Exclusive Quality Blankets for Winter in Bangladesh (2024)

With the most blankets, you’ll stay warm. A superior blanket should, however, also be as light as air and have a thick shell that seals in the feathers and fluff inside. The best quality double-size blankets are chosen because of their loft, ability to build warmth, and accessibility. They are extremely lovely because of the designs, prints, and colors, which give your bedroom a decorative appearance.

These days, you may buy many different brands of blankets in Bangladesh online. Winter needs are available in all varieties at Daraz’s online store, including bedding sets (the most comfortable and opulent bedding sets), blankets (soft comforters of the highest quality), blankets, quilts, and duvets.

7 Best Double-Size Blankets for Winter to Keep You Warm

Want to get the double-size, heavyweight winter blankets that will keep you warm in the cold? There is no better place to buy blankets online than Daraz Bangladesh, where you can find all brands of blankets at the lowest prices. In order to get a better night’s sleep during the winter, let’s look at the coziest and most premium blankets.

1. Jadroo Super Soft Double Layer Winter Blanket

Jadroo Super Soft Double Layer Winter Blanket

2. Cotton Chunky waffle Blanket China Katha

best quality china katha price online bd

3. Lasher blanket winter double

Double layer lasher blanket price online

4. Kangaroo 2ply full body ambushed blanket

Kangaroo 2ply full body ambushed blanket

5. Printed 9D Microfiber Blanket

Printed 9D Microfiber Blanket

6. Dolphin double part full body ambush work heavyweight blanket

Dolphin double part full body ambush work heavyweight blanket

7. King Soft (Embossed) Blanket

Best quality kingsoft blanket price in bangladesh

Visit the Daraz online store to find the most recent winter collection with fantastic discounts and incentives. Besides, enjoy the fastest home delivery with minimum shipping charges.

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Best Quality & Comfy Comforters in Winter 2024

You’ll stay toasty with the most comforters. However, a top-notch comforter should also be as light as air and have a thick shell that keeps the feathers and fluff within sealed. We enlisted the best quality king-size comforters which are favorable for their loft, build warmth, and accessibility. They are really gorgeous based on the color contrast that gives you a decorative look in your bedroom.

Nowadays, you’ll get a lot of comforters available online in Bangladesh from different brands. If you consider the best brands of comforters, then you must consider Livingtex, Comfy, Pakiza, RFL, Sapphire, and so on. Daraz online shop offers all types of winter essentials including bedding sets (Most comfortable & luxury bedding sets), comforters, quilts, and duvets.

Buy comforters at the best price for winter

5 Best King-Size Comforters to Keep You Toasty This Winter

Want to get the best winter comforters which are king size and heavy weight to keep you warm in the cold? There is no other option but Daraz Bangladesh where you’ll get all brands of comforters at the best price online. Let’s take a look at the most comfortable and high-quality comforters for a deeper sleep in winter.

1. King Size Comforter & King Size Bedsheet with Two Pillow Covers

Best quality king size comforter combo set

2. King Size Red Flower Comforter Poly Filler Inside

Comofortable premium quality flower printed king size comforter price online bd

3. Premium Quality Double Size Printed Fluffy Comforter

best quality double size comforter price in bangladesh

4. Comfy Comforter Double Size Best Quality

Best comfy double size comforter price online bd

5. Feather Like Comforter Lightweight Comforter King Size

feather like comforter king size price online bd

However, visit Daraz online shop to get the latest winter collection with amazing discounts and offers. Check also the blankets at the best price online in Bangladesh.

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Brand Review & Customer Experience of Singer Bangladesh

Singer Bangladesh is a renowned manufacturer of diverse household appliances, including TV, refrigerator, freezer, AC, microwave ovens, blenders, cookware, sewing machine, and so on. This brand is popular for its product quality, price range, and reliable after-sales services. From a humble start in 1905 with just two outlets in Dhaka and Chittagong, today it has turned into a household name resonating with superior quality and trust.

Daraz Singer Bangladesh Flagship Store

The Singer Bangladesh brand store in Daraz Bangladesh is a go-to destination for customers seeking a wide range of high-quality Singer products. Located on the popular e-commerce platform Daraz, this store offers a diverse selection of Singer appliances, electronics, home essentials, and more. 

From kitchen appliances like blenders and rice cookers to televisions and air conditioners, the Singer brand store in Daraz Bangladesh caters to the needs of customers looking for reliable and durable products.

