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The blessed month of Ramadan will be upon us in a matter of a few days. And with everything going on, it’s best to prepare the list of your groceries in advance. After all, we want to make sure our iftar tables are filled with a variety of delicious items to break our fast with. And for this, get Daraz Mart – the best online grocery shop bd by your side always.

BD Ramadan Calendar 2023 – Sehri & Iftar Time Today

Top Grocery Items for Iftar:

  • Sugar
  • Beson
  • Juice Drinks
  • Dates
  • Haleem Mix
  • Noodles and Pasta
  • UHT and Powder Milk

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Let’s have a look at this grocery checklist for Ramadan


buy sugar from daraz

Throughout the whole month of Ramadan, sugar will be your essential necessity to prepare daily iftar items.


buy beson from daraz bd

Can you imagine an iftar meal without peyaju, beguni, alur chop, or other vaja-pora items? As Beson is necessary to prepare these, buy beson powder from Daraz now.

Juice Drinks

buy juice drinks from daraz bd

The juice will boost your body and mind with extra freshness at the iftar after day-long fasting. So, to prepare a healthy iftar on a daily basis, stock your favorite juice drinks from Daraz.

Popular Juice brands can be mentioned as Pran, Hamdard, Starship, Nutrilife, BD Food, Masafi, and others.


buy dates from daraz

Where there are dates, there’s a fulfilled iftar menu; that’s how Muslims believe. So, no more tension searching for good quality dates as Daraz provides premium dates online to offer you a blessed Ramadan.

Haleem Mix

buy haleem mix from daraz bd

Can you think about your iftar menu without Haleem? People of all ages have the heartiest cravings for delicious iftar for Haleem. Now you can have a deshi-flavored dish with the help of Haleem mix from Daraz Ramadan bazaar.

Noodles and Pasta

buy noodles and pasta from daraz

To upgrade the very known iftar menu one level more, noodles can be one of the best choices. In Case you like to have some pasta or semai, just start ordering now until these are stocked out. You can also check for instant noodles at Daraz online grocery shop.

Your favorite brands for noodles and pasta can be Nestle, Mr.Noodles, Cocola, or Kolson. Danish, Dekko.

UHT Milk and Powder Milk

buy uht milk and powder milk from daraz

To ready up a tasteful iftar recipe in a hurry, keep milk powder or any UHT milk ready now. It’ll be helpful to meet up your daily protein target on fasting days. 

To order authentic products, keep an eye on Arla, Amul, Arong, Danish, Dano, Diploma, Fresh, Milk Vita, Marks, Nido, etc.

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Which Iftar Items Can You Buy From Daraz Ramadan Bazar?

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