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Last updated on December 22nd, 2020 at 12:54 pm

Daraz always tries to help customers by providing a better service and experience. Moreover, if you give proper feedback or rate your experience with Daraz- it could be easier for us to ensure better assistance for you. Which things of Daraz & DarazMall are more important to you can help us to manage the best online shopping experience in Bangladesh.

Why I Should Engage in Daraz Survey?
  • Your feedback can help Daraz to improve service
  • By rating your experience you can ensure better assistance for countless other customers
  • This feedbacks encourage us to maintain a better system
  • Daraz can easily find its flaws and provide a more reliable customer experience
How I Can Participate?

After the delivery of your product, you’ll get an email from Daraz subjected to ‘Rate your experience on Daraz‘. You can share your thoughts and experience through that email.

In that email, when you click on the answer value against the question ‘How likely are you to recommend Daraz to a friend or colleague?’, it will redirect you to the Daraz experience survey. 

NPS welcome email

What Are The Questions I Have to Answer

Daraz NPS 2020 will ask you some simple questions about your experience and some other responses to our services.

How likely you are to recommend Daraz to your friends and family? You have to select your reference on a scale of zero to ten.

Daraz NPS Question

Then let us know which part of the shopping experience is most important to you. It can be Browsing and Search, Checkout and Payment, Delivery, Customer Service, and many others. 

NPS Ques2

According to your given statement, the next question will be revealed regarding your previous answer.

You can then inform us about your elaborated shopping experience in the next question-answer field. Take your time and fill it with your experience and suggestions for Daraz online shopping.

NPS Ques 3

Then the next question will appear that is about your other online preferences. (You can also select Daraz along with your own custom preference)


The final question of this survey is about DarazMall- whether you know about DarazMall or not. We all know about DarazMall- the biggest carnival of renowned brands and authentic products. Then you need to input the final answer ‘What comes to your mind when thinking about DarazMall?’

NPS Daraz quiz 6


Now hit the submit button.  A thank you page will come up with the Dazz logo. Your answer is recorded and will help us to provide better support to our customers. Happy Shopping! 

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