With convenient online shopping, competitive prices, and trustworthy customer service, the store provides a seamless shopping experience for individuals and households across Bangladesh. Explore the Singer brand store on Daraz and discover the perfect products for your home.

Extending the high-street shopping concept into a virtual space, Daraz Singer Bangladesh Flagship store redefines online shopping by offering 100% authentic and warrantied products straight to your doorstep.

Why Singer Bangladesh?

Here’s why Singer Bangladesh stands tall among its competitors:

  • Extensive Product Line: Its wide-ranging offerings span from sewing machines to home appliances and electronics, ensuring every household need is met.
  • Global Reputation: Its durability and quality services have earned it a trusted reputation worldwide.
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Singer Bangladesh backs all its products with a manufacturer’s warranty, ensuring long-term post-purchase support.
  • Daraz Collaboration: Coming aboard Daraz’s digital platform, Singer makes online shopping even simpler and more secure. The approach includes faster delivery and a 14-day hassle-free return policy.

Best Electronics Offered by Daraz Singer Bangladesh Flagship Store

Looking for top-tier electronics? Look no further than Singer Bangladesh. From refrigerators to Smart TVs, Singer Bangladesh’s flagship store in Daraz offers an assortment of high-quality electronics. Let’s delve into some of their best offerings.

Singer Best 3 Refrigerators

Singer refrigerator online in bd

Singer’s Refrigerator range offers top-tier cooling performance and ample storage.

Singer Best 3 Freezers

Best singer freezers price online bd

Singer Freezers are popular in Bangladesh as it offers different sizes of freezers based on your needs.

Singer Best 3 Smart TVs

Singer 4k android tv price in bd

Singer offers different sizes of Smart Android TVs that display resolutions starting from FHD to 4K.

Singer Best 3 Washing Machines

Singer top loading washing machines in bd

Singer’s Washing Machines Offer quality performance with energy efficiency. Top-rated ones are:

Singer Best 3 Microwave Ovens

Singer microwave ovens price in bd

Singer offers various models of microwave ovens with different features and capacities to cater to different cooking needs.

Singer Best 3 Useful Kitchen Appliances

singer non stick cooking giftbox 7 pcs

The Singer is a well-known brand that offers a variety of kitchen appliances to cater to different needs. Some of the kitchen appliances manufactured by Singer include:

Singer Brand Comparison with Competitors

When you’re purchasing from a brand, it’s always important to know how they stack up against their competitors. Let’s go through a quick comparison to better understand Singer Bangladesh.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Singer Bangladesh is a brand that has been operating since the British period on this subcontinent. It has established a strong reputation, branching out from delivering sewing machines to a range of consumer durable products and electronic home appliances. Further, its strategy of providing a variety of choices in its SINGER Mega and SINGER Plus shops enhances the customer experience.

However, there are threats to Singer’s market position, mainly the uncertainties of launching new brands in an already established market, facing fierce competition, and the challenge of fostering brand loyalty among consumers.

Singer Bangladesh vs. Other Brands in the Market

When compared with competitors, Singer Bangladesh holds some advantages:

  • Long-standing history and reputation
  • Diversity of products offered
  • Multi-branding strategy with a variety of choices in its shops.

Despite these strengths, some challenges persist:

  • Fierce market competition
  • Volatility in raw material prices
  • Challenges in fostering brand loyalty.

Customer Reviews of Singer Bangladesh

Today, we delve into the customer feedback of the well-known brand, Singer Bangladesh. This will give us an insight into the actual user experience of the brand’s products and services.

customer reviews of singer microwave oven
Brand Review & Customer Experience of Singer Bangladesh 26

satisfied customer reviews of singer washing machine, warranty service
Brand Review & Customer Experience of Singer Bangladesh 27

customer reviews of singer brand
Brand Review & Customer Experience of Singer Bangladesh 28

Key Takeaways from Brand Reviews

Brand reviews play a crucial role in gauging customer satisfaction, and Singer Bangladesh is no exception. Key takeaways from a quick glance at their reviews include:

  • High customer satisfaction: Customers have consistently praised Singer Bangladesh for its quality products and excellent customer service.
  • A vast range of products: Singer Bangladesh’s wide array of products caters to a diverse customer base and various needs at competitive prices.
  • Impeccable reputation: Since its establishment, Singer Bangladesh has built a strong reputation in the industry that continues to edge its competition and fuel its success.

