Government Holidays Calendar – Bangladesh National Holidays List 2024

Good news, Bangladesh Government Holiday Calendar 2024 is published. Are you looking for the holiday calendar for 2024 in Bangladesh? You can search the National Government holidays 2024 (বাংলাদেশ) to find the Government holiday list for the year 2024. Here you can check the National BD Holiday Calendar 2024 with the Calendar 2024 Bangladesh pdf now.

DateDayHoliday List
21 FebWednesdayInternational Mother Language Day
26 FebMondayShab e-Barat
17 MarSundayBirthday of Bangabandhu
26 MarTuesdayIndependence Day of Bangladesh
5 AprFridayJumatul Bidah
6 AprSaturdayLaylat ul-Qadr
9 AprTuesdayEid ul-Fitr Holiday
10 AprWednesdayEid ul-Fitr
11 AprThursdayEid ul-Fitr Holiday
14 AprSundayBengali New Year (Pôhela Boishakh)
1 MayWednesdayMay Day
23 MayThursdayBuddha Purnima
16 JunSundayEid ul-Adha Holiday
17 JunMondayEid ul-Adha
18 JunTuesdayEid ul-Adha Holiday
17 JulWednesdayAshura
15 AugThursdayNational Mourning Day
26 AugMondayShuva Janmashtami
16 SepMondayEid-e-Milad un-Nabi
13 OctSundayVijaya Dashami
16 DecMondayVictory Day of Bangladesh
25 DecWednesdayChristmas Day

As you want the Government Calendar 2024, see this 2024 calendar to better prepare holiday vacation plans.

Image of the 2024 calendar with holidays in Bangladesh

Bangladesh government holiday calendar 2024
Bangladesh Holiday 2024 Calendar

Want to see Calendar 2024 with holidays in Bangladesh?

2024 Calendar with Holidays Bangladesh PDF

Download Link: Bangladesh Govt. Holidays Calendar 2024 PDF

** Holidays to be observed in 2024 are listed here as per the Government’s decision.

N.B: Dates can be varied according to the moon’s sitting and will be updated as per further Govt. notice.

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Pohela Boishakh: Origin, History, Culture & Facts

Pohela Boishakh (Bangla New Year) Date – Friday, 14 April, 2023 in Bangladesh

What is Pohela Boishakh / Bangla New Year?

Bengali New Year is referred to in Bengali as “New Year” (Bengali: নববর্ষ Nôbobôrsho, from Sanskrit Nava(new) Barṣha(year) or “First of Boishakh” (Bengali: পহেলা বৈশাখ Pôhela Boishakh. Nobo means new, and Borsho means year. In Bengali, Pohela stands for ‘first,’ and Baishakh is the first month of the Bengali calendar.

Bengali New Year (Bengali: নববর্ষ) or Pahela Boishakh (পহেলা বৈশাখ) is the first day of the Bengali calendar, celebrated in both Bangladesh and West Bengal and in Bengali communities in Assam, Tripura, and Odisha and all over India as well where the Bengali community arises. It coincides with the New Year’s Days of numerous Southern Asian calendars. Poila Boishakh connects all ethnic Bengalis irrespective of religious and regional differences. In India, in West Bengal and Assam, it is a public (state) holiday and is publicly celebrated in mid-April. Bangladesh is a national holiday celebrated around 14 April according to the official amended calendar designed by the Bangla Academy.

Pohela Boishakh at Bengal Dhaka
Celebration of Pohela Boishakh,Dhaka[Sincere Thanks to S.M. Tanvir Ayon for this Magnificent Snapshot]

Boishakh/Baishakh is the first of the Bengali months where Pohela simply means “first”. The term “Pohela Boishakh” therefore, stands for the first day of the Bengali year and naturally refers to the festivity attached to this day as well. The celebration itself is called “Borsho Boron Utsab” or “Boishakhi Utsab” (the gala of Boishakh), which is held to welcome the Nobo Borsho (New Year). It is one celebration that goes beyond geographical borders as the Bengali New Year is celebrated in the West Bengal of India as well as in Bangladesh, making it the biggest cultural festival that has survived the last few centuries where Bengalis of all walks of life come together to make it colorful, bright and joyous.

Facts about Pohela Boishakh

Here are some interesting facts about Pohela Boishakh that you may not know:

  • The traditional Bengali sweets, such as “roshogolla” and “mishti doi,” are an essential part of Pohela Boishakh and are often exchanged as gifts between friends and family members.
  • Pohela Boishakh is also celebrated in other parts of the Indian subcontinent, such as West Bengal and Assam, – The “Mongol Shobhajatra” procession, which has become synonymous with Pohela Boishakh, was recognized by UNESCO as a “Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity” in 2016.
  • Pohela Boishakh is also an important occasion for business and commerce, with many shops and markets offering discounts and promotions to attract customers. The day is considered auspicious for starting new ventures or making investments.
  • Pohela Boishakh has also gained global recognition in recent years, with various diaspora communities organizing cultural events and festivals in different parts of the world.

Origin & History of Pohela Boishakh:

Who Started Bengali New Year?

The story of the pohela boishakh history has a few versions. However, they all go back to one particular Mughal emperor, Akbar the Great, and the tax collecting process under his reign (1556-1609). Several hundred years ago, the economy almost entirely depended on agricultural production. In Bengal, agriculture necessarily revolved around its six seasons. Under the Mughals, the tax was collected on the basis of Arabic or Hijri year, which did not exactly go hand in hand with the seasonal cycle of this region. For instance, when it was time for the landowners to collect taxes, the peasants would still be waiting to reap their products from the fields.

