Best Mobile Phones For PUBG Gaming In Bangladesh 2021

Searching for the Best Mobiles for Gaming in Bangladesh? Here’s a list of the Best Mobile Phone for PUBG in Bangladesh or the Best Gaming Mobile Phones to Play PUBG, Free Fire in Bangladesh in 2021 with Price list of best PUBG mobile phones in Bangladesh. Hence, for the updated price rate, you can look for the Best Gaming Mobile Phone Price in Bangladesh right now.

In case if you’re searching for the Best Gaming Phone Under 20,000 to 25,000 in Bangladesh (2021) or the Best PUBG Mobile under BDT 25,000 price (2021) range, then you can also handpick from our list of Best Gaming Mobile for PUBG under 25,000 taka in Bangladesh (2021).

With some of the most popular games such as PUBG, Free Fire, Fortnite, Call of Duty, Asphalt, Need For Speed, Dream League Soccer, World Cricket Championship etc have released their mobile versions of the game, you can find to buy the best mobile phone for gaming in Bangladesh (2021)!

If you’re specifically on the lookout for the Best Mobile for PUBG, Free Fire or Best Gaming Mobile in Bangladesh, the mentioned requirements can be followed:

  • For Android users: Android 5.1. 1 or above and at least 2GB RAM

  • For iOS users: OS 9 or later running on iPhone 5s or newer

Let’s take a look at our list for 5 Best Gaming Mobile Phones in Bangladesh below !

List of Best Mobiles for Gaming in Bangladesh 2021

Price List of Best Android Mobile Phones in Bangladesh 2021

Low Budget Gaming Mobiles 2021 Gaming Mobile Price in Bangladesh
Samsung A32 BDT 25,999
Xiaomi Redmi 9 Power BDT 18,429
Realme 8 BDT 21,490
Motorola Moto G30 BDT 18,990
Tecno Spark 7 BDT 11,390

Best Gaming Mobile Phones in Bangladesh with Price (2021)

1) Samsung A32

buy samsung a32 mobile from


Samsung is always a stellar brand when it comes to excellent features and durability. What we love about the Samsung Galaxy A32 is that apart from being an affordable budget smartphone in 2021, it also provides Android 11 OS and a decent 64MP Quad camera making it a great steal! For this you can check for the samsung a32 price in bangladesh and grab the exciting deals now. 

Samsung Galaxy A32 Specifications
Operating System Android 11
Display 6.4″
Rear Camera (64+8+5+5)MP 
Front Camera 20MP
Storage Capacity 128GB 
Battery Life 5000mAh 
Price BDT 25,999

2) Xiaomi Redmi 9 Power

buy xiaomi redmi 9 power mobile from


Xiaomi has always stood proudly as a brand that is steadfast and delivers sturdy products. The Xiaomi Redmi 9 Power has a gorgeous display and decent camera and it also comes as one of the most affordable phones with amazing features you can have. For this you can check for the xiaomi redmi 9 price in bangladesh and grab the exciting deals now.

Xiaomi Redmi 9 Power Specifications
Operating System Android 10
Display 6.53″
Rear Camera (48+8+2+2)MP 
Front Camera 8MP
Storage Capacity 128GB 
Battery Life 6000mAh 
Price BDT 18,429

3) Realme 8

buy realme 8 mobile from


Realme 8 price is just BDT 21,490 but you still get a large 6.4 inch super AMOLED display, Android 11 and an impressive 5000mAh battery life. We think that’s a great deal to have! For this you can check the realme 8 price in bangladesh and grab the exciting deals now.

Realme 8 Specifications
Operating System Android 11
Display 6.4″ 
Rear Camera (64+8+2+2)MP 
Front Camera 16MP 
Storage Capacity 128GB 
Battery Life 5000mAh 
Price BDT 21,490

4) Motorola Moto G30

buy motorola moto g30 mobile from


Motorola Moto G30 has an unbeatable price tag of BDT 18,999 brining you smartphone features, a decent camera and a compact mobile screen size to make sure that you get the features you need without a bulky phone!

Motorola Moto G30 Specifications
Operating System Android 11
Display 6.5″
Rear Camera (64+8+2+2)MP 
Front Camera 13MP 
Storage Capacity 128GB 
Battery Life 5000mAh 
Price BDT 18,999

5) Tecno Spark 7

buy tecno spark 7 mobile from


You can be impressed with the Tecno Spark 7 because of it’s amazing battery life, smooth performance and great camera. But the price tag of BDT 11,390 is also pretty decent when you consider the amount of features this phone is packed with!

