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Last updated on June 14th, 2020 at 02:58 pm

Before thinking to shop any new smartphone, you should get your priorities directly. Let’s know first these things.

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1. Processor: ‘Cause Speed Matters

The processor is the hub of a device on which depends the entire performance. Sometimes, processor capability is what limits software updates. Qualcomm & Mediatek are a safe bet. Yes, a phone’s processor speed matters a lot. So, do you really need all that important speed? At best, if your phone activity only ranges from making calls, running necessary apps & playing a few casual games, a budget-tier or a mid-tier phone would serve your purpose undoubtedly.

2. Operating System

The operating system is also a very serious factor to know before buying a new smartphone. Some guys are always looking for iOS and meanwhile, some are looking for android OS. So, before thinking to shop a phone, lock first about your need.

3. Battery: Capacity & Charging

A built-in fast or quick charging technology is a very important feature. Big batteries mean bigger phones. If the size is a concerning matter for you, consider getting a phone with a battery of around 3,400mAh which will easily last at least a day.

4. Display: Sharp & Bright

Display factors are important always when you’re planning to buy a new mobile phone. But that doesn’t mean that you should always consider for something less. The sharpness & brightness of any display are basically measured in terms of pixels per inch (PPI). A higher PPI value gives a hint about more vibrant & sharper display. There is a proverb that the higher the PPI value, the better the display of your mobile phone.

5. RAM & Storage: The More the Entertaining

With heavy apps all around, a smartphone nowadays must have at least 3GB of RAM. However, if you are pressed for budget, you can opt for a 2GB RAM phone but it’s not recommended to go below that mentioned option. With 6GB or 8GB RAM, a phone can be an overkill unless you’re using your phone instead of a laptop. The more the storage, the merrier it is.

6. Camera Tech: Not Just Megapixels

You’ll hardly find someone with mini digicams these days. The phone camera has taken over and it’s very important indeed, now more than ever, that you find the right camera fitted in your new mobile phone. A wider aperture means brighter pictures. Smaller the aperture value, the better it is. The logic is opposite for pixel size — the bigger, the better. So, if you are confused between two options with the same specifications but one has f/1.7 aperture and the other gives f/2.0, go for the one with f/1.7 aperture and this will be really great.

7. Software and integrated functions

Do you need a phone that can do absolutely everything? Are you one of those people who always needs a built-in amazing fingerprint sensor, heart rate monitor, UV sensor? You have a wide range of choices here, from the latest top of the line to the mid-range smartphone you will find all the latest hardware technologies.

8. Budgeting

Last, but probably the most serious factor to consider if you have a limited budget, it is definitely the price issue. What do you want to spend on your next smartphone? Is it worth it to use all your money or is it perhaps suitable to limit yourself and choose something cheaper but equally powerful and in step with the times? The choice is completely yours.

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