It’s evident that Singer Bangladesh has been successful in building a strong brand identity, offering remarkable products, and winning customer loyalty.


Singer Bangladesh Ltd has solidified its prominence in the market through consistent quality products and a strong reputation. Having a broad product database ranging from home appliances and consumer electronics to sewing machines, Singer Bangladesh has proven its versatility and ability to meet customer needs.

According to the data uncovered, Singer Bangladesh holds strong control over its market. The company’s reported financial solidity and comprehensive market strategies have provided a favorable environment for stable growth. As a well-established brand, Singer provides a sense of reliability, making it a go-to choice for many consumers.

Best Skincare Products for Babies & Kids in Daraz Mart

The skin is always sensitive but when it comes to the baby’s skin, you should be more serious. Many skincare products for babies and kids are available on the market. You must use the best baby skin care products like oils, creams, and lotions. In this article, we’ll let you know the best baby skincare product brands in Bangladesh for 2023.

You should think about your baby’s skin type and sensitivity while choosing items, as well as the item’s intended use. When enlisting baby skincare items, we gave great consideration to the components, skin types, purposes, sensitivity, and value.

Best Baby Skincare Products Brands in Bangladesh

You will get several brands of baby skincare products in Bangladesh. But the best brands of baby skincare products are essential to avoid irritation and dryness of the skin.

Besides all the brands of skincare for your baby are present in the online shop in Bangladesh.

  • Johnson’s
  • Himalaya
  • Meril
  • Aveeno
  • Just for Baby
  • Odomas
  • Kodomo
  • Mamaearth

Best Skincare Products for Babies in Daraz Mart

Daraz Mart offers all brands of skincare products for babies and kids. Find out the best skin care products for your baby. In this online grocery shop, you will get authentic products for kids’ skincare.

Best Body Oil for Baby

Best oil for babies and kids in bd

Buy Now

Best Body Lotion for Baby

Best baby lotion in bd

Buy Now

Best Cream for Baby

Best baby cream in bangladesh

Buy Now

Best Baby Powder

Best baby powder in bd

Buy Now

Best Baby Soap

Best baby soap

Buy Now

Best Diaper Rash Cream

baby diaper rash cream

Buy Now

Best Baby Shower Gel

Best shower gel for baby

Buy Now

Final Words

Baby skin care products are inevitable. In this article, the best skincare brand products are given and which products are best for babies are recommended.

Make sure that you are choosing authentic products. In this case, Daraz Mart can be the best place for you in Bangladesh.

4 Best Walton 32-Inch TVs in Bangladesh: Buying Guide 2024

Are you looking for the best Walton 32-inch TV in Bangladesh but confused about which model to choose? With so many options available in the market, it can be challenging to make the right decision. This article will help you find the best Walton 32-inch TV in Bangladesh by providing an overview of the brand, a comparison of different models, and prices of other 32-inch TVs available in the market.

Walton is a Bangladeshi brand that has been providing high-quality TVs at affordable prices for years. The brand offers a range of different models of TV, including smart TVs, Android TVs, LED TVs, and more. What sets Walton apart from other brands is its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Walton TVs come with excellent features and specifications, making them a popular choice among Bangladeshi consumers. To enjoy the best deals on Walton TV.

Top 3 Picks

Best ForModelPrice
Best Budget 32” LED TVWalton W32F130 Buy Now
Best Walton 32” Android TVWalton W32D120GBuy Now
Best for Vivid Picture QualityWalton W32D120HG1Buy Now

Why Should You Choose Walton 32-Inch TV?

There are several reasons why you may choose a Walton 32-inch TV.

Value for Money

Walton 32” TVs offer a great balance between price and quality, providing good value for money. 


Walton 32-inch TVs come with a range of features, such as HDMI ports, USB connectivity, and audio output options, making them versatile and suitable for a variety of uses.

Energy Efficiency

Walton TVs are designed to be energy-efficient, which means that they can help you save on electricity bills.

After Sales Support

Walton provides good customer service and after-sales support, which can give you peace of mind and make the TV ownership experience more enjoyable.