Tecno Spark 7 Specifications
Operating System Android 11
Display 6.5″ 
Rear Camera Dual 16MP 
Front Camera 8MP 
Storage Capacity 64GB 
Battery Life 6000mAh 
Price BDT 11,390

And that completes our list of the best budget smartphones for gaming in Bangladesh! Which, in your opinion is the best budget mobiles under 20,000 to 30,000 Taka in 2021? Let us know! And don’t forget to check out the best android mobiles at affordable budget.

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Mobiles Under Affordable Budget Price:

best super shop in bangladesh

Top 10 Grocery Apps in Bangladesh (2021 Updated)

The pandemic has changed a lot of things but perhaps one of the biggest changes is the growth of online grocery shopping in Bangladesh. People now turn to the top 10 grocery apps in Bangladesh when they want to get essentials, snacks, and last-minute emergency items delivered, and going out is not an option. Want to know which apps make our top 10 list? Check them out below!

What are the top 10 grocery apps in Bangladesh?

Our picks for the best online grocery shopping apps in Bangladesh are rated in the table below!

App Name City
#1 Daraz Online Shopping All 64 districts in Bangladesh
#2 Chaldal Dhaka city, except certain parts of Oldtown
#3 Meenaclick Dhaka, Chattogram, and Narayanganj metropolitan areas
#4 Foodpanda All the major areas of 64 districts
#5 Pathao Dhaka, Chattogram, and Sylhet Metropolitan Areas
#6 Evaly Dhaka and all the major cities
#7 HungryNaki Dhaka, Narayanganj, Chittagong, Sylhet, and Khulna
#8 SodaiHut Sylhet Metropolitan
#9 Othoba Dhaka city
#10 Jogaan Dhaka Metropolitan

Why are these the best grocery apps in Bangladesh?

These apps are the ones that operate the most widely in Bangladesh from major to remote cities offering delivery services ranging from essentials to household items to even fresh baked goods. Some of these, like Daraz’s dMart have a wide network, multiple payment options, and wide discounts running at all times. Others are relatively new but still offer timely deliveries and are great for ordering when you are in a pinch and need something immediately even if it’s slightly pricier due to delivery charges.

Which Top 10 Grocery App Should You Use?

1. Daraz Online Shopping – dMart

Darazlk Sticker by Daraz Sri Lanka

Daraz Online Shopping is Bangladesh’s #1 e-commerce app which already makes it one of our favorite apps to indulge with our online shopping habit. But as an added bonus, it also provides you with a complete online grocery shopping experience with their signature dMart.

The best part of shopping from dMart is you are guaranteed to get the best prices, discounts, bundle deals, credit card discounts, vouchers, and promotional offers in the country which means if you’re shopping for a family or for the entire month’s groceries, your bill is likely to be slashed significantly.

You also have the option for express delivery with exciting discount vouchers as well as complete quality assurance of the products you are buying. This, coupled with the widespread availability of Daraz in a large number of Bangladeshi cities makes it our best grocery app in Bangladesh!

2. Chaldal

best grocery app in bangladesh - Chaldal

Chaldal is a renowned online grocery shopping app for Dhaka, Chattogram, Narayanganj, and Jessore. They have a good assortment from fresh and frozen food to daily staples, personal care, OTC and wellness, and home care and cleaning products. If you’re a regular shopper of Chaldal, you can also avail yourself of some exciting discounts.

3. Meenaclick

best grocery app in bangladesh - Meenaclick

Meenaclick is based in Dhaka, Chattogram, and Narayanganj metropolitan areas and lets you shop from your nearest Meena Bazar. Along with grocery items you can also shop for other food categories like dairy and beverages.

4. Foodpanda

best grocery app in bangladesh - foodpanda

Foodpanda is a great addition to the online grocery shopping space in Bangladesh. It operates in all the major areas of 64 districts of Bangladesh like Dhaka, Chattogram, Khulna, etc. The selection of products includes all your basic grocery needs but also provides some cooked foods from your favorite restaurant too. 

5. Pathao

best grocery app in bangladesh - pathao

Pathao Tong is an online grocery store app besides its ride-sharing service. Pathao Tong grocery delivery is operating in Dhaka, Chattogram, and Sylhet metropolitan areas. It helps save users from the hassle of going out and delivers all the essentials they might need to their doorstep.

