest discounts.

Daraz is the biggest online shopping platform in Bangladesh where you’ll get all categories of products including fashion, beauty, electronics, home appliances, cooking appliances, kitchen utensils, grocery items, mother and baby items, sports and outdoor products, and so on. In this Anniversary campaign, Daraz offers a lot of amazing discounts offers and lucrative deals. So grab the best deals at the best price right now from Daraz.

The most trending products on Daraz at present include men’s and women’s fashion products, all branded and authentic beauty products, smartphones, AC, Televisions, washing machines, and all home decoration items.

Make sure you choose the best-rated products from the Daraz-certified store to enjoy the best online shopping experience with Daraz.

Top 10 Best-Selling Products of Daraz Bangladesh

1. Infinix NOTE 30(8/128GB)

The Infinix NOTE 30 smartphone, priced at Tk 18,412, boasts a 64MP rear camera, 16MP front camera, and a powerful MediaTek Helio G99 chipset. With a 6.78-inch IPS LTPS display and a 120Hz refresh rate, it offers a stunning visual experience. It also features 8GB RAM, 128GB storage, and a 5000mAh battery with 45W charging.

Check the Infinix smartphone at the best price in Bangladesh and find all branded smartphones in Daraz. You can also get the latest Apple or iPhone mobile phone prices in Bangladesh. In addition to this, mobile accessories are available in this online shop. You must check the feature phone price in Bangladesh.

Check also i12 TWS | M90 Pro TWS | Power Bank Circuit | Redmi Note 7 Pro Battery.

Smartphone offers on daraz

Electronics gadgets items offers on daraz 11.11 sale
Best Selling Products on Daraz (2024) 63

2. Midea 1.5 Ton Non-Inverter AC

Daraz offers Midea 1.5 Ton Non-Inverter Split Type Air Conditioner with a 5-year compressor warranty. It’s sold by Electro World Corporation for Tk 47,999, with free delivery and installation options. The product includes a remote control and copper pipe, offering energy-saving benefits.

Check more AC variants including models and capacity:

Different Sizes of ACs: 1 Ton AC | 1.2 Ton AC | 1.5 Ton AC 2 Ton AC | 2.5 Ton AC | 3 Ton AC | 4 Ton AC | 4.5 Ton AC | 5 Ton AC | 10 Ton AC

Popular AC Brands in Bangladesh: Midea AC | Haier AC | Gree AC | Samsung AC | Walton AC | General AC | Minister AC | Sharp AC | LG AC | Vision AC | Singer AC

Home electronics items on daraz 11.11 sale
Best Selling Products on Daraz (2024) 67

Take a look also:

AC Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right Air Conditioner?

Top 6 Inverter ACs to Buy in Bangladesh

3. GFC VIP Ceiling Fan 56″ IMPORTED

GFC VIP Ceiling Fan 56" IMPORTED from pakistan

Daraz online shop provides the GFC VIP Ceiling Fan 56″ IMPORTED, highlighting its features like aerodynamically designed blades, high-quality construction, and energy efficiency. It’s priced at Tk 5,449 with delivery options and a lifetime warranty.

Go through also: Best ceiling fan at the lowest price in Bangladesh.

Check more ceiling fan prices in Bangladesh which are available online at the best price. You can look over also the best ceiling fan at an affordable price in Bangladesh.

4. Intel Core i7 Gaming Desktop

Best gaming desktop with monitor price in bd

The Intel Core i7 Desktop Computer features a 19-inch monitor with brand variations, a powerful Intel Core i7 processor with 8GB RAM, and a 1000GB HDD for storage. It includes 4GB graphics (Internal + External), Windows 10 Pro, and comes with a 5-year warranty. A Standard USB keyboard and optical mouse are included.

Gaming consoles and computers on daraz 11.11
Best Selling Products on Daraz (2024) 68

Check more gaming desktops, gaming consolescore i3 laptops, core i5 laptops, and core i7 laptops on Daraz Bangladesh.