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4 Best Walton 32-Inch TVs in Bangladesh

There are several Walton 32-inch TVs available in Bangladesh, but we have narrowed down the best four based on features, specifications, and customer reviews. Here are the top Walton 32-inch TVs in Bangladesh:

1. Walton W32F130 LED TV

Walton W32F130 LED TV Best price online

Experience the ultimate viewing pleasure with the Walton W32F130 81.3 cm (32 inches) LED TV. Immerse yourself in stunning visuals with its HD Ready display, which delivers crisp and vibrant images that are sure to enhance your entertainment experience.

Take your TV viewing experience to the next level with the Walton W32F130 81.3 cm (32 inches) LED TV’s smart features. The TV also comes with a range of pre-installed apps, such as YouTube and Netflix, making it easier than ever to find your favourite content.

Highlighting Features:

  • HD Ready display for crisp and vibrant visuals.
  • Two 8W speakers for crystal clear audio.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for easy internet connectivity.
  • Pre-installed apps, such as YouTube and Netflix.
  • Slim and minimalistic design that complements any home decor.


  • Vibrant and clear visuals.
  • Crystal clear audio.
  • Smart features for easy access to online content.
  • Sleek and stylish design that complements any home decor.


  • Limited app selection compared to other smart TVs.
  • No Bluetooth connectivity.

2. Walton 32″ Google LED TV (W32D120G)

Walton 32" Google LED TV (W32D120G) best android tv

Walton Google LED TV (W32D120G) helps you to experience stunning clarity and vivid colors with the 32-inch high-definition display. With a 60Hz refresh rate, you’ll never miss a moment of the action. The ultra-thin bezel design makes this TV a stylish addition to any living room.

Use your voice to control your TV with Google Assistant, making it easy to change channels, adjust the volume, and more. The Android TV operating system provides access to a wide range of apps, games, and streaming services, including Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video.

Highlighting Features:

  • 32-inch high-definition display with 720p resolution.
  • Google Assistant voice control and Android TV operating system.
  • Multiple HDMI and USB ports for easy connectivity.
  • Energy-efficient with an A+ energy rating.
  • Ultra-thin bezel design with a sleek black finish.
  • Built-in Chromecast for wireless streaming.
  • Automatic power-off function to conserve energy.


  • Stunning picture quality with vivid colors and clarity.
  • Google Assistant voice control for convenient TV operation.
  • Wide range of streaming services and apps with Android TV.
  • Multiple connectivity options for easy device integration.
  • A sleek and stylish design adds a modern touch to any room.
  • Energy-efficient with an A+ energy rating.


  • Limited to 720p resolution.
  • No built-in Ethernet port for a wired internet connection.

3. Walton W32D120HG1 32″ LED TV

Walton W32D120HG1 32" LED TV

The Walton W32D120HG1 32″ LED TV provides a stunning viewing experience with its vivid picture quality. The TV’s advanced color technology ensures accurate and vibrant colors, providing a more realistic and immersive viewing experience.

This smart TV comes with a range of features that make it a convenient addition to any home entertainment system. With its built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, you can easily connect the TV to the internet and enjoy access to online streaming services like Netflix and YouTube.

Its slim bezel design ensures that the TV takes up minimal space, while its lightweight construction makes it easy to mount on the wall or move around the room. The TV’s energy-efficient design also helps you save money on your electricity bills, making it an eco-friendly choice.

Highlighting Features:

  • 32″ LED display with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels.
  • Advanced color technology for accurate and vibrant colors.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity for access to online streaming services.
  • Multiple ports including HDMI and USB.
  • Sleek and modern design with a slim bezel and lightweight construction.
  • Energy-efficient design for eco-friendliness.


  • High-quality pictures with accurate and vibrant colors.
  • Smart features allow for easy access to online streaming services.
  • Multiple ports make it easy to connect to other devices.
  • Sleek and modern design adds elegance to any living room.
  • Energy-efficient design helps save money on electricity bills.


  • The resolution may not be as high as some other TVs on the market.
  • Limited storage capacity for downloaded apps or content.

4. Walton LED WD32R TV

Walton LED WD32R TV best price in bd

Enjoy an unparalleled viewing experience with the Walton LED WD32R 813mm, which features a 32-inch display with 1366×768 resolution. Experience vivid and lifelike visuals with LED backlighting, which enhances the contrast and color accuracy of the display.