6. Evaly


Evaly provides food and grocery items to customers at their doorstep along with many more products of almost all categories. Evaly Grocery Express gives the customer cash on delivery service on grocery within 1 hour.  You can find any type of grocery in Evaly with minimal effort. 

7. HungryNaki


Currently, HungryNaki covers Dhaka, Narayanganj, Chittagong, Sylhet, and Khulna district for food and grocery shopping. Along with quality products and quick delivery service, reliable payment method like cash on delivery is one of the great reason that made HungryNaki popular among the grocery customers of Bangladesh. Moreover, HungryNaki is also the best online food delivery service in Bangladesh.

8. SodaiHut

Sodai Hut

SodaiHut grocery shopping is operating in the Sylhet Metropolitan area. It’s a local popular grocery shopping platform. You can use SodaiHut app to order grocery in Sylhet. They are doing some good work in terms of customer satisfaction. SodaiHut is also has many varieties of products that you can order if you live in Sylhet city.

9. Othoba


Othoba is a reputed e-commerce platform in Bangladesh that has its own online grocery delivery system in Dhaka city. Othoba has a standard delivery system and payment method. Many customers are using Othoba for grocery shopping at a reasonable price.

10. Jogaan


Jogaan is a relatively new e-commerce platform in Bangladesh that has its vast grocery items variation along with other category products. However, it is also a Dhaka metropolitan-based grocery shopping platform that is getting popular among grocery shoppers in Dhaka city.

Which of these online grocery apps in Bangladesh do you use the most? Let us know below!

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safest product delivery during coronavirus-

যে ৫ উপায়ে ১০০% নিরাপদ ডেলিভারি নিশ্চিত করছে দারাজ বাংলাদেশ

সারা পৃথিবীর মতো বাংলাদেশকেও আক্রান্ত করেছে করোনা ভাইরাস ঘটিত মারাত্নক সংক্রামক রোগ কোভিড-১৯। মানুষ থেকে মানুষের মাঝে ছড়িয়ে পড়া এই প্রাণঘাতী ভাইরাসকে রুখতে এখনো শতভাগ কার্যকরী ভ্যাকসিন বা ঔষধ উদ্ভাবন করা যায়নি- ফলে প্রতিরোধ ও সতর্কতাকেই এর বিরুদ্ধে সর্বোত্তম অস্ত্র হিসেবে বিবেচনা করা হচ্ছে। পরিচ্ছনতা ও নিরাপদ সামাজিক দূরত্ব মেনে কোয়ারেন্টিন বা বিচ্ছিন্ন জীবন যাপন করার জন্য জনগণকে কঠোরভাবে সতর্ক করা হয়েছে সরকার থেকে।

কোয়ারেন্টিনে থাকতে হলেও নিত্যপ্রয়োজনীয় বিভিন্ন পণ্যের জন্য যেন বাইরে বের হতে না যেতে হয়- এজন্য সারা বিশ্বের মতো বাংলাদেশেও মানুষের আগ্রহ বেড়ে গেছে অনলাইন শপিং এ। কিন্তু একজন সচেতন ক্রেতার মনে এই প্রশ্ন ওঠা স্বাভাবিক যে- এসময়ে দেশের বৃহত্তম অনলাইন শপ দারাজ আসলে কতটুকু নিরাপদ? খুবই সময়োপযোগী এই প্রশ্নের জবাব খুঁজতেই আজকের এই লেখা।

চলুন একনজরে দেখে নেয়া যাক অনলাইন ক্রেতাদের নিরাপত্তা নিশ্চিত করতে দারাজের নেয়া সতর্কতামূলক পদক্ষেপসমূহ-

১) অধিকাংশ কর্মচারীদের ওয়ার্ক ফ্রম হোম ও সামাজিক দূরত্ব মেনে চলা

safest product delivery during coronavirus-

দেশের বর্তমান পরিস্থিতি বিবেচনায় করোনা ভাইরাস ঘটিত রোগ যাতে ছড়াতে না পারে এজন্য দারাজের অধিকাংশ কর্মচারীই ঘরে বসে কাজ করে যাচ্ছেন ক্রেতাদের কথা মাথায় রেখে। এছাড়া অন্য কর্মাচারীরা ওয়ার্কপ্লেসে প্রয়োজনীয় সামাজিক দূরত্ব ও অন্যান্য সতর্কতা মেনে চলছেন।

