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9 Hidden iPhone Camera Features Everyone Must Know
Last updated on July 10th, 2019 at 06:00 pm

Nowadays smartphone cameras are so smart that they can somehow compete with the professional dslr cameras. And it can be surely said that the iPhone has one of the most incredibly wealthy cameras in today’s world. It’s truly easygoing to capture some remarkable pictures with your iPhone. But some of the strong iPhone camera properties may be unknown to you- once you identify those hidden iPhone camera features, you will have the ultimate control over your camera and be able to upgrade your photography skills to a whole new level of efficiency.

Let’s Discover Some Secret iPhone Camera Features That Will Amaze You With A Clear Flash.

1) Swipe Left to Launch iPhone Camera Right Away

You will not have a prolonged scope to capture a visually stunning moment. In case you miss that, you might never be able to collect it. So you should know how to open the iPhone Camera App instantly. If your iPhone is locked, the most smooth way to open your iPhone camera app is to simply swipe your finger from right to left across the lock screen. Now you can capture your desired subject without any delay.

2) Capture Photos with Volume Buttons

Sometimes it’s hard to take photos with the on-screen shutter button, especially with one hand or when capturing the photo in a difficult angle. Don’t worry about it- you’re in luck because you can use the volume up button to snap away. It can be your life-saving iPhone camera trick.

3) Taking Photos with Headphone

It’s one of the efficient but little-known features of iPhone camera- you can have your capture by pressing the hardware volume up button on the headset to activate the camera shutter and take a picture in a wide variation of angle and control.

4) Use Burst Mode For Stunning Action Shots

When capturing moving subjects, burst mode can be a huge plus point for your photography. Burst mode can capture ten photos per second for as long as you hold down the shutter button. Using burst mode assures that you can capture the perfect action shot with minimal blur. To activate burst mode, hold down the shutter button for at least half a second. Your camera will start taking photos in rapid succession.

5) Set The Focus Yourself

If you want to capture amazing photos like a pro with the iPhone, start by getting the focus perfect. Because if the subject isn’t in sharp focus then it appears blurred and your photo will look like an amateurish shot. For setting the focus point, tap the area on the screen that you’d like in focus. When the focus is all set, you’ll know that by having a yellow square indicating the focus point.

6) For Perfect Brightness Level, Adjust Exposure Manually

Exposure deals with the brightness of your image. Under-exposed photos become too dark and over-exposed photos turn out too bright. So you have to acquire perfect exposure balance to make your captured one prominent. Once you’ve set focus, you can adjust exposure (brightness) by swiping up or down on the screen. Swipe up to make the picture brighter or swipe down to make it more darker.

7) Turn On The Camera Grid For Improved Composition

Professional photographers follow many photography norms like “Rule of Thirds” for improving their composing sense. You can easily do this by switching on the grid in ‘Settings > Photos & Camera’. You will see two horizontal and two vertical lines on your camera preview screen. Use those lines to guide you with a rich compose idea like placing your object at intersecting points of the grid, lining up a standing subject with one of the vertical lines and so on.

8) Use HDR To Take More Detail In High Contrast Images

HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode is the secret to take perfectly-exposed photos of elevated contrast scenes. HDR allows you to capture a well-decorated photo with plenty of color and detail in both the shadows and highlights. To activate HDR, go to Settings > Camera. Ensure that the Smart HDR is switched off. If the feature is turned on, you won’t see the HDR option in the Camera app. Now just tap the HDR icon at the top of the screen.

9) Take Square/Panorama Photos With Quick Gesture

Sometimes you might want to take photos with the variation of frame size- square or panorama. It’s not cool to select the mode by clicking particular option. You can also have those modes quickly by some gestures. Swipe left once to change modes to Square, swipe left twice for the panorama. These features can save your time at the crucial quick moment.

By unfolding these unknown iPhone camera features, you can surely enjoy a more professional-like and enriched photography skill. Not only that but your captured images will surely shine and blow the mind of others.

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