The TV comes with built-in Wi-Fi and allows you to stream your favorite content from popular apps like Netflix, YouTube, and more. You can also connect external devices like gaming consoles and Blu-ray players to the TV using multiple HDMI and USB ports.


  • Immersive visual experience, vivid and lifelike visuals, slim and stylish design.
  • Access to a variety of entertainment options, built-in Wi-Fi, multiple HDMI and USB ports, and a built-in recording feature.


  • Lower resolution than some other models in the market.
  • Limited storage space for recorded content.
  • Limited voice command options.

Comparison of Best Walton 32-inch TVs with Prices

Here’s a quick comparison of the four best Walton 32-inch TVs:

ModelSmart TVSpecialtyPrice
Walton W32F130 No60Hz refresh rate, Google Assistant Voice Control, Android TV Operating System, Energy efficiency.TK. 15,999
Walton W32D120GYes60Hz refresh rate, Google Assistant Voice Control, Android TV Operating System, Energy efficient.TK. 26,900
Walton W32D120HG1YesVivid picture quality, Android TV Operating System, Energy efficient.TK. 27,900
Walton WD32RNoVivid picture quality, Android TV Operating System, Energy efficiency.TK. 19,500

Which One Should You Choose & Why?

If you need a 32” LED TV at a reasonable price then you should go for the Walton W32F130 which comes with a lot of useful features. On the other hand, at present, the Android TV is more popular for its smart features, user experiences, and power efficiency. In this case, you can go for the Walton W32D120G Android TV.

Walton offers some of the best 32-inch TVs in Bangladesh, and with the prices expected to remain stable, it’s an excellent time to invest in one. Whether you are looking for a budget-friendly option or a top-of-the-line TV, Walton has got you covered. So go ahead and choose the one that best fits your needs and budget, and enjoy a truly immersive viewing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty period for Walton 32-inch TVs in Bangladesh?

The warranty period for Walton 32-inch TVs in Bangladesh is typically 1 year from the date of purchase. But some model provides up to 5 years warranty. However, it is recommended to check the warranty card or contact customer service for detailed information on the specific model.

Can I connect my gaming console to a Walton 32-inch TV?

Yes, you can connect your gaming console to a Walton 32-inch TV. Most Walton 32-inch TVs come with HDMI ports, which are compatible with gaming consoles. Simply connect the console to the TV via HDMI cable and switch to the appropriate input channel.

Does Walton offer free installation and setup for their TVs?

Walton provides free installation and setup for their TVs in Bangladesh. After purchasing the TV, customers can contact customer service to schedule a free installation appointment.

Are all Walton 32-inch TVs smart TVs?

No, not all Walton 32-inch TVs are smart TVs. Some models may not have smart features such as Wi-Fi connectivity and built-in apps. It is recommended to check the product specifications or consult customer service to confirm the features of a specific model.

How do I clean my Walton TV screen?

To clean the screen of your Walton TV, first, turn off the TV and unplug it from the power source. Then, use a microfiber cloth or a soft, lint-free cloth to gently wipe the screen in a circular motion. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that may damage the screen.

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দারাজ রিভিউ: শাওমি পোকো এক্স৩ এনএফসি

নতুন মোবাইল কেনার কথা ভাবছেন? ঝকঝকে ক্যামেরা, হাইস্পিড র‍্যাম, সুবিধাজনক স্টোরেজ, শক্তিশালী ব্যাটারি- এইসব ফিচার যদি একই সাথে পেতে চান, তবে শাওমি পোকো এক্স৩ এনএফসি (Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC) স্মার্টফোনটি হতে পারে আপনার সেরা পছন্দ। 

ব্র্যান্ড হিসেবে শাওমি ইতিমধ্যেই গ্রাহকদের একটি আস্থার জায়গা দখল করেছে। নিত্যনতুন সেরা ফিচারের স্মার্টফোন ব্যবহারকারীদের হাতে তুলে দিতে শাওমি সবসময়ই অন্যদের থেকে কিছুটা এগিয়ে। এরই ধারাবাহিকতায় শাওমি নিয়ে এলো পোকো এক্স৩ এনএফসি মোবাইল। বাংলাদেশে দারাজে এক্সক্লুসিভ লঞ্চ হওয়া শাওমি পোকো এক্স৩ এনএফসি পাওয়া যাচ্ছে মাত্র ২৪ হাজার ৯৯৯ টাকায়!