২) সর্বোচ্চ সতর্কতায় অর্ডার প্যাকেজিং

safest product delivery during coronavirus-

বিশ্ব স্বাস্থ্য সংস্থার সুপারিশকৃত পরিচ্ছন্নতা মেনে সর্বোচ্চ সতর্কতায় সম্পন্ন করা হচ্ছে দারাজের প্রোডাক্ট প্যাকেজিং। এক্ষেত্রে নিরাপদ প্যাকেজিং ম্যাটেরিয়ালের মাধ্যমে ও দারাজ হাব, ওয়্যার হাউস বা সর্টিং সেন্টারে সর্বোচ্চ পরিচ্ছন্নতা নীতিমালা মেনে গ্রাহকের কাছে পৌঁছে দেয়া হচ্ছে সেরা পণ্যটি।

>> কোয়ারেন্টিনে সময় কাটানোর দারুণ ৭টি ওয়েবসাইট (পর্ব-১) <<

৩) দারাজ কর্মচারী ও এক্সপ্রেস রাইডারদের নিয়মিত হেলথ চেকাপ

safest product delivery during coronavirus-

দারাজ সবসময়ই তার গ্রাহক ও কর্মচারীদের নিরাপত্তাকে সর্বোচ্চ গুরুত্ব দিয়ে থাকে। তাই যেসব কর্মচারী, কর্মকর্তা অফিসে আসছেন কিংবা যেসব রাইডার ডেলিভারি নিয়ে যাচ্ছে- সবার আগে তাদের হেলথ চেকাপ করে তারপর তাদেরকে ডেলিভারি প্রদানের অনুমতি দেয়া হচ্ছে।

৪) ডেলিভারি সংশ্লিষ্ট সব কর্মচারীদের সুরক্ষা উপকরণ ব্যবহার

safest product delivery during coronavirus-

ওয়্যার হাউস ও লজিস্টিক টিমের সদস্যরা সম্পূর্ণ প্রস্তুতি নিয়েই নিরলসভাবে কাজ করে যাচ্ছেন ক্রেতাদের নিরাপত্তার কথা মাথায় রেখে। নিয়মিত তাপমাত্রা মনিটরিং, মাস্ক ও গ্লাভস পরে নিজেদের সেরাটা দিয়ে যেতে বদ্ধ পরিকর এসব দারাজ হিরোরা।

>> কোয়ারেন্টিনে সময় কাটানোর দারুণ ৭টি ওয়েবসাইট (পর্ব-২) <<

৫) গ্রাহকদের দরজায় ডেলিভারিসহ বিভিন্ন বাড়তি সতর্কতামূলক ব্যবস্থা

safest product delivery during coronavirus-

safest product delivery during coronavirus-

যদিও বিশ্ব স্বাস্থ্য সংস্থা প্যাকেজিং এর মাধ্যমে ভাইরাস ছড়ানো সম্পর্কে সুনির্দিষ্ট কিছু বলেনি, তবু দারাজের রাইডারদেরকে বাড়তি সতর্কতা অবলম্বনের নির্দেশ দেওয়া হয়েছে। এক্ষেত্রে ডেলিভারিটি সরাসরি হাতে না দিয়ে আক্ষরিক অর্থেই গ্রাহকের দোরগোড়ায় দিতে বলা হয়েছে। এছাড়া কাগজের নোটের বদলে ক্রেতাদের দারাজের সহজ ডিজিটাল পেমেন্ট ব্যবস্থা অনুসরণের জন্যও উৎসাহিত করা হচ্ছে।

সবশেষে বলা যায়, ক্রেতাদের নিরাপত্তা নিশ্চিত করতে আন্তরিকভাবে কাজ করে চলেছে দারাজ বাংলাদেশ। সেইসাথে অর্ডারকৃত ডেলিভারিটি যেন দ্রুততম সময়ে ক্রেতাদের কাছে পৌঁছায় সে ব্যাপারেও বিশেষ দৃষ্টি রাখছে দারাজ কর্তৃপক্ষ।

এছাড়া আরো দেখতে পারেন,
জেনে নিন করোনা ভাইরাসের কারণ, লক্ষণ ও প্রতিকার

Ready to download the Daraz App?

LED, OLED & QLED-daraz,

LED, OLED & QLED Television — Which Is The Best TV According To Your Budget?

Did you think buying a TV is going to be super easy? That all you’ve to do is go to the electronics store, browse a couple of smart television models, and take your favorite pick?

Well, oh boy, you’re in for a surprise!

The minute you walk into the TV section, you’re going to be bombarded with a ton of terms that you’ve no idea what they mean! But three words that you really want to know about in advance are LED, OLED and QLED.