This way, following a lunar calendar that hijri year was based upon proved inconvenient for all the parties involved. Realizing the urgency of reformation in the existing year system, the Baadshah (emperor) gave one of the many renowned scholars of his court, Fatelluah Shiraji, the responsibility to make the necessary amendments. The new calendar was designed to keep all six seasons’ nature, duration, and contribution to agriculture in mind. Some scholars argue that Pohela Boishakh (1st boishakh) was anything but a reason for festivity for the peasants who comprised the majority of the population when they had to pay off their taxes on the last day of Chaitra/ Choitro, the month before Boishakh.

Besides, the landlords, to collect the taxes, often subjected the grassroots people to physical force. Such circumstances were most unlikely to leave people in a mood for festivity by the time the Pohela Boishakh was knocking on their doors. Despite having enough reasons for it to be contrary, Pahela Baishakh was a time for celebration. To avoid any serious rebellion, Badshah Akbar introduced the masterfully crafted custom of the New Year celebration that took place right after the tax-paying day. The amusements and feasts that used to be arranged helped to smoothen the harshness of the tax paying and sow the hopes for a better year among all.

As mentioned earlier, the celebration of Bengali New Year, pohela Boishakh, takes place both in West Bengal and Bangladesh. But, Pahela Boishakh in Bangladesh did not receive a collective form until 1965. During the growing movement for an independent state from Pakistan that began at the end of the 1940s and continued until independence in 1971, the former Pakistani Government implemented many policies that were somewhat modified versions of the British “Divide and Rule” principle.

In other words, those policies were meant to differentiate a Bengali Muslim from others and avoid a strong, joint movement for independence. As a continuation of such steps, the Pakistani government banned poems by the Noble winning Bengali author, Shree Rabindranath Tagore. Then, Chhayanaut, the only major Fine Arts institution of the time, designed their cultural show for Poila Boishakh to be a means of protest. The Pohela Boishakh takes place under the Banyan tree of Ramna Park in Dhaka ever since it was opened with Boishakhi songs by Tagore.

This way, Pohela Boishak became one with the nationalist notions of the Bengali people who resided in East Pakistan, known as Bangladesh today. The Fine Arts Institute (CharuKala Institute) of Dhaka University enhanced the attraction of the day in the late 1980s by adding Boishakhi Parade (Shobha Jatra) to ensure growing participation and acceptance. Soon, an attempt by a few hundred people to uphold the Bengali traditions and unify Bengalis while doing it transformed into a national event.

The Bengali New Year celebration in West Bengal also ties to religious values. The entire month of Boishakh is considered auspicious. Therefore, the first day by itself is reason enough for festivity. For the Hindu, the day begins with Puja (religious ritual) followed by cultural shows. Because it is considered auspicious, Boishakh is the month when most Hindu weddings occur in both Bengals.

Aspects & Activities of Pohela Boishakh:

How is Pohela boishakh celebrated?

In Bangladesh, the day begins before the break of dawn when a crowd gathers in Ramna Park for the Cultural show held by Chhayanat every year. Women mainly wear white Sharee (tips for women’s fashion on pohela boishakh) with a red border. Since Boishakh brings spring, women adorn their hair with flowers and wear colorful churi (bangles), symbolizing the many colors and renewed life in nature. On the other hand, men mainly wear traditional Punjabi (Panjabi price in Bangladesh) with Paayjama, Lungi, or Dhuti/Dhoti.

  • Boishakhi Parade (Mongol Shova jatra): Boishakhi Mongol Shobha Jatra is one of the biggest attractions of the day. The rally starts at the CharuKala Institute of Dhaka University very early in the morning.
Mongal Shobhajatra Pohela Boishakh
Mongal Sobhajatra in Pohela Boishakh
  • Boishakhi Fair (Mela):

    It is arranged all over the country and continues for at least a week. A wide range of products and activities make the fair attractive to all age groups. Find their way here, from home accessories to anything and everything that speaks Bengali authenticity. One of the fun aspects of the Boishakhi Mela is the joy ride like the Merry-Go-Round and Ferris wheel. The ones seen in this fair are different in that they are much smaller, with a simpler structure made of wood and bamboo and lacking engines to run them. Instead, two or more men stand beside these rides to push.

pohela boishakhi mela
Fair in Pohela Boishakh
  • Alpona:

    In the front yard and staircases, miniature Aalponas or Rangolies, traditional designs, are drawn using bright colors like red, green, blue,

    and yellow, as well as powdered rice. Drawing gigantic Aalponas on the main streets and walls all night long is one fun activity in which both males and females participate


boishakhi alpona art at dhaka
Pohela Baishakh 1421 adorned with Airtel Alpona
  • Haalkhata:

    It is the ritual of closing the old Ledger and opening a new one with new entries on Pohela Boishakh. Traders involved in the gold, clothing, or food business send out invitations to old customers and entertain them with sweets.

         On the 1st day of Pohela Boishakh,businessmen greets their customers with sweets,
          commence a “Halkhata”(new ledger)& lock their old ones. Source:Star file photo
  • Sports:

    Rural sports such as Nouka Baich (boat race), Kite flying, Bull Racing, and flying pigeons are popular.

noukabaich at pohela boishakh
               Nouka Baich (Boat Racing) Image Source :

Cultural Activities of Pohela Boishakh

Folk songs such as Palagan, kavigan, Jarigan, Gambhira gan, Gazirgan, baul, marfati, murshidi and bhatiali songs are staged. So are Jatra (one kind of plays) and other form of Bengali performing arts.

Pohela Boishakh in Dhaka

New Year’s festivities are closely linked with rural life in Bengal. Usually, on Pahela Boishakh, the home is thoroughly scrubbed and cleaned; people bathe early in the morning and dress in fine clothes. They spend much of the day visiting relatives, friends, and neighbors. Special foods are prepared to entertain guests. This rural festival has become enormously big in the cities, especially in Dhaka.

