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Fatafati Friday (FFF) campaign is one of the popular online shopping fiestas that is celebrated hugely in Bangladesh by Daraz.com.bd. Actually, Fatafati Friday is a local version of the famous Black Friday- a renowned shopping festival which is celebrated globally on the fourth Thursday in November following Thanksgiving Day.

Over the years the number of online shoppers has increased during Black Friday. Some surveys say that in 2014 the number of online shoppers in the US has gone up by 16%. Almost 84% of people prefer to shop online, and among them, 36% say they prefer “online-only”. The rest of the 48% says they “mostly prefer shopping online”. Moreover, it’s no exception in Bangladesh. Therefore, Shoppers are waiting for their chances to cash in this year’s Fatafati Friday Sale 2021 campaign! With exclusive vouchers, special products, and unbelievable discounts on offer; It will be worth the wait for shoppers throughout Bangladesh.

Here are the 7 reasons why people prefer shopping online during Fatafati Friday

1# Skip traffic



Everyone wants to get the best deal and buy their desired products on Fatafati Friday. Therefore, throngs of people rush towards shopping malls and outlets during Black Friday. This causes huge gridlock on roads. By the time customers reach the stores, chances are high that their desired product runs out of stock.

With online shopping, you can just sit back, sip on your coffee and shop as much as you want.

2# More exciting deals and cashback offers



On Fatafati Friday, you can enjoy more exciting deals with a huge discounted price, discount vouchers, and gift offers. This will give you the best chance to purchase a product with the lowest price available.

Not only that, many renowned payment gateways of Bangladesh offer a special discount on Fatafati Friday with sure cashback offers.

3# You get time to make purchase decisions

With all the rush in the stores, people often find people breathing on their shoulders, and face pushy salesman to make quick purchase decisions.

If you shop online there is no one to push you to rush to purchase something that you are not one hundred percent sure about. Go online, take a chill pill, take your time, find the right product and make your mind whenever you want.

4# Better deals can be found online


While there is no denying the fact that retailers often offer great discounts on Fatafati Friday, many online retailers have lower overhead, which means lower prices all the time.

And you can find many deep discounts in honor of the holiday shopping season all over the internet.

5# More and more Places to Shop

With online sales, you can visit more places and get more than enough options to shop for your desired products. You can choose the best deals with your favorite brands very easily online.

6# You don’t have to carry bags or boxes



You can anticipate there would not be any street fights over your purchases, by ordering online you’ll enjoy the ease of having them delivered to your house. No need to lug heavy items to your car or borrow a friend’s truck to pick up large items.

And keep an eye out for free shipping offers, which are often advertised during promotional periods like Fatafati Friday.

7# The inventory is better



Online stores usually offer extended sizes and more color options, some of which aren’t even available in stores.

You’ll never again have to wander around a store helplessly looking for an employee who can “check in the back” for your size when something’s sold out on the racks. So, always try to keep the alerting eyes on Daraz online shop for the latest updates.

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