This is really going to help make your TV-shopping experience easier and you’ll be able to make a more informed decision too.

Needless to say, the first and most important feature you want on your television is kickass picture quality. Most manufacturers today have similar requirements. They all come in the same kinds of sizes and shapes, but what differs are the picture processors and panels—something that can make all the difference in your TV.

Let’s identify the similarities first. Be it LED, QLED or OLED, all three types of screen technologies support 4K resolution and accompany 4K color-boosting tech like HDR, HDR10+, and Dolby Vision.

Let’s look into the difference between the three types of TVs and see what’re the trade-offs between each of them

Top 30 Colorful Tv GIFs | Find the best GIF on Gfycat

LED Televisions

These are your regular television sets – the ones you’ve probably seen the most.

Short for Light Emitting Diode, LED TVs are often considered as a competing concept with LCD Display. But in truth, LED TVs are actually an identical display technology to LCD.

Unlike LCDs that use a single backlight to illuminate the pixels, LED TVs have LED lights the make up the back-light which illuminates the pixels.

But, because the light comes from an external source, this increases the overall size of the TV. If you use an LED TV in pitch-black darkness, then you’ll notice uneven brightness and blotches on the screen, with a lack of shadow detail in the darker areas of the screen.

But other than that, the images on an LED TV are quite bright and clear, displaying pictures in excellent vivid colors!

Vestel Smart TV UI/UX - Banu Alpay Waldman

What’s OLED TV Technology?

If you’ve never had the chance to experience an OLED TV, then it’s high time you do! We promise you that it’s going to be an absolutely ‘Woah’ moment for you!

We’re talking smooth, colorful, and contrasting picture display that you’re definitely going to fall in love with. So, the real question is, is this the flat TV technology we’ve been waiting for?

The term OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. This latest technology doesn’t use the back-light. It emits it’s own light and each pixel self-illuminates, giving you control of individual pixels of the images.

Organic films are placed between semiconductors in an OLED panel. Here, the films are supplied with electricity that allows them to function on an individual level. The processes use relatively less power to enhance the brightness, thus making total black possible.

This means that videos that feature both complete darkness and high brightness look realistic. Imagine watching a lifelike starry night on a TV – that’s what your OLED tech can do!

They’re, however, quite expensive and there isn’t enough information on how long will the OLED panels last. Not to mention, they’re only available in four sizes on the market – 55-, 65-, 77-, and 88- inch.

With OLED TVs, you can expect to see unparalleled picture quality, quick response time, and the cherry on top, their panel manufacturing is more environmentally friendly!

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What’s QLED TV Technology?

Short for Quantum-Dot Light Emitting DiodeQLED TVs are the new range of LED TVs introduced by Samsung. This QLED technology is nothing like OLED tech.

Unlike OLEDs, QLEDs don’t have self-emissive panels. Instead, they use LEDs along the edge to light up the pixels. These TVs use a quantum dot color filter which helps to create a much brighter image than that of OLED TVs. This means that you can enjoy a more lifelike color palette – especially for colors like greens, reds, and cyans.

However, the response time, the black-level quality, and infinite contrast ability aren’t as good as that of OLEDs. The organic nature of OLEDs means that they can turn off unused pixels completely. But, QLEDs and LEDs of even the best quality with effective local dimming let some light through.

Because QLED is an LCD-based technology, some areas of the screen may appear brighter than others. Even the best kinds of LCDs tend to fade and lose their colors unless viewing it from a sweet spot that’s directly in front of the TV. OLEDs, on the other hand, have uniform screens that maintain fidelity from most angles.

Samsung's 2020 Smart TVs on Amazon are on sale: What to know

And if you’re someone who’s looking to enjoy a larger (or smaller) screen, then you’ll be happy to know that QLEDs come in all kinds of sizes. From as small as 43-inch to as big as 98-inch, you can find them in almost any size you want.

FINAL CALL: Which TV Should You Buy?

Other than Samsung Smart TV that sells both OLED and QLED tech, most manufacturers deal with one of the two technologies.

LG is the only company that’s making OLED panels, whereas Walton Smart TV is dealing with high-quality panels. All other brands use the technology on license and try to add their own genius o give their models an edge.

Your purchasing decision will largely depend on the price. If you’ve got money and really want to spend it on a magnificent TV experience, then you should consider OLEDs.

Besides the price, consider what features you want in your television set and make a choice accordingly. You’ve got all the information you need in this article. Just go through it and take a pick!

