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Android phone is like a ‘magic lamp of Aladdin’ to humankind. In recent years with the help of rising technology, android mobile phones offer so many remarkable happenings and we still don’t know what more exciting surprises are waiting for us in this mystery box. Virtual reality (VR) is one of the newish wonders and it’s already becoming a very in-demand concept and gaining massive attention from both users and developers. And with the leading interest of investors, VR technology is now a fast-growing industry with many great accomplished projects and a bunch of fresh possibilities that are suggesting a new era.

What Is Virtual Reality?

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Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer-generated artificial environment which will help you to experience near reality surroundings- that means coming into contact with objects, things or scenery through our computers that don’t actually exist. Virtual reality sets down the user inside an experience so that they can be involved and able to interact with simulated 3D worlds. In a nutshell, it can be said that VR is a modern day technology which uncovers a surprising gateway in front of you to enter a simulation-based virtual world- just like an Alice in wonderland.

vr-experienceHow Can I Experience Virtual Reality?

Until today, virtual reality has even been something of a fantasy world as not everyone really knew how virtual reality worked with smart devices. Today! Virtual reality is a top hot cake of the current world but like many other technology trends, it’s not high-priced. You can experience virtual reality at your home without any difficulty if you have a regular android smartphone and a VR headset.


Let’s have a look at how you can use a VR headset with your android mobile phone

1) Check Compatibility Of Your Smartphone

First of all make sure that your Android Smartphone supports Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality needs a gyroscope sensor in your smartphone to function. So check whether your device comes with a gyroscope sensor or not- if yes, you are ready to go. Luckily most of the modern regular phone have this sensor.

2) Pick Your VR Headset

There are various types of virtual reality headset such as google cardboard, gear VR etc. Google Cardboard is inexpensive but has not many manual options to adjust following your preference. Gear VR box come with adjustable lens but at a comparatively higher price. On the other hand Oculus Rift type VR headsets are ultra high-quality with a higher price. So choose your own VR headset according to your requirements.

3) Choose A VR App

Play Store has so many apps like the Google Cardboard App that helps you set up your VR headset to match your eyes with the smartphone size. So you can grab an app and have your VR arrangement without much difficulty.

4) Place Smartphone Into The VR Headset

Now launch the app and place your android smartphone into the VR headset. Make sure that the middle line is under the vertical dividing plate in the headset so that the image is centered top to bottom in the viewer.

5) Adjust The Lens

The VR headset’s lens must be horizontally aligned with your eyes. The lens should be put in order by moving them in and out to have the sharpest view of the image while you are having a complete view. If you have the clearest view and full view is available, then you are done. Just make sure that the interpupillary space is aligned properly.

6) Enjoy The Ultimate VR Experience

You are all set. You have your own VR arrangement. Now you can enjoy VR videos from YouTube, NetFlix or these type of various VR video sources. There are many excellent VR contents are waiting for you out there. Just put your VR glasses on and touch the glimpse of the future.

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