Daraz Reviews: Sharp SJ-EK301E Top Mount Refrigerator Review with Pros & Cons 0 3362

Sharp SJ-EK301E Top Mount Refrigerator Review with Pros & Cons

Size & Looks9.1
Price Point9.3
9.2 out of 10
The Good Sharp SJ-EK301E top mount refrigerator has some best features to consider and it has wonderful artistic designs in this price-quality ratio. If you are looking for a superb durable fridge under 40k BDT then Sharp SJ-EK301E can be a fantastic discovery for you. This refrigerator got top marks for temperature maintenance and steadiness that is delicate enough to give you a nice company in your everyday life. The Bad There are not many important issues of Sharp SJ-EK301E fridge. However, It'll be great if it comes with some more storage capacity. Moreover, it would be nice if the refrigerator has some more color variants. Bottom Line Whether you are hunting for a heavy-duty refrigerator with high-end features or a long-lasting fridge with a midrange budget, Sharp SJ-EK301E top mount fridge can be your most reliable home appliance. For keeping your food fresh as well as your life, you can definitely go for this fridge to have a relaxed life.
Last updated on December 21st, 2023 at 01:14 pm

Whether you are looking for a durable freeze or searching for the best refrigerator at the ideal price available, Sharp’s new top mount fridge Sharp SJ-EK301E can be a great fit for you. A precious combination of affordable price and finest features turn it into a standalone solid choice according to the comparison of other items of refrigerators out there.

Sharp SJ-EK301E Features & Specifications at a Glance
  • Color: Dark Silver
  • Capacity: 242 Litres
  • Door Material: Stainless
  • Tempered Glass Shelf
  • Fresh Case & LED Lighting
  • Latest Fan Cooling System
  • Dimension (W X H X D):  54.5 cm x 156 cm x 58.8 cm
  • Warranty Policy: Electrical Spare Parts: 5 Years,  Compressor: 10 Years, Free Service: 5 Years

SHARP SJ-EK301E refrigerator comes with some notable amazing features to keep your food fresh and healthy. The Ag+ Nano Deodouriser keeps your fridge odor-free and clean. Tempered glass shelves enhance stability and usability. And the stylish design makes sure that your fridge matches the elegance of your residence. SHARP SJ-EK301E-DS is not just a fridge, but also a big machine that helps you and your family to live happily.

The price of this impressive durable SHARP SJ-EK301E refrigerator is BDT 39,900 that you can find in Daraz’s official Sharp flagship store of DarazMall with faster home delivery, easy payment methods, and quality packaging. You can also buy the fridge from Daraz in monthly installments. 

Visit Sharp in DarazMall Now!

What is your experience with this advanced Sharp SJ-EK301E Fridge? Share your thoughts with us. Visit Daraz 11-11 Sale for the best online shopping experience

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Enjoy Budget-friendly Kitchen Appliances Only At Daraz (2024) 0 2383

Last updated on January 24th, 2024 at 03:38 pm

If you’re planning to build a kitchen from scratch, you can be interested enough to choose some of our budget-friendly kitchen appliances from Daraz online shopping.

In today’s fast-paced world, having efficient and reliable kitchen appliances is essential to simplify your daily cooking tasks. However, upgrading your kitchen doesn’t have to break the bank. At Daraz, we understand the importance of budget-friendly solutions without compromising on quality. In this article, we’ll explore a wide range of affordable kitchen appliances available at Daraz that can transform your cooking experience.

Here, we’ve listed all of the essential and necessary appliances including small kitchen appliances you could possibly need to kick-start your cooking – all under a very low budget!

Low Budget Cooking Appliances You Can Buy on Daraz

At Daraz, we believe that upgrading your kitchen should be an accessible and budget-friendly endeavor. Our wide selection of affordable kitchen appliances ensures that you can enjoy the convenience and efficiency of modern kitchen gadgets without straining your finances.

Affordable Blenders

Blenders at the lowest price on daraz

Daraz offers an extensive selection of affordable blenders that cater to various budgets. Whether you’re looking for a simple blender for smoothies or a powerful one for crushing ice and making soups, you’ll find options that won’t strain your wallet. Brands like Philips, Vision, Singer, and Sharp offer excellent choices for blending enthusiasts.

Blender NovaPrestige৳ 1,280
Nima Electic 2 in 1 Blender and Grinder৳ 1,120
OSAKA Multi-Purpose Blender Japan Meat Grinder৳ 1,089

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Budget-Friendly Toasters

Budget toaster on daraz bangladesh at the best price

Toasters are kitchen essentials, and at Daraz, you can find a wide range of pocket-friendly options. Whether you prefer a two-slice toaster or a four-slice toaster to accommodate the whole family, our collection has it all. Explore brands like Panasonic, Vision, Philips, and Kenwood to discover toasters that toast your bread to perfection without burning a hole in your pocket.

Vision Slice Toaster 030z৳ 1,340
Novena Electric Toaster NBT-2230৳ 1,600
Toaster for Kitchen Sonifer Brand SF-6006৳ 1,390

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Low-Cost Coffee Makers

affordable coffee maker machine price in bd

For coffee lovers, Daraz offers budget-friendly coffee makers that allow you to enjoy your favorite brew without splurging on expensive machines. Brands like Philips, Miyako, Sharp, etc. provide affordable options that still deliver that perfect cup of joe. Whether you prefer drip coffee or espresso, our selection has something for everyone.