5. Sony Plus 40” 4k Supported Android Smart Television

The Sony Plus 32” 4K Android Smart TV offers an immersive viewing experience with its Full HD 4K resolution. It comes with 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM for smooth performance. This TV runs on Android 9.0, providing access to a wide range of apps. It has multiple connectivity options, including HDMI, USB, and Wi-Fi. Additionally, it comes with a 12-year seller warranty and a 14-day easy return policy for peace of mind.

All renowned branded televisions such as Samsung TV, Haier TV, Sony TV, MI TV, Vision TV, LG TV, Walton TV, Minister TV, and so on are available on Daraz’s online shop. Check the television prices in Bangladesh including Smart TVs, OLED TVs, LED TVs, QLED TVs, Plasma TVs, and LCD TVs of all sizes and brands within every budget in Daraz Bangladesh.

Besides, you can also check the TV accessories and other essentials. Check also the TX9 Pro Android TV Box on Daraz. See also the best LED TVs in Bangladesh.

6. SAMSUNG RB21KMFH5SK/D3 Refrigerator With Digital Inverter- 218L

The SAMSUNG RB21KMFH5SK/D3 Refrigerator offers remarkable features, including up to 57% energy savings, compatibility with home inverters and solar power, rapid cooling with Power Cool and Power Freeze functions, spacious storage with tempered glass shelves, LED interior lighting, and 15-year brand warranty. Stabilizer-free operation, a blue LED control panel, and ample freezer space make it a reliable and efficient choice.

Daraz provides all brands of refrigerators at the best price in Bangladesh and all types of fridges in every budget segment with an official warranty and EMI facility at the best price in Bangladesh. Check also the Walton Refrigerator 176 Liter.

Don’t forget to go through the best refrigerator brands in Bangladesh.

7. Sharp-R-84A0-ST-V-Microwave Oven – 25 Liters

Sharp microwav oven 25 liter price in bangladesh

The Sharp Grill Convection Microwave Oven R-84AO(ST)V offers a 25-liter stainless steel capacity with convection and grill functions. It boasts 10 auto menus for easy cooking, comes with a 1-year local seller warranty, and features a user-friendly door with a handle. This versatile microwave is available for Tk 22,700, with installment offers for up to 6 months. Enjoy free shipping and 14-day easy returns.

Buy microwave ovens at the best price from Daraz Bangladesh and enjoy amazing discounts with the EMI facility. You can explore all branded ovens in Bangladesh including all sizes for the desired family size.

Brands of Microwave Ovens: Samsung Microwave Oven | Miyako Microwave Oven | Sharp Microwave Oven | Singer Microwave Oven | Panasonic Microwave Oven | Vision Microwave Oven | Microwaves LG

Find out the best-sized ovens for your family like small size, medium size, and large size microwave ovens: 20 Liter Oven | 25 Liter Oven | 30 Liter Oven

Take a look also: Best Microwave Ovens Buying Guide in Bangladesh.

8. Sharp Full Auto Washing Machine ES-W90EW-H 9 KG

sharp auto washing machine 9kg price in bd

The Sharp Full Auto Washing Machine ES-W90EW-H 9 KG in Light Grey offers a 9 KG capacity and features a convenient Auto tub clean function. It operates at low wattage, includes an Antibacterial AG Pulsator, and has a stainless steel drum for durability. Additionally, it incorporates ECO Shower Rinse technology, saving up to 30% water during each wash.

Check more popular washing machines of all brands in Daraz Bangladesh and get them at an affordable price. Check also the Best Washing Machines in Bangladesh you can buy.

All brands of Washing Machines in Bangladesh: LG Washing Machines | Haier Washing Machines | Samsung Washing Machines | Sharp Washing Machines | Singer Washing Machines | Vision Washing Machines | Panasonic Washing Machines | Walton Washing Machines

Get the desired size washing machine based on your family size: 7kg washing machine | 8kg washing machine | 10kg washing machine

Choose between the Top-loading washing machine and the front-loading washing machine.

9. Midea D30-15A – Geyser / Water Heater 30L

midea geyser andd water heater 30 liter price in bangladesh

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How to Check NID Copy Online in Bangladesh: Guide to Correct & Replace Lost NID

How to check your NID card online in Bangladesh?

