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Best flower vase design online

Elegant Face Flower Vase Designs

One of the most adaptable decorative elements in interior design has always been vases. Even when your favorite flowers are out of season, the best vases continue to be utilitarian and offer aesthetic value. This article will show you seven distinctive vases in a variety of styles, including surreal, minimalist, and even artistic.

7 Unique Flower Vase Designs

These unique vases are sure to spark your creativity if you’re looking for ideas for helpful housewarming gifts or home accessory inspiration. You can buy all decorative items for the home from the Daraz-online shop at the best price in Bangladesh.

1. Nordic Style Marble Pattern Iron Ceramic Vase

Nordic style marble ceramic vase price in bd

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2. Golden Ring Flower Vase

Golden ring ceramic flower vase

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3. Modern Round Iron Acrylic Hanging Wall Vase

Creative wall decoration flower vase

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4. Golden Italian Style Luxury Flower Vase

Luxury flower vase price in bd

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5. Royal Attractive Design Metal Flower Vase

Metal design flower vase online

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6. Stand Hanging Flower Vase

Best hanging stand flower vase

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7. Ceramic Creative Tote Bag Flower Vase

Unique style flower vase online

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Check also the new and best designs of table lamps, living room, and bedroom furniture, sofa sets, and comfortable bedding sets to decorate your house perfectly.

Creative table lamp for bedroom and living room

Unique & Stunning Table Lamp Designs

The perfect bedside lighting may make all the difference, whether you want to unwind at night with a nice book, play games on your phone, or catch up with your spouse about your day. More than merely being attractive, the lamp you choose should also suit your needs in terms of form and performance. 

This article features 10 chic bedside lights in a variety of forms, from basic shapes that provide soothing ambient lighting to brilliant, adjustable options that can light up any task. Every style is represented here, from industrial to rustic to contemporary.

10 Creative Bedside Table Lamp Designs

The modern-looking table lamps with unique and creative designs are available in Daraz-online shop. Now you can buy all types of table lamps online at the best price in Bangladesh for 2022.

1. Modern Style Crystal Table Lamp

New design crystal table lamp

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2. 3D Moon Light with Wood Stand

Moonlight wooden table lamp

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3. New Apple LED K9 Crystal Table Lamp

Modern table lamp k9

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4. 5 Colors Fabric Wood LED Dimmer Table Lamp

Unique bedside wood lamp

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5. Auoyo Rechargeable Table Lamp

Smart rechargeable table lamp in bd

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6. Bamboo Garden Style Wooden Table Lamp

Creative wooden lamp price in bd

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7. Decorative Table Lamp for Living Room

Best looking table lamp for bedroom

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8. 3 Colors Crystal Table Lamp

New lamp for living room

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9. LED Mushroom Light Rechargeable Table

New design LED table lamp

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10. Japanese Style WoodenTable Lamp

Japanese style wooden lamp in bd

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You can also go through the new design of sofa sets and comfortable bedding sets in Bangladesh for 2022.

Baby food price in bd

Essential Baby Food Items for Proper Growth

For the first 1,000 days, all babies require an abundance of nutrients to support good growth. Up to age one year, breast milk or formula remains the most essential source of nutrition, but starting at six months, you can start introducing additional nourishing meals to assist their growth.

In this article, we’ll enlist some baby food items which are available in Daraz Mart. Now you can buy essential snacks for toddlers and babies online at the best price in Bangladesh.

From Birth to 6 Months Baby

NAN OPTI PRO-1 Infant Formula Baby Milk Powder

Infant food formula

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From 6 to 12 Months Baby

NAN OPTI PRO-2 Follow-up Formula Baby Milk Powder

Best baby food milk powder

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From 12 to 24 Months Baby

LACTOGEN 3 Infant Formula Baby Milk Powder

Nutrient for baby price online

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From 3 to 5 Years Baby

NIDO 3+ Growing Up Milk Powder

Best snacks for 3 years baby

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For 5 Years Plus Baby

CEREGROW Junior Cereal- Milk, Multigrain & 5 Fruits

Junior growth food item price in bd

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However, go to Daraz Mart-online grocery shop and check out baby essentials at the best price in 2022. You can go through also the best skincare products for babies and kids in Bangladesh.