Boishakhi fairs are arranged in many parts of the country. Various agricultural products, traditional handicrafts, toys, cosmetics, as well as various kinds of food and sweets are sold at these fairs. The fairs also provide entertainment, with singers and dancers staging jatra (traditional plays), pala gan, kobiganjarigan, gambhira gan, gazir gan and alkap gan. They present folk songs as well as baul, marfatimurshidi and bhatiali songs. Narrative plays like Laila-Majnu, Yusuf-Zulekha and Radha-Krishna are staged. Among other attractions of these fairs are puppet shows and merry-go-rounds.

baul song on pohela boishakh
                         Bauls performing in Pohela Boishakh

Pohela Boishakh Games

Many old festivals connected with New Year’s Day have disappeared, while new festivals have been added. With the abolition of the zamindari system, the punya connected with the closing of land revenue accounts has disappeared. Kite flying in Dhaka and bull racing in Munshiganj used to be very colorful events. Other popular village games and sports were horse races, bullfights, cockfights, flying pigeons, and boat racing. Some festivals, however, continue to be observed; for example, bali (wrestling) in Chittagong and gambhira in Rajshahi are still popular events.

Pohela Boishakh Food

Observance of Pohela Boishakh has become popular in the cities. Early in the morning, people gather under a big tree or on the bank of a lake to witness the sunrise. Artists present songs to usher in the new year. People from all walks of life wear traditional Bengali attire: young women wear white saris with red borders and adorn themselves with churi bangles, ful flowers, and tips (bindis). Men wear white paejama(pants) or lungi(dhoti/dhuti) (long skirt) and kurta (tunic). Many townspeople start the day with the traditional breakfast of panta bhat (rice soaked in water), green chilies, onion, and fried hilsa fish.

pohela boishakh foods with hilsha fish

Panta Ilish(পান্তা ইলিশ) – a traditional platter of leftover rice soaked in water with fried Hilsa(ইলিশ), supplemented with dried fish (Shutki/শুঁটকী), pickles (Achar), lentils (dal), green chilies and onion – a popular dish for the Pohela Boishakh festival.

Pohela Boishakh Songs

The most colorful New Year’s Day festival takes place in Dhaka. Large numbers of people gather early in the morning under the banyan tree at Ramna Park, where Chhayanat artists open the day with Rabindranath Tagore’s famous pohela boishakh song, এসো, হে বৈশাখ, এসো এসো Esho, he Boishakh, Esho Esho (Come, O Boishakh, Come, Come). A similar ceremony welcoming the new year is also held at the Institute of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka. Students and teachers of the institute take out a colorful procession and parade around the campus. Social and cultural organizations celebrate the day with cultural programs. Newspapers bring out special supplements. There are also special programs on the radio and television.

borshoboron at ramna batomul
           Borsho Boron at Ramna Botomul. Source : bdnews24 photo archive

The historical importance of Pohela Boishakh in the Bangladeshi context may be dated from the observance of the day by Chhayanat in 1965. In an attempt to suppress Bengali culture, the Pakistani Government banned poems written by Rabindranath Tagore, the most famous poet, and writer in Bengali literature. Protesting this move, Chhayanat opened their Pohela Boishakh celebrations at Ramna Park with Tagore’s song welcoming the month. The day continued to be celebrated in East Pakistan as a symbol of Bengali culture. After 1972 it became a national festival, a symbol of the Bangladesh nationalist movement, and an integral part of the people’s cultural heritage. Later, in the mid-1980s, the Institute of Fine Arts added color to the day by initiating the Boishakhi parade, which is much like a carnival parade.

CHOTTOGRAM, Bangladesh | চট্টগ্রাম, বাংলাদেশ

The center of attraction of the Pohela Boishakh celebrations in the port city Chottogram is the DC Hill Park [ডিসি পাহাড় পার্ক]. Sammilitō Sanskritik Jot [সম্মিলিত সাংস্কৃতিক জোট] organizes a two-day festival to bid farewell to the old year and welcome the New Year. Various cultural events are organized here, including plays, etc. The public celebration of Poyela Boishakh in Chottogram was started in 1973; the politicians took the initiative to promote Bengali culture.

festive mood in pohela boishakh
        Festive Mood in Chattogram DC Hill. Image Source: Daily Asian age.
  • Chottogram Hill Tracts | চট্টগ্রামের পার্বত্য জেলা :

    In the Hill tracts of Chattogram, three different ethnic minority groups have their individual New Year celebrations. Boisuk [বৈশুখ] of Tripura People, Sangrai [সাংগ্রাই] of Marma people, and Biju [বিজু] of Chakma people; presently they have come together to celebrate it commonly as Boi-Sa-Bi [বৈ-সা-বি], a day of a wide variety of festivities; especially need to mention the water festival [জল উৎসব] of the Marma people.

KHULNA, Bangladesh | খুলনা, বাংলাদেশ

College students make great effort in designing festoons, banners, and colorful masks for this event. A newly formed non-governmental cultural organization Shokha Moyukh celebrated Pohela Boishakh at the campus of Govt. B L College, Khulna. The rally was followed by a cultural function at the campus. The event was organized by the students with support from the college faculty. Pohela Boishakh is celebrated in Khulna with enormous joy and enthusiasm. People from all walks of life take part in the Borshoboron Rally (বর্ষবরণ পদযাত্রা) organized by Khulna Sonskriti Kendro(খুলনা সংস্কৃতি কেন্দ্র).