Sending an SMS through your mobile phone is the simplest way to check your NID or Voter ID card. Just type NID <Space> Form Number <Space> Date of Birth as DD-MM-YY and send it to 105. On the other hand, you can check your NID card online by visiting Create an account, Log in, and check your NID.

The National Identity (NID) card is a must for Bangladeshi citizens. The NID card is an official identification document verifying your citizenship and personal information. It is essential for various transactions, such as opening bank accounts, obtaining government services, and participating in elections. Registering as a voter is crucial to voting and contributing to the nation’s decision-making process.

Checking, correcting, and replacing your National Identity (NID) card online in Bangladesh has become more convenient. With the digitization of services, you can check your NID, verify your NID information, fix any errors, and request a replacement online if yogu lose your card and other services. It’ll save both time and effort.

Let’s see how to check NID cards online; what are the required documents, how long will it take, how much are the fees, and how to pay? In addition to this, the voter registration process, the NID card correction procedure online, and if you lose your voter ID card, how to replace or reissue it; all solutions will be provided in this article.

How To Check NID BD Online Copy

To check your NID card online in Bangladesh, visit the official website of the Election Commission and select the “NID Online Services” section. Enter your required details, such as your NID number and date of birth, to access your NID card information and verify its validity. Then you can download your NID online copy from the website. Let’s check it out.

Online NID Card Check Process

The step-by-step online NID card checking process is given below:

Step 1: Go to the Bangladesh Election Commission Website

Visit and click the NID Online Services option.

image 12

Or you can directly visit, and you can change your preferred language, either English to Bengali.

nid service website bd

Step 2: Create an Account or Get Registered

After switching your preferred language, you must create an account to check your NID or voter ID card online.

If you already have a NID card, click the Claim Account option to get registered for the first time.

image 13

Step 3: Fill up the Required Information and Submit

You will get a new page after clicking the Claim Account button like the below image. Now fill up the NID number or the form number you have, date of birth, and the captcha code. Then click Submit option.

create account form

Step 4: Provide Present & Permanent Address and Proceed Next

Write your present and permanent address and click the Next option.

image 11

You can add or change your mobile number and get verified by SMS.

mobile verification

If you want to change your mobile number, click Change Mobile by following the image below. Enter your new contact no. and Send an SMS to verify.

Step 5: Install NID Wallet App on Your Mobile

Once you verify your mobile number, you’ll get a page like the one below.

image 14

Install the NID Wallet App from the Google Play store or App Store.

image 16

After the installation process, open the app on your phone. You need to scan the QR code from the page you got.

NID Face Verification Process

Step 6: Scan the Face through the App

After scanning the QR code, you will get the step to scan the face. While looking at the screen, turn your head to the left and right as the app guides you. Click the Start Face Scan button on your mobile device.

image 15

Step 7: Get Your Voter ID Card & Download It

When you complete face verification to check your voter ID card, another page with all the voter information and your picture will appear on your browser. Here you can give a password if you want. This password can be used for further login directly from the home page.

nid check login page

Well, now you are done. You can see your NID card online and download your NID card copy. This is all about how you can check your NID or voter ID card online in Bangladesh for free.

Updating And Correcting NID Information

Suppose you need to correct or update any information on your National ID card, including name (English or Bengali), parents’ name, date of birth, photograph, address, and blood group. In that case, you can follow the below steps:

  • Visit the website and log in to your account. If you don’t have an account, Create your account first as the above section is given.
  • Enter the NID number, password and the ReCaptcha code to verify. Then, click on the Login button to view the NID Information.

image 17

  • If there is an error in the information, one can select the Correct NID option.
  • For correcting information, the applicant has to upload documents such as
    • S.S.C. or equivalent certificate
    • Birth certificate
    • Passport / Driving license / TIN certificate
    • Utility bill copy/House rent receipt/Holding tax receipt – (as proof of address)
    • Citizenship certificate (as applicable)
    • Father, Mother, Husband/wife’s ID card photocopy.
  • Finally, pay the prescribed fee online and Submit the application. (See the NID correction fees below)

Replacement For Lost NID Cards

Your NID card is damaged or lost? Then go through the simple steps given below:

