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Last updated on January 20th, 2022 at 03:36 pm

Nowadays smartphone is not only just a communication device to every individual, it is much bigger than that. Television, radio, post office, calculator, calendar you name it; a smartphone can be many things in one place. But if you’re an android phone user, then you should organize your phone’s app drawer with the best playstore apps you can download in your android phones in 2022.

Let’s Have A Look At These 11 Best Playstore Apps You Can Download In Your Android Phone

messenger1) Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free

Messenger by facebook is a must have application if you have to maintain social connections seriously. You can share messages, image, music, news and many things with anyone anytime, just with a single tap.

Facebook2) Facebook

Even If you are a newcomer to the internet world, there is a high possibility that you have a facebook account. This huge online platform is brought people closer than any other previous time and so many features in one place.

3) SHAREitshareit

Before some years ago, we transferred files through infrared and Bluetooth. But now it’s time to open Shareit and just tap ‘send’ or ‘receive’ button to share anything. You should have this app installed on your phone for important moments.

daraz app4) Daraz Online Shopping

If you live in Bangladesh, Daraz is not an unfamiliar word to you. It’s the largest online shop in the country which let you have the best online shopping experience countrywide. And with Daraz online shopping app, your shopping experience will be much easier, convenient and fun.

Whatsapp5) WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a messenger app just like facebook messenger. But you must need this because unlike messenger, its only focus is messaging which makes it more lightweight, effective and faster.

instagram6) Instagram

If you love photography or any kind of visual entertainment, you must have Instagram on your phone. It is one of the larges visual content sources for entertainment- another must have social platform app.


7) Skype

Are you a business person or have to maintain communication with abroad? Then you must have a Skype app for your regular hassle-free contact. You can also make high-quality video calls with it.

UC Browser8) UC Browser

UC Browser is a lightweight and faster web browser for smartphones. You need to install this browser like millions of users all over the world to have the best net-surfing experience.

Uber9) Uber

In Bangladesh, Uber is now a daily essential app that will make your daily transportation easy and comfortable. You should have this app for hassle-free rides all over the town.

cricbuzz10) Cricbuzz

Are you a cricket lover? Want to get updated with all the cricket matches of Bangladesh and world cup? Then Cricbuzz is the right app you need. You will get ball by ball real-time updates. Go for it.

Ridmik Keyboard11) Ridmik Keyboard

For online Bangla writing, Ridmik Keyboard is a great help to you. All you have to do is install the app and choose the input method. This will give you the full power over your Bangla writing – so that it is a must-have app for Bangladeshi people.

These are basically 11 best Apps for Android Phone in 2022 which you will always want to install first. But you may have your own checklist for app installing. If so, do share with us by commenting bellow.

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