              Inauguration of Pohela Baishakh Ceremony, 1423 at Khulna

Kolkata and West Bengal | কলকাতা এবং পশ্চিম বঙ্গ

Kolkata, the sovereign of Bengalis in India; witnesses some of the grand celebrations of Poyela Boishakh. In Kolkata and the rest of Indian/West Bengal, Poyela Boishakh and indeed the entire month of Boishakh is considered an auspicious time for marriages, opening of new business ventures etc. Choitro is the Last month of the Bangla year; the garment traders give special discounts throughout the month. The last day of Choitro, is celebrated as Choitro Sankranti among the Hindu community, and Charak Pujo is held on this day. On this very same day, Charak Mela/fair is organized in various parts of rural Bengal; some really miraculous acrobatics are performed by the members and these stunts are quite risky indeed.

boishakh jatra at pohela boishakh
Boishakhi Jatra, AJC Bose Road, Kolkata
Courtesy: New Year Photo Gallery Blog

Pohela Boishakh is also the occasion when the whole family comes for a get together; youngsters touch feet of elders seeking benediction (আশীর্বাদ), and peers greet each other Suvo Nôbobôrsho with a hug (Kolakuliকলাকুলি). The celebration remains incomplete without “mishti mukh” exchanging sweets with the near and dear ones. The day of Poyela Boishakh is a day of cultural events. Like Bangladesh, here also people wake up & bathe early in the morning and dress up in traditional Bengali attire. Many go for Probhat Pheri (a parade similar to “Shobhajatra” in Bangladesh, but it’s not as colorful as that) to welcome the first day of the New Year singing Rabindra Sangeet, here also the song “এসো, হে বৈশাখ, এসো এসো”Esho, he Boishakh, Esho Esho is very popular.

Businessmen open new accounting books (HalKhata) on this day; for the Bengali Hindu businessmen, HalKhata begins only after performing puja, “Swastik” sign is drawn on the HalKhata by the priests. Devotees are seen in front of the Kalighat temple (কালীঘাট মন্দির) in long queues late at night. Devotees offer Puja to receive the blessings of the almighty.

The Government of West Bengal organizes various fairs and cultural events in different parts of the state. The most famous of these is Bangla Sangit Mela(রবীন্দ্র সঙ্গীত), held at Nandan-Rabindra Sadan ground.

OTHER NATIONS | অন্যান্য দেশ

Apart from Bengal, Poyela Boishakh is also celebrated by the Bengali community living in the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Australia, etc.

Pohela Boishakh celebrations also mark a day of cultural unity without distinction between class or religious affiliations. Of the major holidays celebrated in Bangladesh, only Pohela Boishakh comes without any preexisting expectations (specific religious identity, gift-giving culture, etc.). Unlike holidays like Eid ul-Fitr, where dressing up in lavish clothes has become a norm, or Christmas, where exchanging gifts has become an integral part of the holiday, Pohela Boishakh is really about celebrating the simpler, rural roots of the Bengal. As a result, more people can participate in the festivities together without the burden of having to reveal one’s class, religion, or financial capacity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is Pohela Boishakh celebrated outside of Bangladesh?

A: Pohela Boishakh is celebrated by Bengali communities and diaspora around the world, with cultural programs, music and dance performances, and traditional food fairs. It is also recognized as a public holiday in some countries, such as India and Nepal.

Q: What are some traditional foods eaten during Pohela Boishakh?

A: Some traditional foods eaten during Pohela Boishakh include “panta bhat” (fermented rice), “dal puri” (lentil-stuffed bread), “beguni” (deep-fried eggplant fritters), “shorshe ilish” (mustard-flavored hilsa fish), and “mishti doi” (sweet yogurt).

Q: What are some common greetings used during Pohela Boishakh?

A: Some common greetings used during Pohela Boishakh include “Shubho Noboborsho” (Happy New Year), “Shubho Nabo Barsho” (Happy New Year), and “Naba Barshaar Preeti O Subhechha” (Greetings and Wishes for the New Year).

Easy Home Decorating Tips For Eid 2023

Eid ul Fitr is a festival of sacrifice. Eid, like every other event, begins at home. As a result, your home requires specific attention in order to reflect the vibe and energy back to us and everyone else who comes to visit. Let’s go through the article and get simple and stylish home decoration ideas for Eid ul Fitr in 2023.

Everyone enjoys adorning their homes during Eid, whether it is children or the elderly. There are numerous methods to decorate a home these days, but for Eid, you must do something unique to enhance the beauty and ambiance of the day.

Amazing Home Decoration Ideas for Eid 2023

During the Eid festival, as relatives and friends come to visit our house, it’s essential to keep our home nice, clean, and sober.

You can try some effective and creative ways to decorate your home perfectly. The below home decoration ideas and tips for Eid ul Fitr will help you to embellish your house.

Eye Catchy Door Hanging

In Islamic tradition, the stars and moon are regarded as holy, giving them a major emblem in the Eid festival. As a result, there’s a simple trick. Choose door hangings carved into magnificent stars and moons to give the right festive feel.

Flower Design Door Hanging

Front door hanging flower design

Dazzling Lights to Illuminate Your Home

Without magnificent lights, a home is never ready to greet the Eid festival. This Eid, use lights to brighten up your home and spread pleasant energy. Lanterns can be a great choice for smooth lighting for your house.

Home decoration light for eid

Gorgeous Curtains

Whatever wall decoration you have, you can’t avoid the curtain to decorate yours indoors. The colorful and vibrant curtains bring out an amazing festive look.

Gorgeous curtain for home decoration

Attractive Wall Decoration

If you have an empty wall that you can’t seem to fill, a gorgeous garland with the words “Eid Mubarak” across it will do the trick to make it more fascinating. Hanging artwork and calligraphy, for example, will offer a beautiful Eid touch.