Best healthy snacks online

Healthy Low Calories Snacks for Weight Loss

There are numerous snacks that advertise themselves as being healthy yet are anything but. However, there are some healthy, low-calorie options that will appeal to every taste if you’re attempting to lose weight but still want to nibble throughout the day.

In this article, we will list the healthy snacks that can help you lose weight. You’ll get all snack items in the Daraz Mart-online grocery shop at the best price in Bangladesh.

Healthy Snacks for Better Health

According to research, snacking can aid in weight loss, especially if the snacks are high in protein and fiber and low in calories. Regular snacking can help us control our appetite and eat fewer portions at meals.

Mixed Dry Fruits & Nuts

Healthy snack items price in bd

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Freshness Premium Plain Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate for good health

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Almond Nut – Kath Badam

Kath badam for healthy diet

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Virginia Green Garden German White Oats

White oats for healthy diet

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Victoria Boiled Chick Peas

Chickpeas for healthy snack

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Instant Soup Cream of Thai Tom Yum

Snack for good health

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Naturo Assorted Fruit Bars

Fruit bar price in bd

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Naghal dates – 1kg Saudi Arabia

Good quality dry dates price in bd

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Best’S Whole Mushroom 425gm Malaysia

Healthy snack price online

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Crown Popcorn Fun Pop Butter Matequilla

Popcorn price in bd

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Shop groceries online at the best price from Daraz Mart and get same-day delivery all over Bangladesh.

Best sofa set design in bd

New Sofa Set Designs for Living Room in 2022

Every home needs a cozy sofa set as a necessary piece of furniture. It’s the only place where the entire family gathers to spend some time together as a family. You must choose a sofa set that is fashionable and, most importantly, comfortable because the living room is a place for rest and relaxation.

Different sizes and styles of sofa sets are available in the market. The most comfortable sofa must satisfy your needs and complement the design of your living space, whether you choose a leather sofa or a sofa bed.

Modern Classic Design Sofa Set

New design sofa set in bd

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Luxurious U Shape Sofa Set

New luxurious stylish u shape sofa set

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Corner Design Wooden Sofa Set

Best design sofa set in bd

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L Shape Sofa Set

Stylish l shape sofa set price in bd

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Sofa Set: Round Shape 5 Seater

New stylish comfortable round shape sofa set

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New L Shape Design Sofa Set

Modern sofa set design in bd

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Victoria Sofa Set

Best sofa set design in bd

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L Shape Sofa Set

High quality stylish sofa set in bd

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Craftwood Sofa Set

New style sofa set design

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Gorgeous Sofa Set

Modern comfortable sofa set

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Daraz-Online shop offers all types of furniture including bedroom and living room furniture at the best price. Buy the best and new design sofa set to decorate your living room from Daraz Bangladesh in 2022.

Most comfortable bedding set

Most Comfortable & Luxury Bedding Sets in 2022

If you’re looking for a new bedding set, you probably already know many alternatives are available. You might choose cotton, silk, linen, or sheets made of wool. Next, you must choose between a quilt and a duvet. If all you want to do is purchase one package, you should go for the bedding set.

In addition to allowing you to renovate a bedroom all at once, buying bedding necessities in a set can also help you save money. In general, bedding sets are less expensive than buying individual pieces. Let’s look at the new designs and most comfortable bedding sets in 2022.

1. 3D Boho Bedding Printed Comforter Set

Most comfortable bedding set price in bd

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2. Pakiza Luxury Panel Fashionable Bed Sheet

New design bedding set in bd

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3. Multicolor Comforter Duvet Cover Set

Best printed design bedding set

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4. 4Pcs/Set Duvet Cover & Bed Sheet

Most comfortable bedding set

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5. Classical Home Tex Cotton Bed Sheet

Best design home tex cotton bedding set

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6. King Size Cotton Bed Sheet Set

New design bedding set in bd

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7. Cotton Bed Sheet Set

cotton bed sheet with pillow cover

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8. King Size 100% Cotton Bedding Set

Best cotton bed sheet set

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9. Cotton Fabric Multicolor Bedding Set

Comfortable bed sheet set

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10. Double King Size Bed Sheet Set

Comfortable bedding set in bd

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Decorate your bedroom with the luxury bedding set. The best and new designs of bedding sets are available in the Daraz-online shop. Now you can buy the bedding set online at the best price in Bangladesh.

