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Last updated on December 2nd, 2021 at 05:26 pm

Celebrate Daraz 12.12 Sale with Variety of Discounts

12.12 Sale in Bangladesh is an online shopping event that will start on 12th of December 2021. This season, Daraz will be back with another biggest shopping festival of the year – 12.12 sale 2021! The December sale 2021 is going to be much bigger and a lot better this year! You will get jaw-dropping prices for all your favorite products in a wide range of categories. Whether you wish to do grocery shopping or get home appliances for your home, Daraz double 12 sale will have it all covered for you and It is going to be bigger and better than our previous 11.11 sale.

Let’s check top 5 deals from Home Appliances Category


Features you should look out for in SONY PLUS 40 INC SMART WIFI ANDROID LED TV9CF051A1 F8D7 418e 8BE7 6CF2BF35EC75

=> Smart Device: Android powered TV with internet connectivity and App support

=> Multiple Ports available: Hook up your device with many different devices with port support including HDMI, USB, Wi-fi dedicated port and so much more

=> Clearest sights: Full 4k support for crystal clear visuals

=> Thunder-Protected:  Ensured Protection from thunderstorms

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Automatic Yogurt (Yogurt) Maker

Features to look out for Automatic Yogurt (Yogurt) Maker10F3699F B75D 4dbe 936B 057ABED487CA

=> Power Saving: The Yoghurt maker is power efficient at 15W power

=> Great Capacity: Can hold up to 1 liter of contents

=> Indicators : Proper light indicators show how much time has gone past

=> Potent Preparation Time: Preparation time is from 8-15 hours


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Unilever Pureit Micro Fiber Mesh

Features to Look for in Unilever Pureit Micro Fiber Mesh859E306F BF63 4a25 B762 C266A3B8A6D9

=> Pureit brand: the pureit purifiers needs these mesh

=> Dust-free: removes visible dust particles from water

=> Clean-Easy: Easy to clean with minimum effort

=> Safer Water: Makes water safer to drink eliminating pollutants

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Vision Electric Iron

Features to look for in Vision Electric IronBFECB36B 9ED1 414d A434 81E80DEFD657

=> Goes Everywhere, No resistance: With a Flexible 360 degree Cord, lets you Iron flexibly

=> Doesn’t Stick at all: Has a Non-Sticky Plate, that ensures no damaged clothes

=> Temperature Control: Has proper temperature control to stop any burning incedents

=> Lightweight: Has a weight of only 700 Grams

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Portable mini rechargeable travel fan

Features to look for in Portable mini rechargeable travel fanE6E750E1 72AC 4a07 8AC6 090E91DD021C

=> Portability: The Size makes it possible to carry while travelling

=> Charge it anywhere: You can charge the fan easily even when there is no electricity

=> Good Charge Time: A full charge lasts up to 5 hours

=> Anywhere, Everywhere: The shape and size helps you to use it anywhere

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