Wall sticker for eid

Decor Your House with Furniture

One of the most pleasurable aspects of Eid is welcoming guests with wonderful food or dessert and sharing a feast with friends and family.

For this reason, an attractive dining table design can enhance the beauty of your work. Food preparation is an art, and table decoration is essential to make it more appealing. Besides, several essential home decoration furniture is required. 

Dining Table

Home decoration with dining table


Bed design for eid decoration


Wardrobe design for eid decoration

Dressing Table

Decorate home with dressing table

Sofa Set

L shape sofa set in bd

Cozy & Comfy Floor Decoration

You know, the floor decoration always focuses on how comfortable it is, including beautification. Carpets and rugs are essential in this case to decorate your floor.

Having one for your home, regardless of which you choose, is one of the greatest Eid home decor ideas.

Carpets for floor decoration

Decoration with Balloons and Candles

Balloons are a must-have for any celebration. They’re not only fun for the kids, but they’re also a great way to add some whimsy to the decorations.

Candles can be decorated with jewels, calligraphy, or stickers to make them seem festive and light up a place.

Balloon Garland

Balloon decoration for kids

Candle Holder

Candle holders for home decoration

Enticing Flower Vase

Flowers are a terrific way to make a statement to a loved one. You can use flowers to beautify your home this Eid. Your bouquet can be placed in a vase. Utensils made of glass, crystal, or simple porcelain are all good options.

Vase for home decoration on eid

Sweet Fragrance

The sweet fragrance grows the festive look of your house. Fragrance enhances the spirits of your guest as well as refreshes the mind of everyone.

Focus on Essential Home Appliances

Make sure that your kitchen and home appliances are ready to serve you appropriately during Eid. The most important home appliance in Eid ul Fitr is the Refrigerator, as you have to store meat and other food items during this time to a great extent.

Besides, several essential appliances are in demand during the Eid festival, including small and large appliances, which are also part of your home decoration.


Refrigerator price bangladesh

Air Conditioners

Air conditioner for eid home decoration

Microwave Ovens

Microwave oven in bangladesh


Television for home decoration

Water Purifiers

Best water filter for home

Washing Machine

Washing machine for eid decoration


Ceiling fan for eid decoration

However, you can also check:

and many more.

Last Words

These Eid decorating ideas can add glitz and beauty to your home. You are free to decorate your home however you want. And to complete your Eid shopping with lucrative deals, you can now visit the grand Eid big sale campaign 2023. So, what are you waiting for? Try the Eid mentioned above decorating ideas and enthusiastically say “Eid Mubarak” to your loved ones. 

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5 Tips On How To Reduce Electricity Bill Of AC During Summer

When summer visits your place with 40°C temperature on average, air conditioners are must-have appliances for your home. Obviously, your economical use of ac can reduce your electricity bill by a higher percentage. But how can you save money on your ac in summer? These matters can be considered for reducing your ac bill perfectly.

5 Ways To Save Energy When Air Conditioning

1) Save Some Energy

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Islamic Prayer Namaz Time in Bangladesh | Current Salah Time in BD

Dhaka and Other Districts / Cities Latest Azan and Salah (Salat) Timetable in Bangladesh

Searching for the Namaz time today in Bangladesh online? Find the accurate Islamic Prayer Times according to the Dhaka Islamic Foundation Bangladesh prayer time now. If you are in doubt about the Fajr Namaz time in Dhaka or Asar namaz time and Magrib namaz time at BST (Bangladesh Standard Time), then follow this prayer time schedule. Hence, Dhaka prayer time and Prayer time in Chittagong can help you a lot during your travel time period.

Prayer Times Today in Bangladesh

Fajr – 5:20 AM | Sunrise – 6:43 AM

Dhuhur – 12:03 PM

Asr – 3:04 PM

Maghrib – 5:24 PM

Isha – 6:54 PM

Azan Times Today in Bangladesh

Fajr – 5:20 AM | Sunrise – 6:41 AM

Dhuhr – 12:03 PM

Asr – 3:04 PM

Maghrib – 5:24 PM

Isha – 6:45 PM

Bangladesh Prayer Times – Namaz Timetable for Dhaka and Other Cities

Dhaka 05:33 06:40 12:01 3:01 5:22 5:22 6:28
Chittagong 05:26 06:32 11:55 2:58 5:19 5:19 6:25
Khulna 05:35 06:42 12:04 3:06 5:27 5:27 6:33
Rajshahi 05:41 06:49 12:08 3:08 5:28 5:28 6:35
Comilla 05:30 06:36 11:58 2:59 5:19 5:19 6:26
Rangpur 05:41 06:49 12:05 3:02 5:22 5:22 6:30
Tongi 05:34 06:40 12:01 3:01 5:21 5:21 6:28
Narsingdi 05:32 06:39 12:00 3:00 5:20 5:20 6:27
Cox’s Bazar 05:23 06:29 11:54 2:59 5:20 5:20 6:26
Jessore 05:37 06:44 12:06 3:07 5:28 5:28 6:34
Nagarpur 05:36 06:43 12:03 3:03 5:23 5:23 6:30
Sylhet 05:29 06:37 11:55 2:54 5:13 5:13 6:21
Mymensingh 05:35 06:42 12:01 3:00 5:20 5:20 6:27
Narayanganj 05:33 06:39 12:00 3:01 5:22 5:22 6:28
Bogra 05:39 06:47 12:05 3:04 5:24 5:24 6:31
Dinajpur 05:43 06:51 12:08 3:05 5:25 5:25 6:33
Barisal 05:32 06:38 12:01 3:03 5:24 5:24 6:30
Saidpur 05:42 06:50 12:07 3:04 5:23 5:23 6:31
Naogaon 05:41 06:48 12:07 3:05 5:25 5:25 6:33
Pabna 05:38 06:45 12:06 3:06 5:26 5:26 6:33
Paltan 05:33 06:40 12:01 3:01 5:22 5:22 6:28
Tangail 05:36 06:43 12:03 3:03 5:23 5:23 6:30
Jamalpur 05:37 06:44 12:03 3:01 5:21 5:21 6:29
Chapai Nawabganj 05:43 06:50 12:09 3:09 5:29 5:29 6:36
Kushtia 05:39 06:46 12:06 3:06 5:27 5:27 6:33
Satkhira 05:37 06:43 12:06 3:09 5:29 5:29 6:35
Sirajganj 05:37 06:44 12:04 3:03 5:23 5:23 6:30
Faridpur 05:35 06:42 12:03 3:04 5:24 5:24 6:31
Sherpur 05:37 06:44 12:02 3:01 5:21 5:21 6:28
Bhairab Bazar 05:31 06:38 11:59 2:59 5:19 5:19 6:26