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home appliances at daraz

Most Necessary Appliances to Buy at Budget Price and Discounts (2022)

Appliances are no more luxury than necessity. Each of the important appliances at home can add golden value to your daily living. If you are in need of the appliance list for new home and kitchen, Daraz can be a good option to order electrical appliances and kitchen appliances online. You may search for the home appliances list with price and pictures online to grab the best deals on appliances products at daraz online shopping.

List of Home and Kitchen Appliances for New House

  • MIDEA 1.5 Ton AC
  • Samsung Refrigerator – 218 Liter
  • Sony Smart TV 32”
  • Sharp Washing Machine – 8KG
  • Sharp Microwave Oven – 25 Liter
  • Pureit Ultima Water Purifier

Best Appliances Price List 2022 in Bangladesh

Best Appliances List 2022 Price in Bangladesh
MIDEA 1.5 Ton AC BDT 36,900
Samsung Refrigerator – 218 Liter BDT 35,000
Sony Smart TV 32” BDT 27,900
Sharp Washing Machine – 8KG BDT 28,900
Sharp Microwave Oven – 25 Liter BDT 17,900
Pureit Ultima Water Purifier BDT 24,346

Latest Home and Kitchen Appliances with High Quality and Modern Technology

MIDEA 1.5 Ton AC (Non-Inverter)

buy midea ac from


Why Will You Buy?

Capacity – 1.5 ton
SPACE Coverage – 120/150 SCFT
Product Type: Split Air Conditioner
Max Input consumption: 2750w
Compressor Type: Rotary
Remote Control

Samsung Refrigerator – 218 Liter

samsung 218l fridge


Why Will You Buy?

Product Type: Inverter Refrigerator
Fridge Volume : 218 Liter
Refrigerant: RB21KMFH5SK/D3
Energy Saving: 57%
Power Cool: 31% Faster Cooling

Sony Smart TV 32”

buy sony 32 inch smart tv from


Why Will You Buy?

Display: 32″SONY
LED Panel
X-Reality PRO
720p (1366 x 768)
Motionflow XR 240
Screen Mirroring Technology
Built-In Wi-Fi
Ethernet Connectivity
2 x HDMI / 2 x USB

Sharp Washing Machine – 8KG

sharp 8kg washing machine


Why Will You Buy?

Capacity: 8 Kg
6th Sense Technology Tumble Care
Quiet Comfort Technology
360 Tumble Motion
Easy Installment Payment Facilities

Sharp Microwave Oven – 25 Liter

sharp 25l microwave oven


Why Will You Buy?

Capacity: 25 Liter
Powerful output (900W) for quick and efficient cooking
Convection and Grill Function
Easy-to-use door with handle
LED Display
Tact and dial control
10 Auto Menus
Clock & Kitchen Timer

Pureit Ultima Water Purifier

pureit ultima water purifier


Why Will You Buy?

Germkill Life Indicator
Activated Carbon Trap
Multi Stage Purification
Complete Germ Protection

If you need more appliances, visit the Daraz Anniversary sale now and grab the best deals. Before ordering any appliance online, check the product details carefully. Now affordable online appliance shopping can be continued here.

If you want to be safe from polluted water, buy best water filter now from Daraz BD. Stay safe!

List of bath accessories price in bd

Exclusive Bathroom Accessories & Essentials

The easiest and least expensive room to renovate and renew is undoubtedly the bathroom because of its close relationship to our homes. It needs a little time and attention to update with the standard practical basics and accessories that every bathroom needs because it’s frequently used by both family members and visitors. 

Looking for a simple upgrade or want to turn your bathroom into a tranquil retreat? Choose the top bathroom essentials now to liven up your bathroom.

List of Bathroom Essentials & Accessories

All essential accessories for bathrooms are available on Daraz online shop in Bangladesh. Choose your desired bathroom essentials and buy them at the best price from Daraz in 2022. Here, we’ll enlist the best bathroom accessories sets that every home must have.

Floral Pattern Cotton Bath Towel

Bath towel price in bd

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Waterproof Tissue Paper Dispenser

Tissue box for bathroom

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Microfiber Bath Mat

Non slip bath mat in bd

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Silicone Shower Bath Mat Foot Brush

Foot brush in bd

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Shower Curtain Anti-slip Bath Mats Carpets

Anti slip bath mat set price in bd

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Triangle Bathroom Shelf

Bathroom shelf plastic

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Toothbrush Holder Wall Mounted

Automatic toothbrush holder price in bd

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Digital Hand Washing Soap Dispenser

Touchless hand wash price in bd

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Automatic Hand Dryer With LED Light

Automatic hand dryer price in bd

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Last Words

In this article, we’ve provided some essential bath accessories for 2022 in Bangladesh. Order the best quality bathroom essentials from Daraz and get home delivery.

