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Not all smartphones tend to have longer battery life. Similarly, not all smartphone users tend to know why their phone batteries do not last as long as they should. In this case, it is always advisable to know a few tips that can extend the lifespan of your phone battery. The first step is always to know the factors of how and why your phone battery degrades. In case you’re still unaware, then we are going to share 10 tips on how to boost your smartphone’s battery life.

Avoid Listening To False Battery Myths
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1) Avoid Listening To False Battery Myths

Before diving into useful phone battery-saving tips, please make sure to avoid listening to some battery-draining myths which can turn you into the biggest enemy of your phone battery. Don’t charge your smartphone fully. This trick was usually worked with Nickel Cadmium (NiCad) batteries. But now we are using Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) and Lithium Polymer (Li-poly) battery which doesn’t need this kind of policy even if it affects battery health severely. It’s best to keep the phone’s charge level between 20% and 90%.

Try Using Your Own Charging Cable
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2) Try Using Your Own Charging Cable

Don’t charge your smartphone with another one’s cable. The manufacturer gives you the most appropriate charging cable along with your smartphone. It can take great care of power and other charging issues which can maintain your battery’s healthy life positively. So, without emergency issues, don’t trust another device’s charging cable if you want to have happy battery life.

Avoid Charging Your Phone Continuously
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3) Avoid Charging Your Phone Continuously

Charging your smartphone several times in a short period of time isn’t good for your battery. It will reduce the battery life. Charge your phone only when your battery’s energy bar is poor. And please don’t overcharge it.

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Identify Power Consuming Apps
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4) Identify Power Consuming Apps

Many times you have wondered without any usage, where all the battery power disappeared too quickly. Right? The answer is that some apps are high power-consuming in nature. You can find out them under ‘Settings > Battery’. Now it’s high time to get rid of those unnecessary battery-draining apps.

5) Turn Off the 4G Data Connection When Not In Use

Turn Off 3G Data Connection When Not In Use
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Usually, your data connection is on all the time and you are so anxious about your mobile battery that, want to figure out badly how to extend battery life. It’s the ultimate hypocrisy! Isn’t it? Let your phone’s data connection be disabled when you are in deep sleep. Give your phone a break too.

6) Dim The Screen Or Use Auto-Brightness

Dim The Screen Or Use Auto Brightness
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You can simply adjust some features of your phone to have better battery life. Keep your screen’s brightness low, use a dark or black background as wallpaper, and no vibration. Most phones include an auto-brightness feature that automatically adjusts the screen’s brightness to suit ambient lighting levels.

7) Keep Your Apps Updated

Developers update their apps for many reasons.

Keep Your Apps Updated
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One of them is to consume lower power than the previous version of that app. Updated apps tend to use less battery charge and can help to enhance your battery life perfectly. It’s also important for performance and privacy issues. So keep updating your ancient apps. It will definitely help.

8) Avoid Overheating Your Phone

Avoid Overeating Your Phone
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A higher temperature is your battery’s biggest physical enemy. Like us, batteries are in the best mood at room temperature and so, try to maintain that for your phone. Too much heat or too much cold- both will affect your battery capacity. Keep it warm.

9) Make Less Use Of Fast Charging

Make Less Use Of Fast Charging
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Unless you are in a hurry, avoid using fast charging. Quick charging overruns your battery. On the other hand, slow charging limits the voltage going into your device which is more compatible with a battery’s longevity. Slow and steady always win the race. Remember?

10) Clear Your Used Apps From The Recent App Drawer

Clear Your Used Apps From The Recent App Drawer
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After closing any app, it doesn’t actually exist, you will always find it in your recent app drawer which causes more memory and power consumption. You can keep it empty to release some extra fat from your battery. It will be also a little bit of help to maintain your battery fitness. Try to clean all the daily cash regularly.

These 10 phone battery-saving tips will clearly help you have a longer better battery life without any power bank absolutely. The point is not to make your smartphone’s battery any better but start using it wisely which will certainly make it last longer.

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