Namaz or Salah Timetable for Dhaka Only

Date Fajr Shuruq Dhuhr Asr Maghrib Isha
1 05:20 06:41 12:02 3:03 pm 5:23 pm 6:43 pm
2 05:21 06:41 12:02 3:03 pm 5:23 pm 6:44 pm
3 05:21 06:41 12:03 3:04 pm 5:24 pm 6:45 pm
4 05:21 06:42 12:03 3:04 pm 5:25 pm 6:45 pm
5 05:22 06:42 12:04 3:05 pm 5:25 pm 6:46 pm
6 05:22 06:42 12:04 3:06 pm 5:26 pm 6:46 pm
7 05:22 06:42 12:05 3:06 pm 5:27 pm 6:47 pm
8 05:22 06:42 12:05 3:07 pm 5:28 pm 6:48 pm
9 05:23 06:43 12:05 3:08 pm 5:28 pm 6:48 pm
10 05:23 06:43 12:06 3:08 pm 5:29 pm 6:49 pm
11 05:23 06:43 12:06 3:09 pm 5:30 pm 6:50 pm
12 05:23 06:43 12:07 3:10 pm 5:30 pm 6:50 pm
13 05:23 06:43 12:07 3:10 pm 5:31 pm 6:51 pm
14 05:23 06:43 12:07 3:11 pm 5:32 pm 6:51 pm
15 05:23 06:43 12:08 3:12 pm 5:33 pm 6:52 pm
16 05:24 06:43 12:08 3:12 pm 5:33 pm 6:53 pm
17 05:24 06:43 12:08 3:13 pm 5:34 pm 6:53 pm
18 05:24 06:43 12:09 3:14 pm 5:35 pm 6:54 pm
19 05:24 06:43 12:09 3:14 pm 5:35 pm 6:55 pm
20 05:24 06:43 12:09 3:15 pm 5:36 pm 6:55 pm
21 05:24 06:42 12:10 3:15 pm 5:37 pm 6:56 pm
22 05:24 06:42 12:10 3:16 pm 5:38 pm 6:56 pm
23 05:23 06:42 12:10 3:17 pm 5:38 pm 6:57 pm
24 05:23 06:42 12:10 3:17 pm 5:39 pm 6:58 pm
25 05:23 06:42 12:11 3:18 pm 5:40 pm 6:58 pm
26 05:23 06:41 12:11 3:18 pm 5:41 pm 6:59 pm
27 05:23 06:41 12:11 3:19 pm 5:41 pm 6:59 pm
28 05:23 06:41 12:11 3:20 pm 5:42 pm 7:00 pm
29 05:22 06:40 12:11 3:20 pm 5:43 pm 7:01 pm
30 05:22 06:40 12:12 3:21 pm 5:43 pm 7:01 pm
31 05:22 06:40 12:12 3:21 pm 5:44 pm 7:02 pm

** Add the running months on the Date (the 31st will be an exception and the same goes for February)

Be Updated with the current Bangladesh Salah Time as per BST.

N.B: Time can be varied from area to area.

Load Shedding Essentials – Products You Need The Most

Searching for the load shedding essential products at Daraz? Here you go the cheap rated budget friendly equipment to use during load shedding schedule in Dhaka and parts of the country. Find the best price rate of necessary electronics accessories for load shedding at Daraz Bangladesh.

Load Shedding Essentials List:

  • Charger Light
  • Charger Fan
  • AC/DC Light Bulb
  • Torch Light
  • IPS
  • Generator
  • Solar Panel
  • Portable Power Bank

Load Shedding Solutions – Which Products to Buy?

Charger Light

charger light in daraz


Charger Fan

charger fan in daraz


AC/DC Light Bulb

ac dc light


Torch Light

torch light in daraz



ips in daraz



generator in daraz


Solar Panel

solar panel in daraz


Portable Power Bank

power bank in daraz


Shopping done at Daraz? If you have any query regarding other load shedding equipment or accessories, feel free to visit daraz online shopping website and app now. Now fastest home delivery is available at Daraz along with cash on delivery, bKash payment with cashback offer, 0% emi or interest free installment facility and other benefits. Choose Daraz Anniversary sale campaign now for the best deals. 

Perfect Gift Ideas to Celebrate New Year 2022 – Happy New Year Shopping

Gift giving is an act that can be a great symbol of your gratitude- this simple posture shows how much appreciative you are. Even an ordinary gift has its magic power to make one delighted. however, it’s often puzzling to find out the perfect useful gift item idea that can make one feel worthy. The year 2021 is ending soon and 2022 is already knocking on our door. Therefore it’s high time if you want to grab a perfect new year gift item for your special one- normal friend, boyfriend or girlfriend. You can grab more attractive deals at Daraz online shop.