Head to Daraz’s LED television category to find yourself a reliable, durable, and affordable television set!

You can visit the Daraz online shopping website and app for the best deals.

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Microwaves buying guide-

How Can You Buy The Best Microwave Ovens?

Are you planning to buy a new microwave oven for your kitchen? That sounds like a great idea! But hey, there are so many types of microwaves available on the market. So how do you choose which one is right for you?

That where we come in! We can assist you in evaluating just the factors that can help you find the appropriate microwave for your kitchen! And for the best deals, Daraz Mall is one tap away to click! You can visit the Daraz online shop to unveil some exciting home appliances deals in Bangladesh.

What Brand Do You Prefer?

Well, of course, this one’s a given. You probably have a brand preference for what could be one of the major investments you’re going to make. Here are some brands that you can find online on Daraz Bangladesh:

>>dMall for Authentic Brands<<

(Click on the image to explore more) 

How Do You Plan to Use It?

A major factor that will influence your purchasing decision is how you’re planning to use the microwave oven. Some people use the appliance for only specific tasks like heating up the food.

Here are three categories that you can possibly fall into:

  • You use the microwave oven only for melting and reheating purposes. So if the only task you’ve with your microwave is to prepare popcorn, then you don’t need an appliance with too many fancy features.
  • But if you identify yourself as a “microwave-cook” (someone who cooks entire meals in a microwave, haha!), then you’re looking for variable features and the latest innovations.
  • Lastly, whether your kids use the microwave or not. Because if they do, then you need an easy-to-use appliance with higher safety features.

Microwave GIF | Gfycat

What Size Will Work For You?

Microwave ovens come in sizes as small as .5 cubic feet to as big as 1.5 cubic feet. Which size is right for you? That’s a question only you can answer.

You’ll have to decide depending on your usage and the kinds of dishes you use. We’d suggest that you measure your go-to plates and dishes to make sure you don’t get the size wrong!

>> Best Living Room Furniture for You <<

What Kind of Power Wattage Do You Need?

Here’s the rule-of-thumb – the higher the wattage, the better the functionality of your microwave.

Ideally, your microwave oven should have around 900 to 1000 watt-range. This would make sure that your appliance has enough power to defrost and heat your food.

But if you’re looking for a cheaper option, then you’ll probably have to settle for 700 watts (or lesser). Hopefully, this should do too, but there’s a possibility that you might have a hard time heating your food evenly.

Now for sacrifice cow, keep eyes on the Daraz Online Gorur Haat page and buy 100% organic cow online.

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order air coolers from

সাশ্রয়ী মূল্যে সেরা এয়ার কুলার খুঁজছেন? জনপ্রিয় কিছু এয়ার কুলারের তালিকা দেখে নিন একনজরে!

তীব্র গরমে একটু স্বস্তির আশায় আছেন? কম খরচ এর মধ্যে এয়ার কুলার হতে পারে অন্যতম ভরসা! অনলাইনে এখন বিভিন্ন দামে বিখ্যাত কিছু ব্র্যান্ডের এয়ার কুলার খুঁজে পেতে পারেন। তবে সেরা ডিল ও অফুরন্ত ডিসকাউন্ট অফারের কথা চিন্তা করলে দারাজ আপনাকে দেখাবে কাঙ্ক্ষিত আশার আলো। আপনার স্বল্প বাজেট দামের মধ্যেই এখন দারাজ থেকে অর্ডার করতে পারেন বেশ কিছু দূর্দান্ত এয়ার কুলার সিস্টেম, যেন সাধ্যের মধ্যেই সবটুকু সুখ।

জনপ্রিয় ব্র্যান্ডের সেরা কিছু এয়ার কুলার

♦ গ্রি এয়ার কুলার

গ্রি এয়ার কুলার কেন কিনবেন?

order gree air cooler from

  • ধারণক্ষমতাঃ ২০ লিটার
  • ভোল্টেজ রেটঃ ২২০ – ২৪০ 
  • ফ্রিকুয়েন্সি রেটঃ ৫০ হার্য
  • পাওয়ারঃ ১৪৫ ওয়াট (হাই স্পিড)
  • মোটর স্পিডঃ ১২৫০ ± ৫০ আরপিএম (হাই স্পিড)
  • তাপমাত্রাঃ কে ≤ ৭৫

কিনবেন যেভাবে

Read more

Enjoy Budget-friendly Kitchen Appliances Only At Daraz Bangladesh!

