Daraz Reviews: Kemei KM-600 Rechargeable Trimmer (6 in 1) 2 4234

Daraz Reviews: Kemei KM-600 Rechargeable Hair Trimmer (6 in 1)

8.7 out of 10
Pros Kemei KM-600 electric trimmer has some best aspects to consider and one of the prominent ones is its price-quality ratio. In view of the budget under Tk.1500, this can be a fantastic discovery. Build quality is fine with soft, comfortable handles including a strong motor and rechargeable battery. And blade quality is also efficient enough to ensure the best trimming experience. Cons There are not many big issues of Kemei Km-600 trimmer. It'll be great if it comes as cordless. But you can use this trimmer while charging which can be a great feature. Battery life can be more finest although it's okay with this range of budget. Bottom Line If you are searching for a well-decorated stable trimmer for a standard timeline, you can go for a Kemei KM-600 6 in 1 rechargeable trimmer with a bunch of extra trimmer head and different sizing comb clips.
Last updated on August 24th, 2021 at 04:45 pm

The Kemei KM-600 6 in 1 rechargeable trimmer can be a great conclusion of your inquiry of a hair and beard care solution. It is a magnificent combination of affordable price and stable quality according to the comparison of other trimmers of the market.

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Kemei KM-600 electric trimmer has 11 different heads with a powerful rechargeable battery. 3mm, 6mm, 9mm & 12mm clips are available for clipping hair and beard to different lengths. This trimmer has a super-fast charging feature with reliable battery longevity- two hours of full charge and can be used for two hours. The price of Kemei KM-600 trimmer in Bangladesh is Tk.1,499 that you can find in Daraz’s official Kemei flagship store with faster home delivery and quality packaging.

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