Let’s have a detailed look at our picks of best gift item ideas for your specific one-

1) Analog Watch

An analog watch can be a smart gift item that matches everyone’s zest and taste. Especially in this modern digital era, it is more interesting to have a gorgeous designed running time machine in your wrist. There are tons of eye-catchy and trendy designs out there for the perfect wristwatch that can put a big smile on your special one’s face. 

2) Crossbody bag

Nowadays a crossbody bag is a perfect fit for anyone who goes outside as it’s not only stylish but also useful for everyday life. Now you can find many attractive and stylish crossbody bags as a regular fit with the finest design and fashion sense. Anyone would be happy to have a stylish backpack for daily use. 

3) Fashion Accessories

Fashion Accessories are always hot and popular as gift items. Everyone likes fashion items like bracelets, sunglasses, lockets, hair bands, etc. Your lover will surely love these kinds of stuff. Find fashionable and stylish fashion accessories will not be a difficult job. Just have them, wrap in a nice gift box and give them to a particular person you care can be a perfect solution for gift idea crisis. 

4) Smartwatch

Smartwatch is a modern-day device that is useful in many aspects especially in health, hands-free smartphone operating, security, etc. Therefore a modern smartwatch can be a good addition to your gift box. Your loved one can be benefitted in many ways and they value more this item with a firm reminder of your love every time they look at the smartwatch. 

5) Photo Frame

Presently we capture so many photos and selfies but there is less memory about those moments. This can lead you to a fantastic gift item idea- photo frame. A simple though excellently designed photo frame can be a valuable present for your lover- especially when it is occupied with a lovely couple photo of yours. There are so many gorgeous photo frames out there for your convenience. 

Whether you are not sure about what to buy or want to explore more gift options, this new year gift buying guide can help you to win the best deal for your loved one.

Happy New Year GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

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How To Apply For E-passport: All You Need To Know

Many people want to know how to apply for an e-passport in Bangladesh but do not know where they can get an e-passport online application form, what is the e-passport fee in Bangladesh or e passport check online process. In this guide, we’ll inform you of all the steps about how to get an e-passport online fast, hassle-freely, and at a low cost.

What is an E-passport?

An e-passport is a passport that contains an electronic microprocessor chip and antenna, as well as the passport holder’s photo, fingerprint, and eye-iris scan. E-passport holders are not required to wait in line at the immigration counter to have their visas checked. Passing via electronic gates is significantly faster. You can now apply through an e passport online application form from anywhere in the country.

How to Apply: E-passport Online Application Form

You can easily complete epassport apply (e passport apply) by following this guide. To apply online, go to and click on the first tab on the left labeled ‘Apply Online’ to get the e passport form (epassport application form).

epassport status chech

The name of the local passport office will appear after the police station and district names are given. You can apply for and get an e-passport here. The e-passport application form has to be submitted and can be obtained here. Then you have to sign up to 

epassport application form

some necessary information including name, birth date, present and permanent address, profession, nation ID number, details of prior passport (if applicable), parents name and occupation, contact number, emergency contact, etc. must be provided during application. A bank account number is also required for the fee submission.

After completing the registration process, the system will prompt the applicants to select a date and time for their biometric appointment from the Passport Office’s calendar. The applicant must print his/her e-passport application form, which includes the biometric date schedule.

What You Need: Required Documents for E-passport Online Application

These are the documents you need for your ePassport application:
1. Printed application form
2. NID card
3. Previous passport (if you have one)
4. Birth certificate (for citizens younger than 18 years)
5. Face photo for passport if applicant is younger than 6 years
6. Face photo of parents / legal guardian if applicant is younger than 15 years

How to Check: E-passport Status Check Online

If you want to do E passport check status online (epassport check status), you can easily check online by visiting this link. By providing E passport application status information, you can perform e passport online check for pending application.


E-passport Fee: How Much Does It Cost to Get An E-passport

There are three types of e-passport delivery systems:
1. Regular: 21 working days
2. Express: 10 working days
3. Super Express: 2 working days

E-passport of 48-page 5-year delivery fee
Regular: BDT 4,025
Express: BDT 6,325
Super Express: BDT 8,625

E-passport of 48-page 10-year delivery fee
Regular: BDT 5,750
Express: BDT 8,050
Super Express: BDT 10,350

E-passport of 64-page 5-year delivery fee
Regular: BDT 6,325
Express: BDT 8,625
Super Express: BDT 12,075

E-passport of 64-page 10-year delivery fee
Regular: BDT 8,050
Express: BDT 10,350
Super Express: BDT 13,800

E-passport Renewal

If you want to do epassport renewal, you have to visit the same site and apply through epassport online application with the necessary information for renewal purposes.

After Getting an E-passport in hand, take care of your E-passport otherwise the electronic chip will be defective. You must buy passport covers to protect your e-passport. You can also check travel pillows, travel size bottles, eye masks etc for a better travel experience.

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Covid-19: 7 Ways to Stay Protected From Black Fungus or Mucormycosis Infection!

When the Government is taking several initiatives to curb the Indian delta variant of the coronavirus down, the shocking news of newly spreaded black fungus has raised new angst concern across the countrymen. The infection of mucormycosis or black fungus can cause your eye damage permanently and eventually attack other major organs of the body dangerously. To put a full stop in this destruction, awareness and suggestions from the health experts can be pretty much enough.

What is Black Fungus?

Black Fungus meaning can be appropriate as a fungal disease. According to medical science, it’s also recognized as mucormycosis. Mucormycosis is a very rare infection. Black fungus infection on skin occurs when you come in contact with a fungus called mucor. The fungus is commonly found in soil, plants, fertilizers and rotting fruits and vegetables.