  • Visit the website and log in to your account. If you don’t have an account, Create your account first as the above section is given.
  • Enter the NID number, password and the ReCaptcha code to verify. Then, click on the Login button to view the NID Information.
  • Select the ‘Re-issue‘ option if your NID is lost or damaged. 

image 19

  • This option requires the applicant to upload a scanned copy of the GD (General Diary) and a copy of the NID for the lost cases.

image 18

  • You have to upload documents such as
    • S.S.C. or equivalent certificate
    • Birth certificate
    • Passport / Driving license / TIN certificate
    • Utility bill copy/House rent receipt/Holding tax receipt – (as proof of address)
    • Citizenship certificate (as applicable)
    • Father, Mother, Husband/wife’s ID card photocopy.
  • Finally, pay the prescribed fee online and submit the application.

Required Fees for NID Card Renew & Correction

NID card contains mainly three types of information: data printed on the card like name, date of birth, and parent’s names, and data not printed on the card like religion, education, profession, passport, and mobile number. 

The application fee for NID card correction is Tk. 115 (including VAT), and getting the corrected NID card takes approximately 15 to 20 days. 

Here, the Govt. provided fees for National ID or voter ID card correction, replacement and so on are provided.

image 20

How to Pay NID Correction & Re-issue Fees in Bangladesh?

Now it’s easier and more convenient to pay the NID card correction and renewal fees. You can pay through bKash and Rocket from your mobile.

NID Card Correction or Re-issue Fees Payment through bKash:

image 21

NID Card Correction or Re-issue Fees Payment through Rocket:

image 22

How to Download NID bd online copy

To download your NID card online copy in Bangladesh, you can follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official website of the Bangladesh Election Commission at
  2. Click on the “NID Online Services” option. This will redirect you to the NID online services page.
  3. If you haven’t registered already, you need to create an account. Click on the “Create an Account” option and provide the required information to register.
  4. After creating an account, log in using your credentials.
  5. Once logged in, you will find an option to enter your NID number and date of birth to access your NID card information.
  6. Fill in the required details accurately and click on the “Submit” button.
  7. After submitting the information, you will be able to view your NID card information on the website.
  8. Look for the option to download your NID card copy. Click on the download button to save the digital copy of your NID card to your device.

By following these steps, you can easily download your NID card online copy in Bangladesh. Remember to provide accurate information and keep your login credentials secure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Register To Vote If I Am Residing Temporarily In Bangladesh?

Yes, you may be able to register to vote in your home country’s elections despite temporarily residing in Bangladesh. Contact your country’s embassy or consulate in Bangladesh to find out what options are available. Some countries allow expatriates to vote by mail or through online registration. Register before the deadline to ensure your voice is heard in the upcoming election.

Can I Pay The NID Correction/Update Fees Online Or Through A Specific Payment Method in Bangladesh?

Yes, you can pay the NID correction/update fees online through the Bangladesh government’s e-service portal at or through various mobile financial service providers like bKash, Rocket, Nagad, etc. You can also pay the fees through selected banks and post offices.

Are There Any Exceptions For NID correction/update Fee Waivers in Bangladesh?

There are some exceptions for NID correction/update fee waivers in Bangladesh. Individuals below the poverty line and with a valid certificate issued by the Union Parishad Chairman or Mayor are eligible for fee waivers. Senior citizens over 65 and disabled individuals are also eligible for fee waivers. However, these exceptions may vary depending on the government’s or relevant authorities’ policies and regulations.

Can I pay the NID correction/update fees online in Bangladesh?

Yes, you can pay the NID correction/update fees online in Bangladesh. The article mentions two popular methods: bKash and Rocket. You can use these mobile payment platforms to conveniently pay the fees.

How much is the fee for NID card renewal and correction?

The fee for NID card correction varies depending on the type of correction needed. The application fee for NID card correction is mentioned on the website. You can refer to the provided fees for National ID or voter ID card correction, replacement, and other services.

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This guide discussed how to check your NID card online and correct or replace it if you’ve lost it. Whether you are a Bangladeshi citizen or a foreign national living in Bangladesh, this guide will help you navigate the process and ensure your NID card is up-to-date and valid. Here, the required documents, fees, and payment methods are explored step by step. Make sure you follow the steps properly and provide your information correctly.