If you’re planning to build a kitchen from scratch, you can be interested enough to choose some of our budget-friendly kitchen appliances from Daraz online shopping.

Here, we’ve listed all of the essential and necessary appliances you could possibly need to kick start your cooking – all under a very low budget!

Necessary Cooking Appliances You Can Buy


Stove Burner

What’s a kitchen without a stove? If you’re looking for a reliable, simple method to cook your meals, a basic stove burner is a must in your kitchen!

Click here to browse stove burners on Daraz.


order refrigerators and fridges from


Fridge and Refrigerator

Another absolute essential in any kitchen is a fridge/freezer. You can find a variety of fridges and freezers on Daraz to suit your budget.

Click here to browse fridges on Daraz.




While you can get away with heating food up on a stovetop, nothing beats the convenience of a microwave. It’s also a great way to defrost stubborn meats before you cook them.

Click here to browse microwaves on Daraz.


Food Preparation

Probably one of the most useful pieces of equipment you can have in any kitchen is a food factory that includes a blender, chopper, food processor, grinder, mixer, and juicer. Multiple uses and extremely efficient!

Click here to browse food factories on Daraz.


Cooking Set

A basic cooking set is a must-have and this one is great to begin with! With pots, pans, a pressure cooker and a flat tawa, it has everything you would need to start cooking with!

Click here to browse cooking sets on Daraz.

order at

Essential Kitchen Appliances You Can Buy

While these appliances didn’t quite make it to our kitchen essentials list but it definitely helps to have these around. Not only do they make your life much easier, they also give you options to cook tastier, sometimes healthier food in a shorter amount of time!

buy cooktops and induction cookers from


Electric Cooktops – Induction Cookers

A full cooktop is a great investment because they’re usually pretty durable to cook your favorite foods through branded induction cookers!

Click here to browse cooktops on Daraz.


buy air fryer from


Air Fryers

An air fryer is a great investment if you’re looking to switch to a healthier lifestyle. Not only does it use 90% less fat but’s also easy to clean and operate.

Click here to browse air fryers on Daraz.



order oven toaster from


Oven Toasters

If you don’t have a full cooking range, an oven toaster is a great addition to your kitchen. It can perform almost like a conventional oven and allow you to bake, roast and grill your food albeit in smaller quantities than a traditional oven.

Click here to browse oven toasters on Daraz.


order coffee machine from


Coffee Machines

A coffee machine is a great, luxurious addition to your kitchen. No longer do you need to drink flat coffee in the mornings. You can enjoy a nice, cafe-style espresso within minutes!

Click here to browse coffee makers on Daraz.



Roti Makers

Tired of standing by the stove making roti after roti? A roti maker may be the answer to your problems!

Click here to browse roti makers on Daraz.


Have questions about how to shop on Daraz, check out our help center here! Or maybe you want to know how to get the best discounts or use vouchers – click here!

Kiam Non Stick Cookware 7pcs set Review

Daraz Reviews: Kiam Non-Stick Cookware 7Psc Set

As we all know while cooking we all need good quality cookware. And cooking with less oil is very essential to keep yourself healthy & for this Kiam non-stick cookware 7Pcs set is the best option for all.


Whenever it comes to your mind that which brand would be the best for your kitchen then we only remember one brand that is Kiam non-stick cookware. To keep yourself healthy & fit Kiam is the best of all. 

 Kiam Non Stick Cookware 7Psc

Shop Kiam Non-Stick Cookware 7Pcs Set Now!

The Kiam non-stick Cookware 7Psc set can be a great conclusion to your inquiry about the best kitchen cookware set. If you will search in the market you will find that Kiam is the best brand indeed among all. It has 24 cm Casserole with glass lid,  22 cm Karai with glass lid, 18 cm Milk Pan with glass lid, 24 cm frypan tapper.

The price of Kiam non-stick cookware 7Pcs Set in Bangladesh is Tk. 3,393  that you can find in Daraz’s official Kiam flagship store with faster home delivery and quality packaging. 

Visit Kiam Official Store Now! 

What is your experience with this superb modern cookware set? Share your notions with us.

For other original products at the best price, do visit on Daraz Mall! 

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Diapers Buying Guide -

Choose The Best Quality Diapers for Your Child 2020

Baby skin is more sensitive as it is more delicate than adults- which needs the most natural care and protection from the risk of skin inflammation. For this, you must pick the right diaper for your newborn’s skin protection. However, choosing diapers may be very confusing, with several brands competing for your attention. You may be tempted to pick up the initial one you see, but keep in mind that it may not be the suitable choice for your little baby’s bottoms. It’s also tough for new parents as they have no prior experience. So, what good diapers in the market should a new parent look for newborn? We’ll tell you.