Fungus can exist naturally in soil and air. Even black fungus stays in the human body so naturally that it can stay normal in the nose and mucus of healthy people. This fungus infects the sinuses, brain and lungs. As the Covid-19 infected people’s lungs are weak, black fungus can pose a serious risk to them.

What Kind of Symptoms of Black Fungus Infection Can Appear?

Black Fungus in eyes is one of the most common black fungus cases discovered in the Indian Delta Plus variant Covid-19 or coronavirus.

Symptoms commonly seen in patients with black fungus include:

  • Nasal congestion and bleeding from the nose
  • Eye pain and eye swelling
  • Eyelid drooping
  • Blurred vision and from which the vision completely disappears later
  • Black spots appear around the skin of the nose

What Are the Necessary Precautions to be Protected From Black Fungus?

According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (U.S. CDC), avoiding areas where the fungus is present is quite impossible. Doctors signify the fungus that causes mucormycosis are very common in the environment.

As black fungus treatment and any kind of black fungus medicine aren’t discovered yet, those with weakened immune systems may take precautionary steps to reduce the risk of mucormycosis infection.

These precautions to get protection from black fungus are highly recommended:

  1. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or U.S. CDC suggests avoiding areas where there is a lot of dust. If it is not possible to avoid those places, then use the N95 mask.
  2. Avoid direct contact with buildings which have been damaged by water due to natural disasters. The CDC says fungal infections can occur from these places.
  3. Should be careful enough so that any infection can’t happen on your skin. If it is cut somewhere on the skin or any injury to any part of your body, extra care should be taken so that it does not come in contact with dust and dirt.
  4. In case of Covid-19 patients, diabetes should be controlled as per the advice of the doctors.
  5. The patient should be careful enough when using steroids. Sometimes excessive use of steroids can make diabetes uncontrollable. As a result, the risk of infection with black fungus will be higher.
  6. Need to maintain cleanliness while giving oxygen to the patient.
  7. Always maintain cleanliness when using face masks.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention mentions that precautionary measures against mucormycosis are not fully enough yet. Hence, we can do our best as much as we can to stay protected from black fungus. Awareness can save many lives, so there’s no alternative to always being careful.

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Covid-19: What Should You Do Initially When the Oxygen Level of Your Body Flows Down?

One of the biggest harms of Covid-19 in the human body is that many patients have low oxygen levels in their blood. A healthy person’s blood oxygen level should be 90 to 100 percent. Hence, the real problem starts when oxygen goes below 90 percent. That’s why doctors advise the covid-19 affected people to measure the oxygen level with a pulse oximeter every day on a regular basis. And the oxygen measurement process with pulse oximeters is very easy and simple. If the oxygen level is too low, then the condition is higher critical and the patient needs to be given oxygen through high flow nasal cannula supervised by specialist doctors.

What Happens When Oxygen Decreases in Blood

Generally, Pulse Oximeter is as handy as to check the oxygen level in blood any time. But there are other ways to find out the lack of oxygen in blood without using pulse oximeters.

If the oxygen level is low in blood, the head may feel dizzy, the body may feel weak, breathing may be difficult. Many can become unconscious.

When the oxygen level in the blood drops below a certain level, the brain also lacks oxygen which is very dangerous. Breathing problems and lack of oxygen to the brain are the biggest concerns.

Necessary Tips to Follow While Oxygen Level Reduces In Blood Below 90%

Loosen the Clothing

Majority face trouble breathing in tight clothing. Many people can’t breathe comfortably as such clothes are tight along the chest that prevents the lung muscles from expanding.

And if the body is already in a deficient oxygen condition, then even ordinary clothing can cause pain while breathing. When oxygen is depleted in the body of a covid-19 patient, loosen the dress at the very beginning.

If you are wearing something tight, take it off. Take off your underwear and tight fit pants. Also remove the face mask as the mask can also be responsible for creating difficulty in breathing.

No Rush Needed

No one should rush if the patient is alone or if someone else is helping him/her.

All the organs of the body need oxygen. Walking and even eating something increases the body’s demand for oxygen.

So stop walking and stay calm. Refrain from eating anything.

Lay Upside Down

Lay the patient upside down on the bed. The patient needs to lie on chest and keep trying to take a deep breath slowly.

It is beneficial because a large part of the lungs are located on the back of the human body. As a result of lying on the chest, the back part of the lungs gets enough oxygen easily. At least corona patients can get some benefit from this technique.

To reduce the breathing issue, it’s also suggested to lay on the right side for at least 30 minutes and upto 2 hours. And also sitting in (30-60) degree angle with a back support can be useful to breathe partially.

Breathing Exercises

To keep the lungs healthy, doctors are now advising everyone to do some efficient lung exercises.

This advice is also given to healthy people because coronavirus infects the lungs. Patients with covid-19 can also perform breathing exercises if they have difficulty in breathing.

Learn a very simple breathing exercise. Breathe deeply through the nose at a long length. Hold the air in the lungs for seven to ten seconds or as long as possible and slowly exhale. This exercise needs to be done several times.

Say ‘No’ to the Crowd

Avoid too many people near you if you have difficulty breathing. Crowds can reduce oxygen and increase carbon dioxide in your home. Keep the windows opened to maintain the natural air flow in the house.

These tips may offer you temporary relief if you have mild problems.

Arrange High Flow Oxygen

If the situation worsens then there is no alternative but to provide oxygen. In that case, the wise decision is to take the patient to the hospital or bring the oxygen cylinder home. Of course the patient should be treated at home with the help of a trained guy. 

If any critical condition occurs, for example high flow nasal cannula oxygen system may be needed, then don’t waste time at home. Shift the patient to the hospital immediately. If needed, try to arrange an ICU bed on emergency basis.

Forgo the Panic, embrace the Awareness!