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After the immense interest of countless customers, finally, Daraz Bangladesh is introducing an organic referral method called “Daraz Bondhu Program”. Let’s have a brief conception of this incredible program in which you can earn easily with your mobile phone.

What is Daraz Bondhu Program?

In Bangla, bondhu means friend, and now you can surely get some benefits from your Daraz app with the help of your friends.

Daraz Bondhu program is a direct referral system that offers you the chance to make some profit by engaging people around you to download the Daraz app. You can avail up to Tk. 1000 worth of vouchers each month by just referring Daraz app to your friends and family.

How to be benefited from Daraz Bondhu Program?

1. Open the Daraz App & login to your Account,

2. Go to Daraz Bondhu Program app page by scanning QR code. (You can only find it on Daraz App)

Daraz Bondhu Program
3. Insert your phone number and click on Invite Friends. In the very next page, your link will be generated. Just click the button and your link will be copied.

Daraz Bondhu
4. Send this link to your friends by pasting it to the appropriate place.


* In opposition of every new app installs per month using that referral link, you’ll be rewarded with a Tk. 100 voucher (up to Tk. 1000 vouchers for one month)

* You can also check how many installs you have by clicking on Check your Installs.

Daraz Bondhu

So, It’s high time to make online shopping more fun together with your No. 1 online marketplace Daraz.

Read in Bangla,

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