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Last updated on December 19th, 2021 at 05:04 pm

Are you worried about the limited storage of your mobile? Can’t download many apps despite wanting to slow down mobile? Then the new Daraz lite app is only for you. So now online shopping in Bangladesh will be more convenient without any kind of restrictions.

Daraz Lite App

Even though a large number of individuals wish to, they are unable to use the feature-rich Daraz app on their smartphones. The primary reason for this is a lack of available device storage space, Daraz app size, the condition of the battery, data use, and other factors. Daraz has developed a lite version of their application specifically for them. The new Daraz lite app will provide users with an excellent online shopping experience by overcoming these constraints.

Daraz Lite App is designed for whom?

The Daraz Lite app is for older smartphones. Because such phones frequently lack storage. Large-scale programs cannot operate properly since they drain the battery quickly, utilize a lot of data, and cause persistent lags.

Daraz launches a new lightweight Daraz app for older and slower phones users. So they may now shop online with less hassle and a better customer experience.

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Why Choose Daraz Lite?

Anyone experiencing any difficulties while using the Daraz app can simply switch to the Daraz lite version. The shopping experience will be essentially identical to that of the regular app—but in a more uplifted and positive manner.

Let’s see the major advantages of the Daraz lite app-

1) App Size
The Daraz light application takes up less space. As a result, it is compatible with phones that have limited storage.

2) Battery Usage
Less battery consumption without compromising performance is another plus point of the Daraz lite app.

3) Internet Connectivity
A slow internet connection will not be again an issue for your phone. Daraz Light app works fine with 2g or 3g network.

4) App UI
For faster UX, the Daraz lite app provides a simple and clean interface with lighter UI elements.

5) App Speed
Daraz lite app is smaller in memory size than the regular app but faster in lower-end devices.

6) Data Usage
The Daraz lite app consumes less data than the regular app without compromising in-app navigation. So no more tension about that.

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Differences between Daraz Native App and Daraz Lite App:
Feature Daraz Native App Daraz Lite App
App size 50 MB 15 MB
Connectivity Wi-Fi, 5G, 4G 3G, 4G, LTE
Device Memory 3GB & Above 2GB & Above
Chat with Seller Yes No
Daraz Live Yes No

Now, even if your phone’s configuration is not super, you can enjoy the best online shopping experience by using the new Daraz Lite app. So now online shopping in Bangladesh can be more fun in the Daraz app with ease and comfort.

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