শাওমি পোকো এক্স৩ এনএফসি স্পেসিফিকেশন:

  • অপারেটিং সিস্টেম: অ্যান্ড্রয়েড ১০, এমআইইউআই ১২
  • ডিসপ্লে: ৬.৬৭” ১০৮০ x ২৪০০ আইপিএস, ১২০ হার্জ। ২০ঃ৯ এইচডিআর১০
  • র‍্যাম: ৬ জিবি
  • ইন্টারনাল স্টোরেজ: ৬৪/১২৮ জিবি
  • প্রসেসর: স্ন্যাপড্রাগন ৭৩২জি
  • রিয়ার ক্যামেরা: ৬৪, ১৩, ২ ও ২ মেগাপিক্সেল
  • সেলফি ক্যামেরা: ২০ মেগাপিক্সেল
  • ব্যাটারি: ৫১৬০ এমএএইচ
  • চার্জিং: ফাস্ট চার্জিং, ৩০ মিনিটে ৬২%

বাংলাদেশের সবচেয়ে বড় অনলাইন শপ দারাজে এখন শাওমি পোকো এক্স৩ এনএফসি ফোনটি পাওয়া যাচ্ছে এক্সক্লুসিভ দামে- মাত্র ২৪,৯৯৯ টাকায়। ক্যাশঅন ডেলিভারি সহ বিভিন্ন ইজি পেমেন্ট মেথডের সাথে থাকছে ১৪ দিনের ইজি রিটার্ন পলিসি ও ১ বছরের অরিজিনাল ব্র্যান্ড ওয়ারেন্টি।

এছাড়া আপনি ভিজিট করতে পারেন দারাজের অফিশিয়াল শাওমি দারাজমল-এ। যেখানে পাবেন পছন্দের ১০০% জেনুইন অফিশিয়াল শাওমি ব্র্যান্ডের স্মার্টফোন- সময়ের সবচেয়ে সেরা দামে।

Daraz Reviews: Huggies Dry Pant Diaper Large-50 Pcs (9-14 KG)

Whether you are looking for a good quality diaper for your baby or searching for the best diaper at the right price available, Malaysian diaper brand Huggies Dry Pant Diaper Large (50Pcs) can be a great one for you. A wonderful combination of inexpensive price range and improved product quality makes it a better choice among customers. So like millions of other aware parents you can also pick Huggies diaper over others for your child’s protection. You can also visit Alibaba Singles Day 2021 (November 11.11) for all the great deals across any category.

Huggies Dry Pant Diaper Large (50 Pcs) best attributes at a glance-
  • 100% Breathable
  • Pant Style Diaper
  • 1,000 Fast Absorbing Micro Holes
  • 5-Way Comfort Fit
  • Absorbs Up To 10 Hours
  • Leak Guard
  • All-Around Softness

Huggies Pant Diaper comes with some impressive traits to keep your newborn baby safe and sound. Huggies diaper has unique rapid absorb technology that incorporates 1,000 micro holes for instant absorption. Moreover, it is the best fit for the baby with enhanced stretch and elasticity. This diaper is specially designed to fit comfortably. It absorbs urine for up to 10 hours that help your baby feel dry through the night. You should easily pick this diaper because when it comes to the safety and comfort of your baby, parents consider the best quality over anything.

Huggies Dry Pant Diaper Large-50 Pcs (9-14 KG)

Shop Huggies Dry Pant Diaper Large (50 Pcs) Now!

The price of this Huggies Dry Pant Diaper Large-50 Pcs is BDT 1,097 that you can find in Daraz’s official DarazMall with faster home delivery across the country, easy payment methods, and quality packaging.

Visit Huggies in DarazMall Now!

Share your thoughts and experience with Huggies diapers with us.

Daraz Reviews: Sharp SJ-EK301E Top Mount Refrigerator Review with Pros & Cons

Whether you are looking for a durable freeze or searching for the best refrigerator at the ideal price available, Sharp’s new top mount fridge Sharp SJ-EK301E can be a great fit for you. A precious combination of affordable price and finest features turn it into a standalone solid choice according to the comparison of other items of refrigerators out there.