Let’s have a fresh look at some renowned diaper brands for the best parental experience-

1. NeoCare Diapers

Neocare is a renowned diaper brand in Bangladesh. Whether you want to buy good quality diapers in Bangladesh or have some great diapers in a suitable price range, Neocare diapers can be your choice. It ensures satisfactory protection with exceptional comfort to your baby.NeoCare diapers at best price in BangladeshClick on the image to explore more

2. MamyPoko Diapers

Mamypoko is a leading diaper brand in Bangladesh. With extra absorption power and affordable high quality- MamyPoko diaper can be a smart choice for your newborn baby with a combination of great quality and reasonable price.

MamyPoko diapers at best price in BangladeshClick on the image to explore more

3. Molfix Diapers

Turkey brand Molfix is a renowned diaper brand that can offer some quality diaper products at a moderate price range. Molfix provides customers with different types of products very frequently. You can check them to pick the best one for your baby.

molfix diapers at best price in BangladeshClick on the image to explore more

4. Pampers

Pampers is an American brand of baby and toddler products marketed by Procter & Gamble (P&G). Pampers offers five different kinds of diapers in nine sizes, four kinds of toilet training pants, swim pants, and four kinds of diaper wipes.

Pampers at best price in BangladeshClick on the image to explore more

5. Huggies Diapers

Huggies is one of the leading diaper brands in Bangladesh. If you want 10 hours long term protection of your baby’s skin, Huggies diaper can be your best fit. Huggies has some nice collections of quality diapers with a standard price range.Huggies diapers at best price in BangladeshClick on the image to explore more

If you still have confusion, visit to explore the biggest online diaper collection in Bangladesh at a comparatively low price. You’ll find good quality diapers of many types and brands for the best protection of your newborn’s skin. 

5 dress size hacks online shopping

5 Hacks to Get Your Dress Size Right Online Every time

Many people think twice before ordering a dress online- one of the most realistic reason is fear of the wrong size. What if you get the dress and it doesn’t fit you. However, you don’t need to worry if you purchase a dress from the biggest online shop in Bangladesh- Daraz.

Shopping for clothes online can be daunting, but we’re here to give you a few tips and tricks to make that process easier. With these 5 tips, you can easily find the right size dress for women like Salwar Kameez and Kurti dress and all types of shirts, t-shirt, etc for men.

1. Get Your Measurements Taken by a Professional

The hardest part about shopping online is making sure the clothes you order are a good fit for you. This is why the very first step to ensuring a successful online clothing purchase is to make sure you have correct measurements.

Now sure, you can grab a measuring tape, follow instructions off the internet and get your own measurements. But given that Bangladesh has a large wealth of tailors available at every corner, you would be better off having a professional measure you.

size matters GIF by Empire FOX

2. Never Follow Size Tags

Size tags like medium, extra-large, or extra small can be very misleading – especially when every retailer has its own sizing chart. Instead of blindly choosing the size you usually wear, make sure to study every seller’s size chart before making a purchase.

Compliment Alexis Rose GIF by Schitt's Creek

Sometimes, certain international sellers can have sizes that go up to 5XL based on their market but the clothes are actually sized at a regular Bangladeshi XL or 2XL. So be sure to check exact measurements before making a purchase!

3. Know What Cut You’re Purchasing

When shopping for clothes online, size isn’t the only thing that matters when making a decision. The cut of your clothes is also an important factor. Whether it’s a traditional kameez or a western blouse, dress, or skirt – the cut

Richard Pryor Reaction GIF

4. When in Doubt, Order a Size Up!

Not sure whether you should get a size M or a size L? If you’re unsure of which would fit you better, it’s always safer to go a size up. Clothes that fit you loosely can always be altered by your tailored to fit you better but if you end up buying a size too small, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to alter it to fit the way you’d like.

5. Check Reviews and Ratings

Daraz now has picture reviews so you can see how items looked in person by others who bought it before you make your own purchase. This is a great last step in making your decision.

In addition to reviews and ratings, you can also chat with sellers or ask questions regarding any concerns or queries you have about products.

You can enjoy exclusive discounts and offers on the dress and other products at Daraz 11.11 sale.

Remember, if you don’t like what you’ve purchased, you can always return products on Daraz by following these guidelines.

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