Hand Mixer Cappuccino Foamy Coffee Maker৳ 150
Rechargeable Hand Liquid Mixer and coffee maker৳ 700
Miyako 1.5 Liter Coffee Maker CM 325৳ 2,451

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Economical Rice Cookers

Affordable rice cooker price in bd

Rice cookers are a staple in many kitchens, especially for those who enjoy rice-based dishes. Daraz offers a range of budget-friendly rice cookers from reputable brands like Kiam, Panasonic, Singer, Sharp, and Vision. These appliances not only make cooking rice a breeze but also come with additional features like steaming and warming functions.

Mini-Electric Rice Cooker Cooking 1.5 L. Non-Stick Cooker৳ 1,469
Prestiege rice cooker 1.8L৳ 1,999
Nova Black Berry Star Rice Cooker 1.8Litter Model 118N৳ 1,930

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Affordable Food Processors

Budget friendly food processor in bd

Food processors are versatile kitchen appliances that can handle various tasks, from chopping and slicing to shredding and mixing. Daraz stocks budget-friendly food processors from trusted brands like Panasonic, Philips, Midea, Walton, and so on. These appliances can help you save time and effort in the kitchen without straining your budget.

Fast and Smooth Food Preparation Capsule Cutter Blender Juicer৳ 950
Vegetable Chopper Handy Quick Cutter৳ 249
Electric Small Food Chopper৳ 599

Inexpensive Slow Cookers

Affordable slow cooker price in bd online at daraz

Slow cookers are perfect for preparing delicious and nutritious meals with minimal effort. Daraz offers a variety of affordable slow cookers from brands like Crock-Pot and Hamilton Beach. Whether you want to make savory stews or tender roasts, these appliances are a cost-effective solution for busy individuals and families.

Mini Electric Cooking Pot And Egg Boiler (18 cm) 1.2litter৳ 1,700
Electra Multi Cooker 3L EMC-30KS19/ Orange and Black৳ 2,600
Multi Cooker – OMC30R – 3.0L – Black and Red৳ 4,150

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Budget-Friendly Electric Kettles

Budget friendly electric kettle price in bd

An electric kettle is a must-have for quickly boiling water for tea, coffee, or instant noodles. Daraz provides budget-friendly electric kettles from brands such as Vision, Singer, Walton, Kiam, Miyako, etc. These kettles are efficient and energy-saving, helping you save on electricity bills.

VISION EK 008 Stainless Steel 1.5L৳ 900
Nova Electric Kettle 1.8 Litter KLS-18৳ 850
Prestige Electric Kettle – 2L৳ 810

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From blenders and toasters to coffee makers and rice cookers, Daraz has you covered with quality products that won’t break the bank. Shop smart and transform your cooking experience today by exploring our budget-friendly kitchen appliance collection. Your wallet will thank you, and your kitchen will shine!

If you have questions about how to shop on Daraz, check out the help center here! Or maybe you want to know how to get the best discounts or use vouchers – click here now!

If you want to be safe from polluted water, buy the best water filter now from Daraz online shop. Stay safe!

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Elevate Your Living Room with New Design Curtains in Bangladesh 0 1087

When it comes to home decor, curtains play a pivotal role in setting the tone for any room. In Bangladesh, where family gatherings and hospitality are treasured traditions, the living room holds a special place. It’s where you welcome guests and spend quality time with your loved ones. 

Therefore, choosing the right curtains is essential to enhance the ambiance and style of your living room. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the latest curtain designs that are taking the interior decor scene by storm in Bangladesh.

Daraz offers all branded furniture and decoration items online in Bangladesh. Besides, you can enjoy amazing discounts while shopping for your home decoration elements from this online shop with home delivery.

Top 5 Popular Curtain Designs for Your Home

1. Modern Minimalism

Minimalist design is gaining popularity worldwide, and Bangladesh is no exception. Clean lines, neutral colors, and simplicity define this style. Opt for curtains in solid colors like white, beige, or light gray. You can also choose sheer curtains for an airy and elegant look. These curtains create a sense of openness, making your living room appear more spacious and inviting.

2. Traditional Elegance

Bangladesh has a rich heritage of traditional craftsmanship, and incorporating traditional elements into your living room decor can be a timeless choice. Look for curtains with intricate embroidery or block prints in vibrant colors. These curtains not only add a touch of nostalgia but also infuse warmth and personality into your living space.

3. Nature-inspired Prints

Bringing the outdoors inside is a trend that continues to gain traction. Consider curtains with nature-inspired prints such as florals, leaves, or landscapes. These designs can bring a sense of tranquility to your living room and create a connection with the natural beauty of Bangladesh.

4. Bold and Geometric

For those who love a modern and bold aesthetic, geometric patterns are a fantastic choice. Bold stripes, chevrons, or abstract shapes can add a contemporary flair to your living room. Choose curtains with contrasting colors to make a strong visual statement.

5. Texture Play

Texture can make a significant difference in your living room’s overall look and feel. Velvet curtains, for example, exude luxury and comfort. Linen curtains, on the other hand, offer a relaxed and breezy vibe. Consider mixing and matching different textures to create a layered and visually appealing decor.


Curtains are not merely functional; they are an integral part of your living room’s decor. Choosing the right curtain design can transform your space, making it more inviting and reflective of your personal style. 

Whether you prefer minimalism, tradition, or bold statements, there’s a curtain design for every taste and preference in Bangladesh. So, don’t hesitate to explore these trends and elevate your living room to a whole new level of style and comfort.

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