Sharp SJ-EK301E Features & Specifications at a Glance
  • Color: Dark Silver
  • Capacity: 242 Litres
  • Door Material: Stainless
  • Tempered Glass Shelf
  • Fresh Case & LED Lighting
  • Latest Fan Cooling System
  • Dimension (W X H X D):  54.5 cm x 156 cm x 58.8 cm
  • Warranty Policy: Electrical Spare Parts: 5 Years,  Compressor: 10 Years, Free Service: 5 Years

SHARP SJ-EK301E refrigerator comes with some notable amazing features to keep your food fresh and healthy. The Ag+ Nano Deodouriser keeps your fridge odor-free and clean. Tempered glass shelves enhance stability and usability. And the stylish design makes sure that your fridge matches the elegance of your residence. SHARP SJ-EK301E-DS is not just a fridge, but also a big machine that helps you and your family to live happily.

The price of this impressive durable SHARP SJ-EK301E refrigerator is BDT 39,900 that you can find in Daraz’s official Sharp flagship store of DarazMall with faster home delivery, easy payment methods, and quality packaging. You can also buy the fridge from Daraz in monthly installments. 

Visit Sharp in DarazMall Now!

What is your experience with this advanced Sharp SJ-EK301E Fridge? Share your thoughts with us. Visit Daraz 11-11 Sale for the best online shopping experience

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Daraz Reviews: Kiam Non-Stick Cookware 7Psc Set

As we all know while cooking we all need good quality cookware. And cooking with less oil is very essential to keep yourself healthy & for this Kiam non-stick cookware 7Pcs set is the best option for all.

Whenever it comes to your mind that which brand would be the best for your kitchen then we only remember one brand that is Kiam non-stick cookware. To keep yourself healthy & fit Kiam is the best of all. 

 Kiam Non Stick Cookware 7Psc

Shop Kiam Non-Stick Cookware 7Pcs Set Now!

The Kiam non-stick Cookware 7Psc set can be a great conclusion to your inquiry about the best kitchen cookware set. If you will search in the market you will find that Kiam is the best brand indeed among all. It has 24 cm Casserole with glass lid,  22 cm Karai with glass lid, 18 cm Milk Pan with glass lid, 24 cm frypan tapper.

The price of Kiam non-stick cookware 7Pcs Set in Bangladesh is Tk. 3,393  that you can find in Daraz’s official Kiam flagship store with faster home delivery and quality packaging. 

Visit Kiam Official Store Now! 

What is your experience with this superb modern cookware set? Share your notions with us.

For other original products at the best price, do visit Daraz Mall! You can also grab the best deal of Kiam non-stick cookware by visiting Alibaba Singles Day (November 11).

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Daraz Product Review: Conion Geyser DXZF-30 30L

Again, winter is coming. Moreover, a geyser is something every family needs during this cold weather. A geyser is one of the most familiar electrical appliances found in homes that are used to heat water for bathing in wintertime. Geysers are usually found in bathrooms or kitchens.


Whether you are looking for a durable geyser price or searching for the best electric geyser at the right cost, Conion Geyser DXZF-30 30L can be an excellent fit for you. A fantastic blend of price and features make it a smart choice according to the comparison of other items.

Conion DXZF-30 Geyser Features & Specifications
  • Capacity: 30 Litters
  • Colour: White
  • Power Consumption: 2000W
  • Energy Saving: 60%
  • Keep Water Warm: 12 Hours
  • Rated Pressure: 8 Bar
  • Net Wet: 11 Kg
  • Warranty: 5 Years Body, 3 Years Copper Coil & 1 Year Service Warranty with Spare Parts

(Click on the image to check Conion DXZF-30 geyser)

Conion DXZF-30 geyser comes with some important features to allows one to enjoy the basic comforts of a home shower that is both user-friendly and safe for the entire family. This is sleek, stylish, and space-saving which makes it ideal for all bathroom types. It has the capacity to house up to 30 liters of water so that you can enjoy a nice shower without having to wait for the water to heat up every time. Moreover, as the cost of operation is very little, Conion Geyser DXZF-30 can be installed in Bathroom, Kitchen, Hotel, Beauty Parlor, Health Club, Laboratory, Hospital, Restaurant, Saloon, Clinic, Factory, etc.

Shop Conion Geyser DXZF-30 Now!

The price of this secure and durable Conion Geyser DXZF-30 is BDT 9,500 that you can find in Best Electronics (DarazMall) with faster home delivery, secure payment methods, and proper packaging. 

What is your experience with this superb geyser? Share your notions with us.

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