Most essential grocery list

Essential Groceries that Should be on Your Shopping List

Daraz Mart is a top-notch online grocery shop in Bangladesh. If you are looking for the best online shop for grocery items, undoubtedly Daraz Mart is the best choice. It offers all types of groceries which are essential in our everyday life.

Moreover, Daraz Mart provides a same-day delivery facility to the customers. Get the fastest grocery delivery sitting at your home with minimum shipping fees from Daraz Mart.

Essential Grocery Shopping List

What are the most common daily grocery items? Rice, oil, dal, atta, salt, sugar, noodles, soap, shampoo, detergents, dishwashers, tea, coffee, etc. are the most common everyday grocery essentials.

The daily essential groceries are now available at a discounted price in Daraz Mart. Buy everyday grocery products from Daraz Mart at the lowest price in Bangladesh.

Chashi Aromatic Chinigura Rice – 2Kg

Chinigura rice price in bangladeshBuy Now

Deshi Mosurer Dal-1 kg

Deshi mosur dal price in bdBuy Now

Aashirvaad Atta Multigrains – 5kg

Best quality atta price in daraz martBuy Now

Olitalia Sunflower Oil – 5 Ltr

Cooking oil price in bdBuy Now

Fresh Premium Salt – 1kg

Salt price on daraz martBuy Now

Sis Brown Sugar – 800gm

Brown sugar price in bdBuy Now

Organic Green Tea – 400gm

Green tea price on daraz martBuy Now

Marks Full Cream Milk Powder – 500gm

Milk powder price in bdBuy Now

NESTLE MAGGI 2-Minute Masala Instant Noodles 12 Pack – 744g

Noodles price in daraz martBuy Now

Varda Vite Pasta – 400gm

Pasta price on daraz martBuy Now

Concluding Words

Check out the best deals on Daraz Mart now. Enjoy amazing offers and discounts in online grocery shopping with Daraz Mart. Besides, free shipping for specific items is available on branded products. Buy grocery items from the online grocery shop to save your time and money.

buy smart tv in daraz bangladesh

Best Smart TV Under BDT 50,000 to Buy in Bangladesh (2022)!

Do you think you can’t find smart televisions under BDT 50,000 in Bangladesh? Well, on Daraz, you can! Order the best smart tv under 50,000 taka at the lowest budget from Daraz Bangladesh.

Brand Check List: Samsung | Sony | Xiaomi | Walton | LG | Vision | Sharp | Vikan

 Check here for the budget-perfect list

Smart TVs Under BDT 50,000 in Bangladesh!

Smart TVs Under 10,000 – 20,000 Taka

 Grab your favorite TV under only 10,000 – 20,000 taka from the very branded tv collection from Daraz Bangladesh! And what’s best – Price Range is set up from BDT 10,000 to BDT 20,000 only!

smart tv under bdt 20,000 at

Smart TVs Between 20,000 – 30,000 Taka

Grab your favorite TV under only 20,000 – 30,000 taka from the very branded tv collection from Daraz Bangladesh! And what’s best – Price Range is set up from BDT 20,000 to BDT 30,000 only!

Smart TVs Between 30,000 – 40,000 Taka

Grab your favorite TV under only 30,000 – 40,000 taka from the very branded tv collection from Daraz Bangladesh! And what’s best – Price Range is set up from BDT 30,000 to BDT 40,000 only!

smart tv under bdt 40,000 at

Smart TVs Between 40,000 – 50,000 Taka

Grab your favorite TV under only 40,000 – 50,000 taka from the very branded tv collection from Daraz Bangladesh! And what’s best – Price Range is set up from BDT 40,000 to BDT 50,000 only!

smart tv under bdt 50,000 at

Looking for more budget-friendly ideas on your favorite televisions online? Visit Daraz Anniversary campaign page to grab the exclusive deals for online tv shopping in Bangladesh. Check out Daraz online shopping website and app for a super hyped shortlist of Daraz buying guides, Daraz shopping hacks, Daraz FAQs, and much more!

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